The video of the Indonesian badminton team packed in a bus after landing in Lucknow has gone viral on social media. Badminton Indonesia wrote to Badminton Association of India asking for an explanation.

However, it turns out the real problem was slight miscommunication between the players and the travel desk and the Indonesian team’s knee jerk reaction only compounded the issue.

“Yes we have got a letter from Badminton Indonesia and we will respond to them soon. But I can assure you that there was no problem on that day. We had buses and even cars for the players at the airport. But they were not willing to wait for the travel desk to make arrangements,” said organising secretary Sudharma Singh.

According to sources in the travel desk, the players just trooped into one bus without waiting for the other vehicles to arrive. “Then they went and put up the video,” the source added.

While BWF has not yet intervened or sought any explanation, there has been talks that the relationship between the two federations has been affected over entries in a International Challenge event in Indonesia and has probably resulted in this issue been blown out of proportion.

Since that incident, the organisers have arranged for cars for a group of three players each.