11.55 pm: That will be all from us for the day. It was a thrilling match, even if inconsequential. Another century for a Caribbean player that ended in heartbreak. India are back in action after just one day’s gap, they take on Bangladesh in what would turn out to be a cracking game. Join us for that.

Dimuth Karunaratne: We all know Sri Lanka play freely, like the way you saw Avishka play. For our middle order, there were more positives. We want to play freely in our next games too. We had to cover three overs at the end. I bowled one over and then Angelo put his hands up for the remaining two. As a captain that’s what I want, to see my players their puts hand when needed. Don’t think he’s going to bowl again!

JASON HOLDER: We were a bit sloppy on the field. And it cost us, we let key moments slip. Thought score was about par. Fernando played an outstanding knock, Pooran did as well. We gave them 30-40 runs because of our fielding. Backed ourselves to get over the line [when Allen and Pooran were batting], the runout [of Allen] was really crucial. Definitely promising [to see the youngsters do well]. We haven’t played the perfect game, just got to win the last one.

11.40 pm: Player of the match, Avishka Fernando (the third youngest centurion in World Cup history is getting the award from Kumar Sangakkara. Must be a special moment): “Very happy to score this century in a winning cause. Focus on taking this forward,” says Fernando through Sangakkara’s translation.

Another disappointing defeat for West Indies: Rihanna is in the West Indies dressing room. “She went to school with Brathwaite and gives him a hug... I don’t know how much of a consolation that is,” says Ian Bishop. Ever the master at capturing a moment perfectly.

Sri Lanka win by 23 runs: West Indies gave the Lankans an almighty scare at the end but then, as they so often have in recent times, they gave it away. Pooran’s wicket is understandable but the run out of Allen was criminal. Game-changing.

WI 315/9 after 50 overs - SRI LANKA HAVE WON BY 23 RUNS

Another lovely game of cricket in this tournament. Angelo Mathews concedes just three singles in the final over.

WI 312/9 after 49 overs - what an over from Malinga!

Five dot balls and a wicket in the 49th over... a single off the last ball by Gabriel. Malinga finishes the match with figures of 3/55 and another match-winning effort from the veteran. What a legend!

WI 311/9 after 48.3 overs: Two dot balls and a wicket for Malinga. This is just bread and butter for Malinga. Loud LBW appeal against Thomas, not given out. SL review, and the ball is crashing into the leg stump. Three REDS. And Thomas is gone. Typical Malinga-to-tail stuff.

Ashish Magotra: What an over by Mathews! Just three runs, a dropped catch and a wicket.What a ball! What a call!

WI 311/8 after 48 overs - need 28 off 12 balls

If you thought Mathews coming on to bowl was going to be a critical moment in the game.... you were right, but probably not the way you imagined it to be. Pooran’s wicket has pretty much ended WI’s hopes as Malinga comes on. For the 2nd time in this tournament, a superb century is going to end in a defeat.

WI 308/8, POORAN GONE! WHAT A MOMENT! ANGELO MATHEWS! He has struck off the very first ball! And it’s the big wicket of Nicholas Pooran. What a crazy decision, what a crazy breakthrough, what a crazy finish to this game!

Take a bow, Nicholas Pooran. 118 off 103 balls, an innings to remember.

WOW: Angelo Mathews has come on to bowl... after what feels like ages. Last he bowled in an ODI was in December 2017. This could be a crucial over!

WI 308/7 after 47 overs - need 31 off 18 balls

A good bouncer (That was not called a wide) and then Cottrell gets two runs for a tap to point, pouncing on an overthrow and fumble. Then, Udana bowls a wide. SL are clearly under pressure. He defends off the last ball, and doesn’t take the single! Pooran will have the strike... as Udana finishes off his 10th over. SL are running out of bowling options now!

WI 305/6 after 46.3 overs: Udana to bowl. Cottrell gets off strike with a single to third man, 300 comes up in 46.1 overs. Pooran finds the gap between midwicket and long on... pulled with the wind for a four! WI need 35 off 22 balls.

11.11 pm: What a comeback over from Malinga... four off the first ball, just three off the rest of the over. And keeps Pooran off strike for the next over. WI need 40 off 24 balls

After 46 overs, West Indies 299/7 - Pooran 113, Cottrell 1

Malinga comes on.... Pooran drives one in the air... and substitute Thisara has misjudged it at long off! FOUR to start the over. Malinga comes back with two dot balls, one of them a top yorker. Takes a single off the 4th ball... Cottrell has to face two now from Malinga! Mid-pitch chat between the batsmen... and Cottrell just about keeps out a searing inswinging yorker! Pooran on strike for the last ball....and it’s a wild wide! Almost a no-ball. Malinga finishes with a dot ball, crucially!

After 45 overs, West Indies 292/7 - Pooran 108, Cottrell 0

SIX! After reaching his century, Pooran slaps one over square leg for six. And takes a single off the fifth ball, retains strike with Cottrell playing out a dot ball. 47 needed off 30 balls! Malinga comes on.

WI 284/7 in 44.2 overs: CENTURY! Nicholas Pooran’s first ton for West Indies and it’s been a tremendous innings. Has come off in 92 balls. What a talent he is.

WI 282/7 in 44.1 overs: OH DEAR! Just when you thought West Indies were putting Sri Lanka under massive pressure, there’s a 2nd needless run-out. Pooran and Allen end up at the striker’s end, the latter is now run-out. He is not pleased at all! But that was Pooran’s call since the ball was behind the stumps and Allen was too late to react.

After 44 overs, West Indies 282/6 - Pooran 99, Allen 51

FIFTY FOR ALLEN! What a knock this has been. Gets there with a six down the ground (picked up Rajitha’s slower ball) and then a single. 11 runs from that over! WI need 57 off 36 balls. We are in for a thrilling finish in Durham!

After 43 overs, West Indies 271/6 - Pooran 97, Allen 43

Well, well. Fabian Allen is playing a gem of a cameo! Two boundaries off Udana’s over... the second one is misfielded at short-fine leg and the bowler was left frustrate. Allen moves on to 43 off 28 balls. WI need 68 off 42 balls now.

Rihanna is certainly delighted!

10.45 pm: Make that 49 runs in the last 5 overs... WI are not going down without a fight in Durham, folks! Need 77 off 48 balls.

After 42 overs, West Indies 262/6 - Pooran 96, Allen 35

Rajitha comes back into the attack and continues to show a good change of pace. He has been good since the initial onslaught against him by Gayle. Almost deceives Pooran off the fourth ball as a slower delivery is chipped just past the bowler. Another slower ball, this time to Allen, but the length is wrong. Allen pulls this, one bounce for four. Decent over still from the medium-pacer, 7 off it.

After 41 overs, West Indies 255/6 - Pooran 94, Allen 30

De Silva comes on to bowl his 10th over and Pooran takes him on in style... a six off the first ball over midwicket, an under-edge off the fifth ball for a four, a single off the last ball to retain strike and move on to 94. That’s now 42 runs from the last four overs!

After 40 overs, West Indies 244/6 - Pooran 83, Allen 30

Once again, WI batsmen are tagetting Malinga early in the over. This is brave counter-attacking. Allen once again, starts the over with a powerful straight drive for four. And then lofts one over extra cover for two. With six runs off the first two balls, they can afford to rotate the strike... which they do.

Suddenly, this game has got interesting. WI need 95 runs off 60 balls.

After 39 overs, West Indies 234/6 - Pooran 81, Allen 22

Fabian Allen is striking the ball quite cleanly. Slower ball and slapped past the fielder at cover... and the one at long off has no chance. Another flick through midwicket, good fielding effort by Thirimanne saves a run; three off the final ball. A good little phase for West Indies, still no reason to panic for Sri Lanka.

After 38 overs, West Indies 225/6 - Pooran 80, Allen 14

Malinga starts off with a wide and then Allen flicks one uppishly behind square for a four. Somehow Simon Doull and Holding still think West Indies have a chance here, not sure we buy that. This is just too steep an ask.... and as we type that Allen flicks one over midwicket for another four, making use of the large vacant space. Hmmm. OK, then. 12 runs from that over!

After 37 overs, West Indies 213/6 - Pooran 80, Allen 4

After just two singles in the first five balls of the Udana over, Pooran throws his bat at a wide ball and gets an outside edge for four. West Indies need 126 runs in 78 balls, which would not have been impossible if they still had a few more wickets in hand. Pooran is into the 80s.

After 36 overs, West Indies 207/6 - Pooran 75, Allen 3

Chants of ‘Mali, Mali...’ heard on the television as Malinga starts his second spell. Pooran with a lofted off-drive for three to start the over, followed by Allen keeping out a couple of inswinging yorkers. Five runs from the first two balls, 2 runs from the rest of the over.

After 35 overs, West Indies 200/6 - Brathwaite gone!

WICKET! The straight drive is one of the best shots in the game... unless it runs your opponent out at the non-striker’s end. Udana gets a finger-tip to Pooran’s drive, Brathwaite is caught well outside the crease at the other end. No fireworks from him tonight. Some would say unfortunate, but that’s just way too much backing up by the WI all-rounder.

Time for Lasith Malinga, we might be headed for a quick finish now.

After 34 overs, West Indies 194/5 - Pooran 66, Brathwaite 7

SIX! Stylish pull shot from Pooran off Rajitha. Swivelled on his front foot, found the middle of the bat and helped over square leg fence. Lovely shot. There was a boundary earlier as well, hitting through midwicket. Lofted but cleverly so. BIG OVER, 15 runs from it for WI. Pooran accelerating.

After 33 overs, West Indies 179/5 - Pooran 53, Brathwaite 6

Well, for some reason Karunaratne has come on to bowl and Nicholas Pooran greets him with a six over midwicket... ...and that’s the half century for the WI youngster. He has certainly impressed in his World Cup. The over almost ended in disaster as Brathwaite strolled down the wicket when Pooran was not interested in a single. Poor throw from Mathews, otherwise that was a certain runout.

After 32 overs, West Indies 172/5 - Pooran 46, Brathwaite 6

Just four runs from the Rajitha over as we head for the final scheduled break of the game.

Some big Wimbledon news in the meantime. Second seed Naomi Osaka has been stunned in the first round.

After 31 overs, West Indies 168/5 - Pooran 45, Brathwaite 5

Just when it looked like Pooran was getting a bit frustrated with not putting the bad balls from Vandersay away, he connects a sweep shot for four. A good over for the Windies, 9 runs off it.

After 30 overs, West Indies 159/5 - Pooran 38, Brathwaite 5

Brathwaite gets a free-hit as Rajitha oversteps. But he plays all around the slower ball and misses out. Next ball is a much better cricketing shot, taking on a full ball and driving it handsomely down the ground for four. His first off the day.

If WI double their score from here, they would reach close to 320 but they have not enough wickets left really.

After 29 overs, West Indies 152/5 - Holder gone! Vandersay is delighted..

Oh dear, what a soft dismissal. This was tossed up by Vandersay and Jason Holder wanted to clear mid-on. Ends up hitting it straight to the fielder. He can’t quite believe it. Walks back for a 26-ball 26. Brathwaite is a new man in and WI need something even more extraordinary than his innings against NZ. Pooran hits a boundary in that over down the ground. But this run-chase now looks well out of WI’s reach.

After 28 overs, West Indies 143/4 - Pooran 30, Holder 26

De Silve continues and it’s another boundary for Pooran, who was getting stuck a while back. He seems to have found some momentum now. De Silva drops short, Pooran cuts it between short-third and backward point. The spinners are rushing through their overs as Pooran and Holder build a partnership. The game might be slipping from the WI but this is a solid stand so far.

After 27 overs, West Indies 137/4 - Pooran 25, Holder 25

Vandersay continues from the other end. Pooran takes him on this time. At his pace, if he misses his length the batsman is bound to pounce on it. Short ball, put away through midwicket for four. SL won’t mind the five-run over though.

After 26 overs, West Indies 132/4 - Pooran 21, Holder 24

Sri Lanka are rushing through their overs. Pooran hits a lovely boundary down the ground, driving a full ball from de Silva. There is also a half appeal for stumping but Pooran, despite his massive stretch forward, has kept it backfoot grounded.

After 25 overs, West Indies 126/4 - Pooran 16, Holder 23

Vandersay is tossing the ball up but that is helping Holder convert overpitched balls to full deliveries. Five singles off the five balls in that over before Holder then comes up with another lovely cover drive. This time its cut out at the deep extra cover fence. Seven runs from that over.

After 24 overs, West Indies 119/4 - Pooran 13, Holder 19

Three runs from the de Silva over. WI need 220 runs more from 26 overs. Required rate is close to 8.5. This run-chase is heading nowhere at the moment.

After 23 overs, West Indies 116/4 - Pooran 10, Holder 19

Holder has come out as if he was playing in the nets all morning. His timing has been near perfect from the word go. A low full toss from Vandersay, Holder uses his massive reach and drives it past a diving sweeper cover fielder.

After 22 overs, West Indies 111/4 - Pooran 9, Holder 15

Vandersay continues to be hit and miss with his lengths. Another short ball in that over and that is a massive wide too, goes for four. Holder then cuts one past point for his second boundary. 11 runs from that over!

De Silva into the attack from the other end with his offspinners and Holder hits his third four, another beautifully timed shot. This was a flick past midwicket that kept racing to the longest part of the ground. Top shot.

After 20 overs, West Indies 94/4 - Pooran 7, Holder 5

Vandersay starts off his spell, playing for the first time in the World Cup. He bowled two rank short balls to start off with (haven’t we seen that from legspinners all the time?). Settles down after that.

Rajitha from the other end, and Holder hits his first boundary. a lovely cover drive... (as we get more shots of Rihanna at the game. We get it broadcasters, she is at the stadium!)

After 18 overs, West Indies 84/4 - Hetmyer run out!

WICKET! Yet another runout for Shimron Hetmyer. Zero communication with Pooran, and de Silva with a direct hit from point. West Indies’ day is going from bad to worse. You get the feeling they’d rather be anywhere but at this game.

After 17 overs, West Indies 82/3 - Hetmyer 28, Pooran 3

Udana is barely giving an inch to work with for the WI batsmen. Has kept it steady for his end for four straight overs now, just four runs off his fourth.

After 16 overs, West Indies 78/3 - GAYLE GONE!

SIX AND OUT! Chris Gayle’s ploy to Kasun Rajitha doesn’t quite work out. After hitting a six, he skies one and SL’s last-minute addition to the squad has his first World Cup wicket. It was a length ball, Gayle looked to hit it across the line and the angle made sure he did not middle it. Vandersay with a good high catch. Hetmyer then gets lucky in that over with an inside edge that goes for four. 13 runs from that over, but nothing unlucky about it for Sri Lanka.

After 15 overs, West Indies 65/2 - Gayle 29, Hetmyer 21

Most exciting part of that Udana over was the commentators trying to confirm if it was indeed Rihanna in the audience. Long spells of silence.

After 14 overs, West Indies 62/2 - Gayle 27, Hetmyer 20

SIX! There it is, the first six of the day for Gayle. And it’s Rajitha again. Looks like Gayle has identified the bowler to take on. Good hit over midwicket. Karunaratne saves a boundary off the next ball. Despite that six, Rajitha does well to keep it to 8 runs in that over. Lots of change of pace from the Lankans already and it’s working very well.

After 13 overs, West Indies 54/2 - Gayle 20, Hetmyer 19

Another tidy over for Sri Lanka, just four runs from Udana’s 2nd.

8.30 pm: Wimbledon 2019 starts today, tennis fans! (Well, if you were a tennis fan you already knew that.) Here’s the link to our detailed coverage of the event.

After 12 overs, West Indies 50/2 - Gayle 19, Hetmyer 17

Remember this day: Chris Gayle’s first boundary in a steep run-chase comes in the 12th over! How about that? Rajitha offers width, Gayle hits over mid-off for four. Will this finally free him up? Goes for a big heave over the leg side next ball and gets an inside edge that luckily doesn’t go towards the stumps. 50 comes up for the Windies.

After 11 overs, West Indies 44/2 - Gayle 14, Hetmyer 16

FOUR! First of the day for Hetmyer. It took him a while but not for the lack of trying. Udana offers width off the last ball in that over, the WI batsman slaps it through point.

After 10 overs, West Indies 37/2 - Gayle 13, Hetmyer 10

Are Windies trying to chase down 338? There was a message between overs to Chris Gayle apparently. (Not sure if a man who calls himself the Universe Boss is going to listen to messages from the dressing room). Another tidy over by de Silva (4 runs) as the first powerplay comes to an end. Two days on the trot we have seen bizarre starts to the run-chase. At this stage, SL were 49/0.

After 9 overs, West Indies 33/2 - Gayle 12, Hetmyer 7

Just a single in that Malinga over.

“Can Sunny Lanka stall Gayle Force?” reads a poster from a fan at the stadium. For now, there is no hint of it to be even stalled.

After 8 overs, West Indies 32/2 - Gayle 12, Hetmyer 6

Two chances missed in the 7th over! First Thirimanne puts down a tough chance at square leg off Gayle (would have been a stunner had he caught it, though). Then Mendis puts down a sitter at first slip, to give Hetmyer a life. The second was a brilliant bluff from Malinga to slow the pace down after setting the field for a bouncer. Malinga should have add another in that over! Just two runs from the de Silva over then. Gayle yet to find the boundary.

After 6 overs, West Indies 25/2 - Gayle 10, Hetmyer 1

A superb slider from de Silva almost traps Hetmyer in front. He just gets his bat down in time. WI are absolutely rattled at the moment.

After 5 overs, West Indies 22/2 - Hope gone!

ANOTHER WICKET! Lasith Malinga, you wily fox! A bouncer to Shai Hope (given wide) is followed by a slower ball that is dragged on to the stumps. Timber! The veteran pacer has rattled WI early on in Durham.

After 4 overs, West Indies 20/1 - Gayle 8, Hope 5

Just three runs in the over as de Silva continues to get the ball to wobble in the air, with a strong breeze blowing across the Riverside Ground. There was a half appeal for a run-out but Gayle has made his ground.

After 3 overs, West Indies 17/1 - Ambris gone!

BREAKTHROUGH! Lasith Malinga, who else, provides the early breakthrough for Sri Lanka. A surprise bouncer and Ambris edges a pull behind to the ‘keeper. He then bowls a slow full toss to welcome Shai Hope to the crease, the batsman ducks and the ball just misses the leg stump! Smiles all around as it is given a no ball. Hope then smashes the free-hit through cover for four. Eventful over!

After 2 overs, West Indies 11/0 (Gayle 5, Ambris 5)

Dhoni said during the IPL that if you have an off-spinner in the side, use him first up against Gayle. And de Silva almost gets his man with a peach in that over! Turns just enough from round the wicket to beat Gayle’s outside edge and misses the stump by an inch too. Good over from the all-rounder where he also bowled a finger-ball that drifted (nay, swung) in the air and into the right-hander.

After 1 over, West Indies 6/0 (Gayle 1, Ambris 4)

You know Gayle is a bit careful about facing a bowler when he takes off for a quick single off the third ball he faces. Malinga then sprays one wide to the right-handed Ambris, who finishes the over with a lovely square drive for four.

7.32 pm: Here we go, it’s Lasith Malinga vs Chris Gayle for one last time at the World Cup.

7.25 pm: What a roller-coaster few months it has been for Vijay Shankar. From the highs of his ODI breakthrough to low of today, as he was ruled out of the World Cup.

7.22 pm: As we get ready for the second innings, here’s some reading for you. Agree with our ratings?

INNINGS BREAK: A good opening partnership, no real slow-down in the middle overs, and a strong finish. Sri Lanka’s best batting performance came a bit too late. But all credit to 21-year-old Avishka Fernando, who has created history by becoming the youngest Sri Lankan to score a World Cup ton. West Indies now need to create history as well: the highest successful run-chase in World Cups. Join us for the run-chase soon.

End of Sri Lanka’s innings: 338/6 in 50 overs.

Dhananjaya de Silva, a proper batsman on his day, is in at 8. Starts off the final over with a four down the third-man region. Cottrell keeps things tight for the next 3 balls. Thirimanne picks up a double off the fifth ball, with a scoop towards long leg. Finishes the innings with another double down midwicket. What a cameo by Thirimanne (45 off 33 balls).

That’s by far SL’s best batting performance of the World Cup.

After 49 overs, Sri Lanka 327/6 - Udana falls!

WICKET! Off his last delivery on a disappointing day, Oshane Thomas strikes. Udana holes out to Holder at long-off. SL 327/6 with six balls left. That over started with the fifth no ball of the innings, again Thomas the culprit for misdirecting a slower ball.

As Fernando celebrated his century, Sanga made some pertinent points on air:

After 48 overs, Sri Lanka 321/5 - Fernando dismissed!

WICKET! Fernando’s memorable innings comes to an end and it’s time for the Cottrell salute. Take nothing away from the SL youngster, a superb knock of 104. Thirimanne then hits a boundary through midwicket as he races to 39 off 28. What a cameo this from a man more used to batting at the top. Eight runs and a wicket from that Cottrell over.

After 47 overs, Sri Lanka 313/4 - Take a bow Fernando!

His maiden ODI ton, first Sri Lankan batsman to score a century in this World Cup & the third youngest in the tournament’s history! What a talent, is Avishka Fernando! Gets there with a double after a tap to midwicket as his dressing room raises in applause. A proud moment for him. Hits a four off the next ball too, in celebration.

After 46 overs, Sri Lanka 304/4 - Fernando 97, Thirimanne 30

Four of the easiest runs for Fernando as Thomas gifts him a full toss on the pads. Flicked past Gayle at short fine leg. Another big over for SL.

“Where has this batting unit been in the World Cup. They are playing the Sri Lankan brand of cricket the world has come to know,” says Sangakkara on air. First 300 of the tournament for the Sri Lankans, by the way.

After 45 overs, Sri Lanka 294/4 - Fernando 91, Thirimanne 26

Back-to-back boundaries! And Thirimanne is now rubbing salt into West Indies’ wounds. Two lovely shots down the ground, either side of the stumps. Came down the track on both occasions to Brathwaite. Well played by the left-hander. The over ends with a missed runout chance as Cottrell could hit the stumps direct from long-on with SL stealing a double. Fernando cramping up, by the looks of it. Big over for SL.

After 44 overs, Sri Lanka 281/4 - Fernando 90, Thirimanne 15

WICKET... Nope, that’s a no ball! Oh dear and it’s a massive no ball from Oshane Thomas! Thirimanne started to walk off in frustration but relieved to the see the signal from the umpire. Not the first time in this tournament he’s overstepped by this much either. Poor from the youngster. But no damage on the free-hit. Thirimanne not the ideal person to put away a yorker. Few attempted big shots down the ground by Fernando but finds the fielder. He’s on 90 now.

After 43 overs, Sri Lanka 275/4 - Fernando 86, Thirimanne 14

SIX!!! Wow, what a shot. Avishka Fernando, on the front foot, picks up a short ball from Cottrell and sends it soaring over square leg. Shot of the day! That sounded so sweet off the bat. He’s into the 80s. Decent comeback by Cottrell to avoid any further damage in that over. 11 off it as SL look set for 320-300.

After 42 overs, Sri Lanka 264/4 - Fernando 79, Thirimanne 12

Holder finishes with figures of 2/59 in his 10 overs. A four subtracted from that because Fernando hit a superb straight drive but it hit the stumps at the non-striker’s. Thirimanne picked up three with a lofted flick to the longest part of the ground: wide of long on.

After 41 overs, Sri Lanka 257/4 - Fernando 76, Thirimanne 8

Decent over from Cottrell as he returns to the spell with a four-run over. Remember there is no Thisara Perera today, so these two have to score bulk of the runs in the final stretch. Thirimanne plays a lovely cover drive four three runs, with Pooran putting in a good effort.

Holder into his final over. Good 10-over phase for SL with 80 runs coming off it. This is by far their best middle-over performance.

6.12 pm: We are into the last 10 overs. Can SL (253/4) get past 300? Will Fernando be the first SL batsman to score a ton this World Cup?

After 40 overs, Sri Lanka 253/4 - Mathews gone!

Yikes, sorry about that Sri Lanka fans. Just as we thought Angelo Mathews is looking good for a solid innings, Holder sends down a superb yorker. Good time for a breakthrough for Windies, just as Mathews was starting to cut loose. Thirimanne, interestingly, is batting at No 6. Starts with a streaky four past Gayle at wide slip. Good over by Holder though as he brings back some control for his side.

We are into the last 10 overs.

After 39 overs, Sri Lanka 247/3 - Fernando 74, Mathews 26

Another big over for Sri Lanka. FOUR, SIX! Angelo Mathews is playing with freedom today and is looking in good touch. That six was gloriously timed over long off, against the spin of Allen. The change of ends did not work for the spinner.

After 38 overs, Sri Lanka 235/3 - Fernando 73, Mathews 15

Another over, another no-ball, another free-hit dot ball. Second no-ball by the Windies captain today as he concedes 11 in that over. First real show of aggression by Mathews too as he plays a crunching square cut for four. (Holder thinks his deep fielder let him down.) Also, Ambris is now off the field. Replaced by Nurse. <insert medical pun here>

After 37 overs, Sri Lanka 224/3 - Fernando 69, Mathews 9

Another over to forget for Shannon Gabriel. A slower, short ball is slapped over point for four by Fernando. Next ball, another slower off-cutter, edged to Hope but falls short. Next ball, another attempted slower one but goes wrong: full toss, given no ball. At least the free hit is a dot ball but then bowls a poor ball on Mathews’ pads. Ambris injures his ankle while stopping a boundary.

ICYMI earlier:

After 36 overs, Sri Lanka 214/3 - Fernando 64, Mathews 5

Allen continues from one end as he keeps thing fairly tight. 32 runs from his 7 overs, 5 runs from that 7th over.

After 35 overs, Sri Lanka 209/3 - Fernando 61, Mathews 3

Oh dear, Shannon Gabriel has the look of a guy who is having a day to forget as the bail files onto his face after a direct hit from long on. These are the heavy zing bails, mind you. That could have been nasty. To add insult to that (avoided-)injury, Fernando gets an outside edge and it flies through the vacant slip region for four.

After 34 overs, Sri Lanka 201/3 - Fernando 56, Mathews 0

Fernando plays another gorgeous shot, this time a lofted inside out cover drive for four. Allen does well to concede just 5 runs despite that. There’s a ball change in that over as well. 200 comes up for SL.

Mathews is the new man in, he would do well to keep the momentum going for the Lankans.

After 33 overs, Sri Lanka 196/3 - Fifty for Avishka Fernando!

The stylish right-hander has been impressive since slotting in at No 3 for Sri Lanka and he reaches his 2nd ODI fifty with a four over mid-on. Cross-seam from Thomas, lofted with elegance. Celebrates with punching his gloves in the air. Can he make it a big score for SL? Meanwhile, Holder has more treatment, looks like an ankle problem.

After 32 overs, Sri Lanka 189/3 - Mendis gone, Allen with a special catch!

WHAT. A. CATCH! We have seen some stunners in this World Cup and this return catch by Fabian Allen is right up there! Kusal Mendis has to go. Brilliant caught and bowled. Mendis will be disappointed he hit a full toss straight back to the bowled but that really was a special, special effort.

After 31 overs, Sri Lanka 181/2 - Fernando 39, K Mendis 36

A powerful pull shot in front of midwicket by Fernando. OShane Thomas goes for a surprise short ball but that just sits up nicely for the Lankan batsman. Another good over for SL.

After 30 overs, Sri Lanka 173/2 - Fernando 32, K Mendis 35

Three runs from Allen’s fourth over as the partnership between these two talented young cricketers nears 70.

If Sri Lanka double their score from here, they reach 346: that would be nearly 100 more than their best total in the tournament so far!

After 29 overs, Sri Lanka 170/2 - Fernando 30, K Mendis 34

Four! The runs keep flowing for the Sri Lankans! Oshane Thomas returns to the attack and bowls one on Kusal Mendis’ pads, the right-hander maintains good balance and flicks it past mid-wicket for his fourth boundary.

After 28 overs, Sri Lanka 164/2 - Fernando 29, K Mendis 29

Shot! Fabian Allen angles it in to Kusal Mendis’ pads and the right-hander sweeps it wonderfully for four. The left-arm spinner comes back well to concede just a single off the next four balls. But Sri Lanka are going forward at a steady rate at the moment.

After 27 overs, Sri Lanka 158/2 - Fernando 28, K Mendis 24

Good over for Sri Lanka as left-arm pacer Sheldon Cottrell bowls a few on the right-handed Kusal Mendis’ pads. The Windies fielders do well to stop a few runs but the Lankans manage to pick up eight without hitting a boundary.

After 26 overs, Sri Lanka 150/2 - Fernando 27, K Mendis 17

Quiet second over by left-arm spinner Fabian Allen, four singles come from it. The hundred and fifty is up for the Sri Lankans. They can go past three hundred at this rate. If they can keep their heads and build partnerships, of course.

After 25 overs, Sri Lanka 146/2 - Fernando 25, K Mendis 15

Four singles from the Cottrell over as SL reach the half-way stage with the loss of just two wickets and scoring at run-a-ball nearly. Score predictor is saying 310-plus at this point and that would be a good score to get to for the Lankans.

After 24 overs, Sri Lanka 142/2 - Fernando 23, K Mendis 13

First sight of spin in this match (on a pitch that is expected to play a bit slow). And it’s a tight over from Fabian Allen. Four dot balls to Mendis, and then finishes off the over with a good ball to Fernando. Some sort of calm to the proceedings from the WI point of view.

After 23 overs, Sri Lanka 141/2 - Fernando 23, K Mendis 12

SIX! WHAT. A. SHOT! Avishka Fernando has been a revelation of sorts in this World Cup at No 3 for SL. And he hits the shot of the match so far, pulling a short-ish ball over midwicket for a six. Cottrell’s return to the bowling attack is not a pleasant one as he is left unhappy with the fielding effort next ball.

After 22 overs, Sri Lanka 133/2 - Fernando 15, K Mendis 12

Short from Holder, pulled by Mendis for four. Full from Holder, lofted down the ground by Fernando for four. Fearless cricket. (Wonder where this was against Proteas, SL fans?) 20 runs have come from the last 2 overs. This has been a complete contrasting batting performance compared to the other day in Durham against South Africa.

Meanwhile, Cotrrell saves more runs fielding in the deep. What a joy he has been to watch in the field.

After 21 overs, Sri Lanka 123/2 - Fernando 10, K Mendis 7

Big over the Lankans! Fernando with a good pull shot for three and then Mendis slogs one past mid-on for four. And another double, down the fine leg.

Overheard in the newsroom: That was a bit weird by the DJ to play ‘Who let the dogs out?’ when Shai Hope let one through his legs or four.

After 20 overs, Sri Lanka 113/2 - Fernando 5, K Mendis 2

More indiscipline from WI on the field. First the captain oversteps (Holder a bit unlucky there and also it sounded like a caught behind to us but didn’t matter). Off the free hit, Shai Hope lets one through his pads for four byes. 8 runs in that over and 5 of them bonus.

SL have scored at a good rate in the last 10 overs (64 runs) but lost two big wickets.

After 19 overs, Sri Lanka 105/2 - Fernando 4, K Mendis 0

WICKET! Now, Sri Lanka’s turn to play poor cricket. The well-set Kusal Perera is run out. Ball-watching, pays the price. Cottrell with a superb throw from the deep. Last few mins have shown why these two teams are not in top four contention. And Sri Lanka’s wait for a centurion at the World Cup continues.

After 18 overs, Sri Lanka 103/1 - Perera 63, Fernando 3

DROPPED! POOR CRICKET! Perera pulls, Pooran puts down a sitter. Holder cannot believe this! “Basics... just the basics, the West Indies are getting it wrong. You are not going win matches like that,” says Clarke on air. Spot on. Not great cricket from Perera either mind you. Short ball, pulled to the one fielder in the deep. Longer boundary too. Not smart thinking. It was another superb over from Holder as he beat Fernando outside offstump early on. No luck for the WI captain.

After 17 overs, Sri Lanka 97/1 - Perera 59, Fernando 1

Good little spell for the Windies here. Just three singles in that Brathwaite over. Perera needs to make sure he stays for the long haul. Remember, no Sri Lankan has scored a century in this World Cup so far.

After 16 overs, Sri Lanka 94/1 - HOLDER STRIKES!

BREAKTHROUGH! Holder removes his counterpart Karunaratne as WI get a much-needed wicket. SL captain out for 32. More relief than celebration for the WI captain. DK bottom-edged what was not the best of deliveries, Shai Hope takes the catch. And off the first ball he faces, Avishka Fernando faces a big LBW appeal and Holder decides to review. But that ball is missing the leg stump and Windies lose their review.

After 15 overs, Sri Lanka 91/0 (Karunaratne 30, Perera 58)

10-run over as Perera hits a boundary off the first ball of Brathwaite’s over. Perhaps he is looking to tee off properly now? Lifted impressively down the ground. More frustrations on the field for Brathwaite and Holder.. the bowler and captain not happy with Hetmyer’s efforts.

After 14 overs, Sri Lanka 81/0 (Karunaratne 27, Perera 51)

Fifty for Kusal Pererra! His third in this World Cup and perhaps the most impressive so far because he has mixed caution with aggression. It’s not been just wham-bam. The fact that he got to the fifty with a single while at the same time took just 38 balls, tells you about the smartness of this innings. Eight runs without boundary in Brathwaite’s first over followed by four runs off Holder’s over.

After 12 overs, Sri Lanka 69/0 (Karunaratne 24, Perera 42)

If you are a SL fan, this over should please more than the last where KP hit three fours. Six singles, sensible cricket, keeping the scoreboard ticking, risk-free batting. Jason Holder keeps it steady but not helped by sloppy fielding.

After 11 overs, Sri Lanka 63/0 (Karunaratne 21, Perera 39)

HAT-TRICK OF BOUNDARIES! To the left of the fine leg fielder, to the right of the fine leg fielder... Kusal Perera will hit you all day long if you feed him short balls like that, Shannon Gabriel. And then the bowler goes full, the SL opener lofts one down the ground! Top batting. 14 runs from the over, 50 comes up for the opening partnership. Gabriel has had a poor start.

After 10 overs, Sri Lanka 49/0 (Karunaratne 20, Perera 26)

Mix up! “Now, how’s that a run?!” asks Michael Holding on air as SL take a risky single. It could be a criticism of either side really but Sunil Ambris is guilty of being slow at square leg and misses a runout chance. Really, that was ordinary.

Meanwhile, Holder had a limp during that over and he’s stepped out of the field for treatment. Windies will hope its not serious. End of the first powerplay and one SL should be very happy with.

After 9 overs, Sri Lanka 47/0 (Karunaratne 19, Perera 25)

This has been smart cricket from the Lankans... not just going wham-bham in the first powerplay. But also looking to rotate strike, targetting only the bad balls. The openers have realised the need to play the long haul, perhaps.

Holder comes in...

After 8 overs, Sri Lanka 43/0 (Karunaratne 18, Perera 22)

Oshane Thomas offers width to Karunaratne and its slapped through offside for four. But the young pacer comes back with five dot balls. That’s 11 dot balls in his last two overs.

After 7 overs, Sri Lanka 39/0 (Karunaratne 15, Perera 22)

A hit-and-miss over from Gabriel. Induces a false shot from Perera as a leading edge falls short of the fielder. And then bowls a terrible ball on the leg side, twice in the over. Both hit down fine leg for boundaries. Actually, that’s just a poor over. Eleven runs from it.

After 5 overs, Sri Lanka 28/0 (Karunaratne 14, Perera 13)

First maiden over of the day. Oshane Thomas with a good over to Dimuth. Better from the youngster, focusing on the angle away from the SL captain and not feeding him on his pads.

Gabriel replaces Cottrell from the other end.

After 5 overs, Sri Lanka 28/0 (Karunaratne 14, Perera 13)

Five boundaries in the innings so far in the first overs! This time, Kusal Perera dances down the track and lofts Cottrell over mid-off. There’s the Sanath touch again. There have been a few plays and misses in the early overs but SL have come out with good intent.

After 4 overs, Sri Lanka 22/0 (Karunaratne 13, Perera 8)

Another boundary in the over as Captain Dimuth has started off in great form. This time, hit past point off Oshane Thomas and Cottrell cannot stop it at the third man boundary. More good batting from the Lankan captain.

After 3 overs, Sri Lanka 17/0 (Karunaratne 9, Perera 7)

Boundaries! Captain Dimuth Karunaratne shows off his class as he hits Cottrell for two boundaries through the leg-side. “Asian wrists take over,” says Sangakkara for the second of those boundaries. Great timing on both those shots. Good start for SL once again the first powerplay.

After 2 overs, Sri Lanka 8/0 (Karunaratne 1, Perera 7)

FOUR! Sri Lanka are up and running... Kusal Perera, no surprise, with the first boundary of the day. Slapped through the offside off Oshane Thomas. Six runs from that over, as the commentators once again remind us of how Sri Lanka have the best scoring rate in the first powerplay in this World Cup.

After 1 over, Sri Lanka 2/0 (Karunaratne 1, Perera 1)

No fireworks from Cottrell in the first over, steady line and length. Two singles.

3.01 pm: We are all set for action in Durham. Will see two teams playing fearless entertaining cricket? That should make for a good game...

Sheldon Cottrell to Dimuth Karunaratne...

2.53 pm: Time for the national anthems.

2.47 pm: Playing XIs

Sri Lanka: Dimuth Karunaratne (C), Kusal Perera (wk), Avishka Fernando, Kusal Mendis, Angelo Mathews, Lahiru Thirimanne, Dhananjaya de Silva, Isuru Udana, Jeffrey Vandersay, Lasith Malinga, Kasun Rajitha

West Indies: Chris Gayle, Sunil Ambris, Shai Hope (wk), Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer, Jason Holder (C), Carlos Brathwaite, Fabian Allen, Sheldon Cottrell, Shannon Gabriel, Oshane Thomas

2.45 pm: Team news

Shannon Gabriel is back into the West Indies XI as Kemar Roach is unwell, while Sri Lanka bring in Lahiru Thirimanne, Jeffrey Vandersay and Kasun Rajitha (who was a late replacement for Nuwan Pradeep).

Confirmed playing XIs coming up....

2.41 pm: Sri Lanka’s 20-run win over England had breathed life into their inconsistent campaign but a painful defeat against South Africa, in the very next game, hurt their semi-finals chances. And England’s win over India eliminated the Sri Lankans because the first tie-breaker is the number of wins and they can’t go past England on that count.

2.33 pm: TOSS NEWS — West Indies have won the toss and Jason Holder opts to field first.

2.28 pm: There’s a strong wind blowing across Chester-le-street that should make things challenging for the batsmen in the first hour but should be good for batting otherwise reckon Simon Doull and Ian Bishop.

2.25 pm: Before we go into details of this match, big news from the Indian camp. A second player has been ruled out of the World Cup due to injury. Vijay Shankar set to be replaced by Mayank Agarwal.

2.20 pm: Hello all and welcome to our live coverage of the 2019 World Cup. It’s the first dead rubber of the World Cup. Not too bad that it’s taken nearly 40 matches for us to get here, to be fair!

West Indies head coach Floyd Reifer has revealed his team tried to process their disappointing World Cup campaign with a lengthy soul-searching session.

Reifer’s side were officially eliminated from the race to qualify for the semi-finals after losing to India on Thursday.

With two matches still to play, starting against Sri Lanka in Durham on Monday, Reifer was keen to avoid his team losing their motivation.

So he held a team meeting in the Old Trafford changing rooms that lasted over an hour as the squad looked to come to terms with their failure to live up to pre-tournament hype.

“We had a long conversation in the dressing room, so we did a lot of soul-searching,” Reifer told reporters on Sunday.

“It is important for us and important for the fans in the Caribbean as well, for us to put up the performances, even at the back end of the World Cup.

“Yes, we are out of the World Cup, but there is still a lot of cricket to play after the World Cup.

“It’s important for us to find the winning ways and find the winning formula going forward, so it is important for us to play this game as hard as possible.

“We want to create that winning culture. It has to start from somewhere. The guys are still up for it. We’re good to go.”