The criticism for ICC’s rating of the Perth pitch as average grew as Sachin Tendulkar and Australian pacer Mitchell Starc were the latest to express their disappointment

In a pitch that was used for Test cricket for the first time at the new Perth Stadium, Australia beat India in the second Test by 146 runs.

“Pitches play a crucial role, especially in Test cricket. In order to revive Test cricket and generate excitement, we need to provide more pitches like the one at Perth, where the skills of batsmen and bowlers are truly tested. This pitch was by no means average,” tweeted Tendulkar.

A few batsmen were hit in Perth, particularly during the second innings, and Starc said that it was just good aggressive Test cricket and such ratings make it the batters’ game completely.

“Just as a cricketing fan, it was a bit disappointing to see Perth pitch being rated average. I thought it was a fantastic battle between bat and ball, which is what you want in Test cricket,” Starc said ahead of the Boxing Day Test.

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“For example, playing in MCG last year was pretty docile and the pitch didn’t do anything. You want a contest between bat and ball so that’s going to keep Test cricket alive and get people into the game like in Perth. It was a fantastic battle there and I thought it was a great pitch,” Starc said on Sunday.

Starc agreed that cracks opened up on the last two days but flat tracks which increasingly made cricket a batsmen’s game would then be devoid of any contest.

“Cracks did play a part but that’s what happens when a wicket is wearing on days four and five. Cricket is turning out to be a batters’ game if you keep making flat wickets always. You want exciting contest between bat and ball.

“When the ball is flying around and batsmen have to play, that’s the game. Marcus Harris batted on after being hit and batsmen from both sides got hit on shoulders but carried on. It’s good aggressive cricket and it brings people to the game,” he added.