Andy Murray was plenty steamed Wednesday at the idea that US Open officials weren’t enforcing their extreme heat rules effectively, but Fernando Verdasco said he could just chill out.

Murray and Verdasco availed themselves of the policy allowing players a 10-minute heat break in matches pushed beyond straight sets, Murray heading for a cold shower while Verdasco tried an ice bath.

Murray returned to Arthur Ashe Stadium fuming at the umpire, saying he’d seen Verdasco chatting with his coach – forbidden during heat breaks – and given the nearby supervisor what for.

“I went and told the supervisor. I said, What are you guys doing?” Murray said. “I mean, there’s clear rules here and you’re allowing this to take place. I don’t get it.

“This is one of the biggest events in the world. If you have rules like that, you need to stick with them because one player getting to speak to the coach and the other not is not fair.”

Murray was quick to say he didn’t think Verdasco purposely broke any rule. He thought since the extreme heat policy put in place by the US Open is not standard procedure on the ATP Tour, the Spaniard may not have been aware of the rule.

In fact, Verdasco said, he knew he wasn’t allowed to talk to his coach – and he didn’t.

“I didn’t speak anything to any member of my team,” Verdasco said after beating Murray in four sets.

He added that while he was in the ice bath he spoke to Marcos Baghdatis and his coach – but when he saw his own coach, Nacho Truyol, in the area he was careful not to say “one word” to him.

“I know exactly the rule and I don’t want to be the one breaking it,” Verdasco said.