11.02 pm: Bangladesh’s win is keeping things interesting in the points table! Here’s how it looks like now.

Gulbadin Naib: Last two games tough... today we missed a little something while fielding. 30-40 runs were extra. Credit goes to Shakib, he bowled really well. We have done a lot of good things throughout the tournament but for a event like this you needed to prepare well. Injuries didn’t help, we missed a few things.

Mashrafe Mortaza: Crowd has been fantastic, throughout the tournament. Shakib’s been fantastic and whenever we need him to, he takes the wickets. The little partnership between Shakib and Mushi was important, batting was overall good. We’ll try our level best against Pakistan and Bangladesh and if we manage to win those two, you never know.

10.55 pm: The captains’ thoughts coming up...

Shakib al Hasan is player of the match for a decent performance you could say: “The crowd’s been great throughout the tournament. Getting five wickets [was more important personally] but I had to work hard for those 50 runs. We had to bat really well, it was a team effort. I worked really hard before the World Cup, the best ever I prepared. Combination of hard work and luck, to be honest”

10.46 pm: Bangladesh keep England on their toes... they need to win every match to reach 11 points. And they are doing their best to get there.

After 47 overs, Afghanistan 200 all out - BANGLADESH WIN BY 62 runs!

Saifuddin gets among the wicket s as he hits the stumps with a length ball, while Mujeeb swipes into oblivion. Bangladesh keep their semifinal hopes alive!

“HE is human, he is human after all,” says Ian Smith on air as Shakib puts in a dive at the boundary line but cannot stop the ball from reaching the boundary. 200 comes up for Afghanistan as Shinwari skies one into no man’s land.

After 46 overs, Afghanistan 195/9 - Dawlat is gone!

The Fizz has his second. Around the wicket, a ripping off-cutter that gets high on Dawlat and the bowler edges it behind for Rahim to take a simple catch. Just a wicket and one run from that over.

After 45 overs, Afghanistan 194/8 - Shinwari 43, Dawlat 0

Shinwari plays out the first four balls (for three runs). Shakib has a go at Dawlat for two balls but cannot find a wicket.

The crowd arises as Shakib finishes with figures of 5/29 in 10 overs. His best ODI figures too. S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G!

After 44 overs, Afghanistan 191/8 - Shinwari 40, Dawlat 0

Right, we now get ready for Shakib’s final over... will we see a six-for? Seven-for?

After 43.3 overs, Afghanistan 191/8 - Rashid Khan’s gone!

The Fizz joins in on the celebrations now... the crowd started cheering the moment the ball hit the top of Rashid Khan’s bat and looped towards Mortaza at mid-wicket. A simple catch.

A superb stat courtesy ESPNCricinfo:

After 43 overs, Afghanistan 189/7 - FIVE FOR SHAKIB!

Stand up for the world’s No 1 all-rounder, folks! Shakib is now the second man in World Cup history to take a 5-for and score a fifty in the same match. Najibullah comes down the wicket and Shakib, the clever chap he is, floats it wide and lets it slide. The batsman doesn’t even bother looking back at the keeper. Stumped and by a distance.

Ashish Magotra: ‘If they just had taken more singles early on, Bangladesh would have been feeling the pressure now...’

After 42 overs, Afghanistan 184/6 - Shinwari 36, Najibullah 22

50 partnership comes up between these two off just 41 balls. We are still bewildered why Afghanistan chose to be so passive in the chase before this. More urgency shown while running between wickets off Saifuddin’s over.

After 41 overs, Afghanistan 177/6 - Shinwari 34, Najibullah 17

Wow. Shakib has conceded more runs in his 8th over than in his first 7 overs combined! 11 runs from that over, that finishes with a superb six from Shinwari down the ground. A helicopter-esque finish to that shot as he whipped it over the fence when Shakib offered width.

After 40 overs, Afghanistan 166/6 - Shinwari 27, Najibullah 13

What’s that Bangladesh fans, do we smell pressure? Direct hits being missed, throws going wildly over stumps, overthrows being conceded, wide balls trying for variation. Six runs from that Saifuddin’s over.

Bangladesh have to defend 97 runs in the final 10 overs, and it could have been far more nervy had Afghanistan lost two fewer wickets and showed more urgency earlier.

Shakib comes back...

After 39 overs, Afghanistan 160/6 - Shinwari 24, Najibullah 11

Another over, more purpose shown by Afghanistan that makes you scratch your head why we did not see more of this earlier. Shinwari creams The Fizz over point for a four off the first ball. Six runs from the over that finishes with Shinwari throwing himself on the turf to complete a quick single (would have been out if there was a direct hit).

After 38 overs, Afghanistan 154/6 - Shinwari 19, Najibullah 10

Afghanistan need 109 runs in 72 balls. A bit more purpose about their batting and Najibullah’s presence in the middle has certainly given them an injection of energy. They have probably lost too many wickets or we could have been in for an exciting finish.

After 35.1 overs, Afghanistan 132/6 - Shinwari 8

WICKET! Poor, poooor running by Ikram. He didn’t stretch his bat straight out, did it at an angle and was caught out by a direct hit. Amateur stuff.

Ikram Ali Khil run out (Liton Das) 11 (12, 4x1)

After 35 overs, Afghanistan 132/5 - Shinwari 8, Ikram 11

Someone needs to tell the Afghans that they need to get a move on or the game is lost anyway. Strange decision by Mortaza to take Shakib out of the attack though. The Fizz replaced the spinner in the attack and went for 7 runs.

After 33 overs, Afghanistan 119/5 - Shinwari 6, Ikram 1

Young ‘keeper-batsman Ikram gets a promotion.

And stop the press, Shakib’s figures go into double figures! It reads 4/10 in 7 overs now. Incredible.

After 32.2 overs, Afghanistan 117/5 - Asghar dismissed!

Shakib al Hasan on fire! The pressure is just too much on Asghar to score some runs and he goes for a big shot over square leg. At first look, it seemed like he connected it well. But remember it’s a big ground. The catch is comfortably completed by Sabbir. Asghar falls for 20 off 38.

After 32 overs, Afghanistan 117/4 - Asghar 20, Shinwari 5

Mortaza (remember: he’s taking only one wicket in the tournament so far) comes back and bowls just some dibbly-dobbly stuff for four runs. Shakib will continue from the other end.

After 31 overs, Afghanistan 113/4 - Asghar 17, Shinwari 4

Another top over from Shakib... just two singles. How unique is it to see a slip and silly point in place for a spinner in the 31st over of and ODI. Shakib’s figures: 3/8 in 6 overs. What a tournament he is having. Required rate is close to 8 now.

Mortaza returns...

After 30 overs, Afghanistan 111/4 - Asghar 16, Shinwari 3

Five runs from a rather eventless Saifuddin’s over (in comparison to all the action of the over that came before that). 152 needed off the last 20 overs.

A delightful angle to see that Nabi dismissal. As a spinner he would have been secretly proud of that one. Dream delivery.

After 29 overs, Afghanistan 106/4 - NABI dismissed!

WHAT A BALL! Brilliant from Shakib, his slider goes through the bat-pad gap off Nabi and he is out for a two-ball duck. The crowd has come alive in Southampton. There is a party atmosphere at the moment. Two wickets in that over for the world’s foremost all-rounder. Naib first, Nabi next. Shinwari then comes out and plays a reverse paddle off the first ball. Wow. All happening after a protracted lull. Shakib’s figures at the moment: 5-1-6-3.

Here’s a look at that Liton Das catch:

After 28.1 overs, Afghanistan 104/3 - Gulbadin dismissed!

The Afghan captain was barely getting a move on, despite his reputation as a free-flowing batsman. He has been overworked as fell, to be fair. He sees a full ball from Shakib and goes for a big drive, but Liton (positioned smartly at a catching short-cover position) takes a superb low catch!

After 28 overs, Afghanistan 104/2 - Gulbadin 47, Asghar 13

Saifuddin gets the ball to tail in, in that over. After those full tosses, he gets the yorker right a couple of times. Just three runs in that over.

9.05 pm: Frankly, the news that Arjun Tendulkar bowled in the England nets ahead of the big clash tomorrow is more interesting than the events in Southampton now. Read here.

After 27 overs, Afghanistan 101/2 - Gulbadin 45, Asghar 12

Maiden over from Shakib, as Asghar doesn’t show much interest in scoring runs here. This run-chase is going absolutely nowhere, sorry to say. If you have better things to do this Monday night, we advise to proceed with that.

Shakib’s figures at the moment: 1/4 after 4 overs.

After 26 overs, Afghanistan 101/2 - Gulbadin 45, Asghar 12

Saifuddin comes back for a break in the spin barrage... A single down the ground for Gulbadin brings up the 100 for Afghanistan in the 26th over. We can all talk about the pitch being difficult and slow, but no one can help Afghanistan if they convert full tosses into dot balls. Twice it happened that over.

After 25 overs, Afghanistan 98/2 - Gulbadin 44, Asghar 10

Shakib’s slowing it really nicely, one of the deliveries was less than 50mph. That’s slower than even Kuldeep’s stock delivery. Superb over from the all-rounder. The required rate is inching up to 7 now.

Shakib comes back into the attack... meanwhile, it’s official that Mahmudullah won’t take the field due to his calf injury.

After 24 overs, Afghanistan 96/2 - Gulbadin 43, Asghar 9

A boundary each for the two batsmen in the last two overs... this is much better to see from Afghanistan. Six runs from Mossadek’s over as Gulbadin lofted one over mid-off. That’s followed by runs from Mehidy’s over as Asghar falls over playing a powerful sweep shot. Nine runs from that over.

Milestone alert: Gulbadin brings up 1000 ODI runs.

After 22 overs, Afghanistan 81/2 - Gulbadin 26, Asghar 1

The present and former captains are batting in the middle now and Afghanistan need some inspiration from them. Just two runs from Mehidy’s over.

After 21 overs, Afghanistan 79/2 - Mossadek strikes!

Well, it was about time, going by the struggles of Hashmatullah Shahidi (11) during his stay in the middle. Was barely able to rotate the strike, kept finding the fielders. Mossadek’s day gets better as he breaks a sluggish partnership. Superb flight and turn beats Shahidi outside offstump, and Rahim completes a smart stumping.

After 20 overs, Afghanistan 73/1 - Gulbadin 32, Hashmatulllah 8

AS we were talking about earlier, Ian Bishop makes the point that Gulbadin has covered more than 15 kms already in this match. Four singles from that Mehidy Hasan over.

Just 29 runs and the loss of Rahmat’s wicket in that 10 over phase for Afghanistan. They are being pegged back.

After 19 overs, Afghanistan 73/1 - Gulbadin 32, Hashmatulllah 8

A single off the first ball of Mossadek’s over followed by five dot balls... Shahidi is starting to look restless, trying to play his shots but finding the fielders. He’s batting on 8 off 25 balls.

After 18 overs, Afghanistan 72/1 - Gulbadin 31, Hashmatulllah 8

Sabbir, on the field as a substitute for Mahmudullah, misfields at long leg and allows Shahidi to pick up three for a good-looking sweep shot. Better from the Afghan batsmen as they use the dimensions of the ground well in that over. Seven runs without risk. Need to do more of that.

After 17 overs, Afghanistan 65/1 - Gulbadin 27, Hashmatulllah 5

Play resumes and Mossadek continues. Gulbadin seems to be struggling to run between wickets. The required rate inches above six now as the squeeze is on. Just singles from the first five balls of that over before Shahidi picks up a couple through third man off an outside edge. Is Mortaza missing a trick by not attacking with Shakib / or more aggressive fields? Afghanistan are clearly under the pump but Bangladesh seem content keeping things tight.

8.24 pm: A milestone from earlier, ICYMI:

Break in play: Captain Gulbadin needs some treatment before we can proceed... looks like cramps. He did bowl 10 overs before opening the batting,

After 16 overs, Afghanistan 60/1 - Gulbadin 25, Hashmatulllah 2

Just a two-over first spell for Shakib interestingly. Mossadek comes on. Gulbadin, feeling the pressure of the increasing run-rate, shows more intent off the last ball, lofting one over mid-off for four. Mehidy continues from the other end, and bowls another steady over. Just two runs off it.

After 14 overs, Afghanistan 54/1 - Gulbadin 20, Hashmatulllah 1

The run-rate has slowed right down as we thought it would. Just one run from Shakib’s over before Mehidy conceded three in his second. A run-out chance in that over but Mortaza and his dodgy knees were not quick enough to effect it. Mehdiy beats Shahidi with a beaut to finis that over.

209 needed from 216 balls...

After 12 overs, Afghanistan 50/1 - Gulbadin 17, Hashmatulllah 0

Bangladesh are operating with spin from both ends and the choke is on. Mehidy starts off with a 1-run over. This pitch is likely to get slower and the Tigers’ will look to pounce with their spinners. 50 comes up with a single for Naib, who’s striking at just over 50 at the moment.

After 11 overs, Afghanistan 49/1 - RAHMAT DISMISSED!

BREAKTHROUGH! Shakib makes things happen for Bangladesh! This is a full ball that is nowhere close to be pulled but Rahmat Shah goes for it anyway and can only find Tamim Iqbal at mid-on. Not the first time he mistimed a big shot today but this time he finds the fielder. Just one run and a wicket off that over.

After 10 overs, Afghanistan 48/0 - Gulbadin 15, Rahmat 24

A double for Gulbadin to start Saifuddin’s over but he’s watchful after that. Afghanistan start the run-chase without losing a wicket in the first powerplay and scoring at nearly five-an-over. Bangladesh have not exactly threatened to take a wicket yet.

Massive phase of the match coming as Shakib comes on...

After 9 overs, Afghanistan 45/0 - Gulbadin 12, Rahmat 24

It’s ironic that in the over that Mortaza bowled arguably the best delivery he has this tournament (a peach that beat Rahmat’s outside edge and went inches past the offstump), he ends up conceding 11 runs. Two boundaries for Rahmat, one a swivel pull past fine leg and the other a crunching cut past point. Afghanistan are now off to a very strong start.

7.56 pm: Some big news from elsewhere in the tournament. Andre Russell has been ruled out of the tournament. Read more here.

After 8 overs, Afghanistan 33/0 - Gulbadin 9, Rahmat 15

Saifuddin, who has been impressive in the World Cup so far, returns to the XI today after an injury. Just a single each for the openers from the openers. A fairly similar start to the Afghan innings compared to Bangladesh, but the chasers have not lost a wicket yet.

After 7 overs, Afghanistan 31/0 - Gulbadin 8, Rahmat 14

More intent from Afghanistan, this time Rahmat giving the charge to Mortaza. Both not timed well though, one past midwicket and the other past mid-off. A couple of doubles added to Rahmat’s score. You’d think it’d be a better ploy for Naib to be the aggressor.

After 6 overs, Afghanistan 27/0 - Gulbadin 8, Rahmat 10

Some intent from Gulbadin to finish the 6th over as he takes on a full ball from The Fizz and lofts it over mid-off. Not well-timed but has enough on it to go for a four. Earlier in the over, Rahmat was beaten playing the cover drive as the ball seamed away. A keen contest this, so far.

After 5 overs, Afghanistan 21/0 - Gulbadin 3, Rahmat 9

Mortaza manages to find his radar in this over and bowls the line and length that he is known for: no room to work with for the Afghan openers. Gulbadin gets a single but he would do well to not be too defensive early on here.

After 4 overs, Afghanistan 20/0 - Gulbadin 2, Rahmat 9

Mustafizur almost bowls back to back maiden overs to start off with but Rahmat Shah hits the first boundary off the bat. A superb pull shot off an attempted bouncer, uppish but well over the fielder in the ring. Afghanistan will be pleased with this start.

After 3 overs, Afghanistan 15/0 - Gulbadin 2, Rahmat 5

Mortaza has not found his radar here. Starts off with another wide that results in an extra run (and an unnecessary runout referral). Rahmat almost chops one on to the stumps. Seven runs from that over without much sweat for Afghanistan.

After 2 overs, Afghanistan 8/0 - Gulbadin 0, Rahmat 2

A four off the second over but not from the bat as Gulbadin managed to get his pads in the way of a wayward delivery from The Fizz, down to fine leg for four. A maiden over will be registered against the bowler’s name though as Naib plays out five dot balls.

After 1 over, Afghanistan 4/0 - Gulbadin 0, Rahmat 2

A steady first over from the Tigers skipper despite a couple of wayward deliveries, Bangladesh will want Mortaza to do some early damage with the ball. The Fizz will start off from the other end.

7.20 pm: Right we are off in Southampton once again... Mortaza (who has just taken one wicket in the tournament so far) will start off for Bangladesh. A new opening pair for Afghanistan again as Gulbadin comes out to bat with Rahmat Shah.

7.15 pm: An interesting point being brought up in the Star Sports’ studio. When Mahmudullah was getting treatment for his calf injury, it looked like he already had strapping in his ankle region.. which could be seen as carrying an injury into the game by the umpires and they might deny Bangladesh a substitute fielder for that. That could put the Tigers in a spot of bother. Let’s see if comes out to field, indeed.

7.10 pm: As we wait for the second-half, here is an article on Indian football that you could have a look at.

Sexism, financial insecurity, gender disparity: The many battles of women’s football in India

Read here.

INNINGS BREAK: Shakib al Hasan’s fifth fifty-plus score of the tournament and back-to-back fifty-plus scores for Mushfiqur Rahim have put Bangladesh in a very good position. Afghanistan were largely keeping the run-scoring under check. 69 runs came in the last 10 overs though, and that is largely due to the cameo played by Mossadek... that phase might just prove to be difference in the final equation. “Not a good pitch to bat on, but our middle order did really well. I was just trying to hit everything at the end, it worked,” he says.

Join us soon for the run-chase...

End of Bangladesh’s innings: 262/7 after 50 overs

A single off the first ball as Gulbadin hits the block-hole. Saifuddin should have been out for a golden duck but Dawlat drops an absolute sitter behind point and brings Mossadek back on strike... what should have been a wicket and a new batsman on strike results in a single and a boundary as the all-rounder smacks one past log on. Mossadek back on strike for the last ball... and his bowled a slow yorker by Gulbadin. Mossadek is out off the last ball after a gem of a cameo: 35 off 24 balls.

After 49 overs, Bangladesh 254/6 - Mushfiqur dismissed!

End of a fantastic innings by Mushfiqur Rahim (83 off 87 balls) as he finds Nabi with a skier... Dawlat with his first wicket of the innings. Ian Smith on air says that 83 would be worth more than a 100 on most other pitches and it’s hard to disagree.

The over started with a lovely boundary through extra cover for Mossadek who has played a lovely little cameo. There’s a double in that over too for him. He has struck the ball cleanly since coming on. Retains strike for the last over.

After 48 overs, Bangladesh 246/5 - Mushfiqur 83, Mosaddek 21

Rashid’s frustration grows as Rahim plays a reverse sweep that evades a diving fielder at short-third. On another day Rashid would have had a wicket there. Mossadek then plays a terrific shot by giving himself room, and playing a lofted inside-out shot. His attempted reverse sweep then fails. Rashid comes back well with a googly. And a disappointed Rashid finishes with 0/52 off his 10 overs. He would have expected more after his good outing against India.

After 47 overs, Bangladesh 236/5 - Mushfiqur 78, Mosaddek 16

Dawlat will have to bowl a couple of overs at the death and Bangladesh could target him... Mossadek does just that with a boundary off the first ball, pulling over midwicket. The bowler comes back with a yorker and then concedes a wide by trying a slower one. Another slower one is slapped down the ground but Nabi, at long on, does well to cut off a boundary at long-off. Eights runs off the first three balls in that over. Comes back very well to keep Rahim in check with two dot balls and a leg bye.

After 46 overs, Bangladesh 227/5 - Mushfiqur 77, Mosaddek 9

The boundaries have once again dried up in the last few overs as Bangladesh are restricted to ones and twos, but to be fair, they are still scoring at least around run-a-ball. As we saw the other day with India, accelerating on this pitch is easier said than done. Just 12 fours and a six so far in this innings. Rashid finishes his 9th by conceding 7 runs and still searching for his first wicket.

After 45 overs, Bangladesh 220/5 - Mushfiqur 75, Mosaddek 4

Three doubles in that over as Mujeeb finishes his spell. Perhaps should have bowled through his overs when he was in such good rhythm in his second spell. Keeping him for the death hasn’t exactly panned out.

Take a bow Mujeeb, superb figures of 3/39 in his 10 overs.

After 44 overs, Bangladesh 212/5 - Mushfiqur 68, Mosaddek 3

Rashid comes for another spell, hopefully longer than just one over. Mossadek, the new batsman, gets a three with a late cut. Another clumsy fielding effort allows an extra run... Afghanistan’s fielding has been poor. A big LBW appeal against Mossadek by Rashid off a googly... looked tight, but Afghanistan don’t review. Would have been umpire’s call.

After 43 overs, Bangladesh 207/5 - Gulbadin strikes!

Mahmudullah’s useful (and painful) innings comes to an end! He is out caught at mdiwicket trying to take the attack to captain Gulbadin... down the track, an attempted heave over midwicket but mistimed badly. Nabi takes the catch. The lack of pace did him in. The lack of boundaries off the first five balls was perhaps the reason for that dismissal. He is out for 27 off 37 balls.

After 42 overs, Bangladesh 203/4 - Rahim 64, Mahmudullah 25

Fifty partnership comes up off 59 balls between these two talented right-handers, and a crucial one at that given it came after two quick wickets. Bangladesh have a platform to push in the final five overs. Whisper it, but they seemed to have paced their innings SO MUCH BETTER than India’s middle order from the other day. Just three runs off that Nabi over.

After 41 overs, Bangladesh 200/4 - Rahim 64, Mahmudullah 22

Another bowling change! T20 mode by Gulbadin as he brings himself on.. and Mahmudullah plays one of the shots of the match, square driving behind point for a boundary. Rahim plays a good-looking pull shot for a double to bring up the Bangladesh 200 in the 41st over.

After 40 overs, Bangladesh 193/4 - Rahim 62, Mahmudullah 17

Lovely shot by Mahmudullah, his injury not hampering his footwork, as he rocks back against Nabi and plays an uppish backfoot punch for four through extra cover. Good over for the Tigers.

We are into the last 10 overs and Bangladesh have found their momentum once again, and looking set for 250-260.

After 39 overs, Bangladesh 186/4 - Rahim 61, Mahmudullah 11

Wow, Afghanistan allow a man limping between the wickets to run three runs!! That’s sloppy fielding, with overthrows and targeting the right end. Poor. Rashid’s return to the crease is expensive as Rahim hits a lovely sweep for four, moving to the offside and picking his spot with precision.

Naib is moving around his bowlers... Mujeeb just bowled one over. Nabi is back in the attack.

After 38 overs, Bangladesh 177/4 - Rahim 54, Mahmudullah 9

Mujeeb comes back for his last two overs and Bangladesh do the right thing by not taking any risks... four singles and a wide. Mahmudullah seems to be limping a little less at the moment, his footwork seems more assured.

After 37 overs, Bangladesh 172/4 - Rahim 52, Mahmudullah 7

FIFTY FOR RAHIM AND WHAT A WAY TO GET THERE! Down the ground, and hits Dawlat through the line; clears the long on boundary for a six. Superbly timed. The crowd find their voice again. That was a boundary after a gaps of 12 overs. Much-needed to break the shackles. Good over for Bangladesh.

After 36 overs, Bangladesh 163/4 - Rahim 44, Mahmudullah 6

Another tight over, just two runs conceded by Rashid Khan... the over finishes with a leg-spinner that gripped and turned sharply! Bangladesh would not exactly mind that.

After 35 overs, Bangladesh 161/4 - Rahim 43, Mahmudullah 5

Just four runs from from Dawlat’s overm, including an unnecessary overthrow. More treatment for Mahmudullah... after he limped through for a few runs in that over. Just 29 runs have come in the last 10 overs.

STAT ALERT: With his 51 today, Shakib joins an illustrious group of cricketers who were the first to reach 1,000 World Cup runs for their respective nations. The others are: Sachin Tendulkar, Javed Miandad, Viv Richards, Mark Waugh, Aravinda de Silva, Herschelle Gibbs, Stephen Fleming.

After 34 overs, Bangladesh 157/4 - Rahim 41, Mahmudullah 3

Some heavy strapping for Mahmudullah in his right calf and he gets up limping... and complete a single with a massive hobble as well. This is not looking good, one wonders how long he can carry on this way.

After 33.5 overs, Bangladesh 156/4 - Rahim 40, Mahmudullah 3

Rashid Khan continues after the drinks break... a moment of miscommunication in that over, as Mahmudullah pulls up at the end of the first run and sends Rahim back just in time. An injury break at the moment immediately after the drinks break. Looks like a calf problem.

After 33 overs, Bangladesh 153/4 - Rahim 39, Mahmudullah 1

Mahmudullah has got to be one of the most talented, conventional batsmen to have consistently batted this low down in the order in ODIs... but he is out there with Rahim now as Bangladesh are being pegged back. Mujeeb’s second spell has rattled the Tigers. Just two runs from Gulbadin’s over, as Mahmudullah plays a lazy cover drive outside offstump and gets beaten. Bangladesh can ill-afford another wicket here.

Time for DRINKS in Southampton...

After 32 overs, Bangladesh 151/4

A look at that DRS decision... the umpire took his time to give it out, and his decision proved vital in the end.

After 32 overs, Bangladesh 151/4 - SARKAR FALLS!

ANOTHER WICKET! Mujeeb does it again! What a spell this is. Sets up Sarkar with the one that straightens from around the wicket and then brings one back in (carrom ball again)... Sarkar reviews the LBW decision, DRS says clipping leg stump.

The over started with a not-so-well timed pull shot just about clears the fielder at midwicket and Rahim can breathe easy; he’s starting to look just a little restless at the crease. Sarkar is then beaten by another beauty from Mujeeb with one that turned away from the batsman... and off the next ball, he is caught at the crease by that one that turned back in. End of his brief stay.

After 31 overs, Bangladesh 148/3 - Rahim 35, Sarkar 3

WOW. Sarkar survives by the tiniest of margins!! A quick single attempted, Sarkar starts off after tapping the ball to mid-on but takes the scenic route to get to the non-striker’s. A direct hit has Afghanistan fielders excited. The bails started to come off before he crossed the crease but the bails did not light up since after he got past. Literally a frame! Four runs off that over as Afghanistan continue to build pressure.

After 30 overs, Bangladesh 143/3 - Rahim 33, Sarkar 0

And all of a sudden, the Afghans are back in this match. What a day Mujeeb is having. 2/23 in his 7 overs so far. Sarkar walks out in an unfamiliar middle order role today.

After 29.2 overs, Bangladesh 143/3 - SHAKIB GONE!

What a big breakthrough for Afghanistan! Mujeeb comes back into the attack and bowls a beauty to remove the well-set Shakib al Hasan. Around the wicket, the ball turns back into the left-hander (wrong ‘un for Mujeeb), and this time after being given out he chooses not to review. And for good reason, that was plumb.

After 29 overs, Bangladesh 142/2 - Shakib 51, Rahim 32

Bangladesh’s scoring rate has dropped in the last few overs as Afghanistan have managed to pull things back impressively. Just 18 runs in the last 30 balls... some pressure starting to creep up on the batsmen. Rahim looking at his bat in frustration after a cut shot finds the fielder at point. Good over from captain Naib.

Mr. Consistent, Shakib: He goes past the 50-run mark for the 5th time in 6 innings in this World Cup. The 32-year-old is the leading run-scorer in the tournament right now. This is his 44th ODI half-century. What a player.

After 28 overs, Bangladesh 139/2 - Shakib 50, Rahim 30

FIFTY FOR SHAKIB! Rahim breaks a sequence of 11 dot balls with a single and brings Shakib back on strike... who gets an inside edge through square leg for another half century to continue his dream run at this World Cup.

Shakib’s scores so far at the World Cup: 75, 64, 121, 124*, 41, 50* (today)

After 27 overs, Bangladesh 136/2 - Shakib 49, Rahim 28

Expectation builds amid the large Bangladeshi contingent in the crowd but Gulbadin bowls six dot balls to quieten them down (likely temporarily). Good over, after going for 27 in his first three, bowls an useful maiden over.

After 26 overs, Bangladesh 136/2 - Shakib 49, Rahim 28

CHANCE! An inside edge from Rahim that sneaks past the stumps and the keeper... tough to call that a drop. The drift that Mohammad Nabi has been getting at this World Cup has been a delight to watch. Has consistently made life hard for right-handers. So good. Completely foxed Rahim in that over.

Shakib one short of another half century...

After 25 overs, Bangladesh 132/2 - Shakib 48, Rahim 25

Gulbadin comes back into the attack and Shakib plays one of those shots that he will argue was deliberate but looks like a proper outside edge... gets a couple. Then a rank short ball from the Afghan captain is slapped down the ground for another double. And then a flick through square leg, another two! Smart cricket this, making use of the dimensions of the field superbly.

Fifty partnership comes up between these two... at better than run-a-ball. Comes up in 48 balls.

After 24 overs, Bangladesh 124/2 - Shakib 41, Rahim 24

Rahmat Shah, like most leg-spinners (even the best), takes his time to get his length right. Starts off the over with a few short balls but the Bangladesh batsmen could manage only singles. Gets his length right later in the over but Rahim plays a wonderful sweep shot in front of square for a boundary. What a player of spin he is.

Rahmat Shah comes on to bowl after his impressive outing against India...

After 23 overs, Bangladesh 117/2 - Shakib 39, Rahim 19

Shakib plays two lovely cut shots either side of point but the outfielders restrict him to a double and a single. After being beaten outside offstump by extra bounce, Rahim gets luck with a pull that is top-edged and goes behind the stumps uppishly for a streaky four. Another misfield in the deep results in a double for the right-hander. Dawlat unlucky to not have a wicket, he’s bowled quite well in this spell.

After 22 overs, Bangladesh 107/2 - Shakib 36, Rahim 12

Rahim picks up a couple off Rashid courtesy off a misfield. Four runs come from that over as the two best Bangladesh batters keep the scoreboard ticking.

MILESTONE ALERT: Shakib becomes the first man from Bangladesh to score 1000 runs at the World Cup. Has come in 27 innings and 460 off those runs have comes in this World Cup so far. What a tournament he’s having.

After 21 overs, Bangladesh 103/2 - Shakib 35, Rahim 9

Dawlat continues and an attempted quick single by Shakib results in an extra run thanks to an overthrow. Rahim then gets a double to his name with a pull through midwicket, the longest part of a pretty large ground. That brings up the 100 for Bangladesh. Dawlat comes back well to force a leading edge by squaring up Rahim... there’s still something in the pitch for seam-up bowlers. The Afghan pacer once again overdoes an attempted bouncer... second wide in as many overs. Follows that up with a lovely off-cutter that foxes Shakib, who has a smile on his face after getting beaten. Eights runs from an eventful over.

After 20 overs, Bangladesh 95/2 - Shakib 31, Rahim 6

A lovely late cut from Rahim, almost showing off how late he can play spin, as he picks up a couple in the over. Four singles taken as well as Bangladesh steady themselves after a tricky phase.

4.27 pm: Rashid to restart after the drinks break... Bangladesh have two experienced hands – Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim – at the crease now. Afghanistan would want to break this partnership soon.

After 19 overs, Bangladesh 89/2 - Shakib 29, Rahim 2

Dawlat comes back into the attack and bowls as teasing outswinger that tempts Rahim into chasing it, lucky not to get an outside edge. Shakib seems to be resetting his innings after losing Tamim and surviving a big LBW shout, plays out three dot balls. Finishes the over with a clever dab past slip that is restricted to two by a diving Asghar at the third-man boundary.

Time for a drinks break...

After 18 overs, Bangladesh 85/2 - Shakib 27, Rahim 1

Here’s a look at that Shakib review... the Bangladesh star must be a great judge of the bounce on the pitch!

After 18 overs, Bangladesh 85/2 - Shakib 27, Rahim 1

SHAKIB SURVIVES! What a massive moment this is potentially. Rashid Khan thinks he has dismissed the big fish with one that turned in. Shakib reviews the LBW decision... there is no bat involved, it looks fairly plumb... but the ball has bounced up above the stumps! Wow, that’s a bit surprising. Rashid in disbelief. Bangladesh almost lose two wickets in two balls but Shakib survives thanks to the review. All happening at the moment. Rashid bowling with great control at the moment. Just three runs from that over.

After 17 overs, Ban 82/2 - TAMIM DISMISSED!

There’s the breakthrough and it’s that man Mohammad Nabi! After being hit for a four through midwicket off a short ball, Nabi comes back with one that drifts and holds its line from around the wicket... the length makes Tamim unsure whether she should play forward or back, and in the meantime, the ball rushes through the bat-pad gap... rattles the stumps. Nabi lifts his arms in a muted celebration. Big wicket, big breakthrough!

After 16 overs, Ban 76/1 - Tamim 31, Shakib 25

Rashid Khan finally comes into the attack. As usual, a bit too late. Tamim and Shakib are well set and the leg-spinner has not got an early crack at them. Afghanistan need to use him in bursts as a strike bowler. But right now, their strategy seems to be all over the place.

After 15 overs, Ban 74/1 - Tamim 30, Shakib 24

Steady over from Nabi, Afghanistan need a lot more of this to put some pressure on the batsmen. Right now, too easy for Tamim and Shakib.

After 14 overs, Ban 73/1 - Tamim 30, Shakib 23

12-run over. Gulbadin took a bit off stick there. Tamim hit him straight down the ground for the first four off the first ball of the over. And the second one, off the last ball, was a pull through midwicket. In between, four singles. The second four also brought up the 50-run stand off 61 balls.

After 13 overs, Ban 61/1 - Tamim 20, Shakib 21

Bangladesh are upping the run-rate a little now after that good spell by Mujeeb early on. It helps that Shakib is playing so well too – he almost seems to be playing on a different pitch. Doesn’t seem to be worried about the pace or the lack of it.

After 12 overs, Ban 56/1 - Tamim 19, Shakib 18

Shakib seems to have found a better rhythm on this pitch than Tamim, who usually likes the ball to come onto the bat a little more. And that is why he is key wicket at the moment. He is scoring singles at will – they need to find a way to restrict him.

After 11 overs, Ban 49/1 - Tamim 18, Shakib 12

Steady cricket is the need of the hour for Bangladesh. They need to just hang in there and Tamim and Shakib [with over 13,000 ODI runs between them] know what need to done.

After 10 overs, Ban 44/1 - Tamim 15, Shakib 10

The first Powerplay is done. Bangladesh have done well. And Shakib showed how important he is going to be with a lovely cut shot for four. Nabi was a bit too short and the left-hander was onto it in a flash. Good batting. Important for Bangladesh to figure out what a good total is on this wicket and not try to play too many shots early on.

After 9 overs, Ban 35/1 - Tamim 12, Shakib 4

Just one run from the Mujeeb over. He is keeping things tight – 5-0-17-1 – at the moment. But Afghanistan would love one more wicket at this point. That would really set the cat among the pigeons...

After 8 overs, Ban 34/1 - Tamim 12, Shakib 4

Another three-run over. The ball isn’t coming on to the bat at the moment. Playing shots isn’t easy at all.

After 7 overs, Ban 31/1 - Tamim 10, Shakib 3

Still, a bit too short from Mujeeb. The batsmen aren’t reading him but because he is short, they can play him off the back foot at the moment. Narine, at his best, used to pitch it up and the batsmen would often end up relying on guesswork. Mujeeb needs to do that as well.

After 6 overs, Ban 28/1 - Tamim 8, Shakib 2

Two of Bangladesh’s big batsmen together in the middle now. Shakib has been in great form in the tournament and we all know how dangerous Tamin can be. Afghanistan still giving away too many free singles at the moment. That needs to stop.

After 4.2 overs, Ban 23/1 - Tamim 5

WICKET! Mujeeb strikes. Liton wasn’t able to keep it down and Shahidi took a good, low catch. He managed to get his fingers underneath the ball and that convinced the umpires to give the ‘out’ soft signal before reviewing the catch. Big wicket this. More belief in the mix.

Liton Das c Shahidi b Mujeeb 16 (17, 4x2)

After 4 overs, Ban 23/0 - Liton 16, Tamim 5

Zadran also getting some swing and he is pitching the ball up. Tamim failed to keep his drive, on the fifth ball of the over down, by the diving fielder at mid-off failed to get a hand on it.

After 3 overs, Ban 16/0 - Liton 13, Tamim 1

Good start by Bangladesh but poor fields being set. Afghanistan are allowing the batsmen to take easy singles. For instance, they have a fielder at long-on without the batsmen playing even one shot in anger. Let them take the risk, let Mujeeb’s mystery come into play.

After 2 overs, Ban 13/0 - Liton 11, Tamim 0

Tamim has faced just two balls so far. Liton has made the most of his strike to score 11 and a beautifully timed four through the point region showed that he is good touch. A decent over by Dawlat Zadran.

After 1 over, Ban 8/0 - Liton 6, Tamim 0

Not a great start for Afghanistan – a wide, a misfield and Mujeeb didn’t really find the right length. But the ball is turning. Once the bowlers settle, if the batsmen allow them to, this could get interesting.

Mujeeb to start things off for Afghanistan. Liton Das to open innings with Tamim Iqbal.

2.58 pm: Bangladesh have made two 300-plus scores on the trot (one in a winning cause against WI, one in the lost game against Aussies). This is unlikely to be a 300-pitch. Can they adapt quickly?

2.51 pm: “Conditions look good for bowling and we played a game here, so we know the pitch. We had a good chance to beat India and we’re confident that we can do better today,” said Gulbadin at the toss. Can they produce a performance that will end Bangladesh’s (as such unlikely) push for top four?

2.47 pm: TEAM NEWS

Afghanistan playing XI: Gulbadin Naib (c), Samiullah Shinwari (replacing Hazratullah), Rahmat Shah, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Asghar Afghan, Mohammad Nabi, Najibullah Zadran, Ikram Ali Khil (w), Rashid Khan, Dawlat Zadran (replacing Aftab Alam), Mujeeb Ur Rahman.

Bangladesh playing XI: Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (w), Liton Das, Mehidy Hasan, Mosaddek Hossain (replacing Sabbir), Mahmudullah, Mohammad Saifuddin (replacing Rubel), Mashrafe Mortaza (c), Mustafizur Rahman.

2.45 pm: Both teams have made two changes. For Bangladesh, the good news is that Saifuddin is fit again and back in the XI. Confirmed XIs coming up shortly...

2.42 pm: Gulbadin looks to make use of the overhead conditions, and hopes their experience of playing the previous match against India comes in handy. Mortaza seems to be happy batting first.

2.40 pm: Afghanistan win the toss and opt to BOWL first.

2.38 pm: In their previous match, Afghanistan did what no other side before them managed to at the World Cup: expose India’s middle order. It’s a problem for Virat Kohli and Co, you know? Chetan Narula has more on it here.

2.31 pm: Bad news coming in from Southampton. The toss has been delayed by ten minutes. Luckily it isn’t raining at The Rose Bowl right now and the ground staff is removing the covers. (Source: ESPNCricinfo)

2.29 pm: On Sunday, South Africa became the second team to be eliminated from semi-final contention... what a sorry campaign it has been from the Proteas. Read more here.

2.24 pm: Afghanistan captain Gulbadin Naib is once again banking on his top-class spinners, led by Rashid Khan, to overcome Bangladesh.

Mohammad Nabi was impressive on Saturday and was ably supported by Rashid and Mujeeb Ur Rahman as Afghanistan, who have now lost all six of their matches at the World Cup, restricted India to 224 for eight in 50 overs.

“You saw against India. India has the best batting attack all over the world,” said Naib.

“So if the wicket helps our spinners, maybe it’s very difficult for everyone, not only Bangladesh. Our spinners are one of the best spin attacks in the world.”

2.16 pm: Afghanistan captain Gulbadin Naib provided one of the quotes of the tournament ahead of this match.

Read more here.

2.10 pm: Hello all and welcome to our live coverage of the World Cup match between Afghanistan and Bangladesh in Southampton... the very venue where the Afghans *almost* pulled off an all-time epic upset against India. Can they register their first win today and upset an unlikely charge for top four by the Bangladesh Tigers?

Bangladesh head coach Steve Rhodes says he is trying to keep the pressure off his players as he targets a World Cup semi-final berth.The Mashrafe Mortaza-led side have two victories from six league games and need to win their remaining three matches to have a realistic chance of making the final four.

On paper their game today against Afghanistan in Southampton, is winnable but the Afghans came close to shocking India on the same ground on Saturday and cannot be underestimated.

Sri Lanka beat hosts England at Headingley on Friday to revive their hopes of reaching the last four, at the same time boosting Bangladesh’s chances.

“If you think too hard about it being do-or-die then you can put too much pressure on yourself,” said former England wicketkeeper-batsman Rhodes. “So I’ll be trying to take a little bit of that pressure off the team. They know the importance of the game, but my job is to make sure we concentrate on the game, and we do some smart things, and we play well because, if we play well, we’ll have a good chance of winning.”

Bangladesh have beaten South Africa and the West Indies, with their batsmen racking up scores of 300-plus in both encounters. Unfancied Afghanistan thumped Bangladesh in last year’s Asia Cup although Bangladesh avenged their loss later in the tournament.

“We can definitely draw on the experience in the Asia Cup. It was a wonderfully close tournament and we were almost able to win the final,” said Rhodes, whose team came up short against India.

“If you really break it down and we do win these matches coming up, we only need five games and we’ve won the World Cup. The first challenge and the first step is Afghanistan.They’re a tough team. They’re a tough bunch of cricketers. They really fought hard against India.”

(With AFP inputs)