Chennai Super Kings star Suresh Raina has finally revealed why he decided to leave the Indian Premier League season in United Arab Emirates and return to India.

There had been various reports suggesting that he did it because he wanted a room with a balcony or that he wasn’t comfortable living in the bio-secure bubble. But neither the CSK nor the IPL came out with an official statement about Raina’s decision.

But now, in an interview to Cricbuzz, he has shed light on his decision to come back just ahead of the IPL’s scheduled start.

“It was a personal decision and I had to come back for my family,” said Raina. “There was something that needed to be addressed immediately on the home front. CSK is my family too and Mahi bhai (MS Dhoni) is very important to me and this was a tough decision. There is no issue between CSK and me. Nobody will just turn their back on Rs 12.5 crore and walk away without a solid reason. I might have retired from international cricket but I’m still young and I am looking forward to playing for them in the IPL for the next four-five years.”

The cricketer also lost two family members after a violent attack in Punjab last month. Raina said his cousin died on Monday night. The police had confirmed on August 29 that Raina’s uncle had died due to head injuries. His aunt is critical as well.

“The Pathankot incident was horrible and has really been very disturbing for everyone in our family,” said Raina. “And it was my responsibility to come back and take care of them. But since I’ve returned, I’ve been in quarantine here. So, I still have to go meet my parents and my bua (aunt) who are all in great distress.”

Raina also revealed that his relationship with CSK owner N Srinivasan is now fine. Srinivasan had earlier lashed out at Raina in an interview but they seem to have patched things up after Raina revealed the real reason for his decision.

For now, Raina feels his future with CSK is secure.

“I’ve been training even while quarantining here. You never know you might see me in the camp there again,” he said.

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