Inter-State team championship runners-up Railways have alleged that Airport Authority of India won the title by fielding ineligible players and hence should be disqualified.

In a letter addressed to the Badminton Association of India secretary Ajay Singhania, Railway Sports Promotion Board pointed out that the federation had communicated to some teams before the Junior Nationals that teams cannot field players on scholarship and on contract in the team championship and AAI only hires players on contract and hence should be disqualified.

“Our team manager Gajender Singh had raised the issue in the managers’ meeting but his objections were overlooked. This has resulted in Indian Railways missing out on the title,” read the letter.

Railways lost the final against AAI 2-3 in the team final on Monday.

BAI had rejected Air India’s entry in the Inter-State Junior team championship saying they should furnish employment certificate of the players they were fielding for the event.

When contacted Singhania admitted that they have received the letter and said they were helpless since AAI had qualified for the Nationals before the communication was sent.

“The idea behind making the team’s field employed players is to help more players get permanent employment.

“We had to make an exception for AAI because the Inter-Institutional tournament, which were the qualifiers for the Inter-State championship, were held before the Junior Nationals and hence we allowed them to play in Guwahati,” he added.