8.08 pm: Four-time champions. In the final for the third consecutive time. Can India make it a famous fifth title win on Sunday? New Zealand or Bangladesh await in the final. Thanks for joining us today on the live blog. Stay tuned for reports and what not.

India captain Priyam Garg: Very happy. This is just one step towards what we want to achieve. I think our bowling attack is the best in the tournament. The quality and combinations we have is great. All 3 pacers touch 140+ & spinners are great too. Not the first time we are seeing this from Jaiswal and Saxena. They understand each other, complement each other. Want to focus on the same processes for the final, treat it as just another game.

Pakistan captain Rohail Nazir: Not enough runs on the board. Wicket got good in the 2nd innings. In the crucial middle overs, boys did not take responsibility. Pressure mounted on me. India were brilliant in the field, full credit to them.

7.57 pm: Praise pouring in for Yashasvi Jaiswal but let’s not forget the win was set up by a tremendous bowling effort.

7.52 pm: Broke a partnership with the ball and then a sensational century with the bat. Yashasvi Jaiswal was outstanding today. Barely put a foot wrong in the entire innings.

Yashasvi Jaiswal, finding it hard to control his joy: “A dream come true for me. Can’t put it in words. Will never forget in my whole life that I scored a century against Pakistan in a WC semifinal. I will continue to work hard”

Player of the match: Yashasvi Jaiswal for his 105*!

SIX, CENTURY AND AN INDIA WIN! A spectacular shot over midwicket for a six as Yashasvi Jaiswal brings up his well-deserved century. CELEBRATIONS BEGIN! India reach the final for the third consecutive time. A 10-wicket win for India and a thoroughly dominant performance in all three departments.

After 35 overs, India 166/0 (Jaiswal 99, Saxena 59)

FOUR! Jaiswal moves on to 97 with a not-so-well timed lofted hit over mid-on. Gets a couple off the next ball and then gets beaten by a low ball on 99. Won’t have the strike but should get his ton soon.

After 34 overs, India 161/0 (Jaiswal 93, Saxena 58)

Looks like Haris has taken over behind the stumps. India keep rotating the strike. The brief flurry of strokes of Jaiswal has disappeared with a century on the horizon. Can’t blame him really. India need 12 more.

Rohail Nazir is walking off the pitch...

33.3: OUCH! Pakistan keeper and captain Rohail gets hit on the unprotected area next to the pad. Hurt knee to go with hurt pride. A brief break in play. IND 158/0

After 33 overs, India 156/0 (Jaiswal 92, Saxena 56)

Tahir Hussain bowls a maiden over, with Saxena probably keen on getting his opening partner to a ton.

After 31 overs, India 156/0 (Jaiswal 92, Saxena 56)

17 needed for India, 8 needed for Jaiswal for a ton. Just a hint of restlessness in that over of Aamir Ali by Jaiswal, perhaps understandably so.

After 31 overs, India 151/0 (Jaiswal 89, Saxena 55)

Back-to-back sixes! Yashasvi Jaiswal wants the century in this match. Two big hits off Abbas Afridi, both over the leg side which he clearly prefers. This is just utter dominance. Saxena gets a boundary too with a tab to third man. 150 partnership comes up.

After 30 overs, India 133/0 (Jaiswal 76, Saxena 50)

FIFTY! After his game-changing catch earlier in the day, it is now a half century for Divyaansh Saxena. He has played the supporting role to Jaiswal brilliantly. Solid innings. IND: 133/0 (30)

After 29 overs, India 128/0 (Jaiswal 74, Saxena 47)

Just goes to show how good Jaiswal is watching the ball as he shifts from defence to attack when he spots a slower ball early. Abbas Afridi’s variation did not work out, slogged over midwicket. And then another boundary in the over as he rides the bounce well and glances it fine for four. First indications that India might be looking to finish this off soon (and perhaps help himself to a ton).

STAT: This is now the highest opening partnership of the tournament.

After 28 overs, India 116/0 (Jaiswal 63, Saxena 46)

Fahad continues from one end, just three singles in that over but India will take that.

After 27 overs, India 113/0 (Jaiswal 61, Saxena 45)

Abbas Afridi comes back into the attack and India are determined to milk the bowling instead of dominating their way. Two sharp singles in that over.

After 26 overs, India 111/0 (Jaiswal 60, Saxena 44)

STAT (via the broadcaster): Four century partnerships in 12 innings between Yashasvi Jaiswal and Divyaansh Saxena. They are averaging close to 80 per innings

After 25 overs, India 109/0 (Jaiswal 59, Saxena 43)

It would be wrong to call this the halfway stage of the Indian innings because there is no way we are going the distance here with India cruising.

After 24 overs, India 106/0 (Jaiswal 57, Saxena 42)

Steady over by the part-time leggie. Good control and a nice, easy action. Indian openers watchful in that over.

Fahad Munir, the right-arm leggie comes on to bowl...

After 23 overs, India 104/0 (Jaiswal 56, Saxena 41)

Qasim continues and four more runs in that over. India barely looking troubled.

After 22 overs, India 100/0 (Jaiswal 53, Saxena 40)

The century opening partnership came up in that over for India as well.

21.3: FIFTY! This is more classy batting by Jaiswal. Length ball, lofted over the fielder at mid-on for four. Making it look easy. And then brings up the milestone with another lovely shot through midwicket. The control is immaculate. Fourth half century of the tournament for the Indian opener who has been hands down the best Indian batsman. IND: 97/0 (21.3)

After 21 overs, India 89/0 (Jaiswal 42, Saxena 40)

Easy on the eye is Jaiswal, who moves into the fourties with a lovely on-drive off Qasim. Economical over for Pakistan, yielding just three from it but only wickets will do for the former champions.

After 20 overs, India 86/0 (Jaiswal 39, Saxena 40)

Nothing going Pakistan’s way and Saxena overtakes his batting partner with a streaky boundary. Aamir Ali had done little wrong till the last ball of the over, which kept low, took Saxena’s bottom edge and raced away to the fence. Another five-run over.

After 19 overs, India 81/0 (Jaiswal 38, Saxena 36)

They are ticking the strike over well these two. Qasim Akram is too full and Jaiswal and Saxena harmlessly knock it around for singles. Sensible cricket from the Indian openers. Four from an over that had two juicy full-tosses but looks like Jaiswal wants to see this through. India are cruising.

DRINKS: After 18 overs, India 77/0 (Jaiswal 36, Saxena 34)

SIX! He has played this shot to great effect in the tournament: the lofted sweep over midwicket off a spinner. Yashasvi Jaiswal does it again for the first six of this innings. A bit of a confrontation between bowler and batsman in that over as Aamir Ali delivered the ball when Jaiswal pulled away. The bowler said something, Jaiswal replies with the classic: “WHAT MAN!?” Keeps his head down and picks up a couple next ball. India cruising at the moment.

After 17 overs, India 67/0 (Jaiswal 27, Saxena 33)

More steady batting by Saxena, as he plays out five dot balls against Abbas and picks up a couple off the last ball.

After 16 overs, India 65/0 (Jaiswal 27, Saxena 31)

Left-arm spinner Aamir Ali comes into the attack and there is a massive LBW appeal turned down against Jaiswal. Tried a cheeky sweep, but the ball crashed into the pads. But maybe too high and sliding down the leg. Saxena then plays a wristy lofted sweep (yes, that is what that shot was) and helps himself to a boundary in front of square leg.

After 15 overs, India 58/0 (Jaiswal 27, Saxena 25)

Class batting by Jaiswal. Pakistan take a fielder off from leg side and move him to off-side, Jaiswal then takes a couple of steps outside his offstump to work one off his hips for a couple. Abbas, after bowling a wide outside off stump, goes over the wicket to bowl with the angle and Jaiswal does the same again to pick up a couple! This is absolutely brilliant cricket.

After 14 overs, India 52/0 (Jaiswal 23, Saxena 24)

Jaiswal has been stuck on 15 for a while but he breaks the shackles with a couple of boundaries. First a shot down the ground and that is followed by an elegant cover drive by Yashasvi Jaiswal, as he has done all through the tournament. And the fifty partnership comes up with that lovely shot for four.

After 13 overs, India 44/0 (Jaiswal 15, Saxena 24)

Five dot balls in the over won’t mean anything for Pakistan if there is one boundary conceded. Saxena with a lovely square cut off Abbas in that over.

STAT: Incredible stat shown on the broadcast. Between the last two World Cups, India U19 have played 31 ODIs (2nd only to SL who played 34. Pakistan played 16 while amazingly, Australia have played just 7.)

After 12 overs, India 40/0 (Jaiswal 15, Saxena 20)

Qasim returns to the attack after taking the new ball and bowls five dot balls with his off-spin around the wicket. Tidy over.

After 11 overs, India 39/0 (Jaiswal 15, Saxena 19)

Abbas Afridi, who we are told is the nephew of former Pakistan pacer Umar Gul, starts off with a wide ball that is slashed hard at by Saxena for a four. Abbas is also wearing 55 on his back, like his uncle but unlike Alan Wilkins, this blogger cannot quite see the resemblance in action.

After 10 overs, India 33/0 (Jaiswal 15, Saxena 14)

FOUR! Holding his pose, Saxena! What a superb square drive by the Indian opener. Supreme timing and placement. That looked picture-perfect. Amir Khan couldn’t do much about that. India negotiate the first powerplay without losing a wicket for the fourth time in five matches at the tournament.

After 9 overs, India 28/0 (Jaiswal 15, Saxena 9)

First hint of trying to break the shackles by Jaiswal but he cannot connect with an attempted square drive. Plays out the rest of the over, almost as if resetting himself.

STAT: In the last 20 ODIs India U19 have chased, they have won 19 and lost just 1. That’s a win percentage of 95%. Augurs well for the boys in blue today.

After 8 overs, India 26/0 (Jaiswal 14, Saxena 8)

Amir Khan starts off with a wild delivery outside offstump but gets his angle right after that to bowl 6 dot balls. Some good fielding in the ring on the outside. Dot balls don’t really bother these two, Pakistan need wickets.

After 7 overs, India 25/0 (Jaiswal 14, Saxena 8)

Three fielders on the leg-side by Saxena’s wristwork is still good enough to find the gap and pick up a couple. Another couple for Jaiswal later in the over as he played a controlled pull shot. Good fielding at the deep to prevent a boundary. Five runs off Tahir’s over for India, that will do for them.

After 6 overs, India 20/0 (Jaiswal 12, Saxena 5)

MAIDEN: Some confident shots by Jaiswal off Amir Khan’s bowling but he finds the fielders in the ring on the offside. But as he has shown before, he doesn’t mind giving the bowlers a maiden over or two early on in the innings.

After 5 overs, India 20/0 (Jaiswal 12, Saxena 5)

Tahir continues to stray on to the pads when he tries to move the ball back into the left-handers and that has resulted in a few easy pickings. This is sensible batting by the Indian openers.

After 4 overs, India 17/0 (Jaiswal 11, Saxena 3)

Good first over that, Amir. After starting off with a wide, he bowls a couple of great deliveries to Jaiswal. First a short ball, then a brilliant away-seamer to beat the outside edge of the left-hander. Gets the Pakistan fielders chirping.

Amir Khan, the right-arm pacer will come on as the Qasim spin experiment lasts just one over...

After 3 overs, India 14/0 (Jaiswal 10, Saxena 2)

First hint of a short-ball tactic from Tahir as he tests Jaiswal with a bouncer. The Indian missed out on that as it was wide of legstump, couldn’t get any timing on it. Steady over by the pacer.

After 2 overs, India 12/0 (Jaiswal 9, Saxena 1)

FOUR! First boundary of the innings as Jaiswal flicks one past midwicket of off-spiner Qasim, bowling the 2nd over. On commentary, Bazid Khan not impressed with the move to start with a spinner at one end.

After 1 over, India 5/0 (Jaiswal 3, Saxena 0)

An erratic first over from Tahir. First couple of deliveries, good shape away from Jaiswal but he bowls a couple of wides as well perhaps looking for the big in-dipper. A lovely cover drive helps Jaiswal get off the mark with a couple.

Tahir Hussain will start off for Pakistan with his left-arm pace... the weather has become overcast, just to add to the drama.

5.18 pm: Pakistan players in a huddle. They will need to be at their best from the word go. Jaiswal and Saxena walk out to the middle. India have lost a wicket in the first powerplay only once so far in the tournament. Opening stand is going to be crucial.

5.16 pm: Yashasvi Jaiswal’s scores in this tournament so far:

59 vs Sri Lanka
29* vs Japan
57* vs New Zealand
62 vs Australia

He holds the key for India in the run-chase.

5.10 pm: This won’t be an easy run-chase, mind you. Pakistan bowlers will also look to make use of the extra bounce on the pitch.

TARGET FOR INDIA: 173 in 50 overs. Join us shortly for the second innings.

INNINGS BREAK: “Relentless from every Indian bowler who has picked up the ball today”: Ian Bishop Sums that bowling performance up perfectly. India took the last 6 wickets for 26 runs. Top effort by Indian bowlers. Priyam Garg calls for a huddle immediately even as the Pakistan batsmen walk off the field. He has been impressive as a leader.

43.1: WICKET! PAKISTAN ALL OUT! What a bowling effort by India. They were relentless, patient and ultimately, aggressive when they had to. Sushant gets the final wicket with another short ball. PAK: 172 all out

42.6: WICKET! Good bowling to the lower-order batsmen by Kartik Tyagi. Series of full deliveries followed by a surprise bouncer. Tahir can only fend it off to keeper Jurel. Second wicket for Tyagi. PAK: 172/9

After 42 overs, Pakistan 169/8 (Tahir 1, Aamir 0)

End of another superb over for India from Sushant. The back end of the Pakistan innings has been a procession of batsmen.

41.4: WICKET! That’s the big one for India. The regular fall of wickets had put Rohail under pressure and the captain looked edgy out there in the last 10 minutes or so. Finally, dismissed by a short ball from Sushant, falls for 62. Mishit a pull shot. PAK 169/8

After 41 overs, Pakistan 167/7 (Rohail 61, Tahir 0)

End of Ravi Bishnoi’s 10 overs. He has been superb throughout the tournament for India. Finishes today with figures of 2/46.

 After 30 overs, Pakistan 118/3 
After 40 overs, Pakistan 166/7   

After 40 overs, Pakistan 166/7 (Rohail 60, Tahir 0)

An unplayable yorker (a massive LBW appeal rightly turned down because it moved in too much), followed by a beamer, followed by another yorker for a dot ball off a free hit. Sums up Kartik Tyagi in this tournament! Rohail missed out on a full toss too later in the over. And misses out on another full toss, while almost playing on! Rohail looking edgy.

After 39 overs, Pakistan 164/7 (Rohail 59, Tahir 0)

What an over from Bishnoi. This is just terrific wrist-spin bowling! Repeatedly the left-handed Tahir is beaten outside his offstump as Bishnoi unleashes a barrage of googlies. Just a wide and a wicket in that over.

38.1: WICKET! It’s that lethal googly of Ravi Bishnoi again. Top order batsmen have had tough times picking that, so no wonder it is harder for the tail-enders. Abbas gone for 2. (Might have drifted down though). Second of the day for Indias leading wicket-taker in the tournament. Rohail is getting stranded at one end. PAK: 163/7

After 38 overs, Pakistan 163/6 (Rohail 59, Abbas 2)

A rare piece of misfielding by India today. Jaiswal fails to read the spin on the ball at third man. But it is a good over for India nonetheless.

37.2: WICKET! SUPERB YORKER! Not for the first time in this tournament, an absolute ripper from Kartik Tyagi. A searing in-dipping yorker. Irfan Khan gone for 3. OFF-STUMP HAS GONE FOR A WALK! The pacer was brought back in for another spell and he repays Garg’s faith immediately. PAK 156/6.

After 37 overs, Pakistan 156/5 - HALF CENTURY!!

FIFTY! Pakistan captain Rohail Nazir has reached his half century and hits a boundary soon after in celebration. He has led from the front but needs to bat deep now. PAK: 156/5

After 36 overs, Pakistan 148/5 (Rohail 49, Irfan 1)

Rohail misses out on a short ball to get to his fifty off Akash Singh. ANother big LBW appeal in that over, nothing doing says the umpire.

After 35 overs, Pakistan 146/5 (Rohail 48, Irfan 0)

Just two runs and a wicket in that Ankolekar over but the plaudits should all go to Saxena. Not enough words to describe that catch, so screenshot of the catch should do a better job:

34.4: WICKET! WHAT A CATCH! An absolute stunner by Divyaansh Saxena in the deep. Timed superbly by Haris but Saxena covers ground to his right quickly, puts in a dive and takes it inches from the ground. Atharva strikes.

After 34 overs, Pakistan 144/4 (Rohail 47, Haris 20)

The runout seems to have waken Pakistan up (coinciding with the arrival of Haris to the crease.) There is an urgency to their batting now. Five singles off the first five balls in Akash Singh’s over. The left-arm pacer is lucky to get away with a beamer-ish delivery as the full toss is not called a no ball. Dot ball instead.

After 33 overs, Pakistan 139/4 (Rohail 45, Haris 17)

SIX! Haris has played some big shots in the tournament already and he hits the first six of this semifinal. Lovely timing on the sweep off Bishnoi. He is the first Pakistan batsman today to have taken the attack to the Indian bowlers. A momentum shift on the cards potentially? Haris has raced to 17 already.

After 32 overs, Pakistan 128/4 (Rohail 42, Haris 9)

Haris, the new batsman, has been busy since coming into the attack. Rohail moves into the 40s. Akash concedes 5 in his comeback over. Garg has shuffled his bowlers constantly.

After 31 overs, Pakistan 123/4

Pakistan are digging themselves into the ground here, after a superb partnership.

30.3 WICKET! OH DEAR! This is not an unfamiliar sight for Pakistan fans, is it? Qasim Akram and Rohail Nazir were both scampering to reach the crease, but at the same end. Qasim is the one out at the end. Rohail set off for the single initially and then turned back and hurried to reach. Ultimately his wicket is more important to Pakistan, so at least the damage limited. PAK: 118/4

After 30 overs, Pakistan 118/3 (Rohail 41, Qasim 9)

Jaiswal concedes a boundary to Qasim. That might be the last over for him.

After 29 overs, Pakistan 112/3 (Rohail 40, Qasim 4)

Another boundary for Rohail, this time an uppish square cut. There should have been a boundary for Qasim too in that over, prevented by good fielding in the deep. Sushant’s short-pitched bowling has not quite impressed Tom Moody.

After 28 overs, Pakistan 104/3 (Rohail 35, Qasim 1)

Rohail is unlucky to miss out on a boundary, as Qasim stops an on-drive at the non-striker’s end. But he has the boundary he was looking for with a superb cut shot past deep point. Short from Jaiswal there in what was otherwise a good over. The captain is key for Pakistan here.

After 27 overs, Pakistan 100/3 (Rohail 31, Qasim 1)

Sushant is back into the attack and starts off with a couple of optimistic appeals for caught behind. This Indian team is certainly an enthusiastic bunch when it comes to appealing. 100 comes up at the end of the 27th over for Pakistan.

After 26 overs, Pakistan 96/3 (Rohail 29, Qasim 0)

What is with leg-spinners and getting wickets with rank short balls! One of cricket’s enduring mysteries, I tell you. Jaiswal strikes in his first over with his wrist spin. Haider was livid with himself as he walked back.

25.3: WICKET! What a bowling change by Priyam Garg! He brings on Yashasvi Jaiswal to bowl his part-time leg spin and there’s the breakthrough! The well-set Haider cuts it straight to point, out for 56 off 77 balls. Bishnoi with the catch. BIG MOMENT. PAK: 96/3

After 25 overs, Pakistan 95/2 (Haider 56, Rohail 28)

Another tight over by Atharva. Almost a mix-up off the last ball while trying to take a quick single but Bishnoi cannot gather on the move from point.

After 24 overs, Pakistan 91/2 (Haider 54, Rohail 26)

FIFTY! Haider Ali has not had a tournament to match his reputation but he is coming good in the big match! First fifty of the tournament for him, gets there with a four. Solid innings. Bishnoi bowls a lovely googly to almost breach Rohail’s defence later in the over.

After 23 overs, Pakistan 86/2 (Haider 49, Rohail 26)

An absolute peach from Atharva to Rohail! So close to the outside edge, so close to the offstump as well. Unlucky to not get a wicket there.

After 22 overs, Pakistan 84/2 (Haider 48, Rohail 25)

Again, Indian spinners bowling the odd bad ball and Haider is putting those away. On his pads from Bishnoi, swept fine by the Pakistan opener. The fifty partnership is now up between the two most experienced Pakistan batters. Has come off 81 deliveries.

After 21 overs, Pakistan 80/2 (Haider 44, Rohail 25)

Good over from Atharva, just three singles off it. But Pakistan are now looking untroubled at this moment.

After 20 overs, Pakistan 77/2 (Haider 42, Rohail 24)

Another boundary, this time guided past the third man by Haider off Bishnoi. This is now Haider’s highest score in the tournament, he has looked good throughout. IS this the match he goes on to get a big one?

Correction: In the previous over the boundary was hit by Haider.

Ravi Bishnoi back into the attack to replace Akash Singh

After 19 overs, Pakistan 71/2 (Haider 37, Rohail 24)

Atharva continues. Tossing the ball up nicely and getting the ball to turn on the odd occasion. A lovely delivery to beat Rohail’s outside edge but he errs in his line off the last ball, Haider puts it away for four with a powerful sweep. Good over for Pakistan, seven runs from it.

After 18 overs, Pakistan 64/2 (Haider 32, Rohail 21)

Garg is chatting to his bowlers a lot, tinkering to the field but he really doesn’t need to do that. India need to stick to their plans and believe that they are working.

After 17 overs, Pakistan 60/2 (Haider 31, Rohail 18)

The run-rate isn’t great but Pakistan need to keep it going in the middle. Haider has played first-class cricket and he should back himself to raise the run-rate if he is in long enough. India, on the other hand, will hope that scoreboard pressure will get them the breakthrough. The ball isn’t doing much at the moment.

After 16 overs, Pakistan 57/2 (Haider 30, Rohail 16)

Rohail survives. He went for the pull shot, didn’t connect properly and it dropped just short of Sushant at mid-on. The youngster looking a little edgy but this is a vital stand for Pakistan.

Drinks break, Priyam Garg has a long chat with his teammates at the huddle...

After 15 overs, Pakistan 55/2 (Haider 29, Rohail 15)

Rohail gets another past point, this time off Tyagi but it is well stopped by Veer at third man. Steady over for Pakistan, keeping the scoreboard ticking.

Former Australia all-rounder Tom Moody on air: When I saw Pakistan came out to warm up so early today morning, from a coaching point of view, I wondered if Pakistan were a bit overeager for this game. Coaches need to normalise such big games.

After 14 overs, Pakistan 51/2 (Haider 28, Rohail 12)

Crunched through the offside! Rohail senses that his side needs some momentum. With two slips in place, he hits one powerfully through the gap on the offside for four. Akash changes his angle and almost gets one to straighten after pitching. Fifty came up with that boundary.

After 13 overs, Pakistan 47/2 (Haider 28, Rohail 8)

The pressure is building on Pakistan. A couple of times in that over Rohail getting beaten past his outside edge. Gets an edge off the last ball and it goes to third man for a single, past the two slips that are in place now. Aggressive stuff from captain Garg. Great, engrossing cricket this.

Kartik Tyagi comes back for a second spell...

After 12 overs, Pakistan 45/2 (Haider 27, Rohail 7)

Bishop impressed by the lines Akash Singh bowled in his first over. The left-arm pacer has been quietly impressive for India in the tournament so far without grabbing headlines. Got Rohail to edge one but it flew past the slip fielder.

Akash Singh into the attack...

After 11 overs, Pakistan 42/2 (Haider 26, Rohail 5)

The Pakistan captain Rohail gets going with a lovely extra cover drive for four off Bishnoi. These two are the most experienced batsman in the Pakistan side and this partnership could make or break this innings.

After 10 overs, Pakistan 36/2 (Haider 25, Rohail 0)

Another top over from Sushant. Haider is tested by a bouncer and next ball, he goes for a big shot down the ground. Completely misses it. Extended spell, 1/14 in 5 overs for Sushant in the first powerplay.

After 9 overs, Pakistan 35/2 (Haider 25, Rohail 0)

“This kid is a wizard,” says Bishi as Bishnoi (also Bishi?) bowls a superb googly to beat Rohail. That was a peach!

8.5: WICKET! Well what did we say? The pressure was building. This was coming. 15 balls into his innings, Fahad was yet to get off the mark. Off the 16th ball, the pressure gets to him. A rash shot, Bishnoi strikes for India again. Ankolekar takes the catch at point. PAK 34/2

After 8 overs, Pakistan 33/1 (Haider 24, Fahad 0)

Another over for Sushant and another one where he concedes just one run. A single to Haider. Fahad yet to get off the mark, misses out on a full toss at the end of that over. Will the pressure get to him?

After 7 overs, Pakistan 32/1 (Haider 23, Fahad 0)

Bishnoi into the attack and after not reading the googly so well in the first couple of deliveries, Haider picks one up and lofts it over mid-on for a four. Positive intent against India’s strike bowler. Haider is looking well set for a good innings here.

Ravi Bishnoi into the attack...

After 6 overs, Pakistan 27/1 (Haider 18, Fahad 0)

A wide off the first ball by Sushant but that is all he concedes in that over. Bowling to the left-handed Fahad, Sushant gets the ball to shape back in a couple of times. There was a gift of a short ball in the over but Fahad could not find the gap. Yet to get off the mark after 11 balls.

After 5 overs, Pakistan 26/1 (Haider 18, Fahad 0)

his is a superb contest between bat and ball. Haider Ali survives a superb yorker (141kph) from Tyagi and then a couple of deliveries later, smashes a short ball past point. Then Tyagi bowls a length ball, Haider drives down the ground for another boundary. Brilliant ebb and flow early on to this match. It’s all or nothing at the moment in this game.

After 4 overs, Pakistan 17/1 (Haider 10, Fahad 0)

EVENTFUL OVER: Haider Ali game into the tournament with solid reputation but had not scored the runs to reflect that. But today, he is looking in good touch. That’s a lovely square drive off Sushant. And then a nasty short ball from Sushant and Haider ducks under it a tad late, gets hit on the shoulder. Immediate concern from the bowler. Next up is another bouncer and it’s a periscope shot! Streaky. India have Pakistan on their toes at the moment. Fascinating stuff.

After 3 overs, Pakistan 11/1 (Haider 5, Fahad 0)

Tyagi loves to bowl the yorker to the left-handers because of the angle from which he bowls. And he almost has Fahad Munir fending at one right away. And a big appeal for LBW against the left-hander in the over. Turned down by the umpire but that looked mighty close. Might have been pitching outside leg. Just. Tries another yorker to finish the over but that is a bit too wide. Top start this, by Tyagi.

After 2 overs, Pakistan 9/1 - SUSHANT STRIKES! Hurraira gone for 4,

It’s a loose start from Sushant as he bowls one on the pad. Hurraira impressed one and all in his tournament debut against Afghanistan and he gets going with a superb flick through midwicket off Sushant. The next ball is a full toss. But the left-arm pacer comes back well in the over, getting the ball to shape back in. There is a massive appeal for caught behind late in the over. The very next ball, Mishra gets his reward. Short ball, pulled by Hurraira but the top edge goes to Saxena at square leg. India are pumped!

After 1 over, Pakistan 4/0 (Haider 4, Hurraira 0)

The first boundary is off a peach from Tyagi. The Indian pacer starts off with a couple of wide-ish deliveries but he comes back with a inswinging yorker at pace and Ali just about gets his bat down on time. Inside edge goes for four. The next ball angles in and straightens and Ali leaves it late, leaves it well. It’s a superb start for both the bowler and batsman it must be said.

1.30 pm: Haider Ali and Muhammad Hurraira are opening the batting for Pakistan. The fiery Kartik Tyagi starts off for India.

1.27 pm: The national anthems are done. It would be a safe bet that the two sets of players would have felt a rush of emotions as they sung the anthems with gusto. They can all say this is just another game, but it never is.

1.25 pm: The Indians won their group beating New Zealand and Japan in the process before going on to hammer Australia by 74 runs in the quarter-final.

Pakistan’s group match against Bangladesh – who meet New Zealand in the second semi-final on Thursday – was abandoned with Bangladesh in desperate trouble at 106/9. The Pakistanis beat Scotland and Zimbabwe to set up a quarter-final with Afghanistan.

That was another comfortable win in spite of the ‘Mankading’ storm over Afghan spinner Noor Ahmed running out Muhammad Huraira when he marginally backed up too far at the bowler’s end.

1.15 pm: Zaheer Khan spoke about the U19 team on Monday:

“The U-19 kids are doing very well,” Khan said. “They have been in some tough situations and they have fought back from there, so that goes a long way in a tournament like [the] World Cup, when you are competing against different nations.”

“When you are talk about India-Pakistan matches, it brings out an extra edge to the whole competition. So I am sure the boys will be geared up for the big occasion and they will do well,” he added.

The left-armer also had words of praise for Yashashvi Jaiswal, who has been giving consistent starts to the India-U19 side.

“He [Jaiswal] has been doing well. In domestic ODI competition also he has made that impact. So, I wish him all the luck and [he] has got the potential and at the moment [he is] serving for U19 Indian team.

“So the team needs him getting us off to a good start. It is about the team coming together and if he can spark that with a good start, nothing like that,” said Zaheer.

1.13 pm: Confirmation of the playing XIs: (Photo: ICC)

1.08 pm: India faced three-time world champions in the quarterfinal and passed a stern test with relative ease at the end. It was not always easy but they were clinical.

Inspired India show why they remain the team to beat with superb win against Aussies

1.02 pm: TOSS UPDATE

Pakistan captain Rohail Nazir wins the toss and he has opted to bat first. Semi-final game, he wants to put runs on the board. Both sides unchanged from their quarter-final matches.

1.00 pm: Hello all and welcome to our live coverage of the U19 World Cup: it’s the big one today!

Four-time champions India will back themselves to reach their third consecutive final at the U-19 World Cup when they face arch-rivals Pakistan in a last four clash on Tuesday.

Both teams go into the semifinal unbeaten. While India beat Australia in the quarter-final, Pakistan outplayed Afghanistan.

Pakistan captain Rohail Nazir played down the hype surrounding the game but an India-Pakistan contest is always a high-pressure one which tests the character of players on either side. Doing well in the game makes them overnight stars and the players know that.

“It is a high pressure game and has a lot of buzz in the world. We will play it like a normal game and hope to do well,” said Pakistan opener Mohammad Huraira after the win over Afghanistan.

Like at the highest level, the India juniors have had the upper hand over Pakistan of late, having beaten them in the Asia Cup last September when they emerged tournament winners.

India, who are the defending champions of the U-19 World Cup, had inflicted on Pakistan a 203-run hammering in the last edition in 2018.

However, history counts for little and the Priyam Garg-led India will have to play their best cricket to knock Pakistan out of the competition.

Opener Yashasvi Jaiswal has been the backbone of India batting, scoring three half-centuries in four games including against Australia.

The rest of the batsmen have not done much and if the lower-order had not rescued India in the quarterfinal, the outcome of the game could have been different. Not to forget the match-winning spell from pacer Kartik Tyagi.

Atharva Ankolekar and in-form leggie Ravi Bishnoi shared a 61-run stand for the seventh wicket to give their team a fighting chance. In the end, India won rather comfortably.

Facing Pakistan fast bowlers Abbads Afridi, Mohammad Amir Khan and Tahir Hussain will be a challenge for the Indian batsmen.

Opener Huraira made an impressive debut in the last game, scoring 64 to lead his team to a comprehensive win over Afghanistan after bowlers nicely set up the game.