On June 25, 1983, India played their very first World Cup final. And on that day, Kapil Dev and Co created history by defeating two-time defending champions West Indies to lay their hands on the coveted trophy at the Lord’s.

That victory remains one of Indian cricket’s greatest triumphs to date. It brought the country on the global map and inspired a generation of youngsters to take up the sport, including the great Sachin Tendulkar.

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It took 28 long years for India to repeat the incredible feat as Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his men got the better of Sri Lanka at the Wankhede stadium in 2011. But for many, it is the 1983 triumph that still remains the most iconic.

On Wednesday, it was the 37th anniversary of that unforgettable Indian victory. Several past and present cricketers, along with fans of the sport, took to social media to share their memories of that historic day.

Here are some of those posts: