India’s squash ace Saurav Ghosal is using his time during the lockdown due to coronavirus to complete a course in nutrition certified by the Professional Squash Association.

“As you are at home all the time, it is important to learn something new. So, I decided to go for a nutrition course which is certified by the PSA. There are 11 lectures and at the end of each lecture, you have do to an assessment and only then you can go to the next lecture,” Ghosal told PTI.

“What I have learnt till now is the basics of protein, carbohydrates fats, minerals and vitamins. What they do and what they don’t. Which foods have what [nutrients] and the guidelines around it. It also talks about what your nutritional advise should be based on, depending on the medical condition of the person.”

The PSA has suspended all activities until July and the future is uncertain. Ghosal, whose last tournament was the Canary Wharf Classic in London last month, said sport is not important in these times.

“Of course these are not normal times and mentally it is a challenge [staying home indefinitely] but these seem like luxury problems at the moment. There are so many others whose issues are much bigger, people who can’t manage three meals a day.

“There is no point in feeling down about not playing squash. It is something we have to grapple with. Staying at home is a necessity at this time. As athletes, we are some of the strongest people mentally,” said the 33-year-old.

The event in London proved to be a good one for Ghosal, who lost in the quarter-finals to eventual champion Mohamed El Shorbagy. The Indian had downed eight-ranked Simon Rosner in the round of 16.

Ghosal flew back to India after playing the quarter-final on March 11, when “it was business as usual in London” despite the spread of the pandemic across the globe.

“America and Europe are really bad at the moment. And when I was in England, it was all normal. When I came back, India was a lot more stringent. London was like as if nothing had happened.

“The sooner we get this the better for everyone. The world is never going to the same again,” he said.

On a philosophical note, Ghosal said the ongoing crisis is a big lesson for the human race.

“The way we are as species. Lets say we get out of this by September- October, by next summer, people will forget about what happened. It is just the way we are. I am being cynical about but it is the truth. We too have contributed to the destruction of the world,” he added.