11.32 pm: That’s all from us for tonight. It was not a thriller like the Eliminator but CSK’s incredible record in the IPL just got better. What’s in store for the final? Join us on Sunday.

Player of the match, Faf du Plessis: We didn’t have a good run but we had confidence and we have won a lot of big games. We drew on that. Especially the previous game we watched two nights ago, the wicket looked really good, the guys were playing some big shots. We were expecting that kind of wicket, but it didn’t turn out that way. Even if we go for a few overs without scoring runs we know we have a hitting tank. Watson thanked me already for looking after him in the early overs. Hopefully in the next game we can both get going from the first ball. I reckon I ran three run [during the mix-up]. It was horrible running. Great to be in another final with Chennai.

CSK captain, MS Dhoni: [Longer route] Usual, no? Last year was an exception. Catches were dropped, a few big overs bt the kind of response from the boys today was brilliant. Overall a good effort. For a 730 start, the groundsmen feel obliged to water the pitch and that’s why it is tacky at the beginning. It was important to get the openers early. There were a lot of left-handers and we had a left-arm bowler, so it was a good bowling effort. Credit goes to Tahir and Harbhajan. It’s up to them to assess conditions and they have to put in the hard yards. We have managed our injuries well this season, thanks to the bowling department we are where we are this season. The openers did the hard yards but I would have liked the openers to score a few more runs!

11.15 pm: Presentation ceremony underway.

11.13 pm: For the third consecutive season, we will have a final between two sides who will be meeting for the 4th time, with a 3-0 record before that.

IPL 2017: Rising Pune Supergiants beat Mumbai Indians thrice before the final, lost in the final.

IPL 2018: Chennai Super Kings beat Sunrisers Hyderabad thrice before the final, won in the final too.

IPL 2019: Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings thrice before the final, what will happen on May 12?

CSK’s Shane Watson: It was one of those nights, it was meant to be [about that mixup early on]. It’s been great the faith shown in me by CSK and just not me, all the players. Faf played beautifully. Took me a little while to find my rhythm. Worked out really well, thanks to Faf for helping me through that stage. That is what cricket is about. There are huge positives about age and experience. That’s how CSK have played. Been through so many different situations. MI have got a great team, there are not too many holes in the team. Can’t wait for Sunday. MS is an amazing person, so calm, always keeps faith in his people. Been a great pleasure to play under him.

Delhi Capitals, Shreyas Iyer: “Definitely, did not get as many runs as we wanted. Lost two wickets in the powerplay. We knew they had a great spin bowling attack. Nonetheless, it was a good tournament for us. Our batsmen did not take the initiative to build partnerships. [About the Delhi pitch] yeah, that is something to think about. But cannot really complain about that. As a professional, do not want to give excuses. It’s been a dream come true, learned a lot as a captain. Have heard from Rohit and all how difficult it is to captain a team and I am finding out now. Really proud of the boys, there’s a lot to come from us next season.”

After 19 overs, CSK 151/4 – Chennai Super Kings are into their 8th IPL final!

A four down the leg side for Bravo and the match is over with one full over to spare. The CSK juggernaut rolls on, year after year!

After 18.4 overs, CSK 146/4 (Target 148) - no winning hit for Dhoni!

With the crowd chanting his name, Dhoni tries to pay to the gallery. But finds Keemo Paul in the deep with 2 runs needed to win.

After 18 overs, CSK 144/3 (Target 148)

Another over from Keemo Paul, another big one for CSK. Two boundaries for Rayudu! Paul has had a nightmare game with the ball tonight.

Crowd roars in anticipation as Dhoni gets strike with 4 needed off 12 balls.

After 17 overs, CSK 135/3 (Target 148)

Dhoni is not messing around, off to a busy start as he pounces on a leg-stump delivery from Boult. Eight runs from that over as well. Result a mere formality now.

10.47 pm: Final phase of the match coming up and Dhoni has walked in to loud cheers. Raina never quite looked settled. Twist in the tale? Chennai need 21 runs in 24 balls.

After 16 overs, CSK 127/3 (Target 148) - Raina dismissed!

A four-run over Mishra, followed by Axar Patel dismissing Raina. Rayudu had hit a four to make the equation even simpler but off the last ball of the 16th, Raina chops one onto the stumps.

TIMEOUT - and out strides Ricky Ponting with purpose. Can DC pull off something incredible here?

After 14 overs, CSK 115/2 (Target 148)

A better over from Axar, just four runs off it.

STAT: Shane Watson scored 18 runs off the first 20 balls he faced. Off the next 11, he made 32 at a SR of 290.91!

After 13 overs, CSK 111/2 (Target 148) - Mishra removes Watson!

Watson falls for 50 just like du Plessis earlier but he has done his job, you would think. Too little, too late for DC? Mishra gets the wicket as Watson finds the fielder at long off. He’s disappointed, looked like he connected that well but was hit too flat. Rayudu comes out to bat.

After 12 overs, CSK 108/1 (Target 148) - 25 runs from the over!

SHANE WATSON GETS TO FIFTY! Another expensive over from Keemo Paul: Watson is on the charge now! Keemo Paul is having a match to forget. Starts his second over with a six and a four, and the fifth ball is a six too. And it’s all from the bat of Watson. The second six was a brutal flat hit. And the last ball is a six as well, a slower ball is lofted straight. Oh dear! It’s all gone so horribly wrong for Paul, who was one of the stars for DC in the last match.

50 off 31 balls for Watson. He got there in no time after a slow start.

After 11 overs, CSK 83/1 (Target 148)

Great over from Boult, just 2 runs and a wicket.

Raina is the new man in.

After 10.2 overs, CSK 81/1 (Target 148) - Faf Du Plessis is dismissed!

Trent Boult finally breaks the opening partnership but the damage might already have been done. Faf du Plessis finds Keemo Paul in the deep and looks at the sticker of his bat. Trent Boult strikes.

Glimmer of hope for DC?

After 10 overs, CSK 81/0 (Target 148) - du Plessis 50, Watson 26

12th fifty for Faf du Plessis and fourth in the season! He has been superb once again when there is a place in the final at stake for the second consecutive season.

It’s a big over for CSK too. Axar Patel back into the attack and Watson hits a massive six over the square leg boundary. He is getting into the groove as well now and CSK have one foot in the final. The match has slipped away from Delhi.

In the last six overs, 65 runs!

After 9 overs, CSK 72/0 (Target 148) - du Plessis 49, Watson 18

CHANCE! Watson goes for a big hoick after hitting a four (a good scoop over fine leg). Poor shot off Mishra but the fielding is poorer. Munro from long on has to run 40-50 yards to reach the ball while Shaw at midwicket did not go for it. Might have been Munro’s call but Shaw had to do better there. The commentators not happy with the lack of intent.

After 8 overs, CSK 64/0 (Target 148) - du Plessis 47, Watson 12

BIG OVER! Keemo Paul into the attack and he bowls a wide that goes for four. Indiscipline on display from Delhi, not for the first time tonight. And then Paul offers a gift to Watson with a full toss on the pads! First boundary for the Aussie opener. Oh dear, oh dear. Things unravelling for Delhi. Du Plessis gets a bottom edge off the last ball and even that goes for a boundary despite Munro’s best efforts. 16 runs from that over!

50 partnership as well comes up in the over with du Plessis doing all the heavylifting.

After 7 overs, CSK 48/0 (Target 148) - du Plessis 42, Watson 6

Mishra will play a crucial role for DC if they stand a chance in this match. He starts off with three dot balls. Then a couple of innings. And then, du Plessis plays a superb sweep shot for four to finish the over. The South African captain is yet again stepping up in a playoff match! He has raced into the forties.

After 6 overs, CSK 41/0 (Target 148) - du Plessis 36, Watson 5

It’s a one-man show in the powerplay for CSK.

HAT-TRICK of boundaries for Du Plessis off Ishant Sharma as CSK go on the charge! Well, du Plessis goes on the charge. Ishant’s short of good length attack is not working. Two boundaries on the leg side and one on the off and Faf picked up the length early on all three occasions.

Timeout taken by Delhi as they have lost the plot a bit after a good first four overs. By CSK batting standards, this is a superb start.

After 5 overs, CSK 27/0 (Target 148) - du Plessis 23, Watson 4

Du Plessis with one of the shots of the tournament!

Axar into the attack and du Plessis has launched an onslaught! Plays an uppish square drive for four and follows that up with a backfoot punch over long off for SIX. INCREDIBLE SHOT! Gave himself room and muscled that short ball. Watson is struggling at the other end though.

After 4 overs, CSK 16/0 (Target 148) - du Plessis 12, Watson 4

Another top over from Ishant, mixing up his pace well against an advancing du Plessis. The upside for CSK is that they have not lost a wicket yet but the run-chase has not got going yet.

After 3 overs, CSK 13/0 (Target 148) - du Plessis 10, Watson 3

Du Plessis has been in the better touch among the CSK openers and he gets the first boundary of the innings with a pull shot over midwicket, using his feet well against Boult. More quick singles in that over. Better from CSK.

After 2 overs, CSK 4/0 (Target 148) - du Plessis 3, Watson 1

After a top over from Boult, another good over from Ishant. Just three singles in that over. Better running between the wickets though. Delhi have never defended a total below 150, but they are off to a good start here.

Sunil Gavaskar on that mix-up in the first over: ‘Worse than what you would see in a school match.”

After 1 over, CSK 1/0 (Target 148) - du Plessis 1, Watson 0

WOW, comedy of errors! Massive mix-up between Watson and du Plessis with both batsmen running both ways and ending up on the middle of the pitch. First Axar Patel misses a direct at non-striker’s and then Munro collects that and sends a wild throw past Pant, resulting in a single for the du Plessis. After all that! BIZARRE!

9.30 pm: Trent Boult runs in, Faf du Plessis and Shane Watson open the batting. Remember, Chennai Super Kings have the lowest average opening partnership this season; their openers average 18.07 as a pair.

INNINGS BREAK, DC 147/9: Momentum can do funny things in a cricket match but one must say, an under-par score from DC. They will be pumped up coming out though. And knowing CSK’s batting weakness, this is not over yet.

Harbhajan Singh meanwhile has reached 150 wickets in the IPL.

An observation about CSK: Shardul Thakur came into the side to bowl just one expensive over (for 13 runs). And Dhoni doesn’t trust him to bowl the last over after that with Jadeja ending up going for 16 runs. Not Dhoni’s finest game as a captain so far, it must be said.

End of Delhi Capitals innings: 147/9 after 20 overs

WHAT A FINISH BY ISHANT SHARMA! SIXTEEN RUNS OFF THE LAST OVER! And Ishant finishes with a four and a six! A 3-ball 10 from the big man!

After 19.3 overs: DC 137/9 - Boult dismissed!

Jadeja bowling the last over (no trust on Thakur) and he starts with a dropped return catch. Boult then hits a six over long on! What a hit. Jadeja does get the wicket off the third ball.

After 19 overs: DC 131/8 - 12 runs from the 19th over

Oh, Mishra ji! That’s almost 10 runs for hims from the last two balls, prevented only by a stunning fielding effort by Du Plessis at long on that prevents a six. Mishra finishes the over with a scoop over fine leg. DC could yet get to 140 here.

After 18.4 overs: DC 125/8 - BIG WICKET, Chahar gets Pant!

After three twos to start the 19th over (the third from a complete comedy of errors from CSK’s fielders), Pant goes for the big slog over long on. The hand comes off the bat again and he has not gotten the elevation even though it was timed well. Bravo takes a top catch at long on, timing his jump to perfection.

After 17.5 overs: DC 119/7 - Bravo removes Rutherford!

And time for the Champyaan dance. DJ Bravo surprises Rutherford with a rocket yorker from round the stumps. And it’s good enough to uproot the leg stump. Turning into a top over, just three from it and a wicket off the first five balls.

After 17 overs: DC 116/6

Time for Bravo. Will Pant capitalise? He can go big here against the seamers.

After 17 overs DC 116/6 - Pant survives!

Tahir returns for his final over. Rishabh Pant first plays a superb sweep for four, bisecting the fielders at deep. And then a lethargic fielding effort from Deepak Chahar at long off. Pant completely miscues a slog sweep but it goes the distance because Chahar caught it with his foot on the rope. Dhoni is upset, Tahir was already starting his celebratory run and then lets out a cry of anguish. Could be a big moment?

After 16 overs, DC 102/6: Rutherford foxed by Harbhajan!

Clever bowling from the CSK man. Rutherford hits the first six of the match as Harbhajan back into the attack. A six off the backfoot over cover for a six! A stunning hit. That came out of nowhere. But then, he goes for one off the front foot against a ball that turns away and he edges it to Watson at short-third.

Harbhajan finishes with 2/31. Another good night for him.

After 15 overs, DC 93/5: (Pant 17, Rutherford 3)

A no-ball for height from Bravo as he gets a slower ball wrong. Rutherford gets the free hit but misses the chance to break the shackles. Just a single. It was a over of singles anyway. Pant is limping a bit as Rutherford’s straight drive hits him on the boot, it seems.

Time for a timeout. Can DC at least finish with a flourish? CSK firmly on top at the moment.

After 14 overs, DC 85/5: (Pant 13, Rutherford 0)

CSK REVIEW LOST: Oh, that looked awfully good! Tahir gets one to turn from outside stump at Rutherford, hits his front pad and rolls for four. Dhoni and Tahir review and while it looked like the only doubt was where the impact was, it’s the bounce that proves crucial. Good review it must be said, but Rutherford survives (only to be beaten repeatedly after that). Top over from Tahir.

After 12.5 overs, DC 80/5: Axar Patel doesn’t last long!

OH DEAR. Delhi are crumbling. Dwayne Bravo bangs one in short, Axar plays an upper cut that goes straight to Imran Tahir at third man. Bravo is off celebrating now, Akthar style.

After 12 overs, DC 78/4: (Pant 11, Axar 2)

Superb over from Tahir as he closes in on the purple cap. Just two behind Rabada now. DC are crumbling. All down to Pant here. How will he react?

After 11.3 overs, DC 75/4 - Shreyas Iyer walks back!

IMRAN TAHIR IS OFF CELEBRATING! No captain’s knock from Iyer. Tahir’s googly (or top-spinner) is too good for him, as he goes for a big heave over midwicket and a leading edge goes to Rain at point.

After 11 overs, DC 74/3: (Iyer 13, Pant 9)

A cracking stand-and-deliver shot from Shreyas Iyer off Bravo. Hardly any foot movement, just hung back at the crease and put away a full ball through cover for four. Still, just six runs in that over. Steady start for Bravo.

After 10 overs, DC 68/3: (Iyer 8, Pant 8)

If you thought Pant will take it easy... not quite. Puts away a superb scoop over fine leg for a boundary as DC take 9 runs off Tahir’s first over. Five singles and that boundary. Important to keep the scoreboard ticking in this rebuilding phase.

Bravo from the other end as Jadeja gives our fingers a break.

After 9 overs, DC 59/3: (Iyer 5, Pant 2)

DC’s two biggest hopes of a good score now are batting together as CSK apply their choke-by-spin technique. Pant starts off with a sweep for a couple of runs as Jadeja finishes another superb over.

Time for Tahir...

After 8.5 overs, DC 57/3: Munro out for 27!

Dhoni does not like to use his left-arm spinner against left-handed batsmen usually but Jadeja strikes to remove Munro! The Kiwi is out for 27 off 24 balls. A decent innings, given he is not the strongest against spin. But DC are in some trouble now. Jadeja comes over the wicket, Munro goes for the big sweep but finds the fielder at long leg. Did not get the elevation he would have liked.

Timeout and DC have some thinking to do...

After 8 overs, DC 54/2: (Munro 26, Iyer 4)

Harbhajan continues and it’s a good over for DC. Fifty comes up with a much-needed boundary for DC as Munro square drives one for four through cover. He follows that up with a lofted cover drive, that’s a superb shot off a bowler who’s not easy to drive. Bhajji not happy with that over.

After 7 overs, DC 44/2: (Munro 17, Iyer 3)

Jadeja, aka a live blogger’s worst nightmare, bowls a typically tidy over to start with. Just three runs off it. DC are cautious at the moment and Iyer has a big task ahead of him, given his ability to play spin.

More on CSK’s powerplay prowess this season:

After 6 overs, DC 41/2: (Munro 15, Iyer)

Five runs a wicket off that Harbhajan over as CSK have put themselves in the driver’s seat after the powerplay.

Not what DC would have wanted, having wanted to bat first anyway.

After 5.2 overs, DC 37/2 - Dhawan is out!

BIG WICKET! Harbhajan Singh strikes. No fireworks from Dhawan tonight as Harbhajan (like he does often) dismisses a left hander in the powerplay. Dhawan has been living on the edge, quite literally, but this one is pouched after a fumble by Dhoni. He doesn’t miss those.

Delhi Capitals in trouble....

After 5 overs, DC 36/1: (Munro 12, Dhawan 18)

Chahar, not surprisingly, bowls his third on the trot. And Shikhar gets away yet again with an inside edge that misses the stumps. Thrice in this innings already. Just four singles in that Chahar over.

After 4 overs, DC 31/0: (Munro 10, Dhawan 16)

Yes, looks like Munro is just been given the license to smash. Gets away another boundary as Bhajji drops one short. That’s followed by two wild hoicks - misses one, top edges another (reverse sweep) but survives.

After 3 overs, DC 25/0: (Munro 4, Dhawan 15)

Interestingly, Munro moves up the order to No 3 for Delhi who have had a pretty set top four all season. A pinch-hitter perhaps to upset CSK’s powerplay attack? He starts off with a four too, so perhaps that’s the idea. Good over from Chahar, 5 runs and a wicket.

And with two left-handers in, no surprises to Harbhajan come on.

After 2.2 overs, DC 21/1: Prithvi Shaw is out!

Deepak Chahar again strikes in the powerplay! Superb from the CSK seamer, shortens the length to make Shaw go for a pull shot (pre-meditated?) but the ball is not short enough. Umpire gives it not out, but the ball has struck him plumb on the back thigh! CSK review and it’s three reds! Shaw’s up and down season continues.

After 2 overs, DC 20/0: (Shaw 5, Dhawan 14)

13 runs from the second over as Dhawan takes charge!

Thakur, not Harbhajan, interestingly from the other end. Starts off with a couple of dot balls to Dhawan who turns it on with two superb drives! First, punishes a full ball past mid off for a super four. Then, a proper straight drive off another full ball. No swing on offer, Thakur needs to correct his length — but then a short ball is pulled for four. Hat-trick of fours for Gabbar!

After 1 over, DC 7/0: (Shaw 5, Dhawan 1)

FOUR! A boundary through square leg for Shaw to finish the first over as DC make a steady start. Chahar starts with a wide and then three dot balls to Shaw, who finds the cover fielder with good looking shots on all three occasions. The Mumbaikar gets off strike with a single. Dhawan almost chops one on to the stumps off his first ball.

7.30 pm: Deepak Chahar, the best powerplay bowler in 2019, versus a dangerous opening batting combo of Dhawan and Shaw. We are all set, folks.... as Chahar stops at his delivery stride. A Mankad warning? Dhawan was down the pitch! Smiles all around.

7.27 pm: The umpires walk out. MS Dhoni gives a pep talk in the huddle, with a smile on his face as his teammates listen intently. A roar goes up as CSK walk out to the middle. Dhawan and Shaw stride out as well.

The powerplay in the first innings could be very crucial.

7.24 pm: Ricky Ponting, Delhi Capitals coach — “I think it’s really important with the younger guys in particular is to spend time with them, one on one, and get to know them as people more than players. Last year, we lost a lot of our close games... this year, we won a lot of them.”

7.22 pm: For a young DC side, Shikhar Dhawan’s experience has come in very handy at the top of the order. He has been a transformed player after the first six matches, striking at a significantly higher rate since.

7.15 pm:

Key battles

  • Shikhar Dhawan / Prithvi Shaw vs Deepak Chahar: Both openers are in form while Chahar has the best powerplay record in 2019.
  • MS Dhoni vs Delhi’s death bowlers: In Kagiso Rabada’s absence, Paul and Co must figure out a way to keep Dhoni quiet.
  • Rishabh Pant vs CSK spinners: In the Elminator, Pant had to contend just with Rashid Khan, but in this match he will be up against the best spin attack in the tournament.

7.09 pm: Confirmation of playing XIs.

Delhi Capitals: Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Colin Munro, Axar Patel, Sherfane Rutherford, Keemo Paul, Amit Mishra, Trent Boult, Ishant Sharma

Chennai Super Kings: Faf du Plessis, Shane Watson, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni(w/c), Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Imran Tahir

7.05 pm: TEAM NEWS — No changes for DC and one change for CSK. Shardul Thakur replaces M Vijay.

Interesting call from MS Dhoni to weaken his batting lineup when the batting is already struggling. Must be backing his top order to come good big time.

7.02 pm:

TOSS NEWS: CSK have won the toss and MS Dhoni opts to bowl first. Shreyas Iyer says he wanted to bat first anyway on what he thinks is a better batting pitch. (Dhoni’s superb run at the toss this season continues! 10 out of 14 won by our count.)

6.57 pm:

  • Second meeting in 2019, CSK v DC: Dhoni’s prowess in the slog overs was on display yet again while home spinners bamboozled DC batsmen as CSK coasted to a massive 80-run win at Chepauk. It was Suresh Raina who made a fighting 59 off 37 balls to prepare the road for revival following a slow start and Dhoni (unbeaten 44 off 22) provided the late flourish yet again. Capitals had hoped that dew would come in to play while batting second but Chennai spinners bamboozled them from the word go, never allowing them to settle. Imran Tahir (4/12) and Ravindra Jadeja (3/9) tore apart the middle order. The night, however, belonged to Dhoni yet again. As he has all season, CSK skipper had once again delivered a masterclass in batting, wicketkeeping and captaincy.

We are minutes away from the toss...

6.52 pm: Will the away record matter? CSK have a 3-5 win-loss record in away matches this season. DC have won 5 of their 7 matches on the road – the best record in the league. CSK have also lost 5 of their last 7 matches this season while Delhi have won 5 of their last 7. If form alone mattered, DC will be strong favourites. But experience counts in these big matches and CSK have oodles of that.

6.49 pm:

  • First meeting in 2019, DC v CSK: Delhi got off to a solid start but ended up with just 147 due to their uncertain batting approach on a typical Kotla wicket. When CSK came out to bat, they knew what they had to do. They set off with one simple plan – to bring the required run-rate down to a run-a-ball as quickly as possible. They took full advantage of the Powerplay overs knowing that it would only get tougher later on. Once the required run-rate was down to 6, Kedar Jadhav and Dhoni just knocked the ball around. Their strike-rates were below 100 but it got the job done. It was a typical, clinical CSK display.

6.45 pm:

MS Dhoni’s numbers this year: 405 runs, highest 84*, 135.00 average, 138.69 strike rate and three fifties. CSK will once again depend on their talisman.

6.40 pm: Delhi Capitals won the Eliminator but Rishabh Pant and Prithvi Shaw showed they still need the finishing touch and against CSK, they will need that quality the most.

More from Ashish Magotra here.

6.35 pm: One team has never played in the Indian Premier League final. In fact, until 2019, they had never won a match in the playoffs. The other team has been in the playoffs in all 10 seasons they have played in the league. They have reached the final on SEVEN those occasions. When Delhi Capitals take on Chennai Super Kings in Qualifer 2 of IPL 2019, it’s a clash of two sides with vastly different pedigrees, but the momentum is on the side of the young team.

Hello all and welcome to the live blog of the third playoff game of this season.

There is no doubt that momentum is in favour of Shreyas Iyer’s exciting young team as CSK have faltered in the second half of the season — after winning 7 of their first 8 matches, CSK only managed two wins in their following seven matches.

It was CSK who denied Delhi a top-two spot in the league standings with a crushing 80-run win at Chepauk and the Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led side stands in their way again — only, the stakes are much higher in Qualifier 2.

The tense win in the Eliminator, set up by their star player Rishabh Pant, on Wednesday night is bound to provide an extra dose of motivation for Delhi going into the knock-out game.