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SAFF Cup, India vs Pakistan live: Manvir Singh double gives India 3-1 win

Lallinzuala Chhangte and Mohsin Ali were sent off as both teams ended with 10 men.

India’s starting line-up: Vishal Kaith, Sarthak Golui, Salamranjan, Subhashish, Davinder, Ashique, Vinit Rai, Anirudh Thapa, Nikhil Pujary, Manvir, Farukh


India: Manvir Singh (49’, 69’), Sumeet Passi (84’)

Pakistan: Mohsin Ali (88’)

Chhangte’s red card will not please Constantine one bit. It will also mean that Ashique Kuruniyan and an off-colour Nikhil Poojary are likely to start the final. India will take on Maldives on Saturday in the final.

Full-time and it’s 3-1 to India.

They go through to the final. Manvir Singh’s double powers India to the final while Sumeet Passi also bagged a goal after coming on as a sub.

88’: GOAALLL!! India 3-1 Pakistan

Vishal Kaith concedes his first of the tournament. Attempt from outside the box, goes in. Pakistan still need two goals to claw their way back into this match.

86’: Red card. Both teams are down to 10 men! India 3-0 Pakistan

Chhangte is clattered into, lashes out while on the ground. Mohsin Ali retaliates and both men are off. What drama!

84’: GOALLL!! India 3-0 Pakistan

Kuruniyan with his second assist of the night as he plays a good cross onto the path of Passi to head home.

82’: India 2-0 Pakistan

Manvir Singh looks injured and is stretchered off here. Constantine will have to make the change, as Sumeet Passi comes in.

77’: India 2-0 Pakistan

A picture of Stephen Constantine with his one of his 23 ‘apprentices’ on this tour.

73’: India 2-0 Pakistan

Vinit Rai goes into the referee’s book, the second Indian player to have his name taken this evening.

70’: GOALL! India 2-0 Pakistan

Manvir Singh’s second on the night. Quick counter-attack and Vinit Rai passes it to Manvir who drills it home.

67’: India 1-0 Pakistan

Substitution for India, as Poojary comes off. Lallinzuala Chhangte takes his place on the wing.

63’: India 1-0 Pakistan

Ashique passes it to Nikhil Poojary who wastes the opportunity.

57’: India 1-0 Pakistan

Manvir Singh with a rash challenge and the referee whips out a yellow card. First of the evening.

49’: GOAALLL!! India 1-0 Pakistan

Manvir Singh gets his second in as many matches. Ashique Kuruniyan runs in behind the defence, he crosses it in and the striker toes it home at the near post.

46’: India 0-0 Pakistan

The second half is off. 45 minutes of regulation time left in this semi-final.

Half-time and it’s 0-0 in Dhaka.

Lots of corners as the Pakistani goalie made two big saves. On the other hand, an indirect free-kick conceded by Kaith could have cost India a goal.

45’: India 0-0 Pakistan

Curling ball in and Kaith comes for the ball, but is caught in no-man’s land. Bashir heads it over the bar.

41’: India 0-0 Pakistan

Farukh Choudhary with a chance at the other end, races clear, but puts it wide. India have scored three first-half goals in this tournaments but none so far.

39’: India 0-0 Pakistan

Oh what’s this! Vishal Kaith picks up a pass from Sarthak Golui and the referee deems it an indirect free-kick inside the box. Luckily for Kaith, it’s straight at him and it’s saved.

33’: India 0-0 Pakistan

‘A perfect stage for football’. Except for a muddy pitch which is making it really difficult for India to play ball out there. Seven corners and nothing to show for them thus far.

27’: SAVE! India 0-0 Pakistan

Ashique with a curler, which is superbly saved by Butt. Another big chance goes begging.

26’: CHANCE! India 0-0 Pakistan

Farukh Choudhary breaks, sprints into the box, and passes it to Manvir Singh. The striker slips and cannot capitalise on the opportunity.

23’: India 0-0 Pakistan

Ashique Kuruniyan with a wayward delivery of a free-kick, which Salam Ranjan Singh can only head behind.

19’: India 0-0 Pakistan

Manvir with a shot way outside the box. It flies over the bar.

11’: India 0-0 Pakistan

Vinit Rai with a long-range shot as Pakistan get bodies behind the ball in the box.

4’: India 0-0 Pakistan

Pakistan have an early free-kick. It’s floated in but Riaz can’t hit the target. The pitch looks like it’ll be difficult to play on, as Vishal Kaith slips during the goal-kick.

07:00 pm: We have kick-off at the Bangabandhu Stadium in Dhaka.

06:55 pm: The last time that Pakistan beat India was in 2005, a 3-0 win in Lahore. Overall, India have a 4-1 advantage when it comes to SAFF Cup matches.

6:45 pm: Stephen Constantine makes three changes to the team which defeated Maldives 2-0 in their last encounter. Ashique Kuruniyan and Sarthak Golui are back into the line-up.

Welcome to the Field’s live updates of India versus Pakistan in this SAFF Cup semi-final. The two rivals will hope to progress through to the finals and join Maldives, who defeated Nepal 3-0.

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