Royal Challengers all-rounder Moeen Ali, who is set to fly to England to prepare for the World Cup called leaving the Indian Premier League midway a shame.

There is a slim chance of his team making it into the semi-final if they win all the remaining games.

However, he would keep an eye on how RCB is shaping up for their clash against Kings XI Punjab at the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bengaluru on Wednesday. “It’s not ideal. I think it’s worse when there are three games to go,” Ali said.

“If there were 6, 7 games, it was a little more understandable. And knowing that there could be a chance of going through if we win all our games, then you miss out on a potential semi-final and stuff, but I will definitely keep an eye out and see how they are going, hoping that we are winning all our games.”

Ali said IPL has helped him prepare well for the World Cup as it gave him an opportunity to get enough time at the nets. When asked if he preferred batting up the order for RCB, Ali said it would not bother him much.

“We tried left and right combination to make it tougher for the bowlers and fielders.....I may prefer to come in as early as possible. I am not to worried until the team is winning and I am doing okay,” he said.

On RCB depending too much on AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli, Ali said it was very difficult for a team to rely on two batsmen. “... My job is to come and score some runs as quickly as AB and Virat and take the game away from the opposition,” he said.

The 31-year-old hailed South Africa pacer Dale Steyn’s performances recently. The RCB bowling attack has significantly improved after Steyn entered the setup.

Ali said: “Dale has been a huge impact. We did not take wickets in the powerplays. If you take four wickets in powerplays, most of the time you win matches.

“He has been a class act. The way he swings the ball is a brave thing to do. Probably that has been the missing factor, which cost us games,” he said.

When asked if he was under-bowled in the tournament, Ali said it didn’t worry him much. “It is a small ground here. I observed in the last match that seamers were hard to score off. I really did not get the window to bowl against KKR when Andre Russel came in. But, as long as you are winning, you really don’t worry too much,” he said.