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India face England at Birmingham on June 30. The hosts’ are fighting to stay alive in the tournament. Virat Kohli’s rampant side are looking to confirm their semi-final spot.

KL Rahul speaks: “When Virat walked in, I told him that the wicket was two-pacers. I got a earful after the last game. The talk in the dressing room is that one of us has to get a big score. We have been getting starts but not getting a big score. Hopefully, we’ll go on to do that in the coming games.”

Kohli on Dhoni: He knows what he wants to do in the middle. When he has one bad day, everyone starts talking about him. He has won so many games for us. His experience, eight out of ten times, has come good for us. We have quite a few cricketers who play instinctive. He is a legend of the game. He tells us what is a good score. The boys are showing a lot of belief.

He always sends us feedback, that you know 260 is a good score. We all know that. Just hope he can continue. Last two games, things haven’t gone like we thought they would. The last two games, things haven’t gone as we thought it would, but we’ve found ways of winning. The intensity in the field in the first 15 overs is something really good. Bodies on the line, and mindset. We feel we can win from any situation.

Holder: Missing [Dhoni’s stumping] was a big moment in the game. At the half-way stage, we would have taken that score. We let ourselves down significantly. We let ourselves down significantly with on the field. The bowling was good – they did what we had asked of them.

Virat Kohli becomes the first Indian captain to win his first five World Cup matches. India march on. This is also India’s fourth biggest win over West Indies in ODIs.

Kohli: I can’t complain. We just became no 1. The key is to continue this momentum especially because the batting after the batting didn’t click in the last two games. As for the other batsmen, I can’t really tell them what to do (smiles). I rely on singles on doubles for 70 per cent of the innings. I feel you can get out going for the big shots.


Shami has another four-wicket haul. Thomas was fending away from the short delivery and gets a glove on it, as replays showed. The ball carried to Rohit Sharma at first slip. After checking with the third umpire, the decision went India’s way. India march on, West Indies are knocked out

After 34 overs, West Indies are 143/9 – Roach 14, Thomas 6

Well, Well...Roach and Thomas are delaying the inevitable. Two boundaries from Roach off Chahal. Both shots were wild slogs off leg breaks. It was streaky but add two fours to the total.

After 32 overs, West Indies are 129/9 – Roach 1, Thomas 5

Another over filled with drama. There was an appeal for a catch but replays showed that the ball might have grazed the ground before Rohit Sharma at first slip got around it. Thomas go a boundary and tried another big hit. Rahul, running in from deep mid-wicket, spooned a sitter.

Rohit Sharma's effort at first slip | Screengrab from Hotstar

After 29.5 overs, West Indies are 124/9 – Sheldon Cottrell out!

Four, six and out. Cottrell’s mini cameo comes to an end. He clubbed the leg-spinner to the top tier but is caught plumb in front. India are moving to another win at walking pace.

S Cottrell lbw b Chahal 10 (8)

After 28.3 overs, West Indies are 112/8 – Shimron Hetmyer out!

Another one goes. Everything is flying straight at the fielders. Poor application, poor shotmaking. Hetmyer goes for an almighty cut and it’s a simple catch for KL Rahul at point.

S Hetmyer c Rahul b Shami 18 (29)

After 28 overs, West Indies are 112/7 – Hetmyer 18, Roach 0

Oooh! India nearly had another wicket in the bag. There is a backward short-leg in place and there was a shout for a catch from Hardik Pandya. Tell you what, replays show that the the India all-rounder might have grasped that without the ball touching the ground. Close one but Indians won’t mind that at this stage.

After 27 overs, West Indies are 107/7 – Hetmyer 14, Roach 0

What an over from Bumrah. Slow ball, there anything this man can’t do. That was a masterclass in pace bowling from the genius that is Jasprit.

After 26.2 overs, West Indies are 107/7 – Fabien Allen out!

Bumrah is on a hat-trick and even the review doesn’t save Fabian Allen. That was sliding into the batsman and the batsman almost falls over. That was hitting the stumps. Can Bumrah match Shami’s feat from the Afghanistan game? How do you face a Bumrah on song?

After 26.1 overs, West Indies are 107/6 – Brathwaite out!

What a catch from Dhoni! The former India captain dives full length to his right to pounce on the outside edge from Brathwaite. Bring on Bumrah, bring on the wickets. Well deserved first wicket for the pacer.

C Brathwaite c Dhoni b Bumrah 1 (5)

After 25 overs, West Indies are 101/5 – Hetmeyer 9, Brathwaite 0

Excellent comeback from Bumrah. Brathwaite nearly chipped a slow delivery to mid-on and Kohli. There were yorkers as well. India have a spring in their step and another wicket is imminent. The Windies’ innings is falling apart.

After 23.5 overs, West Indies are 97/5 – Jason Holder out!

Another one bites the dust. Poor cricket this from West Indies. There was flight and was pitched full on the off-stump. The West Indies captain chips it straight to extra cover. Kedar Jadhav takes a simple catch.

J Holder c Jadhav b Chahal 6 (13)

After 23 overs, West Indies are 97/4 – Hetmyer 5, Holder 6

An appeal for LBW after Kuldeep wraps Holder on the pads. Kohli has a word with Dhoni but decides not to take the review. Five runs come from the left-arm wrist spinner’s seventh over.

After 22 overs, West Indies are 92/4 – Hetmyer 4, Holder 4

Four byes! MS Dhoni is having a bad day behind the stumps. Yuzvendra Chahal bowls a fine leg-break and it beats both Shimron Hetmyer and Dhoni. Eight runs come from the leg-spinner’s first over.

After 20.2 overs, West Indies are 80/4 – Nicholas Pooran out!

Oh dear, did we jinx Pooran? He goes over the top and it’s a simple catch for long on. What a way to waste your start. India are on the driver’s seat and that was irresponsible batting.

N Pooran c Shami b Kuldeep 28 (40)

After 20 overs, West Indies are 80/3 – Pooran 28, Hetmyer 0

Four more for Pooran who is gaining in confidence. Jadhav was given the ball after what seems like an age. Width was on offer and he cut it away to the fence. Nervy start for Hetmeyer.

After 19 overs, West Indies are 75/3 – Pooran 24, Hetmyer 0

Review retained! Good call from Hetmyer after being given out by umpire Michael Gough off Kuldeep. The batsman took the review straight away but replays showed a spike on Ultra Edge.

After 18 overs, West Indies are 71/3 – Sunil Ambris out!

Pandya literally has the last laugh here. He was clubbed for two boundaries in the over with the run rate having crept up over six now. Pandya cut down on his pace and the batsman missed it while trying to work it on the leg side. He didn’t bother taking a review either.

S Ambris lbw b Pandya 31 (40)

After 16 overs, West Indies are 56/2 – Ambris 24, Pooran 15

Finally, West Indies get only their third boundary. That’s how disciplined the bowling has been for India. There was a desperate dive from Vijay Shankar, who came running in from fine leg but couldn’t get his hand on it.

After 15 overs, West Indies are 50/2 – Ambris 19, Pooran 14

There is flight and turn after Dhoni instructs Kuldeep to do so from behind the stumps. There is plenty of turn from the rough for the left-armer this time. Just singles and that’s drinks. India have West Indies on the mat.

After 13 overs, West Indies are 42/2 – Ambris 15, Pooran 11

Three singles from the Kuldeep over but the Windies need to up the ante at some point. There simply haven’t been too many boundary-hitting deliveries on offer. The left-armer spinner is trying to toss the ball up and it may not fetch him rewards on this wicket. Prove us wrong, Kuldeep.

After 12 overs, West Indies are 39/2 – Ambris 14, Pooran 9

Pandya could have nearly had a couple of wickets from the over with the batsmen trying to go over the top. Ambris’ hook shots somehow managed to elude the fine leg fielder.

After 11 overs, West Indies are 34/2 – Ambris 12, Pooran 7

Some turn on offer for Kuldeep but not a lot of it. Just singles from the over as the batsmen rotate strike. They are targeting the leg side.

Note: Fewest runs scored by any team in the powerplay so far in the World Cup.

After 10 overs, West Indies are 29/2 – Ambris 10, Pooran 4

Occasional singles from Windies and the required run rate is creeping up. Hardik Pandya has also had a decent start, not offering any width. The batsmen know that this is a big partnership for them.

After 8 overs, West Indies are 21/2 – Ambris 6, Pooran 0

Another peach of an over from Bumrah but there were runs on the board after the ball went through Dhoni’s legs and into the boundary. The ball just died on MSD there. Once again, the India pacers have been on the money from ball one.

After 7 overs, West Indies are 16/2 – Shai Hope out!

Terrific bowling from Shami and he cleans up Hope’s stumps. It was full and was jagging back into the batsman by just a touch. Inside edge and the ball clips the stumps. Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s return might take a while at this rate.

S Hope b Shami 5 (10)

After 6 overs, West Indies are 12/1 – Ambris 5, Hope 1

Bumrah is all over Ambris at the moment. As expected, there is nothing there for the batsmen to drive, pull or cut. The opener hung his bat outside off and the ball nearly fell to second slip.

After 4.5 overs, West Indies are 10/1 – Chris Gayle Out!

The pressure was getting to Gayle and he holes out at mid-on. It was short from Shami and the veteran tried to pull him over the top. It’s a simple catch to Jadhav. Shami’s dream run in England continues.

C Gayle c Jadhav b Shami 6 (19)

After 3 overs, West Indies are 7/0 – Gayle 5, Ambris 2

Another good over for India. Mohammed Shami is steaming in at the moment and hurrying the batsmen. Chris Gayle is being cautious as he has been at the start of almost every game so far. But he could cut loose soon.

After 2 overs, West Indies are 5/0 – Gayle 4, Ambris 1

Sunil Ambris gets off the mark with the first ball as he taps one down to third-man. Chris Gayle then comes on strike and plays out five dot balls against Jasprit Bumrah. The right-arm pacer angles the ball away from the left-hander nicely. Gayle has faced 10 bots in two overs.

After 1 over, West Indies are 4/0 – Gayle 4, Ambris 0

Gayle gets lucky! Shami gets up to shape back in and the ball takes the left-hander’s inside edge before flying inches past the stumps for four to fine-leg. A good start by the right-arm pacer, though. Five dot balls in that over with movement both ways.

7:25 pm: We’re ready for the chase in Manchester. Chris Gayle and Sunil Ambris will open the batting for West Indies. Mohammed Shami has the new ball in hand for India. Can Virat Kohli and Co maintain their unbeaten run? Let’s find out!

“We have Ronaldo in football and Kohli in cricket,” says Brian Lara. We’ll be back shortly.


Sixteen from the over. Magnificent finish at the death for Dhoni, who turned back the clock by a few years. He hammered a short delivery from Thomas over deep mid-wicket for a six. He refuses singles and goes hard down mid-on for a four to get to his fifty. Another dot ball later, the pacer again goes short and that’s clubbed over the leg side for another big one. Dream finish for India but do they have enough on the board?

After 48.5 overs, India 252/7 – Mohammad Shami out!

Off comes the salute once again. Short delivery angled on leg and Shami nicks it to Hope, who takes his fourth catch of the innings. Another fine day on the field for Cottrell.

M Shami c Hope b Cottrell 0 (2)

After 48.2 overs, India 250/6 – Hardik Pandya out!

Change of pace from Cottrell and Pandya holes out deep cover and off comes the salute from the pacer. Allen makes no mistake but what a fine knock this was. India have a competitive target to bowl at.

H Pandya c Allen b Cottrell 46 (38)

After 48 overs, India 249/5 – Dhoni 38, Pandya 46

What a fabulous knock this has been from Pandya but the West Indies bowlers have also not been smart with their lengths. They have gone astray since the 40th over and the batsmen look settled now. The India all-rounder moves across the stumps and thumps one through extra cover, which was vacant. Meanwhile, Dhoni got another life as Thomas couldn’t dive low to pluck it.

After 47 overs, India 238/5 – Dhoni 36, Pandya 37

Cottrell goes on a bit of a leather hunt this time. Pandya is now milking out boundaries in every over. After Dhoni early on, the all-rounder goes over mid-off to add four to the total.

After 46 overs, India 229/5 – Dhoni 34, Pandya 30

Dhoni has decided to cut lose. He goes over the top this time and beats mid-off. More valuable runs and now, the former India captain is running hard for twos as well. Another expensive over from Brathwaite. Why isn’t Thomas given the ball?

After 45 overs, India 219/5 – Dhoni 26, Pandya 28

On the off-side, Pandya is happy to punch it through and go for singles and twos. The Indian innings has suddenly gathered momentum. Is there a big final flourish coming up?

After 44 overs, India 214/5 – Dhoni 23, Pandya 24

After stopping a certain boundary, Cottrell anguishes in pain. The physios are out for treatment. Once again, Pandya has little trouble negotiating Brathwaite. He muscled the bowler down the ground for a boundary. Ten runs from the over.

After 43 overs, India 204/5 – Dhoni 21, Pandya 18

Better comeback over from the sergeant, four from it and once again, Dhoni struggles when he is cramped up for room. Pandya is looking good, though.

After 42 overs, India 200/5 – Dhoni 20, Pandya 14

Poor start for Brathwaite and it’s easy pickings for Pandya. Short deliveries on the leg side, wides...that was sloppy from the all-rounder. West Indies have just two frontline bowlers to operate in these final overs.

After 41 overs, India 187/5 – Dhoni 18, Pandya 6

The up-and-down bounce off the wicket undoes Dhoni and Pandya in Holder’s final over. Just a single from the over and what a day the West Indies skipper has had. He finishes with figures of 10-2-33-2.

Only for the 2nd time in his career Virat Kohli has been dismissed four times on the trot between 50 and 100. Happened in 2011 (between March and September), has happened again in 2019 (at the World Cup, in four straight matches)

After 40 overs, India 186/5 – Dhoni 18, Pandya 5

Pandya pulls a short delivery to the boundary to get his innings underway but Dhoni is his conservative self against Allen’s spin. The left-armer has bowled out too. Which way will the Indian innings go from here?

After 38.2 overs, India 180/5 – VIRAT KOHLI OUT!

Big, big wicket for West Indies. Pitched fractionally short from Holder and the India captain pulls it straight to short mid-wicket, who makes no mistake. The West Indies captain has had a fine outing with the ball. Kohli was probably undone by the lack of bounce.

V Kohli c (Sub) Bravo b Holder 72 (82)

After 38 overs, India 176/4 – Kohli 68, Dhoni 17

Two-run over from Allen. Yet again, Dhoni is getting stuck at the crease and is struggling to rotate strike. The dot ball are coming at regular intervals.

After 37 overs, India 174/4 – Kohli 67, Dhoni 16

Holder comes back and it’s another economical over from him, just three singles from it. We can see Kohli trying to cut lose, particularly through the cover region.

After 36 overs, India 171/4 – Kohli 66, Dhoni 14

Five from the Allen over. The spinner missed his length in the over and offered width to Dhoni, who was happy to put the ball away in the deep and push for doubles.

After 35 overs, India 166/4 – Kohli 66, Dhoni 9

Two twos from Kohli from the over. Roach finishes his spell, ends with fine figures of 10-0-36-3. He had an excellent outing. Meanwhile, Kohli wants to pick up the quick twos and threes here. He is growing in confidence at the crease.

After 34 overs, India 162/4 – Kohli 62, Dhoni 9

STUMPING MISSED! West Indies had a glorious opportunity to send Dhoni back but misses a dolly of a stumping chance. The 37-year-old walked out of the crease and was miles outside the crease but Hope missed it completely. Maybe it was a case of nerves getting the better of him, maybe he was too eager or didn’t see it coming. Meanwhile, Kohli is motoring along nicely and threads the gap between point and gully for another boundary. Nurse should have had a wicket to his name.

Shai Hope misses an easy stumping chance | Screengrab/Hotstar

After 32 overs, India 152/4 – Kohli 56, Dhoni 7

Not a bad return for Fabian Allen, two runs from it. There were deliveries that were floated outside off stump but Kohli and Dhoni couldn’t pierce the gaps on the off side.

After 31 overs, India 150/4 – Kohli 54, Dhoni 6

Kohli had briefly walked off the field and is involved in an animated discussion with the umpire after returning to the field. Good over for India but from a good length, Roach is troubling Dhoni.

After 30 overs, India 140/4 – Kohli 52, Dhoni 5

Dhoni is off the blocks early today. Short and wide from Thomas and the former India captain cuts is away to the boundary. He sees out the rest of the over.

Jadhav gets a faint tickle on the ball off Roach | Photo credit: Screengrab from Hotstar

After 28.5 overs, India 140/4 – Kedar Jadhav out!

Another one goes! Another successful review by West Indies. Roach gets his third. The on-field decision was not out but Hope was convinced that Jadhav had edged it. The Ultra Edge showed that there was a tickle on the bat. India are in a spot of bother.

K Jadhav c Hope b Roach 7 (10)

After 28 overs, India 135/3 – Kohli 55, Kedar 3

FIFTY for Virat Kohli! This is his fourth consecutive half-century in this World Cup. He gets there in 55 balls. India need their captain to get a big one today. The right-hander looks in complete control at the moment.

After 27 overs, India 128/3 – Kohli 45, Kedar 1

The end of a successful over for the West Indies. A wicket and just two singles from it. Kedar Jadhav is the new man at the crease. India need a partnership here. Their middle-order runs the risk of being exposed for the second time in as many games.

After 26.1 overs, India 126/3 – Kohli 44

WICKET! West Indies have struck again! And it’s that man Kemar Roach again. The right-arm pacer returns to the attack, bowls a wonderful delivery that shapes away, and Vijay Shankar throws his bat at it only to get an outside edge. Although the ball was superb, the shot was poor too.

Shankar c Hope b Roach 14 (19)

After 26 overs, India 126/2 – Kohli 44, Shankar 14

Another boundary for India! Sheldon Cottrell bowls a short ball on the leg stump, Virat Kohli roles his wrists to play a fine pull-shot for four. The runs keep flowing for the Men in Blue. Eight runs come from Cottrell’s sixth over.

After 25 overs, India 118/2 – Kohli 37, Shankar 13

MILESTONE ALERT: Virat Kohli gets to 20,000 international runs! He is the quickest to get there in the game’s history. The records keep tumbling with the talismanic Indian captain. What a player! And Vijay Shankar ends the over with a stylish flick past mid-wicket for four.

After 24 overs, India 113/2 – Kohli 36, Shankar 9

A good over for the West Indies. Sheldon Cottrell starts his fifth over by conceding a single to Virat Kohli, but the left-arm seamer follows that up with five dot balls to Vijay Shankar.

After 23 overs, India 112/2 – Kohli 35, Shankar 9

Two boundaries for Vijay Shankar! Jason Holder pitches it up and Shankar drives it between mid-off and covers for four. The next one isn’t as convincing, though. The West Indies skipper bangs it in and the right-hander clips it to the fine-leg fence. He looked hurried and almost as if he was taking evasive action. But India will take the runs.

After 22 overs, India 104/2 – Kohli 35, Shankar 1

Sheldon Cottrell returns to the attack and almost gets his team a third wicket. The left-arm seamer bowls a bouncer and Virat Kohli goes for a pull, it looked like the ball could fly to fine-leg but it ends up landing safely and running away for four. Six runs come from that over as Vijay Shankar gets off the mark.

After 20.4 overs, India 98/2 – Kohli 30

WICKET! KL Rahul throws away yet another start! The right-hander walks forward and attempts a nothing shot on the leg side, but the ball by Jason Holder nips back in and sneaks through to rattle the stumps. Poor, poor shot. Vijay Shankar is the new man at the crease. It’s a good opportunity for him to settle in and get a big one.

Rahul b Holder 48 (64)

After 19 overs, India 97/1 – KL Rahul 48, Kohli 29

Another good over for India as KL Rahul hits a paddle-sweep to get sixth boundary. Left-arm spinner Fabian Allen isn’t really troubling the Indian batsmen. Eight runs from that over.

After 18 overs, India 89/1 – KL Rahul 42, Kohli 27

Jason Holder is bowling a disciplined line, not giving the Indian batsmen any room to free their arms. Virat Kohli manages to steal a two but that’s all from the over.

After 17 overs, India 87/1 – KL Rahul 42, Kohli 25

KL Rahul gets his fifth boundary with a stylish square-cut to a short ball by Fabian Allen. The Indians are rotating the strike at will and getting the odd boundary with ease. Another good over, ten runs from it.

After 17 overs, India 77/1 – KL Rahul 36, Kohli 21

Shot! Jason Holder pitches it up and KL Rahul whips it straight back for a boundary. But the West Indies skipper does well to concede just a single in the rest of the five deliveries.

After 16 overs, India 71/1 – KL Rahul 31, Kohli 21

Streaky from Rahul again. His edges are going in the air but now, Holder has taken the slips out. This has been steady from Rahul but won’t count for anything if he can’t cross 50 here.

After 15 overs, India 67/1 – KL Rahul 26, Kohli 21

Two maidens on trot for Holder. It was simple yet effective. From wide of the crease, Holder is trying to get the ball into the batsmen. Not bad, its a ploy that has worked for him so far. Even Kohli is happy to see it out.

After 14 overs, India 67/1 – KL Rahul 26, Kohli 21

Misfields and fumbles there and Michel Holding in commentary is fuming at the alarming regularity of it during the Indian innings. The batsmen are happy to take singles and rotate strike in the Fabian Allen over.

After 13 overs, India 62/1 – KL Rahul 25, Kohli 17

Maiden over for Holder to start things off. He tested Rahul on an uncomfortable length outside off. There was a little bit of nip on offer and there was a big shout for leg-before. The ball, though, was pitching outside the line of off stump.

After 12 overs, India 62/1 – KL Rahul 25, Kohli 17

Fabian Allen’s spin is on for West Indies and troubles Kohli in the final ball of the over. There was a thick edge but the ball eluded first slip. Busy start for the India captain, as usual. Six from the over.

After 11 overs, India 56/1 – KL Rahul 24, Kohli 12

Poor from Thomas, who misses his length by a mile. A four each from Rahul and Kohli. Kohli punishes a short delivery and clubs it over the off-side field by a mile. Rahul then plays a superb cover drive to the fence.

After 10 overs, India 47/1 – KL Rahul 20, Kohli 7

Three runs from Kohli. We had just mentioned that the ones and twos are going to come at regular intervals. There have been two threes already with the India captain at the crease. Fairly decent over from Roach once again.

After 9 overs, India 44/1 – KL Rahul 20, Kohli 4

Three twos from the over. Rahul was streaky and got a reprieve at square leg and at second slip. On both occasions, the ball went slightly wide of the fielder.

After 8 overs, India 38/1 – KL Rahul 14, Kohli 4

After a decent start to the over, Roach over-piches and Rahul plays yet another good looking straight drive down the ground. Three runs, you will see a lot more of this with Kohli at the crease.

After 7 overs, India 35/1 – KL Rahul 11, Kohli 4

Kohli is off with a cracking cut shot. That went to the boundary like...well, we’ll leave Ravi Shastri to finish this sentence. An eager Rahul was sent back quickly while trying to go for a risky single.

Oshane Thomas is given the ball.

After 6 overs, India 29/1 – Rohit Sharma out!

A slightly controversial that. On-field umpire Illingoworth didn’t think the ball had taken Rohit Sharma’s edge. Review taken and it’s a successful one. The Ultra Edge shows a spike when the ball beat the bat. However, it could also be the bat and pad coming together. Rohit Sharma is not impressed.

R Sharma c Hope b Roach 18 (23)

After 5.5 overs, India 29/0 – Rahul 10, Rohit 18

Back of a length and full, Roach’s line and length goes awry and the openers make full use of it. Rohit pulls it away in style for a six. Rahul then drives the ball down the ground for a four.

After 5 overs, India 17/0 – Rahul 5, Rohit 11

And....just like that, Rohit Sharma shifts gears. Dragged slightly wide and Rohit, off the back foot, cuts it away to the fence. Cottrell then aims for the body but the India vice-captain is adept on the pull and gets a single.

After 4 overs, India 9/0 – Rahul 4, Rohit 4

Two singles from the Roach over. The pacers have not offered much width outside off but the Indian batsmen are not going to attack you in the early overs. It’s a formula that has worked for them all tournament.

After 3 overs, India 7/0 – Rahul 3, Rohit 3

There it is! The short-pitched stuff makes its presence felt for the first time in the game. Cottrell surprises Rohit Sharma and Rahul with well-directed short ones. The batsmen are happy to let it go. Just a single and a wide from the over.

After 2 overs, India 5/0 – Rahul 3, Rohit 2

Rahul is playing with a straight bat. No runs taken from him and it was a decent start from Roach, just one from it. The pacers will have a long day in store looking at how the wicket has played out so far.

After 1 over, India 4/0 – Rahul 3, Rohit 1

Not a bat start for Cortrell but the Indians are up and way. Rahul gets off the mark with a punch through the off side. Three runs taken. Rohit gets his first run with pull down leg. A poor effort from Roach at short third-man allows the batsmen to take a single.

Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul make their way to the pitch. Cottrell has the ball in his hand. Rahul to take strike.

Note: In this World Cup, West Indies have taken the most number of wickets (12) in the first 10 overs of an innings. A good test coming up for the Indian top order, against Sheldon Cottrell and Co.


West Indies: Chris Gayle, Sunil Ambris, Shai Hope (wk), Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer, Jason Holder (c), Carlos Brathwaite, Fabian Allen, Kemar Roach, Sheldon Cottrell, Oshane Thomas

India: KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli (c), Vijay Shankar, MS Dhoni (wk), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Mohammed Shami, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah

2:36 pm: No changes for India from their win over Afghanistan. Bhuvneshwar’s return to the side will have to wait. West Indies have Sunil Ambris in for Even Lewis. Fabian Allen comes in for Ashley Nurse.

2:33 pm: Virat Kohli opts to bats first after winning the toss. “There are some rough patches and the spinners will come into play in the second half of the innings,” says the India captain. “Expect more application from the batsmen. If you score a 60-run partnership, make into a big one and not let the opposition a way back in the game.”

2:31 pm: The captains are walking out to the middle. It’s toss time.

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2:24 pm: Expect turn from the footmarks, says Ian Bishop. “Team winning the toss should bat first,” says the former West Indies pacer. The wicket looks like a belter.

2.15 pm: We all remember the 1983 World Cup final (two days ago to the day 36 years back) but that journey actually began in Manchester at this very venue (Old Trafford) against this very opponent (West Indies). That was in fact the first ever time West Indies had lost a World Cup match! (Having won the first two editions...)

2.07 pm: Did you know? In this World Cup so far, West Indies have taken the most number of wickets (12) in the first 10 overs of an innings. It will be a stiff test for the Indian top order, for sure against Sheldon Cottrell and Co.

2.05 pm: Before we begin discussing today’s match and looking back at yesterday’s... here’s a look at the points table. The race for the top four is definitely heating up!

2.00 pm: Hello everyone, welcome to our live coverage of the 2019 World Cup, it’s India vs West Indies at Old Trafford today. One team is unbeaten so far, the other team is on the brink of elimination.

West Indies captain Jason Holder says he is proud of his players but wants them to put everything together in a “perfect” World Cup performance against India.

The two-time champions opened their campaign with a convincing victory against Pakistan but have not won since and, barring an unlikely sequence of results, will be heading home after the group phase.

Batsmen Shai Hope, Shimron Hetmyer, Nicholas Pooran and Carlos Brathwaite have shown glimpses of what they can offer but have failed to win games for the team. Brathwaite hit his maiden one-day international century in West Indies’ ultimately fruitless chase of a target of 292 against New Zealand on Saturday.

Holder urged his team to show fight on Thursday against Virat Kohli’s unbeaten side, who look all but certain to reach the semi-finals.

“We’ve shown glimpses here and there of what we can produce. And as a side we just haven’t brought it together collectively more often than not,” Holder said at Old Trafford on Wednesday.

“And it’s hurt us in games before. So [this] is another opportunity for us to bring it all together and play a perfect game.”

The West Indies’ World Cup hopes were hit by injuries to Evin Lewis and Andre Russell, who has been replaced by Sunil Ambris in the squad, but Holder said the batsmen should step up despite the problems.

“Injuries have definitely plagued us. But I’ve been proud of them so far. I think for them it’s just a matter for them to grasp batting on the international circuit,” said Holder.

“And I think Shai has done a reasonable job so far. Hety (Hetmyer) has shown glimpses of brilliance, as well as Nicholas. It’s up to them to take it deeper. They’ve got to be the rock and soul for our team. And they’ve got to set up games and learn to close them out.”

West Indies are languishing in eighth spot in the 10-team table with just three points as the group stage nears its conclusion.

“In terms of the squad, I think everybody’s upbeat for the occasion. Playing India is always a big game for West Indies, and we’re looking forward to it,” said Holder.

“First we need to finish the campaign as best as we can. And our objective is to win all three games.”

(With AFP inputs. All screenshots in the live blog courtesy Hotstar)