12.45 am: Right... and breathe! That was one heck of a match, and much like the 2015 semi-final, one that will be remembered for a long, long time. Thanks for joining us, hope you enjoyed our coverage. We’ll be back in a little over 12 hours for the next match: Australia vs Bangladesh.

NZ captain, Kane Williamson: I thought the wicket was soft, bowling on it with a few unknowns was what we were trying to do. We were looking to build pressure, adapt to conditions quickly. Cdg bowls beautifully in Test cricket when he hits those lengths. Bowling attack did a great job. We just had a quiet chat and he goes on to play his natural game. It was not an easy wicket to do that. Superb innings from him. We have not played on 350-type wickets. For us, it’s not looking ahead just focusing on doing the job at hand.

Faf du Plessis: I thought 260 was a par score, 270 would have been great. Good bowling [by NZ]. Individual batters will need to look at their performances. Kane showed us how to go about it. The difference was one guy getting to a 100, our innings were all stop-short. I thought we challenged, we fought with everything he had. Great work by bowlers. The innings that Kane played was too good for us on the day. There was a nick? There was no real appeal, I was standing at long on. You ask him [points to Kane and smiles]. It was not meant to be.

Player of the match, Kane Williamson for his fantastic century: It’s nice to be there at the end. We knew at the first half that we had a tough chase because of the surface. Colin de Grandhomme was outstanding with bat and ball. I was trying to communicate with my partners and build partnerships, knew there were going to be dot balls. One of those surfaces that provides such a great spectacle.

12.25 am: WHAT A MATCH! What a player, Kane Williamson. He finishes 106* off 138 balls. Playing two stunning shots in the last two overs. Best match of the tournament, hands down. As things stand, South Africa’s tournament is all but over.

49.3: And then the trademark dab to third man! NEW ZEALAND HAVE DONE IT! Kane Williamson has done it! A famous four-wicket win.

49.2: SIXX!!!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING US, KANE!! AND CENTURY TOO! Slog sweep for six and he gets to his first World Cup ton in some style. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Picked up the cutter.

49.1: On the hips of Santner, pulled to deep square leg for 1. Need 7 off 5 balls.

12.17 am: NZ need 8 off 6 balls. 20 years back, they needed 9 off the last over against Australia at this very venue. Phehlukwayo comes on to bowl... a break in play as Ngidi sneaked back into the dressing room but Gould insists he has to come back on to the field.

After 48 overs, New Zealand 234/6 - WHAT AN OVER!

Dream start to the over for South Africa after CdG fell off the first ball... and it could have gotten better as Williamson chips a slower delivery back to the bowler. It falls just short of Ngidi. Santner is on strike and he almost runs his captain out at the other end but Ngidi cant get a touch to it. Williamson is on strike for the last ball and he plays an INCREDIBLE DAB down to third man for a four!! WHAT A SHOT.

Bowler is CSK too!

After 47.1 overs, New Zealand 228/6 - CdG gone!

After playing a superb knock, CdG holes out to Faf du Plessis at long off. The bat turns in his hand. Ngidi strikes, SA actually take a catch! 14 needed off 11 balls now.

After 47 overs, New Zealand 228/5 - Williamson 91, CdG 60

Rabada concedes just 3 runs in his last over. Sensible from the NZ batsmen to not take chances there.

NZ need 14 off 12 balls. Still feels tense... a wicket here could still change the match.

12.02 am: Rabada in for his last over... as we realise the clock ticks past midnight.

After 46 overs, New Zealand 225/5 - Williamson 90, CdG 58

AND THE DRAMA CONTINUES! Ngidi, with his barrage off cutters, kept things tight but CdG finally falls for the trap. His attempted pull is mistimed, but falls just short of a diving David Miller at deep square leg. Rabada though is ball-watching behind Miller and lets the ball go for four. “Sums up South Africa’s evening,” says Mark Nicholas on air. Amen.

NZ need 17 off 18 balls.

After 45 overs, New Zealand 216/5 - Williamson 88, CdG 52

FIFTY FOR CDG! What a knock under pressure by the all-rounder. A 39-ball half century. What was proving to be a sensational over from Morris finishes with CdG releasing the pressure and getting to the milestone with a short-arm jab over midwicket for a four. Morris, meanwhile, finishes with 3/49 in 10 overs.

26 off 24 balls needed for NZ at the moment.

After 44 overs, New Zealand 211/5 - Williamson 87, CdG 48 - BIG OVER!

MORE DRAMA! South Africa have been poor in the last hour or so and that’s an understatement. Kane Williamson hits a no-ball straight to Ngidi at fine leg and the pacer puts it down. It would have been embarrassing but Phehlukwayo takes the attention away from Ngidi because that was a high full toss, given no ball. CdG can’t captialise on the free hit though. He did hit a boundary earlier in the over through third man.

Some things will never change in cricket. South Africa’s banter cricket at a World Cup is right at the top of that list.

After 43 overs, New Zealand 199/5 - Williamson 82, CdG 42

Three runs off that Morris over. As good as he has been tonight, Morris looked more dangerous against the left-handers than the right-handers. There are two of them at the moment in the middle.

Phehlukwayo from the other end... will NZ target him in this over?

11.45 pm: Kane Williamson gets past 3000 runs as captain. Only Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers have achieved this faster than him. He’s leading from the front here.

After 42 overs, New Zealand 196/5 - Williamson 80, CdG 41

Six balls, six singles off Phehlukwayo’s over. NZ will be happy with that at the moment. No drama, just strike rotation, plain and simple.

Morris returns... can he get another wicket here? Proteas getting desperate. NZ need 46 off 42 balls.

After 41 overs, New Zealand 190/5 - Williamson 77, CdG 38

OH DEAR! South Africa continue to shoot themselves in the foot! David Miller is making sure we are not missing AB de Villiers with a near-perfect imitation of the missed runout in the 2015 semi-final. Peak South Africa has been unlocked in the last 30 minutes. Williamson has no idea where the ball is after being hit on the body, CdG has stormed down to the striker’s end and the NZ captain reluctantly starts running...Rabada misses a direct hit but Miller was there to gather the ball but he, like AbD in 2015, takes the bails off and misses the ball. CdG gets a four through third man in the over too.

After 40 overs, New Zealand 184/5 - Williamson 77, CdG 33

SIX! CdG continues to go big, and hits Rabada over square leg for a huge six. Then Ngidi bowls a superb over, almost a maiden before Williamson takes a single.

From overs to 31-40, NZ made 60/1. Their game to lose now? What a finale we have on the cards.

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Here’s that moment that SA could come to regret:

After 38 overs, New Zealand 173/5 - Williamson 76, CdG 23

WHAT AN OVER! It’s not been Miller’s time in the field in the last few overs. After that run-out attempt earlier, he comes close to taking two stunning catches in one over but cannot hold on to either at short-midwicket. First, Kane digs a full ball uppishly but a diving Miller cannot catch that. Then, CdG punches one above Miller’s head and a brilliant dive is only enough to parry the ball. Off the last ball, there is a big appeal from Tahir for caught behind against Williamson but QdK does not appeal, SA don’t review but there is an EDGE!

Tahir finishes 0/33 with after 10 overs.

After 37 overs, New Zealand 169/5 - Williamson 74, CdG 21

SIX! What a shot. CdG has come out with positive intent and now he plays a superb pick-up shot off Phehlukwayo. Big six over square leg. Required rate drops below 6 once again with that hit.

NZ need 73 runs with 5 wickets and 12 overs remaining. Tahir will finish his spell now.

We have thriller on our hands, folks.

After 36 overs, New Zealand 160/5 - Williamson 72, CdG 14

A big moment of confusion in the run-chase is not uncommon when these two sides meet at the World Cup. CdG puts in a late dive and is saved by a Miller throw that did not hit the stumps direct. Apart from that moment, steady stuff the Kiwi batsmen. Six runs from that over, they will take that off Tahir for sure.

After 35 overs, New Zealand 154/5 - Williamson 70, CdG 11

A couple of deliveries after getting hit on the body by a bouncer from Morris, captain Kane stands upright and plays a textbook pull shot, slamming Morris through midwicket for a much-needed four. 150 comes up in that over. CdG showing more intent against the pace of Morris.

After 34 overs, New Zealand 148/5 - Williamson 65, CdG 9

Tahir’s conceding less than 3 runs per over at the moment and that’s how many he concedes on his comeback. CdG not going for any big shots in that over. Required rate still hovering above 6.

After 33 overs, New Zealand 145/5 - Williamson 63, CdG 8

CdG has come out swinging: Eight runs from the over after Neesham’s wicket, including a four through square leg. A powerful short-arm jab.

Tahir comes on from the other end, will CdG keep going for it? A wicket could be around the corner then.

After 32.2 overs, New Zealand 137/5 - NEESHAM GONE!

Chris Morris provides the breakthrough yet again! What a day he’s having. Du Plessis’ aggressive captaincy pay off. Neesham edges one to Amla at wide slip. The 57-run partnership is broken and Proteas are on top at Edgbaston. The cross-seam delivery doing the trick again.

After 32 overs, New Zealand 136/4 - Williamson 62, Neesham 23

Phehlukwayo starts off this over waywardly with a couple off wides and then the first legal ball is a streaky four between ‘keeper and slip. Neesham then hits one down the ground, pouncing on an over-pitched delivery. Stylish shot. 11 from that over. Much-needed for the Kiwis.

After 31 overs, New Zealand 125/4 - Williamson 57, Neesham 19

Another probing over from Rabada, looks like the pitch has started to provide variable bounce after the wear and tear. Williamson was surprised by a couple of balls that reared up from a short-of-good length.

The required rate has creeped up to 6.44 now. An acceleration or breakthrough is around the corner, one senses.

After 30 overs, New Zealand 124/4 - Williamson 56, Neesham 19

Phehlukwayo from the other end and he concedes 5 runs... the all-rounder did not get his radar quite right. Williamson almost plays on to the stumps going for a big shot.

In the overs 21-30, NZ went 38/0. Neither side particularly grabbing the game by the scruff of neck there.

After 29 overs, New Zealand 119/4 - Williamson 53, Neesham 18

Rabada comes back for his 2nd spell as Faf du Plessis senses this partnership needs to be broken. Four runs in that over as both batsmen continue to play risk-free cricket.

After 28 overs, New Zealand 116/4 - Williamson 50, Neesham 17

FIFTY FOR CAPTAIN KANE! Back-to-back half centuries for the NZ skipper as he taps a single to long on. A patient innings and he is the key to the run-chase here.

Neesham breaks the shackles as he hits his favourites slog sweep off Imran Tahir. Catch it is the call but its placed well, goes for four.

After 27 overs, New Zealand 109/4 - Williamson 49, Neesham 12

Some classy-looking straight drives by the NZ captain but he finds the fielders. SA have kept things so tight in the last few overs, barely any breathing room for the batsmen at the moment. Williamson reads a slower ball from Ngidi and whips one through midwicket for a couple and moves on to 49.

After 26 overs, New Zealand 105/4 - Williamson 46, Neesham 11

A maiden over from Ngidi to Williamson and then just one run from Tahir’s over at the other end. The batsmen would do well not to go into a shell here.

Last 5 overs, NZ have scored just 11 runs. This is not helping their cause at the moment, even if they have managed to arrest the slide of wickets.

After 24 overs, New Zealand 103/4 - Williamson 45, Neesham 10

Williamson takes a single off the first ball and allows Tahir to have a go at Neesham for the rest of the over. The mercurial left-hander does well to watchfull play it out.

What a stat this is:

After 23 overs, New Zealand 102/4 - Williamson 44, Neesham 10

Tahir not quite extracting any turn or bounce so far from the pitch, as it was thought initially. Three runs from the over as Williamson clearly is looking to play out the ace spinner.

Morris gets a break as Ngidi comes back for a second spell. Five runs from that over as Williamson and Neesham rotate strike (something Guptill should have done in his innings too). 100 comes up for NZ.

JUST IN: Statement from ICC regarding Rishabh Pant.

The International Cricket Council has confirmed that the Event Technical Committee of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 has approved Rishabh Pant as a replacement player for Shikhar Dhawan in India’s squad for the remainder of the tournament.

Opener Dhawan, who suffered a thumb injury during the league match against Australia, has been ruled out of further participation in the event.

The replacement of a player requires the approval of the Event Technical Committee before the replacement player can be officially added to the squad.

After 21 overs, New Zealand 94/4 - Williamson 39, Neesham 7

With all the chaos around him, Williamson has looked unflappable. Plays one of the shots of the day as he drives Morris down the ground for four. CLASS!

After 20 overs, New Zealand 86/4 - Williamson 33, Neesham 5

Another tidy over from Tahir, as he concedes just 2 runs.

SA dominate that 10-over block: 43/3 from overs 11 to 20. What a turnaround!

After 19 overs, New Zealand 84/4 - Latham gone!

MORRIS ON FIRE! One of the balls of the tournament. At pace, angling across Tom Latham, extra bounce and seaming away too. Nearly unplayable. Latham edges it to QdK and Morris strikes again. Starts off with a jaffa to Neesham as well that misses the outside edge and the Kiwi all-rounder cuts one through point for four in response.


After 18 overs, New Zealand 80/3 - Williamson 32, Latham 1

Superb over from Tahir as he tests Williamson’s defence to the hilt. A streaky boundary, as the Kiwi skipper outside edges a cut shot. Probing over otherwise, as Williamson almost gets stumped going for a slog. But QdK is slow to react.

After 17 overs, New Zealand 76/3 - BIG WICKET! TAYLOR GONE!

For the second match in this World Cup, Ross Taylor gifts his wicket by edging one down the leg side. Morris is delighted, that is a soft, soft dismissal for NZ lynchpin. South Africa are back in this match big time!

9.48 pm: Here’s a look at that Guptill dismissal.

9.43 pm: Imran Tahir comes on to bowl, a good time for him to attack the NZ middle-order batsmen.

After 15 overs, New Zealand 72/2 - GUPTILL OUT HITWICKET!

A strange dismissal out of nowhere! Phehlukwayo bowls a bouncer that Guptill awkwardly pulls through mid-on, but loses balance and slips at the crease and steps on the stumps! The bail falls off and he is walking with a sheepish smile on his face.

Back-to-back boundaries for Captain Kane in that over earlier. And the pressure that was being built up was released by the NZ skipper. Full from Phehlukwayo, driven between cover and mid-off in a shot that should be shown to youngsters around the world. Frame that! The bowler then overcorrects his length, a pull short goes for four.


Guptill hitwicket b Phehlukwayo 35 (59)

After 14 overs, New Zealand 61/1 - Guptill 35, Williamson 15

We don’t see SA in general and Rabada in particular misfield in the deep but a fumble by the pacer allows Guptill to take two. Williamson once again got off strike quickly. Three runs in that Morris over. The game is just meandering at the moment, with neither side making a decisive move ahead.

After 13 overs, New Zealand 58/1 - Guptill 33, Williamson 14

When your bat-speed is as good as Guptill’s, an inside edge can go for four through midwicket. It’s been a start-stop innings by Guptill so far as he plays out four dot balls in the Phehlukwayo over. He’s batting on 33 off 54 at the moment. Might just be one of the slowest ODI knocks he’s played. Williamson continues to look busy and rotate strike.

After 12 overs, New Zealand 53/1 - Guptill 29, Williamson 13

Kane Williamson gets his first four with a stylish straight drive... after spending a large part of his innings watching Martin Guptill from the other end. That is the short of the man who is rightly considered one of the best in the world. Oozing class. 50 comes up in the 12th over for NZ.

After 11 overs, New Zealand 46/1 - Guptill 27, Williamson 8

Phehlukwayo comes into the attack & gives away just 3 singles. Meanwhile, here’s the comparison after the first 10 overs.

After 10 overs, New Zealand 43/1 - Guptill 26, Williamson 6

A delay during Chris Morris’ first over as he asks for saw dust at the landing are. Just a couple of runs in that over as Guptill once again lofts one in the air, mistimed, for two.

In the last 5 overs of the first powerplay, Guptill faced 29 out of the 30 balls. If this were gully cricket, this is where Williamson will take his stumps and bat and leave.

Very similar powerplays for both sides, SA were 40/1.

9.15 pm: Reminder that NZ are the second-most consistent side in World Cup history, despite not winning the tournament even once.

After 9 overs, New Zealand 41/1 - Guptill 24, Williamson 6

A brilliant back-foot punch by Williamson (after he finally gets back on strike) fetches him three runs; he is back off strike again and Guptill plays out of the rest of the over watchfully before taking a singles off the last ball (and retaining strikes again!) Guptill can be very dangerous if he gets his eye in but he should try and rotate the strike here, instead of getting into a shell.

After 8 overs, New Zealand 37/1 - Guptill 23, Williamson 3

Make that 18 balls faced on the trot by Gutpill. For the second over running, the NZ opener plays out five dot balls and avoids a maiden off the last ball. This time, a lofted off-drive over the inner-circle. Wasn’t timed well but enough to beat Morris for a four.

After 7 overs, New Zealand 33/1 - Guptill 19, Williamson 3

A good over from Rabada, almost a maiden but for a single stolen off the last ball. It was hit well by Guptill but the fielder got his hand to it and parried it to mid-on. Gutpill will retain the strike once again. Williamson has not had a hit in two overs now.

Meanwhile, Temba Bavuma (not in SA’s ODI squad) is in attendance at Edgbaston, wearing a Liverpool jacket.

After 6 overs, New Zealand 32/1 - Guptill 18, Williamson 3

Big over for NZ: 0-4-0-4-4-1! Guptill was taking his time but this over, he decides it’s time to up the ante. Started the Ngidi over with a wild hoick that misses the off-stump by a whisker. Ngidi has a smile but that soon vanishes as he goes a bit too full and is punished by Guptill. First a flick through midwicket and then two straight drives. Three boundaries in the over. Good counterattack.

After 5 overs, New Zealand 19/1 - Guptill 5, Williamson 3

Another good Rabada over comes to an end with Williamson just about handling the pace of the SA bowler. Almost played on early in the over and then later is beaten outside the offstump by a ripper. The one time Rabada missed his line, Williamson managed to pick up a double.

After 4 overs, New Zealand 17/1 - Guptill 5, Williamson 1

Top over from Ngidi. Just the one ball that was in Guptill’s driving zone, which the NZ opener hit through cover for two. But the rest of the over is probing at a superb offstump line. One of the balls nipped back in and hit Guptill on the pads, but it was moving too much. Missing leg-stump. To Guptill’s credit, solid front foot defence from him too to negotiate that tough over.

After 3 overs, New Zealand 15/1 - Guptill 3, Williamson 1

Fiery comeback by SA’s main man. Some #ProteaFire on display for sure. Williamson has a massive role to play now.

After 2.1 overs, New Zealand 12/1 - Munro dismissed!

KAGISO RABADA STRIKES! After being hit for two overs in the first over, Rabada decided to go around the wicket. And he stays from that angle to start his second over and cramps Munro for room. A fast good length ball nips back into the batsman and takes the inside edge, hits the thigh pad and loops into the air. Rabada rushes forward and takes the catch. Delight for the Proteas.

After 2 overs, New Zealand 12/0 - Guptill 2, Munro 8

Ngidi, returning from his hamstring injury, bowls a steady over. A couple of mis-timed shots by Guptill find the fielders. Munro too almost drags one back onto the stumps. There is definite help for bowlers on this two-paced pitch. SA need to hit the right areas consistently.

8.38 pm: A visibly heartbroken Dhawan has a message for his fans.

After 1 over, New Zealand 9/0 - Guptill 1, Munro 8

Back-to-back boundaries! What a start for Munro. Rabada bowls a length ball angling away and quite wide, he slaps that through cover. That was a bad ball, but hit with some force. Nothing wrong with the next ball, and this is an even better shot. Driven on the up and the mid-off fielder had no chance to cut it off.

Ngidi from the other end

8.32 pm: Here we go, Guptill and Munro are out in the middle. Rabada steaming in... South Africa need wickets, need them early.

8.17 pm: How good was Rassie van der Dussen for South Africa? When the rest of the batting lineup looks like they are struggling to make an impact, he has looked in good touch for most of this tournament. Potentially a middle-order lynchpin for the Proteas going forward. His record so far in ODIs is quite stunning.

8.09 pm: INNINGS BREAK - New Zealand need 242 to win

“A sticky wicket,” says van der Dussen. Feels SA can defend this total, and sure enough, they have given themselves a decent chance. But as Brendon McCullum points out, if NZ get a good start, they will win comfortably. Reckons SA have posted an under-par score, and surprised by their lack of aggression in a must-win match.

End of South Africa’s innings: 241/6 after 49 overs - van der Dussen 67, Morris 6

A BIG FINISH FOR PROTEAS! 15 runs from the final over that started with a top-edged four for Morris. And vdD finishes things off in style. A 92-m six followed by a four down the ground! What an innings from van der Dussen as he finishes on 67* off 64 balls. Last 9 overs, 72/2 for South Africa. They will be pleased with that, given their early struggles.

8.00 pm: Matt Henry was unfortunate not to get a wicket in his extended opening spell & he missed out again. He finishes with 10-2-34-0. Last over coming up...

After 48 overs, South Africa 226/6 - van der Dussen 57, Morris 1

DROPPED! Oh dear, van der Dussen should have been SIX AND OUT. Hits Henry for a six over square leg and goes for another pull short next ball too. This one is mishit but Ferguson spills it at fine leg. Had to cover distance but not a tough chance. Henry’s luck continues to evade him, on another day he would have had at least 2-3 wickets for how he’s bowled today. Changes up the pace and beats vdD with his slower ones. Superb comeback in the over after going for a six off the first ball. Just 2 more runs, and a dropped catch.

After 47 overs, South Africa 218/6 - van der Dussen 50, Morris 0

Ferguson gets third as Phehlukwayo’s bizarre little innings comes to an end. Came out swinging his bat at everything and barely connected. Then practically gifts a catch to Williamson at mid-off by swinging at a full toss, out for a duck. Superb over from Ferguson, as just two runs come off it and the wicket.

After 46.1 overs, South Africa 217/5 - FIFTY!

Van der Dussen gets to his 6th ODI fifty in just his 12th innings! What a start to his ODI career, he averages 70-plus at the moment. Has been SA’s best batsman at the tournament.

After 46 overs, South Africa 216/5 - van der Dussen 49, Phehlukwayo 0

If he’s hurting, vdD is not showing it. Full from Boult, smashed down the ground for four. Boult’s expensive outing today comes to an end, finishes with 1/63 off his 10 overs.

After 45.3 overs, South Africa 211/5 - van der Dussen 44, Phehlukwayo 0

Boult’s back for his last over. No runs off the bat for the first three balls, as vdD is hurt playing the pull shot. Boult quickly gestures to make sure vdD is fine. Oh dear, that’s a nasty hit on seeing the replays. The ball hit his glove and then rears up to hit the helmet. Break in play as the physio comes out to have a look. He’s alright to continue.

After 44.5 overs, South Africa 208/5 - Miller time’s over!

Just when you thought Miller has found his hitting touch! Starts the 45th over with back-to-back boundaries as Ferguson goes for the short ball-full ball strategy again. But the SA batsman is up for it, playing a superb pull shot followed by an easy leg glance. But off the fifth ball, goes for another big shot. Short ball again from Ferguson, the upper cut does not have the distance. Boult makes no mistake with the catch this time. Twice in this match, Boult’s mistakes have not cost his side much.

Miller c Boult b Ferguson 36 (37)

After 44 overs, South Africa 198/4 - Miller 27, vdD 41: EVENTFUL OVER!

Two run-out chances in that over! Confusion between Miller and vdD twice in that over. First Willimason’s throw is a bit wild and by the time Boult gathered and hit the stumps, vdD had made it in. And off the very next ball, Santner misses a direct hit from midwicket. Boult should have gathered this one, Miller would have been well short! Poor miss. And Miller makes Boult pay with a brutal hit wide of long on: in his arc, out of the park. Second six of the match. As good as the Kiwis have been on the field, they have missed a few regulation chances.

How much is that missed run-out going to cost NZ?

After 43 overs, South Africa 187/4 - Miller 17, vdD 40

Just four runs off Henry’s 9th over but he continues to search for his first wicket. A bit strange to see both Miller and vdD content with singles at this stage. And a 63-ball 50 partnership comes up between Miller and vdD. Useful runs after losing two set batsmen in quick succession but now they have to shift gears.

After 42 overs, South Africa 183/4 - Miller 15, vdD 38

Finally, a big over for Proteas. VdD goes after Santner, hitting a slog sweep down the ground for the FIRST SIX of the match. (How things change in a day at the World Cup, we saw England hit 25 sixes around this time yesterday!). Ten runs from the over and that is likely to be it for Santner.

After 41 overs, South Africa 173/4 - Miller 13, vdD 30

After his 7-over opening burst, Henry is back for his second spell and concedes four runs. Good bouncer to finish that over, vdD sways away.

Santner will continue from the other end. Correction from earlier, he has finished 8 overs already and this will be his 9th and potentially last over.

After 40 overs, South Africa 169/4 - Miller 12, vdD 28

Santner comes back for another spell and bowls another tidy over. He is done bowling 7 now, will be interesting to see if he will finish his quota. Final nine overs coming up. 46/1 in that 10-over phase. NZ have not let SA get away at any stage of this innings.

After 39 overs, South Africa 166/4 - Miller 11, vdD 26

Boult floors Millers with a superb yorker but the pace on the ball meant the moment Miller got his bat down on time, it almost goes for four through midwicket! Munro with some sharp fielding the deep. NZ have been super sharp on the field.

Meanwhile, Miller brings up his 3000th ODI run in that over. Having played more than 100 matches, and given his talent, you would have thought he would have more in career by now. 17th SA batsman to get to the landmark.

After 38 overs, South Africa 159/4 - Miller 8, vdD 22

Miller is having a tough time against Ferguson’s pace. He was hit on the glove in the previous over, and this tine around struggling to find any timing. More serious pace from the Kiwi pacer. Miller misses out on a short ball down the leg side even though its a wide. Just about keeps out a yorker to end the over.

After 37 overs, South Africa 156/4 - Miller 8, vdD 21

150 comes up in the 37th over for the Proteas. Eight runs from that over as Miller starts off with a lofted on-drive for three. First real show of intent from Miller. CdG has finished his spell with figures of 1/33.

After 36 overs, South Africa 149/4 - Miller 3, vdD 19

Ferguson continues to bend his back and generate pace, extra bounce from this wicket. The commentators point out how dark patches are developing on the pitch that was very white to begin with. Signs of wear and tear, spin could play a role later in the match... watch out for Imran Tahir, then. (But SA need a fighting score first).

After 35 overs, South Africa 145/4 - Miller 1, vdD 17

Van der Dussen has looked busy since he came out to the middle. Has kept the scoreboard ticking. Five runs from the CdG over as vdD keeps strike for all six balls. CdG has one over remaining.

Interestingly, the five-wicket taker from NZ’s previous match has not had a bowl today. Neesham yet to come into the attack.

After 34 overs, South Africa 140/4 - Miller 1, vdD 12

DRINKS: Can Miller play an innings that justifies his repeated selection in the side? He played a superb cameo in that epic 2015 semifinal... 49 off 18 balls. He needs to play a different innings here as Proteas struggle for momentum. Three runs from the Boult over as he head into a drinks break.

Sums up how frustrating Markram is for SA

After 33 overs, South Africa 137/4 - MARKRAM THROWS IT AWAY!

And CdG gets the wicket he so deserved! Poor from Markram, really. As we have seen him do far too often in his short career, he looks good for a while and then throws his wicket away when he should be pushing for a big score. Length ball on the offstump, Markram gives himself room, and tries to hit it inside out over cover but ends up finding Munro at cover point. Boult can heave a sight of relief.

Miller the new man in.

Markram c Munro b de Grandhomme 38 (55)

After 32 overs, South Africa 135/3 - Markram 38, van der Dussen 8

Boult being given a chance to immediately make amend for that dropped catch but Markram rubs salt into the wound by playing a flashy cover drive for four. That’s got to hurt the bowler. Eight runs from the over. Boult has been expensive today, 37/1 after 6 overs.

After 31 overs, South Africa 12/3 - Markram 33, van der Dussen 6

DROPPED! Poor cricket by Trent Boult, the fielder who is known to take some stunning catches. But a sitter is put down to give Markram a reprieve. CdG is the unlucky bowler, who has really deserved a wicket today. Short-ish ball, pulled to long leg where Boult seemed to have it under control but jumps at the last minute and the ball pops out.

After 30 overs, South Africa 123/3 - Markram 32, van der Dussen 5

A rare bad over from Santner. First, after finding the extra cover fielder with a powerful drive, Markram beats the same man for a boundary that should ease the pressure on him. Then strays down the leg side with vdD on strike... too easy for a new batsman.

After 29 overs, South Africa 115/3 - Markram 27, van der Dussen 2

Rassie van der Dussen is the new man in for the Proteas as New Zealand sniff an opportunity to break into the SA middle-order which has been struggling. Another pacy over from Ferguson, just 3 off it.

A look at Amla dismissal.

After 28 overs, South Africa 112/3: Santner strikes!

BEAUTY! All three dismissals so far today have been bowled and all three off stunning deliveries. This time Mitch Santner produces a dream spinner’s dismissal. The ball angles into Amla from around the wicket, hint of a drift, lands on a good length and straightens. Amla beaten by the turn and the stumps are rattled. Clipping top of off! Brilliant. Santner rewarded for solid bowling.

After 27 overs, South Africa 108/2: Amla 55, Markram 23

Ferguson comes back for presumably another short burst. Continues to test Amla and Markram with the short-pitched stuff. Consistently clocking close to 90mph. Tries to reproduce the bouncer-yorker double-punch at Markram, but the follow up ball is a bit full and not quite yorker. SA manage to rotate the strike well in that over.

After 26 overs, South Africa 102/2: Amla 54, Markram 19

You could see Amla is more assured at the crease now, the feet moving well and the ball being met by the middle of the bat. Misses out on a couple of short balls by Santner though as he finds the fielders. 100 comes up for the Proteas.

After 25 overs, South Africa 98/2: Amla 52, Markram 17

FIFTY FOR AMLA! It’s not been the prettiest innings , to be honest but these are important runs for Amla and South Africa, as he reaches his first fifty of the World Cup with a lofted shot. Henry put in a dive but the ball evades him, just about. 75-ball half century for the man who has been struggling for form.

Fox Cricket / Twitter
Fox Cricket / Twitter

After 24 overs, South Africa 91/2: Amla 45, Markram 17

CLOSE! The urgency shown between wickets almost results in a silly run-out (would have been typical for South Africa in a big World Cup match). Markram flicks one through leg-side, hesitates for a second as Williamson puts in a dive and stops the ball. The throw is a bit too hard for Santner to gather, but a direct hit would have been the end of Markram. The SA batsman then hits a superb four down the ground, brutally driving a full ball.

After 23 overs, South Africa 84/2: Amla 43, Markram 12

Simon Doull cannot believe Latham continues to stand back for CdG as Amla and Markram are both walking down the pitch to counter the swing. More urgency by the SA batsmen shown in that over as they run well between the wickets.

6.02 pm: It’s so heartbreaking: Twitter reacts to ‘Mr ICC’ Shikhar Dhawan being ruled out of World Cup.

After 22 overs, South Africa 79/2: Amla 41, Markram 10

CdG’s fourth over goes for just 2 runs and he has figures of 4-0-6-0. Amla trying to be inventive, walking down the pitch for a flick. More reasons for Latham to come up to the stumps. Better from the SA batsmen as they rotate well in Santner’s over for four singles.

After 20 overs, South Africa 73/2: Amla 38, Markram 7

Another solid over by Santner, just a single each for Amla and Markram. Amla needs to get a move on here, one thinks. Played a powerful cover drive but found the fielder. His strike rate is just over 60 now. Good 10-over phase for NZ, as SA make 33/1 from 11-20.

After 19 overs, South Africa 71/2: Amla 37, Markram 6

CLOSE! CdG almost gets the reward his bowling so far has deserved. A good length ball nips back in sharply after landing on the seam and beats Amla’s inside edge. It hits him above the knee roll though and NZ don’t review. DRS shows umpire’s call for height. Later in the over, Markram is beaten by another in-dipper but this one quite clearly going down leg. Superb over.

After 18 overs, South Africa 69/2: Amla 36, Markram 5

Time for spin, as Mitchell Santner comes on. Amla and Markram should look to go after him, given how tight the pacers have kept things. Just three runs in that over though.

After 17 overs, South Africa 66/2: Amla 34, Markram 4

DRINKS: Colin de Grandhomme’s figures so far – 2-0-2-0 . Superb over from CdG, getting more away movement. But the lack of carry continues. Latham collecting the ball on the bounce again. Perhaps time for him stand up?

After 16 overs, South Africa 65/2: Amla 33, Markram 4

Markram gets off the mark with a crunching on-the-up drive through cover and Ferguson responds with a superb shot ball that beats the SA batsman for pace. The over started with another bouncer to Amla. Good over despite that boundary.

After 15 overs, South Africa 60/2: Amla 32, Markram 0

Good first over from de Grandhomme, who gets a good away shape with his medium pace. But there is hardly any carry to the keeper though, signs off the pitch slowing down perhaps?

Du Plessis dismissal: The bounder was 149kph followed by the yorker that was 148kph. Superb from Ferguson.

After 14 overs, South Africa 59/2 - WHAT A BALL! FERGUSON STRIKES!

FAF DU PLESSIS IS GONE! An absolute peach from Lockie Ferguson. A 149kph bouncer after du Plessis drove a length ball for four. That bouncer was enough to peg du Plessis back in the crease and Ferguson bowls a cracking yorker that rattles into the base of offstump. JUST BRILLIANT!

du Plessis b Ferguson 23 (35)

FIFTY-RUN PARTNERSHIP: Amla and du Plessis rebuild after the early wicket with a 50-run partnership, off 71 balls.

After 13 overs, South Africa 52/1 (Amla 28, du Plessis 19)

Well, Henry gets ANOTHER over in the spell. That’s 7 in a row but it does not quite work out for Williamson. Two uppish shots in the over, one by Amla through midwicket and the other by Faf down the ground. De Grandhomme made to chase both, could not stop the second one from going for four. Fifty comes up for the Proteas.

After 12 overs, South Africa 44/1 (Amla 25, du Plessis 14)

A typically fast first over by Lockie Ferguson, who has been very impressive for New Zealand in this World Cup. Four runs from the over as Amla reaches a milestone with a push through the offside.

MILESTONE ALERT: Amla reaches 8000 ODI runs. He’s now the second fastest to the landmark behind only Virat Kohli.

After 11 overs, South Africa 40/1 (Amla 22, du Plessis 13)

BACK-TO-BACK MAIDEN OVERS! Matt Henry’s extended first spell produces 12 dot balls on the trot as this time du Plessis watchfully plays out another superb over. The SA Captain was beaten outside the off-stump by a peach that moved away, and was squared up later in the over. Henry’s figures: 6-2-11-0. Very unfortunate not to get a wicket in that spell.

After 10 overs, South Africa 40/1 (Amla 22, du Plessis 13)

Boult being put under pressure here by the South Africans now. Two more boundaries in his over, this time Faf du Plessis with two elegant off-drives, on either side of the mid-off fielder. Superb timing on both. Boult finishes off the first powerplay by beating Amla outside offstump.

Good recovery by SA after that early wicket.

After 9 overs, South Africa 31/1 (Amla 22, du Plessis 4)

A maiden over by Matt Henry... as Amla fails to find the gap with a ball on his pads but leaves or defends the other balls.

Here’s more on the Dhawan injury.

After 8 overs, South Africa 31/1 (Amla 22, du Plessis 4)

Back-to-back boundaries! Now that’s classic Amla! He scores SA’s first boundary in 5 overs with a delightful shot through covers on the up. Boult then comes round the wicket and Amla drives one down the ground. Arguably the two best shots he has played in the tournament so far.

After 7 overs, South Africa 22/1 (Amla 13, du Plessis 4)

Another steady over from Henry and he has almost dismissed du Plessis there! Like we were saying, decides to attack the SA captains on the stumps and squares him completely with one that straightened. Flies past the second slip fielder. Faf had no clue about that. Gets two runs though and moves on to 4.

5.00 pm: Got to feel for Shikhar Dhawan, must be gutted to miss out on a World Cup after hitting a century. What a chance for Rishabh Pant though,

After 6 overs, South Africa 20/1 (Amla 13, du Plessis 2)

CLOSE! First signs of swing in the air for Boult... beautifully shapes one back into Amla but it is swinging a bit too much. Just half a appeal. Another double for Amla down the leg side as Boult overcorrects and goes very full, misses his length.

Faf continues to remain on two.

BIG NEWS FROM THE INDIAN CAMP: Dhawan has been ruled out of the World Cup.

“Following several specialist opinions, he will remain in a cast until the middle of July and therefore will not be available for the remainder of,” BCCI say.

After 5 overs, South Africa 18/1 (Amla 11, du Plessis 2)

Amla continues to live on the edge quite literally. Another massive inside edge but this one runs past the fielder at square leg as they run two. Henry has started well too, bowling a probing outside offstump line. But could look at targeting the stumps early on with help from the pitch.

After 4 overs, South Africa 15/1 (Amla 8, du Plessis 2)

Another steady over from Boult. A double and single for Amla and du Plessis plays out the over watchfully. Boult continues to keep the ball full but no swing through the air for the pacer.

After 3 overs, South Africa 12/1 (Amla 5, du Plessis 2)

Amla almost chops one onto the stumps off Henry... he still looks tentative as he has all tournament. Du Plessis leaves a ball that moved back in and goes an inch or two above the stumps. He has been dismissed that way in the past, shouldering arms and the ball crashing into the stumps.

After 2 overs, South Africa 11/1 - BOULT STRIKES!

WHAT A BALL! Full and fast, hint of movement off the pitch. QdK plays all over it. No foot movement and the leg stump goes for a walk. Delight for Boult.

And we saw the perfect mirror image of that boundary in the first over. Boult from over the wicket, strays on to the pads off QdK, who helps himself to boundary. But the Kiwi pacer more than made up for it with that beaut!

And off the last ball of the over, almost disaster for SA with du Plessis having throw himself to the ground and avoid being run-out. Williamson threw to the wrong end from the deep.

de Kock b Boult 5 (8)

After 1 over, South Africa 5/0 (de Kock 1, Amla 4)

If Amla was asked last night where he would like to face a ball in his first over, he would have said a nice length ball on his pads. That is what Henry does, the under-fire opener glances it down to fine leg for a four. QdK started with a single. No real hint of swing for Henry in that over.

4.30 pm: Cricket time!

4.28 pm: Brightness in Birmingham... one has to wonder if Williamson took the right decision to bowl first. South Africa have the chance to put runs on the board as teams have successfully done this tournament.

4.22 pm: The players are making their way out for the national anthems...

Here’s how the points table looks like right now. An absolute must-win match for South Africa, top of the table beckons for New Zealand.

Team Matches-Wins-Losses  Net run-rate Points
England   5-4-1  +1.862 8
Australia 5-4-1 +0.812 8
New Zealand 4-3-0 (+1 NR) +2.163 7
India 4-3-0 (+1NR) +1.029 7
Bangladesh  5-2-2 (+1NR) -0.270 5
Sri Lanka 5-1-2 (+2NR) -1.778 4
West Indies 5-1-3 (+1NR) +0.272 3
South Africa 5-1-3 (+1NR) -0.208 3
Pakistan 5-1-3 (+1NR) -1.933 3
Afghanistan 5-0-5 -2.089 0

4.18 pm:

4.14 pm: South Africa. Edgbaston. 1999. Twenty years and two days later, they are back at the venue in World Cup where they had their biggest heartbreak. Read more here.

4.07 pm: A big test coming for the under-fire SA batting line-up. Here are the confirmed teams.

South Africa XI: Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock(w), Aiden Markram, Faf du Plessis(c), Rassie van der Dussen, David Miller, Andile Phehlukwayo, Chris Morris, Kagiso Rabada, Lungi Ngidi, Imran Tahir

New Zealand XI: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson(c), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham(w), James Neesham, Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Matt Henry, Lockie Ferguson, Trent Boult

4.05 pm: New Zealand, playing after the extended break due to the India washout, are unchanged. Williamson says the weather prompted him to bowl first. South Africa bring back Lungi Ngidi who was injured early on in the tournament.

4.00 pm: Kane Williamson has won the toss and New Zealand will bowl.

3.58 pm: Scoring big is a habit and Rohit Sharma is showing that with every innings he plays... some number-crunching here.

3.46 pm: Remember, the semi-final in 2015 was rain-hit as well. In fact, South Africa has an infamous history with rain and their must-win matches at the World Cup.

3.43 pm: Meanwhile, things are getting messier for Afghanistan at the World Cup...

3.40 pm: Here’s your trivia for the day, courtesy Mohandas Menon.

3.36 pm: TOSS AT 4.00 PM IST!

There we go, we are not far away from the play starting in this all-important clash. Match to start at 4.30 pm IST, 49-overs per side.

3.35 pm: And Faf du Plessis is walking on to the outfield with his teammates for their warm-up routines. Toss must be imminent.

3.33 pm: Pitch inspection underway... going by the visuals, it’s good news that the umpires are not spending too long at any one place in the outfield. A quick inspection, and that must be good news.

3.29 pm: Speaking of epic World Cup moments like the one we saw in the World Cup between the two sides, yesterday marked 36 years of one of the most iconic matches in cricket. When Kapil Dev smashed 175 when India were struggling at 17/5 against Zimbabwe in 1983. Read about that here.

3.25 pm: Virat Kohli is the quintessential “teacher’s delight” but it is injury-prone Mohammed Shami, in his current fit avatar, that India’s strength and conditioning coach Shankar Basu considers his biggest achievement since joining the team. For the 50-year-old, who has had two stints with the side starting 2015, the satisfaction comes from making a fitness freak out of an injury-prone Shami or even a Kedar Jadhav, who till 31-32, didn’t do any proper fitness training.

Read more here.

3.17 pm: Good news from Birmingham...the sun is now out it seems!

3.15 pm: Some reading material for you as we wait for more news from Birmingham...

Eoin Morgan’s 71-ball 148 (where he broke the world record for the most sixes hit in an ODI innings) showed how things have come full circle for him.

Ashish Magotra writes here.

3.10 pm: Bizarre. Kevin Pietersen was ranting about Faf du Plessis smiling with umpire Nigel Llong and seemingly joking around in the dressing room. Because it’s a must-win match. Because sport unites Sout Africa. Alright, then KP.

3.04 pm:

Umpires Nigel Llong and Ian Gould: It’s improving, no question. There are wet patches, very greasy. Basically it’s the outfield, the groundstaff have done well to get us here. It’s been raining non-stop for the best part of the week here and there is only so much the ground have covered. Hopefully a start soon. (Sun peeks out!)

3.00 pm: The umpires have made their way up to the pavilions and having a word with the captains. Nigel Llong points to some spot on the field when talking to Faf du Plessis.

OFFICIAL: Next pitch inspection at 3.30 pm.

2.54 pm: The umpires have taken a look at the outfield. Tough to predict what they were thinking but they seem concerned about a couple of spots in the field. (Why on earth have ICC not covered the entire ground during this World Cup!?). More discussion on going, as players look on in their warm-up gear.

2.43 pm: Hashim Amla’s troubles with the bat were laid bare in South Africa’s easy win over Afghanistan. Despite remaining not-out, the veteran opener didn’t have a memorable outing on Saturday. Read more about that here.

2.31 pm: Inspection at 2.45 pm IST.

2.28 pm: The bad news is that the toss is likely to be delayed because of heavy overnight rain in Birmingham. The good news is that it is not raining currently (although it is very gloomy).

2.23 pm: New Zealand have won the previous 4 meetings between the two sides at the World Cup.

The last one of them was an all-time classic! Remember the 2015 semi-final? Relive that here.

2.17 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live blog of New Zealand-South Africa clash at the World Cup. We move to Birmingham for this one. And there is rain in air..

With pacer Lungi Ngidi back in the side, South Africa will look to avenge their 2015 semifinal defeat while New Zealand will aim to reclaim their position at the top when the two sides clash in a crucial match in Edgbaston Wednesday.

South Africa, who suffered a heartbreaking loss to New Zealand in the last edition, had a dismal start to their World Cup campaign, losing three straight games followed by a washout before registering their first win against bottom-placed Afghanistan.

In contrast, New Zealand are yet to be beaten in the tournament alongside India and are currently placed second on the points table with three wins and a washout.

Injuries to pacers Dale Steyn and Anrich Norje have derailed title South Africa’s title hopes severely but they cannot afford a slip-up against the Black Caps who are high on confidence and start as favourites.