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5:20 pm:

Australia captain Meg Lanning: “It was extremely tense. Even in the last couple of balls it just wasn’t safe. We felt we had a good total without it being great. It was raining when we were coming out and we had a blueprint of how we had to bowl to them. Have just been trying to calm everyone down, the first few games just went on very quickly. We had to slow it down, we weren’t playing to our potential and the win against Sri Lanka set it up perfectly. India are a class side, they have been playing excellent cricket. We have been improving each day, it hasn’t been an easy road. We are travelling to Melbourne tomorrow, train on Saturday and play on Sunday. South Africa have played very well.”

5:14 pm:

South Africa captain Dane van Niekerk: “I felt good with the target we got. But we have to give credit to Australia for the way they bowled. All the bowlers did really well. It was very emotional to see the ladies like that at the end. To come short every time is not easy, and we aren’t a team that blames anything or anyone. It just wasn’t our day. It is a very talented team, Wolvaardt needs to get credit for what she does down the order. South Africa is a great place to come to for the next World Cup.”

5:10 pm:

Meg Lanning: “It was a very stressful day, the waiting game during the day and at the ground. The groundstaff did a great job and we were lucky enough to come out the winners. South Africa bowled extremely well, we lost a few wickets and I had to rein it in a bit. Feels nice to contribute. Very thankful we were able to play.”

5:08 pm: Australia captain Meg Lanning is declared the player of the match for her gritty 49. The hosts have set up a mouth-watering final with India. The two teams will face each other at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday and it promises to be an absolute cracker.

5:04 pm: Heartbreaking scenes if you’re a South Africa fan. Tears Chloe Tryon, Trisha Chetty and Nadine de Klerk are in tears, and so is Australia’s Ellyse Perry who missed out on today’s game.

5:01 pm: South Africa hit two fours in the last over and managed to get 13 runs from it but it wasn’t enough. Jess Jonassen held her nerves with the ball for the Aussies at the end.


After 12.1 overs, South Africa are 79/5 (Laura Wolvaardt 34)

WICKET! Australia have another one and Chloe Tryon has to depart. Lanning takes the catch and Jonassen gets the wicket. It’s raining again but Australia are running away with this.

Tryon out for 1 off 2 (c Lanning b Jonassen)

After 12 overs, South Africa are 79/4 (Laura Wolvaardt 34, Chloe Tryon 1)

SIX! Wolvaardt keeps South Africa in the game with a maximum off the last ball of the penultimate over. SA need 19 off 6.

After 11.2 overs, South Africa are 71/4 (Laura Wolvaardt 27)

WICKET! Megan Schutt returns to the attack and breaks the partnership. Sune Luus hits it straight to long-off and Beth Mooney takes a simple catch. Australia are inching closer to the final. Chloe Tryon is the new batter.

Luus out for 21 off 22 (c Mooney b Schutt)

After 11 overs, South Africa are 71/3 (Sune Luus 21, Laura Wolvaardt 27)

What an over from Delissa Kimmince! Just five runs from it, SA need 27 off 12. The right-arm medium-pacer mixed her line and pace up brilliantly to not let the SA batters get a boundary. This could be the game-changing over.

After 10 overs, South Africa are 66/3 (Sune Luus 19, Laura Wolvaardt 24)

Back-to-back fours for Wolvaardt! Top batting from the right-hander. She takes Nicola Carey to the cleaners and South Africa stay on par with the required-rate. Eleven runs from that over. SA need 32 off 18.

After 9 overs, South Africa are 55/3 (Sune Luus 18, Laura Wolvaardt 14)

Four! Luus steps away and whacks one from Kimmince over mid-off for a boundary. The two right-handers are timing the ball well now. SA need 43 off 24.

After 8 overs, South Africa are 47/3 (Sune Luus 12, Laura Wolvaardt 12)

Big over! Luus and Wolvaardt hit Jonassed for a four and a six. Twelve runs from that over. That was much-needed for SA. They need 51 off 30.

After 7 overs, South Africa are 35/3 (Sune Luus 7, Laura Wolvaardt 5)

Right-arm medium-pacer Nicola Carey joins the attack and gives away just four runs from her first over. South Africa need boundaries but they just aren’t getting them. SA need 63 off 36.

After 6 overs, South Africa are 31/3 (Sune Luus 5, Laura Wolvaardt 3)

Another fine over from left-arm spinner Sophie Molineux, just five runs from it. South Africa need 67 off 42.

After 4.5 overs, South Africa are 24/3 (Sune Luus 2)

WICKET! The Aussies are turning it on! Delissa Kimmince strikes in her first over and Mignon du Preez departs for a duck. A stunning catch by Meg Lanning at covers. What a day the Australian skipper is having.

du Preez out for 0 off 4 (c Lanning b Kimmince)

After 4 overs, South Africa are 23/2 (Sune Luus 1)

WICKET! What a ball from Megan Schutt! The top-ranked bowler in the world rattles Dane van Niekerk’s stumps with a peach of a delivery that moved back in sharply. Australia are on top! The powerplay is over.

van Niekerk out for 12 off 12 (b Schutt)

After 2.5 overs, South Africa are 20/1 (Dane van Niekerk 10)

WICKET! Australia have the breakthrough as Lizelle Lee departs! This is a big wicket for the hosts. The right-hander hits it to Ash Gardner at long-on and Sophie Molineux gets the wicket. Sune Luus is the new batter.

Lee out for 10 off 10 (c Gardner b Molineux)

After 2 overs, South Africa are 9/0 (Lizelle Lee 6, Dane van Niekerk 3)

Good over for Australia by left-arm spinner Jess Jonassen, just three runs from it. South Africa need to keep going here, the required run-rate could climb quickly.

After 1 over, South Africa are 6/0 (Lizelle Lee 5, Dane van Niekerk 1)

Four! Schutt pitches it short and Lee pulls it for four. Decent start for the Proteas.

4:09 pm: Right, we’re ready for live action again. Skipper Dane van Niekerk and Lizelle Lee are opening the batting for South Africa. Megan Schutt has the new ball in hand for Australia. Here we go!

4:03 pm: The covers are off and the match will restart at 4.10 pm IST. South Africa’s revised target is 98 from 13 overs.

3:45pm: If rain stops, the Proteas need 79 in 10 overs to win. The wait continues as it keeps hurtling down heavily.

3:41 pm: Overs will start reducing anytime now. Both teams are in the team balcony waiting for the rain the stop.

3:35 pm: Nadine de Klerk Earlier this morning we had a meeting and I was told that I was playing. I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare but feels nice to have gone out there to play today. The skipper told me that I would be coming on in the middle period and I was ready when she handed over the ball after the sixth over. I think we had really good plans and every bowler bowled really well.

3:25 pm: South Africa did well to keep the Australian innings in check but Meg Lanning has given her team a good chance with a gritty knock. Sadly, though, there’s slight rain at the ground once again. Let’s hope this is a passing shower.


Ayabonga Khaka does well to concede just six runs in the last over. Meg Lanning remains not out on 49.

After 19 overs, Australia are 128/5 (Meg Lanning 45, Nicola Carey 5)

Top over from Shabnim Ismail, just five runs from it. The right-arm pacer finishes with figures of 0/20 from her four overs. Final six deliveries coming up, Australia would want to get past 140.

After 18 overs, Australia are 123/5 (Meg Lanning 44, Nicola Carey 3)

Big over for Australia! Ayabonga Khaka with some poor bowling and Meg Lanning with some class batting. The Aussie skipper hits two fours as the hosts pick up 17 runs from that over. Just what they needed. This could be a game-changing moment.

After 17 overs, Australia are 106/5 (Meg Lanning 35, Nicola Carey 2)

The end of a world-class spell by Nadine de Klerk. The right-arm medium-pacer finishes with figures of 3/19 from her four overs. Australia need three big overs here. South Africa have the momentum.

After 16.1 overs, Australia are 103/5 (Meg Lanning 34)

WICKET! And it’s that woman Nadine de Klerk again! She returns to the attack and breaks Australia’s fifth wicket partnership to pick up her third wicket. Rachael Haynes steps out and tries to whack it but is clean bowled. Nicola Carey is the new batter.

Haynes out for 17 off 18 (b Nadine)

After 16 overs, Australia are 103/4 (Meg Lanning 34, Rachael Haynes 17)

Stunning work by South Africa skipper Dane van Niekerk to save one run at the boundary. Australia are starting to get a move on but they need boundaries. Nine runs come from that Chloe Tryon over.

After 15 overs, Australia are 94/4 (Meg Lanning 32, Rachael Haynes 10)

Shot of the day from Lanning! The right-hander steps out to left-arm spinner Mlaba and drive it over covers for four. That was all class from the Aussie skipper. Seven runs come from that over.

After 14 overs, Australia are 87/4 (Meg Lanning 27, Rachael Haynes 8)

Chance missed! Oh dear, wicketkeeper Chetty fails to stump Lanning after the Aussie skipper steps out to Tryon. That could come back to hurt SA. Six runs come from that over. Australia are struggling to get the boundaries.

After 13 overs, Australia are 81/4 (Meg Lanning 24, Rachael Haynes 6)

Shabnim Ismail returns to the attack and delivers a top over. Just a single and a wide from it. The seasoned right-arm fast bowler bowls with good pace and keeps a tight line to not give the Aussie batters a chance in that over.

After 12 overs, Australia are 79/4 (Meg Lanning 24, Rachael Haynes 5)

Chloe Tryon, who bowls medium-pace usually, slips in an over of left-arm spin. Five runs come from the over. Australia need a partnership here.

After 10.2 overs, Australia are 71/4 (Meg Lanning 21)

WICKET! South Africa are on a roll! Another one bites the dust for Australia. The hosts have lost three wickets for three runs! Ash Gardner is gone after edging it to the ‘keeper. Nadine de Klerk gets her second wicket. Top bowling from the right-arm medium-pacer.

Gardner out for 0 off 2 (c Chetty b Nadine)

After 10 overs, Australia are 70/3 (Meg Lanning 20, Ashleigh Gardner 0)

Australia have runs on the board at the halfway mark of their innings but South Africa will be happy with the three wickets. This match at the SCG is nicely poised. Skipper Lanning holds the key for the hosts.

After 9.1 overs, Australia are 69/3 (Meg Lanning 19)

WICKET! Jess Jonasses has thrown it away. The left-hander steps out and hits it straight to long-on. South Africa are fighting back brilliantly.

Jonassen out for 1 off 3 (c Ismail b Mlaba)

After 8.3 overs, Australia are 68/2 (Meg Lanning 7)

WICKET! Big breakthrough for South Africa as Beth Mooney is clean-bowled by Nadine de Klerk. The left-hander stepped out and try to hit it on the leg side but missed it completely. Jess Jonassen is the new batter.

Mooney out for 40 off 28 (b Nadine)

After 8 overs, Australia are 64/1 (Beth Mooney 28, Meg Lanning 15)

SIX! What a shot from Meg Lanning! The Australian captain steps out to her counterpart van Niekerk and thumps it straight back for a maximum. Ten runs come from that over.

After 7 overs, Australia are 54/1 (Beth Mooney 27, Meg Lanning 6)

Right-arm medium-pacer Nadine de Klerk comes on to have a bowl and manages to not concede a boundary in her first over. Just six runs come from the over.

After 6 overs, Australia are 48/1 (Beth Mooney 25, Meg Lanning 3)

Shot! SA skipper van Niekerk joins the attack and the leg-spinner is swept beautifully by Mooney for four. And another four for the left-hander as she steps out and drives it past covers. The end of a strong powerplay for the hosts. They have their skipper Meg Lanning at the crease now with Mooney.

After 4.4 overs, Australia are 34/1 (Beth Mooney 15)

WICKET! Ayabonga Khaka gets South Africa the breakthrough! Alyssa Healy hits it to mid-wicket and skipper van Niekerk takes a good catch.

Healy out for 18 off 13 (c van Niekerk b Khaka)

After 4 overs, Australia are 29/0 (Alyssa Healy 18, Beth Mooney 10)

First bowling change for South Africa as left-arm spinner Nonkululeko Mlaba joins the attack. Fine use of the feet by Healy as she steps out and drives it in the air past mid-on for four. The right-hander then dances down the track to drive it past mid-off to pick up her fourth boundary. Top batting from Healy.

After 3 overs, Australia are 18/0 (Alyssa Healy 9, Beth Mooney 9)

First boundary for Mooney with a pull over mid-on. Healy then gets her second four with a front-foot drive past mid-off. Expensive over from Shabnim Ismail, nine runs from it.

After 2 overs, Australia are 9/0 (Alyssa Healy 5, Beth Mooney 4)

Ayabonga Khaka start proceedings for South Africa from the other end and delivers a good first over. The right-arm medium-pacer manages to move the ball both ways and keep a tight line. A close call for Healy off the last ball after a swing-and-miss.

After 1 over, Australia are 6/0 (Alyssa Healy 5, Beth Mooney 1)

Shot! Healy gets the Australian innings up and running with a flat-batted whack over covers for four. Six runs come from Shabnim Ismail’s first over. A hint of movement for the right-arm medium-pacer.

1:54 pm: We’re ready for live action at the SCG! It’s going to be a full T20 game. Beth Mooney and Alyssa Healy are opening the batting for Australia. Shabnim Ismail has the new ball in hand for South Africa. Here we go!

1:42 pm: Playing XIs

South Africa: Lizelle Lee, Dane van Niekerk (c), Sune Luus, Mignon du Preez, Laura Wolvaardt, Chloe Tryon, Nadine de Klerk, Trisha Chetty (w), Shabnim Ismail, Ayabonga Khaka, Nonkululeko Mlaba.

Australia: Alyssa Healy (w), Beth Mooney, Meg Lanning (c), Ashleigh Gardner, Jess Jonassen, Rachael Haynes, Nicola Carey, Sophie Molineux, Georgia Wareham, Delissa Kimmince, Megan Schutt.

1:40 pm:

Australia captain Meg Lanning at the toss: “There might be some more rain coming so I am happy to let South Africa choose. The pitch looks really good. Hopefully we can make the most of it. Molineux and Kimmince come in for Perry and Sutherland.”

1:38 pm:

South Africa captain Dane van Niekerk at the toss: “With the rain around, we want to know exactly what we need to do. But having said that, we are going up against the No 1 team in the world today. Very sad to say Marizanne Kapp did not recover. So she’s out for the semi-final. Nadine de Klerk is in.”

1:36 pm: TOSS UPDATE

South Africa have won the toss and elected to bowl first.

1:34 pm: We’re minutes away from the toss now.

1:26 pm: The umpires are inspecting the ground conditions at the moment and the Australian players are out exercising. The rain hasn’t returned and the ground staff are working in full steam to dry up the outfield.

1:00 pm: To complete a 10 overs a side match, the toss must be held by 3:06 pm IST, and play must commence by 3:21 pm IST.

12:52 pm: Well, well, there is FINALLY some good news coming in from Sydney. The covers are coming off at the SCG!

12:47 pm: India have qualified for the final after their semis clash with England was washed out. If the Australia-South Africa match, to be played at the same venue, is washed out as well, the Proteas will go through because they finished at the top of their group.

12:40 pm: We’re not too far away from the scheduled toss at the SCG but chances of it happening on time look grim. It’s still continuing to rain in Sydney.

Hello and welcome to live updates of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup semi-final between Australia and South Africa.

Rain is set to be a crucial factor for this match at the Sydney Cricket Ground, with the first semi-final between India and England at the same venue getting washed out.