During a Primera B match in Argentina featuring Juventud Unida and Defensores de Belgrano, a dog managed to sneak its way into a stadium, and pulled off a save that is sure to be recycled on video sharing platforms multiple times in the years to come.

Here is how the action unfolded: The Defensores keeper, attempting to restart play with the ball in his hand, inadvertently kicked it on an opposition player. The attacker, taking evasive action, saw the ball fall kindly to him, and stroked the ball goalwards. That is when the dog decided to take matters in its own legs.

The dog, spotting the ball, swiftly moved from one side of the net to the other and deflected it away. That ball was destined to hit the back of the net. Despite the canine’s best efforts, Defensores crashed to a 0-3 defeat on Sunday.

Watch here: