On Saturday, one could have told long-time Leeds United fan Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the same line his character in Game of Thrones would have said: the things one does for love.

After his club Leeds United were promoted to the Premier League on Friday, Coster-Waldau was featured in a video by BBC Sport where he thanked Marcelo Bielsa, the club’s manager. The footage has since gone viral.

Leeds’ promotion was confirmed after West Bromwich Albion’s 2-1 defeat at Huddersfield, which ensured the Championship leaders will end their 16-year exile from the top-flight.

Marcelo Bielsa’s side were able to celebrate promotion without kicking a ball as second placed Albion’s failure to take three points guaranteed Leeds will finish in the top two.

On Saturday, the team was then confirmed as champions as Brentford lost to Stoke City.

“We are back. Leeds United are Premier League,” the club said on their Twitter account moments after the final whistle on Friday.

In the video posted below, the Game of Thrones star, recounted his journey as a fan in a voicemail he left for Bielsa.

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“Hola, Marcelo! It’s only me, your Danish fanboy Nikolaj,” the 49-year-old started off.

“I’m sure you’re busy now, otherwise engaged, reviewing Premier League line-ups for the last 5000 days.“But take a break, Marcelo, you got us up. You made history with Leeds. Tonight, you are immortal, your name, your style, your deeds,” he continued.

“Marcelo, it’s been so long. A childhood passed since Leeds last graced the Prem.

“That day we were relegated, my daughter was just three years old back then. Look at her now, she can drive, she can vote, she can even go to work. We are all so much older now. It feels like a different world. But tonight, you have made us feel so young.

“Sixteen painful years. A man was just a boy when he shed those relegation tears.”

Bielsa has earned iconic status in west Yorkshire after the Leeds boss finally put his club back on the football map.

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Midfielder Kalvin Phillips saluted Bielsa’s contribution, saying: “When the manager first came in I never thought I would be in this position two years down the line.

“He’s the best in the world. There’s no manager I would rather be under than Marcelo Bielsa.

“The Premier League is the best in the world and after 16 years we’re back in there.”