7:46 pm: New Zealand captain Kane Williamson – “It’s a different feeling, to be fair. Have a really good bunch of guys. A tough game, tough semifinal and really pleased to be on the right side of things. It was really tough. We had to assess conditions quickly and I think both sides felt that it wasn’t a high-scoring track. We thought that 240-250 will help us to put India under pressure. With the new ball, our bowlers tried to move the ball off the seam or in the air. Needed to put pressure on that world class batting line-up of India. We knew that when the track slowed down, we had to squeeze. They showed why they are a world class side when they took it really deep to a position where they could have won it through MS and Jadeja. Our character was tested and we come out on top. We’ve seen conditions be really tricky at times and in some games, we didn’t play our best cricket but guys weren’t disheartened and backed themselves. On a particular day, anything can happen and it was a game of small margins. Pleased to come across the line. Indian supporters have been really good.”

7:42 pm: Indian captain Virat Kohli – “The first half, we were very, very good. We got what we needed at that point. We thought we had restricted New Zealand to a chaseable score but the way they come out with the ball was what made the difference. Jadeja had a really good couple of games and it’s his performances that are a huge positive. New Zealand deserve it, they put us under more pressure. At times, I think our shot-selection could have been better. Really proud of the way we competed throughout the tournament. As I said, come the knockouts, New Zealand were braver than us and deserve to win. Thanks to all the fans, thanks for coming out in huge numbers.”

7:33 pm: Player of the match Matt Henry – “Look, we talked about just making sure we do the best we can and play the way we can. We just had to ask a lot of questions against the best batting line-up. I thought we managed to scrap it out. We had the belief, we knew we had to bowl well. Obviously, they are world-class batsmen – Hardik, Dhoni and Jadeja – we knew to win the game we had to get them out. It’s very special (to reach back-to-back World Cup finals) and thanks to the New Zealand supporters out there.”

When Dhoni was run-out...


Chahal goes for a wild slog but gets a faint edge to the ‘keeper. Neesham gets his first wicket. India are bowled-out for 221 in 49.3 overs. Back-to-back World Cup finals for New Zealand. Congratulations to the Kiwis!

India are 217/9 after 49 overs – Chahal 1

WICKET! It’s all coming crashing down for India. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is clean-bowled off the first ball. An absolute peach of a yorker from Lockie Ferguson. The right-arm pacer finishes with figures of 1/43 from his 10 overs. India need 23 off 6.

Kumar b Ferguson 0 (1)

India are 216/8 after 48.3 overs – Bhuvneshwar 0


He hits a six off Ferguson and then gets one towards fine-leg. He goes for a second but Martin Guptill gets a direct hit from the deep. Out by millimeters. Cruel end for Dhoni and Indian fans.

Dhoni run-out Guptill 50 (72)

India are 208/7 after 47.5 overs – Dhoni 42

WICKET! Jadeja is gone! He goes for a slog but gets the edge, the ball goes high up and Williamson take another good catch. Boult now has figures of 2/41 from 9.5 overs. But this is the end of a classic knock from Jadeja. If India pull this off, it’ll be largely due to him. India need 32 off 13.

Jadeja c Williamson b Boult 77 (59)

India are 203/6 after 47 overs – Dhoni 38, Jadeja 76

A fantastic over for New Zealand, just the five singles from it. Dhoni and Jadeja showed no intent of getting boundaries in those six balls. Matt Henry finishes with figures of 3/37 from his 10 overs. Boult is coming on to bowl his final over now. India believe! They need 37 off 18.

India are 198/6 after 46 overs – Dhoni 35, Jadeja 74

FOUR! India get ten runs from that Boult over! The left-arm pacer bowls it wide with a short-third in place, Jadeja hangs back and taps it past the fielder for a four. The left-hander has shown his full range of strokes today. New Zealand have over over each of Boult, Ferguson and Henry remaining. But who will bowl that fourth over? Neesham and de Grandhomme are the options. India believe! They need 42 off 24.

India are 188/6 after 44 overs – Dhoni 33, Jadeja 66

SIX! WHAT. A. SHOT! Jadeja, you absolute beauty! Ferguson pitches it in the slot with mid-off in place, Jadeja takes out his front leg and thumps it over the long-off fence. Good over for India, ten runs come from it. Dhoni looks as cool as ever, opting to leave the last ball of that over alone. India believe! They need 52 off 30.

India are 178/6 after 44 overs – Dhoni 30, Jadeja 59

Jadeja survives! He attempts a slog off Neesham but doesn’t time it well. The ball flies to long-on but Mattt Henry can’t run forward and get to it on time. Another good over for New Zealand, though, just seven runs from it. The asking rate is 10.33 now. India believe! They need 62 off 36.

India are 171/6 after 43 overs – Dhoni 29, Jadeja 54

A superb over for New Zealand, just three runs come from it. Lockie Ferguson bowls fast and doesn’t give the batsmen any room. Perhaps, it’s time for MS Dhoni to go for it as well. India believe! They need 69 off 42.

India are 168/6 after 42 overs – Dhoni 28, Jadeja 52

FIFTY FOR RAVINDRA JADEJA! He gets there in 39 balls. Absolutely brilliant from the left-hander. He does his famous “talwaarbaazi” to celebrate. Nine runs come from Neesham’s sixth over as Jadeja pulls one for four. India believe! They need 72 off 48.

India are 159/6 after 41 overs – Dhoni 27, Jadeja 45

SIX! Jadeja comes down the track and drives it over the mid-wicket boundary to pick up his second maximum off Santner’s bowling. The left-arm spinner finishes with figures of 2/34 from his 10 overs. Nine runs come from that over. India believe! They need 81 off 54.

India are 150/6 after 40 overs – Dhoni 24, Jadeja 39

50-RUN PARTNERSHIP! Dhoni and Jadeja bring up their fifty-run stand in 56 balls. Ferguson bowls it short and Jadeja gets a faint edge as he tries to pull it, the ball flies past the ‘keeper for four. Another good over for India, nine runs come from it. They need 90 off 60. India believe!

India are 141/6 after 39 overs – Dhoni 23, Jadeja 32

SIX! What a shot from Jadeja! Santner tosses it up and the left-hander dances down the track to thump it straight back. Big fist pump beween Dhoni and Jadeja after that. India believe! Ten runs come from that over. They need 44 off 56.

India are 131/6 after 38 overs – Dhoni 22, Jadeja 24

Shot! Smart cricket from Jadeja. Henry bowls a short ball with a deep square-leg in place, Jadeja rocks back and pulls it in front of square to the vacant region behind mid-wicket for four. But a decent over for New Zealand, just five runs from it. India need 109 off 72.

India are 126/6 after 37 overs – Dhoni 22, Jadeja 19

Another good over for New Zealand, just the three runs come from it. Mitchell Santner has figures of 2/15 from 8 overs at the moment. India need 114 runs from 78 balls. Looks like Dhoni has decided to take the game deep and go for a late assault. He needs Jadeja to hand in there. The asking rate is 8.8.

India are 123/6 after 36 overs – Dhoni 21, Jadeja 17

Matt Henry comes back to start another spell and does a good job for a team. Just the three singles and a wide from the right-arm pacer’s eighth over. MS Dhoni gets beaten with a wonderful delivery that cut back him. The asking rate climbs yet again.

India are 119/6 after 35 overs – Dhoni 20, Jadeja 15

Mitchell Santner returns to the attack and concedes five runs in his seventh over. The left-arm spinner has brilliant figures of 2/12. MS Dhoni and Ravi Jadeja have added 27 off 27 for the seventh wicket. India need 121 off 90.

India are 114/6 after 34 overs – Dhoni 19, Jadeja 11

Another good over for India, eight runs come from it. Trent Boult bowls a low full-toss and MS Dhoni drives it straight back for a four. India need 126 off 96. A completely doable chase if there were more wickets in hand. Still have a chance, though. Cricket, as we all know very well, is a funny game.

India are 106/6 after 33 overs – Dhoni 14, Jadeja 9

SIX! What a shot from Ravindra Jadeja! James Neesham pitches it slightly short of a length and the left-hander steps down the crease to drive it straight back for a maximum. Good over for India, nine runs come from it. The asking rate has hit eight-an-over. India can’t afford to nudge the ball around. Might as well go down swinging and at least give yourself a chance to pull off a miracle.

India are 97/6 after 32 overs – Dhoni 12, Jadeja 2

Kane Williamson goes for the kill and brings his trump card Trent Boult back into the attack. The left-arm seamer concedes three runs in his seventh over. India have not hit a boundary in 12 overs. Looks like this is going to be a slow death.

India are 92/6 after 30.3 overs – Dhoni 10

WICKET! Poor, poor cricket once again from an Indian batsman. This time Hardik Pandya attempts a slog-sweep, to the left-arm spin of Mitchell Santner (why?!), and gets a top-edge. The ball goes high and Kane Williamson peddles back from mid-wicket to take a fine catch. This has to be game, set, match for New Zealand. Ravindra Jadeja is the new man at the crease.

Pandya c Williamson b Santner 32 (56)

India are 92/5 after 30 overs – Hardik 32, Dhoni 10

Dhoni finally finds the middle of his bat. Neesham bowls it wide and on a length, the right-hander uses his wrists to drive it past covers for three. He is on 10 off 23 now. Seven runs come from that over. Need more intent from the Indian batsmen.

India are 85/5 after 29 overs – Hardik 30, Dhoni 5

Dhoni cuts one for two but that’s all that India get from Mitchell Santner’s fifth over. The left-arm spinner isn’t getting much turn but he’s bowling a tight line. India need to pick bowlers who they can go after.

India are 83/5 after 28 overs – Hardik 30, Dhoni 3

One run from Lockie Ferguson’s sixth over. That’s right, one run. The required-rate has gone over 7. Hardik Pandya will need to go for it soon but it’s safe to say that Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be timing the chase till he’s at the crease.

India are 82/5 after 27 overs – Hardik 30, Dhoni 2

Just the two singles from Mitchell Santner’s fourth over. The left-arm spinner has taken the important wicket of Rishabh Pant and conceded just three runs in his four overs. Brilliant stuff. The asking rate is climbing for India. Can’t merely survive now.

India are 80/5 after 26 overs – Hardik 29, Dhoni 1

Hardik Pandya works the ball to the leg side and manages to pick up three runs from Lockie Ferguson’s fifth over. It isn’t just about the wickets now, India need 6.7 runs an over going forward. It’ll be miraculous if the two-champions pull the chase off from this position.

India are 77/5 after 25 overs – Hardik 26, Dhoni 1

A single and a leg-bye from Mitchell Santner’s third over. The left-arm spinner has figures of 1/1 at the moment.

India are 75/5 after 24 overs – Hardik 25, Dhoni 1

Four runs come from James Neesham’s third over as Hardik Pandya pulls one to pick up two. MS Dhoni needs to play a knock very similar to the one he played in the 2011 final. This is it for India. This is the last partnership with two specialist batsman at the crease.

India are 71/5 after 22.5 overs – Hardik 22

WICKET! Rishabh Pant is gone! The partnership is broken! India’s chances are all but over!

Mitchell Santner bowls five dot balls in his second over, after his maiden first up, and Pant can’t take it any longer. He attempts a horrendous slog and the ball goes straight to deep mid-wicket. Poor, poor cricket. Pant and Pandya’s partnership for the fifth wicket is broken for 47. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is (finally) in.

Pant c de Grandhomme b Santner 32 (56)

India are 71/4 after 22 overs – Pant 32, Hardik 22

Nine dot balls in a row now for Hardik Pandya as James Neesham concedes just a single in his second over. The Kiwis are bowling a disciplined line and the Indians aren’t taking risks. Now that Pandya and Rishabh Pant have got a start, this partnership is most important for the two-time champions.

India are 70/4 after 21 overs – Pant 31, Hardik 22

Mitchell Santner joins the attack and starts off with a maiden. Not a lot of turn for the left-arm spinner but he manages to bowl a tight line. New Zealand are playing with just one spinner (if we don’t count Kane Williamson) and India will need to be careful against him.

India are 70/4 after 20 overs – Pant 31, Hardik 22

Hardik Pandya survives, again! He goes for a needless second run and just about makes it in. Would’ve been out if the throw from fine-leg was slightly better. The last thing India need at the moment is a run-out. Rishabh Pant slashes hard at the last ball and gets a thick outside edge for four. Risky shot but India will gladly take the runs. Eight runs come from James Neesham’s first over.

India are 62/4 after 19 overs – Pant 27, Hardik 19

Rishabh Pant swivels and gets the ball to deep square-leg to pick up two runs. Lockie Ferguson does well to beat the left-hander’s bat and bowl five dot balls. Pant and Hardik Pandya must break this chase down and just focus on surviving till the 30th over. The runs will come and India will then be in a much better position. New Zealand, on the other hand, need to be ruthless and keep going all-out for wickets. Let’s not forget, the Kiwis don’t have a massive total on the board.

India are 60/4 after 18 overs – Pant 25, Hardik 19

Hat-trick of twos for Hardik Pandya. He’s his usual confident self at the moment. Colin de Grandhomme struggles to get the right line in his second over. Pandya and Rishabh Pant have added 36 runs off 48 balls. But there’s a long, long way to go. A good over for India, nine runs come from it.

India are 51/4 after 17 overs – Pant 24, Hardik 12

Hardik Pandya survives! The right-hander mistimes a pull and luckily for him the ball ends up in no man’s land. Lockie Ferguson bowled that at 146 kmph and Pandya got rushed into the shot. Four runs come from that over.

India are 47/4 after 16 overs – Pant 23, Hardik 10

Colin de Grandhomme comes into the attack and bowls a steady over. NZ will hope CDG and Neeshame can keep things steady from one end while the other main bowlers can do their thing.

India are 43/4 after 15 overs – Pant 20, Hardik 9

Just a single from Lockie Ferguson’s second over. The right-arm fast bowler is generating some serious pace and keeping a short length. This is a big, big test for two young Indian batsmen. Time for a drinks break. Indian fans surely need this at the moment.

India are 42/4 after 14 overs – Pant 19, Hardik 9

Shot! Hardik Pandya gets on his toes and punches it past covers for four. Class from the right-hander. Just that boundary and a wide come from Matt Henry’s seventh over. The right-arm pacer has been brilliant for his team today. He has figures of 3/23 at the moment.

India are 37/4 after 13 overs – Pant 19, Hardik 5

DROPPED! Rishabh Pant survives! James Neesham, who had taken a blinder earlier to remove Dinesh Karthik, drops a sitter at mid-wicket. Lockie Ferguson comes into the attack and Pant flicks one hard, the ball goes straight to Neesham but he can’t hold on to it. Big reprieve for India. Pant is the only batsman so far who’s looked in control. Just the two singles come from that over.

India are 35/4 after 12 overs – Pant 18, Hardik 4

Shot! Rishabh Pant gets his third boundary. Matt Henry bowls it short and the left-hander swivels to pull it to the fine-leg fence. Pant is finding the middle of the bat on almost every delivery. Five runs come from that over.

India are 30/4 after 11 overs – Pant 13, Hardik 4

Hardik Pandya gets off the mark with an easy clip to fine-leg for four. Six runs come from Trent Boult’s sixth over. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has still not come out to bat. He’s India’s most experienced player and has a batting average of almost 51 in ODIs. Simply inexplicable.

Ind 24/4 after 10 overs – Pant 12

WICKET! New Zealand are on fire! Dinesh Karthik is gone! Matt Henry bowls it wide and Karthik goes for a horrendous poke. The ball flies to point and James Neesham takes one of the best catches you’ll ever see. He dives to his left and pouches it inches off the ground. Absolute brilliance.

New Zealand were 27/1 at the end of the first powerplay. India are in deep, deep trouble at the end of the first ten overs.

Karthik c Neesham b Henry 6 (25)

Ind 19/3 after 9 overs (Pant 7, Karthik 6)

Boundary for Dinesh Karthik! He gets off the mark off his 21st ball. Trent Boult bowls it slightly wide and the right-hander opens the face of his bat wonderfully to beat point. Karthik then drives the last ball of the over straight back to pick up two. Good over for India, six runs come from it.

Ind 13/3 after 8 overs (Pant 7, Karthik 0)

India get two runs from Matt Henry’s fourth over. The right-arm pacer bowls it on a length and Rishabh Pant drives it past point to pick up two. This will be a test of character for the young left-hander. He will need to control his instincts and avoid aerial shots.

Ind 10/3 after 7 overs (Pant 5, Karthik 0)

Dinesh Karthik doing what Virat Kohli should’ve done – playing with a straight bat to the in-swingers by Trent Boult. Another maiden over for the left-arm Kiwi pacer. He manages to beat Karthik’s bat with a yorker that was angled wide but moved in a bit. Tough times for the Indian batsmen.

Ind 10/3 after 6 overs (Pant 5, Karthik 0)

First boundary for India! Matt Henry bowls a low full-toss and Rishabh Pant drives it between covers and point to pick up four runs. Pant and Dinesh Karthik have looked solid so far. They’re leaving and defending the ball with confidence.

Ind 6/3 after 5 overs (Pant 1, Karthik 0)

Matt Henry and Trent Boult are bowling an immaculate line at the moment. They’re testing the batsmen with the right line and late swing. India have Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Karthik at the crease now. This is chance for the remaining batsmen to achieve greatness. Got to dig in deep.

Ind 5/3 after 3.1 overs (Pant 0)

WICKET!! Rahul gone too!!! Caught by the keeper. This is India’s worst-case scenario. India have lost their top three run-getters in the tournament in three overs. This is disastrous. Henry strikes again. What a start for NZ!

Rahul c Latham b Matt Henry 1(7)

Ind 5/2 after 2.4 overs (Rahul 1)

WICKET! Boult gets one to come back into Kohli and traps him LBW. The umpire gives it out. India go for the review, it shows that it would have clipped the stumps. Umpire’s decision stands. What a big, big, big wicket. Just the start of the innings and India are already in major trouble. Time for Rahul, Pant, Pandya, Dhoni... someone to stand up and become a hero.

Kohli lbw b Boult 1(6)

Ind 4/1 after 1.3 overs (Rahul 1)

WICKET! Henry sends Rohit Sharma back with a beauty. Perfect line, forcing the batsman to push at it, moving away, taking the edge through to the keeper. That hurts India and gives the Kiwis a huge boost.

Rohit c Latham b Matt Henry 1(4)

Ind 2/0 after 1 over (Rahul 1, Rohit 1)

Two singles. Boult was a bit too short early in the over and the batsmen sneaked in two singles. There was some movement in the air for the left-arm paceman.

Ind 0/0 after 0 overs

Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul have walked out and are all ready to open the innings.

3.26 pm: This from Kohli just before start of play today...

NZ 239/8 after 50 overs (Santner 9, Boult 3)

India need 240 to win at 4.80 RPO. Solid over by Bumrah – he never does anything poorly. That Taylor run out probably cost NZ a boundary or two. Still a slow wicket but India should back themselves to get this total. They can afford to give the first hour to the bowlers and then pick it up.

NZ 232/8 after 49 overs (Santner 6)

WICKET! Henry holes out in the deep. Kohli takes an easy catch and Bhuvi gets his third wicket of the innings. More importantly, seven runs from the over.

Matt Henry c Kohli b Bhuvneshwar 1(2)

NZ 225/7 after 48.1 overs (Santner 0)

WICKET!! Jadeja with a great catch in the deep. Latham connected well off Bhuvi’s first ball and Jadeja timed his jump well and made sure he stayed on the right side of the boundary line too. He should be in the team for his fielding alone. The two set batsmen are gone.

Latham c Jadeja b Bhuvneshwar 10 (11)

NZ 225/6 after 48 overs (Latham 10)

WICKET! What a throw by Jadeja!!! Direct hit from the deep catches Taylor short. The NZ batsman was going for his second run. India were only going to get this wicket with a direct hit and Jadeja delivered.

Ross Taylor run out (Jadeja) 74 (90, 4x3, 6x1)

NZ 217/5 after 47 overs (Taylor 70, Latham 6)

8 runs off the over. No fours but a couple of twos. NZ will have to run hard – the fielders are all on the boundaries and that opens up the field.

NZ 211/5 after 46.1 overs (Taylor 67, Latham 3)

NZ will be looking to at least get a run-a-ball from the remaining balls in their innings. Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar won’t make it easy for them.

2.52 pm: 23 balls left in the innings. NZ are currently on 211/5 and they will be looking to try and get at least 240-250. Will that be enough?

2.50 pm: The pitch will still be slow to bat on and stroke play won’t be easy. While doing the match report on Star Sports ahead of the start of play, Manjrekar had mentioned that India might have preferred batting yesterday as the rain would have helped the ball come onto the bat.

2.45 pm: India are the favourites in every book and VVS Laxman expects Virat Kohli to play a captain’s knock and lead India to victory today.

2.30 pm: The action resumes as the first World Cup semi-final between India and New Zealand will head into a second day after rain prevented the match finishing as scheduled at Old Trafford on Tuesday.

The match, which remains a 50 overs per side contest, will now resume at 10:30 am (0930 GMT), weather permitting.

New Zealand had struggled to 211/5 off 46.1 overs when persistent rain worsened sufficiently for the umpires to halt play at 2:00 pm (1300 GMT) with 23 balls left in the innings.

Ross Taylor was 67 not out and Tom Latham three not out after New Zealand captain Kane Williamson, who won the toss, had made a painstaking 67.

After more than four hours off the field, and with fresh rain falling, the match officials decided there was no prospect of completing the minimum 20 overs per side game required under the Duckworth-Lewis method for rain-affected matches.

They abandoned play for the day at 6:20 pm (1720 GMT).

If a result cannot be achieved on Wednesday, India will qualify for Sunday’s final at Lord’s by virtue of having finished first to New Zealand’s fourth in the 10-team group stage.