With the COVID-19 pandemic creating a global health crisis, Bangladesh’s cricketers have decided to donate half of their monthly salaries to the government to fight the disease, which has so far claimed over 19,600 lives worldwide at the time of writing.

According to a report in Dhaka Tribune, a total of 27 cricketers, including 17 players contracted with Bangladesh Cricket Board, have decided to make the donation. The other 10 players have also represented the national team.

“The whole world is fighting against coronavirus pandemic,” the players said in a joint statement.

“The outbreak of coronavirus is also spreading in Bangladesh. We, the cricketers, are trying to tell people to take necessary steps to prevent this pandemic. We are 27 cricketers giving half of our monthly salaries to help against coronavirus. After excluding tax the amount might be approximately 25 lakh taka.

“May be this fund is not a lot compared to the fight against coronavirus. But if we all together can contribute from our own positions, then in combined, it might be a bigger step to fight against coronavirus.”

Five people have died so far in Bangladesh, while 39 have been infected. The Bangladesh men’s national cricket team, popularly known as The Tigers, enjoy a huge fan following in their country.