9.50 pm: That will be all from us on what has been a breathtaking day of sporting action across sports.

9.49 pm: Priyam Garg is happy with the performance and says he will take a lot of positives from the group stages, ready for the Australian challenge.

India top Group A: The defending champions will take on Australia in the Super League quarter-finals on Tuesday. The Aussies had won a thriller against England. And barring a massive miracle for Japan against Sri Lanka, New Zealand will face Group B toppers West Indies.

Player of the match: For the second match running, Ravi Bishnoi is the player of the match for India. Back-to-back four-wicket hauls.

20.6: INDIA WIN 3 OUT OF 3! The defending champions go through to the quarter-finals as Group A toppers as Priyam Garg completes the formality with a direct hit. Joy for India.

20.1: WICKET! Middle stump goes for a walk. Aditya Ashok has no answer to the yorker from Kartik Tyagi and the end is nigh for NZ. NZ: 146/9

After 20 overs, New Zealand 146/8

End of another fine outing for Ravi Bishnoi as he picks up back-to-back four-wicket hauls. Finishes with 4/30. NZ need 46 from 18 balls.

After 19 overs, New Zealand 141/8 (Hancock 4, Ashok 2)

The stuffing has been knocked out of the Kiwis’ run-chase. Tidy over by Tyagi as we head towards a India win.

17.6: WICKET! THREE IN THE OVER! Ravi Bishnoi is on fire once again as Akash Singh takes a stunning catch in the deep to dismiss Greenall. Fourth wicket for the spinner as the Kiwis have unravelled. The replays show it is some effort by the pacer to take the catch at deep midwicket. Covered a lot of distance and put in a forward dive! Catch of the tournament contender. NZ 137/8

17.3: WICKET! Ravi Bishnoi has his third and (surprise, surprise) it’s the googly again. This time it is indeed a stumping by Jurel as Dickson is out for a duck. NZ: 132/7

17.1: WICKET! Ravi Bishnoi is back into the attack and he strikes again with his lethal googly. Pomare came down the track but missed the ball which clipped the leg stump. Would have been stumped anyway. NZ staring down the barrel now.

After 17 overs, New Zealand 131/5 (Greenall 11, Pomare 2)

Kartik Tyagi comes back into the attack and concedes X runs. Greenall is moving around the crease so much, trying the ramps and scoops and that upset Tyagi’s rhythm a bit. But the innovations are not quite coming off for the Kiwi batsman. A good finish to the over by the pacer. NZ need 61 from 35 balls.

After 16 overs, New Zealand 124/5 (Greenall 7, Pomare 1)

Greenall hits a four to release some pressure with a good hit for four but the run-rate is climbing steadily after that Sushant over goes for 8 runs.

15.1: WICKET! Tashkoff finds his counterpart Priyam Garg at mid-on and Sushant has his first wicket. India are on top now. NZ: 116/5

After 15 overs, New Zealand 116/4 (Tashkoff 3, Greenall 2)

Atharva Ankolekar went for 16 runs in his first over but he finishes his spell with 3 wickets for 12 runs in the next four overs. Brilliant!

14.4: WICKET! Ankolekar has his third and he lets out another roar. Lidstone is gone for 8 and India are turning on their screws. This is Ankolekar’s final over and he is finishing strongly.

After 13 overs, New Zealand 104/3 (Lidstone 3, Tashkoff 3)

Ankolekar with another tremendous over for India. Just one run off it and a loud caught behind appeal that prevented a wide from being given. NZ need 88 runs from 10 overs.

After 12 overs, New Zealand 103/3 (Lidstone 3, Tashkoff 2)

Akash Singh comes back into the attack and bowls a tidy over. Like Ankolekar, a nice comeback after leaking runs in his first over. Just four singles. Good pressure being built by India. NZ 89 more from 66 balls.

After 11 overs, New Zealand 99/3 (Lidstone 1, Tashkoff 0)

Four runs and a wicket, India have their foot back in the door. Ankolekar has bounced back well after the expensive first over and having two new batsmen in will help India.

10.4: WICKET! Ankolekar lets out a huge roar! Lellman’s exciting cameo comes to an end as he falls for a 19-ball 31. He plays on to the stumps. India are fighting back in this match. The ball was outside offstump, Lellman went for a sweep but dragged it on.

After 10 overs, New Zealand 95/1 (Lellman 28, Lidstone 0)

Lellman is putting on a show! Superb extra cover drives off Bishnoi to pick up a couple of boundaries. There was another huge appeal in the over for LBW, rightly turned down. Lellman keeps the strike.

8.4: WICKET! Ankolekar bounces back after an expensive first over and NZ lose the wicket of Mariu who made a superb 30-ball 42. Tyagi takes the catch at long off. India take a wicket at a crucial time.

After 8 overs, New Zealand 79/1 (Mariu 42, Lellman 18)

Good over from Bishnoi as Mariu and Lellman try cheeky shots that don’t come through.

After 7 overs, New Zealand 74/1 (Mariu 38, Lellman 16)

Back-to-back sixes! Atharva Ankolekar comes on for the first time in the tournament and he is smacked for two sixes by Lellman. Another big over for NZ. 16 from it.

After 6 overs, New Zealand 58/1 (Mariu 38, Lellman 1)

Mariu gets a boundary in the over as he continues on his merry way. A big LBW appeal against Lellman, umpire says no.

5.3: WICKET!!! There’s the breakthrough for India and no surprises that Bishnoi is the man to provide it. Oli White is stumped. A slider from the wrist-spinner and the left-handed white missed it, Jurel did the rest.

Ravi Bishnoi comes on and he will have a massive role to play for India...

After 5 overs, New Zealand 51/0 (Mariu 33, White 13)

Akash Singh comes on and Mariu gets a four off the third ball with an edge over the keeper. Too short from the left-arm pacer and India are looking under pressure. The right-handed Mariu continues to rub salt into India’s wounds with a superb shot over midwicket. FIRST SIX of the innings. Finishes the over with a four over point, WHAT A START! 17 runs from that over.

In the previous over, a chance missed by India:

DROPPED! Ankolekar puts down an absolute sitter at deep square leg and Mariu gets a life. And the throw results in a couple of extra runs. SLOPPY FROM INDIA.

After 4 overs, New Zealand 33/0 (Mariu 17, White 13)

New Zealand openers are putting pressure on the Indian fielders, who have not looked great so far. White goes over the top to get another boundary. India need a wicket.

After 3 overs, New Zealand 25/0 (Mariu 14, White 7)

Not the best of starts for Sushant but the first attacking intent shown by New Zealand in the evening. White gets a boundary in the second over and then Mariu gets two boundaries in Tyagi’s second over. The chase is on.

After 1 over, New Zealand 3/0 (Mariu 1, White 0)

Extras have been a problem for India in both games and Tyagi, yet again, errs outside off to concede back-to-back wides. Otherwise, India’s frontline pacer got lovely shape on the ball. Just one run off the bat.

7.57 pm: Run-chase to start anytime now. An exciting T20 type game on cards, weather permitting.

New Zealand need 192 to win.

India finish at 115/0 in 23 overs (Jaiswal 57, Saxena 52)

Saxena cuts away on the off side and gets a couple, that’s his half-century and boy, isn’t he pleased with that. Again, it’s another six-run over. India could manage only a run-a-ball 12 after play resumed. Their bowlers have a mighty task on their hands. New Zealand just need to be steady.

After 22 overs, India 109/0 (Jaiswal 55, Saxena 48)

Adtiya Ashok starts proceedings for New Zealand after the rain delay. The bowler gives it a good loop. India need boundaries and they weren’t getting any of that in this over with the ball. Just six runs from the over.

Finally, the umpires are making their way onto the field, followed by the players.

7:30 pm: This is now a 23-overs-a-side encounter after another spell of rain. Play will get under way shortly.

7:10 pm: Just look at that. Just as we were getting ready for play to restart at Bloemfontein, the covers are back on.

The play is set to resume.

6:40 pm: Play will resume at 7:00 pm IST so stay tuned.

6:32 pm: It will be a 27-overs-a-side encounter at Bloemfontein. Finally, the umpires have decided that play will continue but it will be a truncated contest. After being in a position of strength courtesy of their openers, are India now at a disadvantage? They have only six overs to affect the course of the first innings.

6:15 pm: Still no signs of play resuming after another spell of rain nearly 20 minutes ago. The wait continues for both teams.

5.10 pm: As things stand, India will not mind a washout really. That will be enough for them to top the group. The forecast is not good either with more rains expected later.

5.06 pm: It’s been two hours without a play and the update from Bloemfontein is there is another inspection. No rain at the moment but it is still gloomy. There are tires all over the field to help with the drying presumably.

4.32 pm: The weather has cleared in Bloemfontein. The covers are coming off and the officials are having a look at the conditions.

4.02 pm: Some live footage from Bloemfontein and we can see groundstaff clearing the water puddles in the outfield. Rain has stopped. There are a lot of puddles but the commentator says the drainage is good. No update on a resumption, though.

3.46 pm: What a win for India in Auckland. A superb run-chase. But don’t forget Bumrah’s exceptional death bowling where he conceded just 16 off his last 2 overs and took a wicket.

Over in Auckland: Shreyas Iyer has played an absolute blinder to take India to a win with an over to spare!! Finishes off with a massive six, unbeaten on 58!

3.35 pm: Here’s something to watch as we wait for some good news from Bloemfontein.

3.32 pm: Not a good update from ESPNCricinfo’s reporter in South Africa...

WEATHER FORECAST: Not looking good in Bloemfontein.

PLAY STOPPED IN BLOEMFONTEIN: Already one match has been washed out for the day in South Africa, and rain has caused a delay in the start of the SAvENG Test match as well. Not a good weather day with so much cricket in the country. In case you are just joining us, India are sitting pretty at 103/0 after 21 overs.

Over in Auckland: Rahul (56 off 27) throws it away after a superb innings as Southee holds on to a tough catch. Wicket for Sodhi. A few wickets could rob India of momentum and that has to be NZ’s aim. Ind 115/2 after 10 overs.

BIG NEWS AT AUSTRALIAN OPEN: COCO GAUFF CAUSES THE BIGGEST UPSET OF THE FIRST MAJOR OF 2020! The 15-year-old beats defending champion & 3rd seed Naomi Osaka 6-3, 6-4 in the third round on her Aus Open debut!

PLAY STOPPED: Bad news from Bloemfontein. Lighting in the air as players walk off. And the covers are coming on too. And soon enough, rain follows. Looks very gloomy at the moment.

After 21 overs, India 103/0 (Jaiswal 53, Saxena 44)

FIFTY! Yashasvi Jaiswal continues to impress at the World Cup. A six (first of the match) over square leg as he brings up his 2nd half century in three matches. Just brilliant batting. The round-the-wicket line for Tashkoff is not working at all even if it is 5 dot balls after that six. The 100-run partnership comes up too.

After 20 overs, India 97/0 (Jaiswal 47, Saxena 44)

Aditya Ashok starts off with a lovely over. A googly that beats Jaiswal followed by four dot balls and finally a single to Jaiswal.

New Zealand’s Aditya Ashok, India-born leg-spinner, into the attack now...

After 19 overs, India 96/0 (Jaiswal 46, Saxena 44)

Tashkoff continued to bowl around the wicket to the lefties and it is a big over. Both batsmen are in their 40s now as Jaiswal plays a booming cover drive for four. A couple of threes in the over too.

After 18 overs, India 85/0 (Jaiswal 38, Saxena 41)

A good first over for India after the drinks break. No loss of concentration, another sign of maturity. Saxena moves into the 40s with a superbly placed cut past deep point.

Over in Auckland: India have made a superb start despite losing Rohit Sharma, 65/1 after 6 overs.

After 17 overs, India 78/0 (Jaiswal 37, Saxena 36)

Interestingly, Tashkoff starts off by bowling his first over around the wicket to the left-handed openers. Saxena picks up three runs with a dab to third man but it’s five dot balls otherwise. Time for a drinks break.

Captain Tashkoff comes on to bowl his left-arm spin...

After 16 overs, India 75/0 (Jaiswal 37, Saxena 33)

Once again, great maturity being shown by Indian batsmen. They have scored at a good rate without taking a risk, leaving the balls that need to be left. Just drawing on the experience of playing regular international cricket.

After 15 overs, India 70/0 (Jaiswal 34, Saxena 32)

Oh, that’s majestic. Jaiswal picks his spot through the offside and plays a gorgeous cover drive off Greenall. Longer part of the ground but it races to the fence.

After 14 overs, India 65/0 (Jaiswal 30, Saxena 31)

Solid base being set by the Indian openers who keep the scoreboard ticking. Dickson, however, has impressed with his short-pitched bowling. Has bowled some good bouncers.

After 13 overs, India 62/0 (Jaiswal 29, Saxena 29)

A better over from the off-spinner named after Beckham and with No. 23 on his jersey. Four runs off it. India continue to keep the scoreboard ticking.

After 12 overs, India 58/0 (Jaiswal 26, Saxena 28)

Quiet second over by Dickson. The right-arm fast bowler manages to generate good pace and keep a tight line to concede just two singles in the over.

After 11 overs, India 56/0 (Jaiswal 25, Saxena 27)

SIX! Off-spinner Beckham Wheeler-Greenall joins the attack and Jaiswal gets down on one knee to slog-sweep one over the square-leg boundary. Super shot that. Nine runs come from that over.

After 10 overs, India 47/0 (Jaiswal 17, Saxena 26)

Three runs come from Hayden Dickson’s first over as Jaiswal pulls one over square-leg for two. That’s the end of the first powerplay. India are yet to lose a wicket in the first powerplay in the tournament.

First change of bowling, Hayden Dickson comes on for New Zealand

After 9 overs, India 44/0 (Jaiswal 15, Saxena 26)

A free hit in that Hancock over but Saxena unable to make the most of it. Just a single off that delivery. Six runs in that over as India continue to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Over in Auckland: NZ finish with 203/5. Solid knocks by Munro, Williamson and Taylor helped them set a challenging total for India. There was an injury scare for Bumrah in the final over as he twisted his ankle in the follow through. Hope it is nothing serious.

After 8 overs, India 38/0 (Jaiswal 13, Saxena 23)

Jaiswal’s turn to play a classy cover drive. And Saxena finishes the over with another one to his name! India’s innings has gained some momentum in the past few overs.

After 7 overs, India 29/0 (Jaiswal 8, Saxena 19)

Another boundary for Saxena. Not quite well timed this time but good enough on the fast outfield. India have upped the tempo thanks to Saxena.

CORRECTION: After 6 overs, India 25/0 (Jaiswal 8, Saxena 15)

After a period of lull, Saxena turns on the style in the 6th over. First, Saxena plays a gorgeous cover drive off a length ball. There is always something special about a left-hander’s cover drive isn’t there? Again later in the over, a gorgeous drive by Saxena! This time square of the wicket. Delightful to watch.

After 5 overs, India 13/0 (Jaiswal 7, Saxena 6)

HUZZAH! A Run! After a sequence of 19 dot balls, Jaiswal takes a single off the last ball to prevent a hat-trick of maiden overs. To India’s credit, they are not looking flustered by this tight start from NZ. Continuing to trust their defence and keep it steady.

After 4 overs, India 12/0 (Jaiswal 6, Saxena 6)

Back-to-back maiden overs! Good over this O’Rourke. The idea seems to be to hit the deck hard and make use of the bounce of the wicket. A full ball thrown in to the mix to see if Saxena was alert. Top bowling by New Zealand this.

After 3 overs, India 12/0 (Jaiswal 6, Saxena 6)

A maiden over from Hancock. Got good shape on a couple of deliveries back into Jaiswal and tested him with a bouncer as well. The Indian opener misses out on a short ball outside offstump off the last delivery.

After 2 overs, India 12/0 (Jaiswal 6, Saxena 6)

It’s the pace of O Rourke from the other end and Saxena helps himself to a four from a ball that was on his pads. He flicks another that fetches him a couple. O Rourke concedes 7 in his first over.

After 1 over, India 5/0 (Jaiswal 5, Saxena 0)

Hancock for the first over, and Jaiswal pounces on a short and wide delivery to hit a four over point. A bad ball, put away duly. Just a single otherwise.

Yashasvi Jaiswal and Divyaansh Saxena, both left-handed batsmen, open the innings again for India as they did against SL.

In Auckland: New Zealand’s charge has been halted a bit by the quick wickets of Munro and CdG. 130/3 in th 14th over. We will provide occasional updates of that match here as well.

1.28 pm: A quarter-final against Australia awaits the winner of New Zealand vs India in Group A while loser will face West Indies. Both tough opponents, of course, but given the form West Indies have been on in, a win here is crucial is for both sides.

Time for national anthems...

1.22 pm: The weather forecast is reportedly not great for this match so New Zealand captain Tashkoff wants to be able to control the 2nd innings. PS: He is a Spurs fan and asked if it’s a yes/no for Mourinho, he says aye. Priyam Garg says the idea was to rotate for this match.

1.15 pm: Here are the starting XIs in the decider for top spot in Group A. India have brought back Divyansh Saxena at the top of the order while Atharva Ankolekar gets his first game.

1.03 pm: India have been asked to bat as New Zealand win the toss in Bloemfontein

12.57 pm: It must sound odd to say this but: India’s thumping win over New Zealand was not quite a 10/10 performance.

READ: India’s win against Japan was emphatic but not quite flawless

12.55 pm: Hello and welcome to live updates of the ICC Under-19 World Cup Group A match between India and New Zealand.

Both teams head into today’s game in Bloemfontein having already qualified for the quarter-finals.

Ravi Bishnoi took four for five as India bowled out the tournament debutants Japan for 41 before chasing down the target to reach the next stage of South Africa 2020 with a game to spare. Bishnoi and Kartik Tyagi were the destroyers in chief as India sped to a swift ten-wicket victory over newcomers Japan.

New Zealand’s Kristian Clarke struck a six off the penultimate ball of the match to help his country to a dramatic three-wicket win over Sri Lanka in Group A.

Clarke arrived at the crease with his side seven down, and after Sri Lanka had taken two wickets in the 49th over, including that of Beckham Wheeler-Greenall, run out for a crucial 80 off 111 balls.

He was followed a ball later by Quinn Sunde, as New Zealand suddenly looked like falling short of their testing 243-run target with 12 needed from the last over, bowled by Dilshan Madushanka. That equation became from six from two balls when Clarke cleared his head and the ropes to spark huge celebrations from the side in black.

“Being able to take the match into the last over is something we don’t really see usually,” said New Zealand captain Jesse Tashkoff. “It was a great game of cricket, and credit to the Sri Lanka boys who really put up a good fight.”