Ross Taylor, Player of the Match: We were very nervous at the end there. Bangladesh had a lot of support. We felt like we were in Dhaka or Chittagong.


Mitchell Santner punches the ball through the covers and New Zealand are home, just about. Juicy half-volley offered by Mustafizur Rahman. High fives in the Kiwi camp. They were pushed to the limit today and have a lot to ponder before going into the next game. Bangladesh once again show spirit and heart and none of their opponents are going to find it easy.

New Zealand 244/8 in 47 overs [Need 1 to win]

Oh dear, two wides from Saifuddin – one with the bumper and one that strayed down the leg side. But the telling blow came from Lockie Ferguson, who blocked out a yorker and the ball raced to the third-man fence for a four. That should be settled then? Or....

New Zealand 238/8 in 46.3 overs – Matt Henry out

Oh my goodness. The twists and turns keep on slapping on our faces through this contest. Full toss from Saifuddin and Henry misses it. The ball crashes into the middle stump.

M Henry b Saifuddin 6 (8)

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New Zealand 235/7 in 46 overs

Beautiful punch through the covers from Matt Henry for a four just eases the nerves. Much needed boundary for the New Zealanders. But that also means that there are more anguished Bangladeshi faces in the crowd. There is a harsh wide that went against Mustafizur. Eight from the Mustafizur over. New Zealand need 10 from 24 balls to win.

New Zealand 227/7 in 45 overs

18 needed from 30 now. There was a big appeal against Santner from Saifuddin and the rest of the Bangladeshi players. The umpire turned it down. Replays showed the ball pitching outside leg. Six runs from the over.

New Zealand 221/7 in 44 overs

Couple of singles for Henry and Santner to end the over. 25 needed from the last six overs to win. Bangladesh have a spring in their step. And the crowd is behind them.

Mosaddek Hossain celebrates his wicket

New Zealand 218/7 in 43.3 overs – Neesham out!

Goodness, we are in for a nail-biter. Neesham tries to clear the infield and and is caught at long-on. That was irresponsible from the batsman and there was no need for that. Credit to Mosaddek for tossing it up. Bangladesh fans are over the moon. They are sensing something special brewing. Superb captaincy from Mortaza.

New Zealand 218/6 in 42.5 overs – De Grandhomme out!

There are more twists in this tale. De Grandhomme was lucky earlier in this over, after he nearly chopped on. However, that ran to the fence for a boundary. This time, he tries to ramp the ball to third man off a slow ball from Saifuddin. Mushfiqur takes an excellent one-handed catch. There was no pace on the ball and De Grandhomme couldn’t lift it over the keeper.

New Zealand 212/5 in 42 overs

Bangladesh may be getting a little desperate here. Another wide from the over and De Grandhomme and Neesham get singles with minimum fuss. Seven from the over. 33 needed from the last eight to win.

Mustafizur is brought back.

New Zealand 205/5 in 41 overs

Shakib is also done with his spell. Yet another brilliant day with the bat and ball for him. Plenty of tense faces in the crowd. Just five from the over and New Zealand need 40 from the last nine to win. Shakib finishes with figures of 10-0-47-2.

New Zealand 200/5 in 40 overs

Mortaza comes back into the attack and immediately, there is an error. Pressure showing on both ends here. No ball after the skipper oversteps and De Grandhomme thumps it through the off-side for a boundary.

New Zealand 191/5 in 38.3 overs – Ross Taylor out!

Would you believe it? Bangladesh certainly believe. Ross Taylor gets a feather down the leg side and Mushfiqur makes amends (?) by taking a smart catch down the leg side. Bangladesh have a spring in their step. Mosaddek with the wicket. Another soft dismissal.

New Zealand 191/4 in 38 overs

What a spell from Mehidy Hasan. Once again, he ties the batsmen up in knots with a yorker length. Just four from the over. The off-spinner finishes with figures of 10-0-47-2.

New Zealand 177/4 in 36 overs

Neesham clubs the ball down the ground and gets a six to release the pressure. Neesham picks it up early and the it goes all the way. Mehidy was too full on that occasion.

New Zealand 169/4 in 35 overs

Mosaddek is doing a fine job for Mortaza. There was another heart-in-the-mouth moment for the Kiwi fans as Neesham and Taylor complete a risky two. Just four runs from the over.

New Zealand 164/4 in 33 overs

The pressure is building and New Zealand continue to be sloppy with their running. Bangladesh thought they had another wicket but Neesham had just made it. Brilliant throw there. The Tigers are roaring. This is a critical stage in the game.

James Neesham is home, just about.

New Zealand 162/4 in 32 overs - Latham out!

Mehidy Hasan gets two from the over. He pitched it short and Saifuddin at deep mid-wicket runs in takes an excellent catch. Bangladesh believe, screams Nasser Hussain from the commentary box. What a match we have on our hands.

New Zealand 160/3 in 31.1 overs - Williamson out!

This was a bizarre innings from Captain Kane. He was just prodding the ball to the fielders, unable to get any momentum, and when he went for a big shot off Mehidy Hassan, he finds the fielder at deep wicket. Gone for 40 off 72 balls.

New Zealand 158/2 in 31 overs (Williamson 40, Taylor 69)

Tidy over from Saifuddin. Just one run each and Williamson moves into the 40s. Phew.

New Zealand 158/2 in 30 overs (Williamson 39, Taylor 68)

Ross Taylor seems to be the one scoring runs at the moment, Williamson has been in the 30s for a while now.

Meanwhile, with another elegant boundary through the off side, the 100-run stand comes up between these two. The 13th of their career.

New Zealand 153/2 in 29 overs (Williamson 39, Taylor 63)

Three runs from Saifuddin’s over. A few good-looking shots in that over that found the fielders. Won’t bother the Black Caps though.

New Zealand 150/2 in 28 overs (Williamson 38, Taylor 61)

Shakib’s finished his 9th over and no signs of this partnership breaking for now. Five runs from the over and the 150 comes up for NZ.

Correction: The previous over was bowled by Saifuddin.

New Zealand 145/2 in 27 overs (Williamson 37, Taylor 57)

Shakib comes back (Bangladesh’s best bowler today) for his 8th over and concedes just one run. Rubel into the attack from the other end and he goes for 6 runs.

NZ need 100 off 23 overs. Should be a cakewalk, you would think.

New Zealand 138/2 in 25 Overs (Williamson 35, Taylor 53)

FIFTY FOR ROSS TAYLOR! After that period of chaos Taylor has really put his foot down and grabbed this run-chase by the scuff of the neck. Another lovely cut over the point fielder in that over for four. Taylor’s phenomenal run of form in ODIs seems to be carrying over to the World cup. A 40-ball half century just when his team needed it.

New Zealand 123/2 in 23 Overs (Williamson 30, Taylor 44)

A lovely square cut by Ross Taylor brings about a NZ boundary after a bit. The Fizz ends the over with a slight cutter that takes the outside edge but dies on Rahim, falling just short.

New Zealand 116/2 in 22 Overs (Williamson 29, Taylor 38)

Mustafizur is back on and concedes just 3 runs, Mossadek then bowls a tidy over to follow that up - just four runs. Bangladesh need more than just tight overs at the moment. They need wickets.

New Zealand 110/2 in 20 Overs (Williamson 27, Taylor 34)

Mosaddek is brought on and Taylor cuts it away behind point and a misfield means that the veteran gets another boundary. The duo have brought up their 50-run stand.

New Zealand 101/2 in 18 Overs (Williamson 25, Taylor 27)

Big over for New Zealand, 11 comes from it. Kane Williamson plays a good-looking shot through extra cover for a boundary and sweeps behind square for the second of the over. Finally, New Zealand get hold of Shakib.

New Zealand 90/2 in 17 Overs (Williamson 23, Taylor 18)

Fine sweep shot from Williamson off Hasan and it’s a boundary. He gets instructions from Mushfiqur to drag it back a bit and the bowler does a neat job.

New Zealand 85/2 in 16 Overs (Williamson 17, Taylor 18)

Another fine over from Shakib. Immediately, the batsmen are on the defensive and it’s just three from the over.

New Zealand 82/2 in 15 Overs (Williamson 16, Taylor 17)

Taylor gets a boundary in the final ball of the over. It was short from Saifuddin and it was put away easily. Eight from the over to ease the nerves.

New Zealand 74/2 in 14 Overs (Williamson 14, Taylor 11)

Once again, calamitous running between the wickets from Taylor and Williamson. Has someone told them that they are chasing 400? Mushfiqur could have been quicker while taking off the bails. Another tight over from Shakib. Will these missed opportunities come back to haunt Bangladesh?

New Zealand 70/2 in 13 Overs (Williamson 11, Taylor 10)

It seems as though the Kiwis are looking to hit their way out of trouble. There are plenty of deliveries going in the air between cover and point. Just three from the Mortaza over.

Bangladesh players express disappointment after missing a run-out chance

MISSED! New Zealand 67/2 in 12 Overs (Williamson 9, Taylor 9)

What a howler from Mushfiqur. Williamson was miles short of the ground when the throw came in. The keeper, though, breaks the bails with his arm and misses the ball. What a let off. As for New Zealand, they are living in danger. Mortaza can’t believe it. There was a stumping opportunity in the last ball as well.

New Zealand 60/2 in 11 Overs (Williamson 7, Taylor 4)

Mortaza brings himself on Taylor plays a crisp cover drive to the fence. Much-needed boundary for New Zealand after Shakib Al Hasan’s brilliance pegged them back.

WICKET! New Zealand 55/2 in 10 Overs

Shakib gets another one. Boy, he has single-handely swung the game India’s way. Munro goes for a big slog and Hasan takes an excellent catch, diving forward.

C Munro c Hasan b Shakib 24 (34)

New Zealand 53/1 in 9 Overs (Munro 23, Williamson 5)

Tidy from Hasan as well. Munro also has a short-leg in place. Excellent attacking cricket this from Mortaza. The run flow is now in check. Can Bangladesh pick up another wicket?

New Zealand 51/1 in 8 Overs (Munro 22, Williamson 4)

Shakib races through his second over. Mortaza has a short-leg in place as well. Williamson takes another run and Munro sees out the rest of the over.

New Zealand 50/1 in 7 Overs (Munro 22, Williamson 3)

Munro sweeps Hasan behind square and gets one more boundary to his name. Williamson is off the mark as well. No visible change in New Zealand’s approach so far.

New Zealand 43/1 in 6 Overs (Munro 17, Williamson 0)

REVIEW taken and Williamson survives. Shakib raps him on his pads and the Bangladesh think they have their man. Replays showed the ball missing leg and Bangladesh lose their review. Munro, meanwhile, has another boundary to his name.

WICKET! New Zealand 35/1 in 5.1 Overs

There comes the man with the golden arm. Is there anything Shakib can’t do on the field? He comes in and Guptill, trying to clear long on, mistimes it. Tamim comes in and takes the skier. Bangladesh are in this.

M Guptill c Tamim b Shakib 25 (14)

New Zealand 35/0 in 5 Overs (Guptill 24, Munro 10)

Mustafizur also gets off to a poor start. Munro is given time to drive on the up and the ball disappears to the cover boundary. Five runs from the over as the left-armer comes back well in the over with his brand of cutters.

New Zealand 30/0 in 4 Overs (Guptill 24, Munro 6)

Another four for Guptill, sweeping Hasan behind square to get a boundary. Bangladesh need to step on the brakes here. Brendon McCullum version 2.0 coming up.

New Zealand 25/0 in 3 Overs (Guptill 19, Munro 6)

More boundaries for Guptill. Once again, Mortaza is short and it is pulled away, full-blooded to the fence. Munro then executes a gorgeous cover drive to get his first boundary. New Zealand are flying away with this.

New Zealand 14/0 in 2 Overs (Guptill 14, Munro 0)

SIX from Guptill. What a hit from the New Zealand opener. Hasan bowls in the slot and Guptill slogs it miles over long on. Ideal start for the Kiwis.

New Zealand 7/0 in 1 Over (Guptill 7, Munro 0)

Four to start proceedings. Mortaza pitched it short and it was tucked away to the mid-wicket fence by Guptill. Mortaza is a lot fuller as the over progressed and New Zealand take just three from the next five.

Mashrafe Mortaza to take strike. Guptill to take strike. Rohit Sharma has brought up his century with India coasting to a win over South Africa.

Munro and Guptill walk out to the middle. Bangladesh players walk in as well. They need an early wicket to soothe the nerves.


Matt Henry now has seven from two games. The pacer makes short work of the Bangladesh tail and has two wickets in as many balls. First, Mortaza fails to clear the infield and is caught at cover. Saifuddin tries to go for a long hop and sees his stumps broken. Terrific effort from New Zealand to restrict the Bangladeshis.

WICKET! Bangladesh 244/8 in 49 Overs (Saifuddin 29, Mortaza 1)

Another one for Boult, who has another good outing. Latham takes a safe catch and off goes Hasan. Saifuddin, though, continues to middle the ball well.

M Hasan c Latham b Boult 7 (9)

Bangladesh 235/7 in 48 Overs (Saifuddin 25, Hasan 7)

Saifuddin is waging a lone fight as the New Zealand bowlers continue to do well with the fuller deliveries. Can Mehidy join in on the act? They need a good couple of overs with Boult coming up.

WICKET! Bangladesh 224/7 in 46.2 Overs

Another one disappears. Mosaddek goes big and it only travels as far as Guptill. Boult gets another one. Bangladesh can still get close to 260 with a flourish.

Mosaddek Hossain c Guptill b Boult 11 (22)

Bangladesh 215/6 in 45 Overs

New Zealand lose their review and Saifuddin ends the over with a cracking six over the mid-wicket boundary. That was full-blooded and a much needed one for the Bangladeshis.

Bangladesh 205/6 in 44 Overs (Mosadeek 8, Saifuddin 7)

Once again, Bangladesh are not able to find the boundary and can get only ones and twos. Santner continues to be excellent in these death overs.

WICKET! Bangladesh 197/6 in 42.3 Overs

Santner is rewarded with a wicket. Mahmudullah tries to clear the infield but holes out in the covers and goes straight to Williamson.

Mahmudullah c Williamson b Santner 20 (40)

Bangladesh 192/5 in 41 Overs (Mamudullah 17, Mosaddek 5)

Mahmudullah continues to labour at the crease and Williamson’s decision to bring on the pacers sees the boundaries dry up. Can they get a good final push in the final nine?

WICKET! Bangladesh 186/5 in 39 Overs

Once again, there is a drop in the scoring rate. Mahmudullah is struggling a bit here and is not able to find the gaps at the moment. Williamson persisting with pace at the moment.

M Mithun c De Grandhomme b Henry 26 (33)

WICKET! Bangladesh 179/5 in 37.1 Overs

Mithun’s little gem come to an end. He goes for another long hop but it is a simple catch for De Grandhomme. Matt Henry picks up another wicket. Mithun was looking good but perishes. Bangladesh in a bit of trouble here.

M Mithun c De Grandhomme b Henry 26 (33)

Bangladesh 172/4 in 36 Overs (Mithun 21, Mahmudullah 10)

Outrageous shot [the one you see above] from Mithun to get a boundary. One of the best we have seen all day for sure. Matt Henry is the bowler. New Zealand going with pace at both ends but Mithun takes them on.

Bangladesh 166/4 in 35 Overs (Mithun 15, Mahmudullah 10)

Boult comes back into the attack and bowls a tidy over. This is an important passage in play for both teams. A wicket here will put Bangladesh in trouble. These two are important to see it through till the final overs.

8.26 pm: Play resumes after the drinks break. Can Bangladesh push close to 300? NZ would be keen to dismiss Mahmudullah.

Bangladesh 161/4 in 33 Overs

Update from Southampton: Quinton de Kock has taken an absolute stunner to remove Virat Kohli, just when he was looking to push on after a slow start. Nervy times for Indian fans.

For live updates of India vs South Africa, head here.

Bangladesh 158/4 in 32 Overs

Big job ahead of Mahmudullah and Mithun as NZ have two new batsmen to bowl at the moment.

WICKET! Bangladesh 151/4 in 30.2 Overs

De Grandhomme gets the wicket. Shakib edges it to Latham, who takes a fine catch behind the stumps. That’s the wicket Bangladesh needed. Fine knock from the all-rounder, who made 64. Yet again, that was a soft dismissal.

Shakib Al Hasan c Latham b Grandhomme 19(35)

Bangladesh 137/3 in 28 Overs (Shakib 51, Mithun 10)

FIFTY for Shakib! Once again, it has been a timely knock from the all-rounder. He gets there with a three, guiding Santner to the short-third fence. Shakib needs to kick on from here.

Bangladesh 130/3 in 27 Overs (Shakib 46, Mithun 8)

After a fine start, Ferguson loses his away and bowls three consecutive wides in the over. The final ball sees Mithun getting a boundary. New Zealand, this time, squandering advantage after getting an important breakthrough.

Bangladesh 120/3 in 25 Overs (Shakib 43, Mithun 4)

Shakib continues to get runs. He flicks Ferguson to fine-leg to get his fifth boundary. The veteran is approaching his half-century. The left-hander needs to bat through the innings.

WICKET! Bangladesh 110/3 in 23.5 Overs

Mushfiqur throws his wicket away. There was no run there and he is caught way short of the crease. Guptill with the throw Latham whips off the bails. What a waste of a wicket. That too, when Bangladesh were looking good.

M Rahim Run out 19 (35)

Bangladesh 108/2 in 23 Overs (Shakib 36, Mushfiqur 18)

Three fours from the over and this is superb from Shakib. Neesham is too full and wide and he has been picked apart from the Bangladeshi ace. 17 from the over. Bangladesh’s innings finally get a move on.

Bangladesh 91/2 in 21 Overs (Shakib 21, Mushfiqur 17)

Finally, Shakib goes after Neesham to get and breaks the shackles with a boundary. Mushfiqur follows that up by paddling the ball down to the fine-leg fence. Four more. Good couple of overs for Bangladesh. It was clear that the two senior players were getting bogged down in the middle.

Bangladesh 74/2 in 18 Overs (Shakib 13, Mushfiqur 8)

Ooh! Ferguson is breathing fire at the moment and Mushfiqur is beaten by a snorter of a short delivery. The ball goes just over Guptill at short-fine. Still no sign of boundaries for the Bangladeshis.

Bangladesh 66/2 in 16 Overs (Shakib 12, Mushfiqur 2)

Ferguson is cranking up some serious pace and during the over, beats Mushfiqur with an absolute jaffa. The scoring rate has dipped drastically over the past few overs. Excellent captaincy from Williamson.

Bangladesh 64/2 in 15 Overs (Shakib 11, Mushfiqur 1)

Big shout from De Grandhomme and the fielders after Mushfiqur doesn’t offer a shout. The ball raps him on the pads and the ball was coming back in. Umpire Paul Reiffel was unmoved. Did New Zealand miss a trick there by not taking a review?

Bangladesh 60/2 in 13.2 Overs

WICKET! Oh, Tamim! What have you done? Just as we were talking of the two senior players seeing this phase through, the opener throws his wicket away. New Zealand get their second. Poor shot from Tamim. He goes for a wild pull shot off Ferguson but gets a top edge. Simple catch for Boult.

T Iqbal c Boult b Ferguson 24 (38)

Bangladesh 59/1 in 13 Overs (Tamim 24, Shakib 10)

This has been a good passage of play for New Zealand. No risks taken from Tamim and Shakib so far. It’s important they see this through and launch an attack in the middle phase of the innings. This has been a solid tactical battle.

Bangladesh 54/1 in 11 Overs (Tamim 21, Shakib 8)

Length from Henry and five singles come from the over. Looks like New Zealand will make a change now.

Bangladesh 49/1 in 10 Overs (Tamim 20, Shakib 4)

Good comeback over from Boult. No freebies on offer and the batsmen get three singles from the over. Slightly back of a length but slight away movement for Boult.

Delhi wedding scenes, anyone?

WICKET! Bangladesh 45/1 in 8.3 Overs

New Zealand have the breakthrough they needed. Full from Matt Henry and Sarkar is castled trying to clear the leg-side field. The left-hander was looking in fine touch.

S Sarkar b Henry 25 (25)

Bangladesh 44/0 in 8 Overs (Tamim 19, Sarkar 25)

The runs continue to flow. Boult tried to surprise Tamim with the short delivery and the left-hander clubbed it away to the deep-square boundary. The Bangladesh fans are dancing in the isles.

Bangladesh 36/0 in 7 Overs (Tamim 14, Sarkar 22)

Soumya Sarkar is on song. Matt Henry has not got his lines right so far and gets the treatment. This has been a fine start from the Bangladesh openers. Sarkar pounced on a delivery that was short and wide and hammered it to the fence. This has been a solid start for the openers. Williamson might consider getting Santner on.

Bangladesh 24/0 in 6 Overs (Tamim 12, Sarkar 12)

Now, Boult drags his length back a touch and the Bangladesh openers are back on the defensive. Just two singles from the over. Good adjustment from the left-armer.

Bangladesh 22/0 in 5 Overs (Tamim 11, Sarkar 11)

New Zealand bowlers have been a touch full so far and Tamim and Sarkar are on it in a flash. Two boundaries for both openers and Williamson is forced to spread his field out. Easy pickings for Sarkar, who plays a gorgeous lofted drive over the top.

Bangladesh 15/0 in 4 Overs (Tamim 11, Sarkar 4)

Tamim gets into groove with a couple of fours on either side of the wicket. First, he caresses the ball through covers with a Dhawan-style drive and then flicks an over-pitched delivery to deep square. Boult slightly losing his rhythm.

In case you are wondering what India and South Africa are upto, head to our Live Updates here

Bangladesh 9/0 in 3 Overs (Tamim 5, Sarkar 4)

Slightly straighter and fuller from Matt Henry and just two runs from the over. Sarkar is watchful and is happy blocking out the ones pitched on middle and off.

Bangladesh 7/0 in 2 Overs (Tamim 5, Sarkar 2)

Tidy start for New Zealand, just seven runs from the first two overs. Boult is on target straight away. Little bit of away movement for the left-hander. It’s wise to have the slips in place.

After 1 over, Bangladesh 4/0: (Tamim 4, Sarkar 0)

Man of the match for NZ in the first match, Matt Henry, starts off with a good over that had the one bad ball that Tamim punished: a four down fine leg.

6.00 pm: The match is underway. May the best team win!

5:53 pm: The national anthems are underway. Good crowd in at The Oval.

5:52 pm: New Zealand, the in-form team in 2015, were pushed to the brink by Bangladesh. The Kiwis registered a three-run win against the spirited Tigers.

5:42 pm: As expected, there is a big Bangladesh contingent that has turned up to support their team. They have every reason to be optimistic. Remember, they have a good record against New Zealand in recent years.


Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (w), Mohammad Mithun, Mahmudullah, Mosaddek Hossain, Mehidy Hasan, Mohammad Saifuddin, Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Mustafizur Rahman.

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (c), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (w), James Neesham, De Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Matt Henry, Ferguson, Boult.

5:38 pm: Kane Williamson says: It’s a fresh surface and we would like to see if we can get something out of it. It was a good performance but we need to move on to the next opposition, next venue and prepare according to that. It’s a new day, we need to get back to our plans and keep performing to our best abilities. The break has been nice.

5:35 pm: New Zealand have won the TOSS and Kane Williamson opts to field first. No changes for either side from their respective opening games.

It’s a double-header day today and New Zealand face Bangladesh at the Oval in what will be the second match of the day. Mashrafe Mortaza’s side outclassed the South Africans at the same venue by 21 runs.

New Zealand, meanwhile, were at their brilliant best against a hapless Sri Lankan side at Cardiff. Their bowlers were on song and their batsmen – openers Martin Guptill and Colin Munro – made short work of the target. For the Bangladeshis, the spinners will play a big role. They have plenty of experience in their ranks but it was their slower bowlers who stood out in the previous game.

If it’s a seam-friendly wicket, there is little doubt that New Zealand will have the edge. Trent Boult has been in sparkling form and Matt Henry had a solid outing in the last game. Let’s hope we have a good contest on the cards.