Brian Lara assured his fans that he was fine after being hospitalised due to chest pain in Mumbai on Tuesday.

“I am fine and will be back in my hotel room tomorrow,” the West Indies batting great said in an audio message posted by Cricket West Indies.

Lara, who is in India as an expert for Star, the official broadcasters of the World Cup, said he felt uneasy after an extended workout session in the morning. The 50-year-old from Trinidad, considered one of the greatest batsmen to have played the game, was admitted to the Global Hospital in Parel.

“I know everyone is very concerned about what is happening. I may have just extended myself in the gym this morning. I was getting a pain in my chest and I just thought that it was best to see a doctor. I was taken to the hospital, pain continued obviously and a lot of tests were done,” he said.

Lara may have been lying in a hospital bed but he was in a good mood, joking about the days’ World Cup match between England and Australia.

“I am just chilling in my hospital bed, watching England versus Australia...not a big fan of England, hopefully Australia can restrict England.... I am going to be alright. My phone is going non stop so I am going to switch it off. Not that I would like to switch it off because I would like to speak to my family.

“Just letting everyone know that I am fine, recovering and I will be back in my hotel room tomorrow. Couple of the tests came back already. Doctors were happy that there is nothing major. Thanks again for your concern,” he added.

(Clarification: The headline originally read ‘hotel bad’ instead of ‘hospital bed’. It has now been corrected.)