5.55 pm: That will be all from us. After two intriguing days of Test cricket, it’s a bit disappointing (in one sense) that the third day escalated quickly. Two Test matches finishing in three days is not great for the Windies. But it’s another ruthless performance by India at home.

Post-match presentation:

  • ‘Disappointed with our batting in the second innings. Our main batsmen need to get in and play deep’: Jason Holder
  • Player of the match, Umesh Yadav for his 10-wicket haul. ‘I knew I was the only fast bowler in the match and I would get more chances and I just wanted to use it’
  • Player of the series, Prithvi Shaw: ‘A proud moment for me. Winning this award makes my debut series more special. I’d like to continue this, would like to keep winning matches for India and the World Cup as well’
  • Winning captain, Virat Kohli: ‘Didn’t expect the match to finish today, to be honest. Getting a 56-run lead was a bonus after the situation we got ourselves in. We deserved to win. After Shardul broke down in the first 3 overs, to take 10 wickets as a pacer in India is brilliant from Umesh. Standout performer for us in this match’

5.36 pm: More reaction on Twitter

A typical Ravi Shastri interview:

‘Umesh has given us a good headache’

‘Prithvi Shaw is born to play cricket. A spectator’s delight. Bit of Sachin, bit of Viru, bit of Lara.’

‘Rahul will be fine, he is a world class player’

And some praise for Pant to close it out. Also hinted that if indeed Saha gets back to full fitness, he might not make it back to the team on current form.

5.20 pm: This is India’s 10th consecutive Test series win at home. Only Australia have managed that feat before in Test cricket (twice)

INDIA WIN 2-0! Fittingly, Prithvi Shaw scores the winning runs. First time India have beaten West Indies by 10 wickets in a Test match.

With one run needed KL Rahul plays out the over and now Prithvi Shaw will get a chance to score the winning runs. Nice touch by Rahul.

India 69/0 after 15 overs - Shaw 28, Rahul 32

Easy does it for India at the moment. 3 more needed.

India 66/0 after 14 overs - Shaw 27, Rahul 30

Rahul doing the right thing by making sure he stays till the end. This is a potential lose-lose situation for him but him getting out here will only add to the pressure.

India need 6 more to win.

India 58/0 after 12 overs - Shaw 25, Rahul 26

A lovely punch through extra cover for four by Shaw.

Play extended by 30 more minutes with India needing 14 more runs to win.

India 51/0 after 11 overs - Shaw 20, Rahul 24

50 partnership for the second time between Rahul and Shaw in this match. Although this is more of a ‘partnership’ than the one in the first innings where Rahul contributed just 4 runs of 61. India need 21 more to win and we should see an extension with Chase and Bishoo bowling.

India 46/0 after 8 overs - Shaw 18, Rahul 22

OH DEAR! Shaw comes down the track and completely misses a leg break from Bishoo. Hamilton had plenty of time to complete the stumping but makes a complete mess of it. Shaw hits a boundary off the next ball to rub salt into the wounds.

India 35/0 after 7 overs - Shaw 12, Rahul 16

Dealing in ones and twos at the moment. Holder is trying the short balls every now and then, both batsmen dealing with it decently enough.

India need 37 more to win, about 10 mins left in the day. The umpires can extend by 30 more minutes if they deem a result to be possible tonight.

India 29/0 after 6 overs - Shaw 9, Rahul 14

CLOSE! Prithvi Shaw ducks to a short ball that doesn’t bounce, takes his eye off the ball and it hits his forearm. Holder reviews & Shaw’s saved by Umpire’s call! Gould has a smile on his face.

Now where have we seen something similar before.... ;)


India 24/0 after 4 overs - Shaw 9, Rahul 10

Both batsmen just looking to rotate strike and doing a great job of it. A brief break in play in the 3rd over as Shaw gets hit on the elbow by a short ball that bounced extra from Holder. Painful!

Need 48 more to win.

India 14/0 after 2 overs - Shaw 4, Rahul 6

SIX! KL Rahul decides to dance down the track and hits Warrican for a straight six. He’s out there with an aggressive mindset, it’d seem. Much like he did in that final Test at Oval.

India 8/0 after 1 over - Shaw 4, Rahul 0

A loose full delivery well down the leg side by Holder goes for four byes. Followed by an inside edge that misses the stumps and runs down to fine leg fence for four. Streaky start for Shaw, who defends well otherwise. Holder struggling with his run-up and there’s no Shannon Gabriel on the field either. Warrican bowling from the other end. \

Rahul on strike.

4.13 pm: Umesh Yadav’s 10/133 is third best match figures for an Indian pacer in a Test at home!

Javagal Srinath - 13/132 v Pak, 1999

Kapil Dev - 11/146 v Pak, 1980

Umesh Yadav - 10/133 vs WI, 2018

India’s second innings

One shouldn’t read much into India’s second innings given that only 72 runs are needed but it will be a vital knock for KL Rahul, he desperately needs to find some confidence.

West Indies 127 all out after 46.1 overs (Bishoo 10)

WICKET! Played on. Bowled. Umesh back into the attack and he gets his tenth wicket of the match to end with figures of 10-133 in 38.5 overs (his first ten-wicket haul in Test cricket. India need 72 runs to win.

Gabriel b U Yadav 1 (3b)

West Indies 126/9 after 46 overs (Bishoo 10)

WICKET! Ashwin gets one of his own. The ball was too good for a tailender. Warrican walking back. Utter capitulation.

Warrican b Ashwin 7 (16b, 4x1)

West Indies 109/8 after 38.5 overs (Bishoo 0)

WICKET! And that is that. Another wicket for Jadeja. Ambris tried to do too much instead of offering a solid defensive bat. Trapped LBW and went for the review as he was the last recognised batsman.

Ambris lbw b Jadeja 38 (95b, 4x4)

West Indies 108/7 after 37 overs (Ambris 37)

WICKET! India get their review right and Jadeja gets the big wicket of Holder. The umpire gave it not out right away but the Indians were convinced and decided to go for the review right away. Jadeja got Holder to defend but the ball turned and took a feather touch to the keeper. The lead is up to 52 runs.

Holder c Pant b Jadeja 19 (30b, 4x2, 6x1)

West Indies 104/6 after 32 overs (Ambris 36, Holder 16)

The boundaries keep coming for Windies in this session. First Ambris with a leg glance off Umesh Yadav as he starts to stray a little too much on the pads (prompting a leg slip from Kohli). Then, Holder brings up the 100 with a lovely cover drive for four off Kuldeep.

West Indies 95/6 after 30 overs (Ambris 32, Holder 11)

REVIEW LOST: There was hardly any appeal from anyone, but Kohli goes for a review for caught behind against Ambris. Bat hitting the ground. Not out.

First six of the innings comes from the bat of Holder as he sweeps Kuldeep and sweeps handsomely. Goes a long way over long on. No power, sheer timing. Kuldeep continues to toss it up slowly to entice the batsmen but Holder got a hold of that one. (Puns intended)

West Indies 88/6 after 29 overs (Ambris 31, Holder 5)

Another neat cut shot by Ambris for a boundary off Umesh, as he moves into the 30s in that over. Seven runs from that Umesh over.

West Indies 81/6 after 28 overs (Ambris 24, Holder 5)

Kuldeep starts off after tea and Ambris plays a neat late cut to get himself three runs. Five from that over.

Umesh continues from the other end.

2:48 pm:

First innings: 6 wickets

Second innings: 3 wickets and counting.

Can Umesh Yadav finish with 10-plus in this match? Final session of day 3 (of the match?) about to begin.

WI 76/6 after 27 overs (Ambris 20, Holder 4)

And that is tea. What a superb bowling effort by Umesh! He didn’t get the hat-trick but he sure has had a huge impact on the match so far. India hasn’t really felt Thakur’s absence. WI are just 20 runs ahead. They need at least 180 more.

WI 70/6 after 26.1 overs (Ambris 19)

WICKET! Umesh Yadav strikes again! He now has 9 wickets in the match. Dowrich’s stump is on the ground. Late swing does the trick. He is on a hat-trick now – for the second time in the match.

Dowrich b U Yadav 0 (1b)

WI 68/5 after 25 overs (Ambris 15)

WICKET! Big, big wicket. Chase doesn’t have a problem playing the spinners but Umesh has got him for the second time in the match. Bowled. He got it to come in sharply and just as he had in the first innings, Chase left a gap between bat and pad to exploit.

Roston Chase b U Yadav 6 (22b)

WI 63/4 after 23 overs (Ambris 15, Chase 3)

WI finally have the lead. They took their time doing it but the problem wasn’t the time, it was the wickets they have lost. Chase and Ambris are looking settled now. They need to realise there is a lot of time left in the match and they have to play accordingly. The wicket is not going to get any better.

WI 54/4 after 19 overs (Ambris 6, Chase 3)

Umesh is back in the attack. A change of pace is never a bad idea. Chase is also comfortable against the spinners so this might be to test him out in the early going... before he gets set.

WI 45/4 after 13.4 overs (Ambris 0)

WICKET! Hope departs now. Jadeja gets the wickets. WI top-order doing what it does best... collapsing. This one turned rather sharply but the Windies need to realise that they have a chance of winning this game. They need to get at least 200 on board.

Hope c Rahane b Jadeja 28 (42b, 4x4)

WI 45/3 after 13 overs (Hope 28)

WICKET! Hetmyer goes for the release shot and only manages to edge it to backward point. Kuldeep the bowler. This is poor cricket. They were going along well and he could have pushed for a single but instead, he went for the big shot. No need to do this.

Hetmyer c Pujara b Kuldeep Yadav 17 (29b, 4x3)

WI 25/2 after 9 overs (Hope 18, Hetmyer 7)

Spin in effect from both ends now. Kuldeep has joined Ashwin from the other end. The spinners are getting turn and bounce, there are fielders around the bat too. It will be interesting the approach of the West Indies batsmen.

WI 6/2 after 3.3 overs (Hope 6)

WICKET! The West Indies top-order is once again letting the team down. Ashwin strikes now. Powell has been caught at first slip by Rahane. Good low catch. The umpires (after giving the batsman out with the soft signal) referred the catch to the third umpire and after quite a few replays, the left-hander was walking back.

K Powell c Rahane b Ashwin 0 (9b)

WI 0/1 after 0.2 overs (Powell 0)

Umesh strikes in the first over to send back Brathwaite. A nibble down the leg-side was enough and Pant held onto a smart catch. Taking the first innings into account, Umesh now has 3 wickets in 4 balls.

C Brathwaite c Pant b Yadav 0 (2b)

Post-lunch session

The post-lunch session is about to begin and this promises to be very interesting. India are 56 runs ahead but they will bat last. Can WI batsmen get their act together and put up a good enough total?

Ind 367 all out after 106.4 overs (Thakur 4)

WICKET! Ashwin the last man to be dismissed, Gabriel the bowler. He got the ball to jag back and the castle was broken. India lead by 56 runs – the last-wicket stand put on 28 runs. Poor tactics by the West Indies allowed India to get a few more runs than they should have. Lunch has been taken.

R Ashwin b Gabriel 35 (83b, 4x4)

Ind 362/9 after 105 overs (Ashwin 30, Thakur 4)

Ashwin playing a vital hand now. He is taking as much of the strike as possible and scoring some quick runs in the process. The lead is up to 51 now.

Ind 339/9 after 99.2 overs (Ashwin 11)

WICKET! By this point, Ashwin should have been farming the strike. Or he should have at least been trying to hit some shots. Instead, he let Umesh take strike and we all know how Umesh bats. He was dismissed trying to cut the ball. India lead by 28 runs.

U Yadav c sub (JN Hamilton) b Warrican 2 (13b)

Ind 335/8 after 96 overs (Ashwin 9, Umesh 0)

The morning session so far: 15 overs, 27 runs, 4 wickets Shows just how well West Indies have played today. India’s lead is just 24 runs.

Update: Mohammed Siraj & Hanuma Vihari have been released from the Test squad to play in the Vijay Hazare Trophy Knockouts. Manish Pandey and Shubman Gill have been drafted into the side as substitutes.

Ind 334/8 after 94.4 overs (Ashwin 8)

Holder gets his fifth wicket! What a spell! Kuldeep gone after making just 6. He played down the wrong line and the stump went for a walk. This is Holder’s 5th five-wicket haul in Test cricket – they have all come again Asian teams. If the West Indies were looking for inspiration, they have got it.

Kuldeep Yadav b Holder 6 (21b 1x4 0x6) SR: 28.57

Ind 334/7 after 91 overs (Ashwin 8, Kuldeep 6)

India need to play out a few more overs from the fast bowlers. We have already had 9 overs and soon we will see spin come into the attack. Good pace and bounce for the pacemen but the vistors will need the spinners to finish the job.

Ind 322/7 after 86.3 overs (Ashwin 2)

WICKET! Gabriel gets Pant, great catch by Hetmyer! It was slightly short and cramped Pant for room. Great catch by Hetmyer, who moved to his right and held on well. India are just 11 runs ahead at this point. What a morning for the West Indies!

R Pant c Hetmyer b Gabriel 92 (134b, 11x4, 2x6)

Ind 314/6 after 83.3 overs (Pant 86)

WICKET! Jadeja walks in, Jadeja walks out. Holder strikes again, and sends Jadeja back now. Trapped LBW – the angle and the movement off the deck. Two wickets in the over.

RA Jadeja lbw b Holder 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Ind 314/5 after 83.1 overs (Pant 86)

WICKET! Extra bounce and Rahane is caught at gully. Holder gets the wicket. Just the start that West Indies would have wanted to the day.

A Rahane c Hope b Holder 80 (183b, 7x4)

Ind 314/4 after 83 overs (Rahane 80, Pant 86)

Pant will need to get set again before he starts playing his shots. He did that very well yesterday and India would like to see him repeat that today as well. The partnership between the duo is now worth 152 from 243 balls.

Ind 312/4 after 82 overs (Rahane 79, Pant 85)

And the West Indies take the new ball to start the day. Pant hasn’t really been tested by the short ball and it would be interesting to see how he reacts to that line of attack if the West Indies place two fielders in the deep to counter the hook and the pull shot.

Ind 308/4 after 81 overs (Rahane 75, Pant 85)

And we are all set to go. A fascinating day ahead of us. The new ball still to be taken.

Two more sessions

“We have two set batsmen... Very heartening to see the way Rishabh and Ajinkya have approached the innings because both have been patient and very disciplined,” India’s batting coach Sanjay Bangar said at close of play on Day 2. “Ideally if we can bat another two sessions we will be in a great position.”

Day 2

Ajinkya Rahane and Rishabh Pant hit contrasting half-centuries to put India on course for a sizeable first innings lead against the West Indies in the second Test on Saturday.

The hosts were 308 for four at stumps, trailing the West Indies by three runs after Rahane, 75, and Pant, 85, put together an unbeaten 146-run fifth-wicket stand in Hyderabad.

Paceman Umesh Yadav also played a part in India’s dominance with career-best figures of 6-88 that helped bowl out the West Indies for 311 early in the morning session.

In reply, India were in trouble at 162-4 with West Indies skipper Jason Holder taking two wickets, including his counterpart Virat Kohli’s prized scalp in the afternoon session.

But the right-left batting combination of Rahane and Pant then ensured a wicketless final session.

Rahane played a cautious knock to register his 15th Test fifty while Pant was his swashbuckling self, hitting 10 fours and two big sixes in 120 balls.

It was Pant’s second successive 50-plus score after his 92 in India’s first Test victory at Rajkot. (AFP)