For the second time in the ongoing Melbourne Test, former Australia cricketer Kerry O’Keeffe was pulled up on Twitter for his snide remarks on the Indian players whilst commentating for Fox Cricket.

After his ‘Railways canteen staff’ jibe on the opening day of the match, he was in trouble on Saturday for mocking the names of Cheteshwar Pujara and Ravindra Jadeja.

Responding to O’Keefe’s offensive remarks on-air, India’s bowling coach Bharat Arun said, “Yes, it does hurt you when people make those remarks but there’s nothing you can do about it because it’s beyond your control.”

He, however, added that the team management hasn’t lodged an official complaint against O’Keefe.

“If you can channelise that hurt towards doing better on the field that answers all the questions,” said Arun.

On the opening day of the Test, O’Keefe was quoted as saying, “Apparently he got the triple [century] against the Railways canteen staff,” about Mayank Agarwal’s triple century in the Ranji Trophy.

For this, he was criticised on social media and the Indian coach Ravi Shastri retorted thus:

“Let’s not take it from [Mayank]. [India] could have easily been three down for 80 and it would have been a different ball game. He dug deep and he’s got a message for Kerry – when you do open your canteen, he wants to come and smell the coffee. And he wants to compare it to the ones back home in India. Is the coffee better here in your canteen, or the one back home?”

O’Keefe apologised for his comments the following day. “I was mentioning the runs Agarwal got in first class cricket in India and there’s been a reaction. There was no way I was demeaning the standard, it was tongue in cheek. There are lots of runs scored so apologies if anyone out there took offence,” he said.

But on Saturday, when he was asked about his struggle to pronounce the names of a few Indian players, O’Keeffe laughed, “Why would you name your kid Cheteshwar, Jadeja?”, triggering another onslaught of comments on Twitter.