11.45 pm: That will be all from us tonight. Join us tomorrow for the return of CSK, when they take on SRH.

Player of the match: Kieron Pollard

Winning captain: Rohit Sharma says the plan to capitalise on the Punjab bowling at the back-end. Most important is the two points.

IPL table as of 1st Oct

Team Pld Won Lost Net RR Pts
1  Mumbai Indians 4 2 2 +1.094 4
2  Delhi Capitals 3 2 1 +0.483 4
3  Kolkata Knight Riders 3 2 1 +0.117 4
4  Rajasthan Royals 3 2 1 -0.219 4
5  Royal Challengers Bangalore 3 2 1 -1.450 4
6  Kings XI Punjab 4 1 3 +0.521 2
7  Sunrisers Hyderabad 3 1 2 -0.228 2
8  Chennai Super Kings 3 1 2 -0.840 2

KXIP lose by 48 runs: KL Rahul says the team could have been 3-1 tonight but they are instead 1-3. Not frustrating but disappointing, hopes his team can learn and move on. The team will sit down and decide if they need to bring in an extra bowler he adds. Says Mayank deserves the orange cap for all his hard work but jokes he is going to get it back soon.

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11.25 pm: A comprehensive win for Mumbai Indians. Another night when winning the toss and bowling first has not worked out. MI finished with 191/4 (20), KXIP made 143/8 (20)

Worth noting that KXIP *should have* been 3-1 at the end of tonight and brushing this defeat aside as an anomaly. Instead they are going to be 1-3 and playing catch-up for the rest of the tournament.

After 19 overs, KXIP 135/8: Some runs to close the margin as Gowtham hits a four and six.

After 18.3 overs, KXIP 124/8: WICKET! Just formalities being completed at the moment. Boult gets the wicket of Bishnoi, who slices one straight to point. A big defeat incoming for KXIP.

After 17.1 overs, KXIP 121/7: WICKET! Sarfaraz walks back, using up a review as well. Not that it matters now. Yorker, he missed it, hit him on the shoe. As plumb as possible. Pattinson with the wicket.

After 17 overs, KXIP 121/6: Decent over for Punjab as nine come off it, gets them closer to the target if not much else. Sarfaraz with a good reverse hit for four off Boult. Some banter in the middle as well.

After 16 overs, KXIP 112/6 - NEESHAM GONE! Not a day to remember for Neesham. Went for 40 in his last 2 overs and is now out for 7. Might not seem in the XI next game, if one has to make a prediction now. Bumrah gets him out with a full toss. Just below waist high. Fair delivery, it’s declared. Second wicket for Bumrah.

After 15 overs, KXIP 109/5 (Neesham 6, Sarfaraz 0): Maxwell was struggling to get any rhythm. He falls for 11 off 18 balls. Chahar strikes again. Finishes with 2/26 in his four overs. Great control in his bowling. Spin department was supposedly a weakness for MI but they have come up trumps today.

After 14 overs, KXIP 105/4 (Maxwell 10, Neesham 3): The match is slipping away from Kings XI at the moment. Mumbai hit 89 in the last 5 overs. KXIP need 87 off the last 6 but the bowling, you think, won’t be that easy to get away from MI as it was from KXIP.

BIG WICKET: With the pressure building, with the required rate climbing, Pooran throws his hand at a delivery from Pattinson. Caught behind. KXIP 101/4.

After 13 overs, KXIP 99/3 (Pooran 42, Maxwell 9): Maxwell is having acceleration issues at the moment. Not able to step on the pedal, frustrated by Krunal. The spinner finishes a superb spell. “Look at Krunal, he has congratulated himself,” says Bishop on air as he yells out in satisfaction. That’s brilliant from the spinner: 1/27 in four despite Pooran taking the attack to him.

After 12 overs, KXIP 94/3 (Pooran 38, Maxwell 8): Despite conceding a boundary off the second ball to Pooran, Bumrah comes back well. Just 7 off it, KXIP need double that almost. That four was another lovely shot by the WI batsman. Picked up the length so quickly and hit it over midwicket.

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After 11 overs, KXIP 87/3 (Pooran 32, Maxwell 7): Marvellous striking by Pooran as he sends a short ball soaring over long on for a six. Chahar is troubling Maxwell but a good partnership is starting to build.

Review lost: Big LBW appeal from Rahul Chahar and he makes Rohit go for the review, but it was pitching outside leg. MI lose their review, Pooran remains in the middle.

After 10 overs, KXIP 72/3 (Pooran 21, Maxwell 4): Pattinson comes back into the attack and Pooran smashes a cut past point for four. Such lovely bat speed. Halfway point, KXIP are ahead of were MI were but that finish is going to hurt Punjab, one thinks.

After 9 overs, KXIP 64/3 (Pooran 15, Maxwell 2): KXIP in deep trouble, it must be said.

After 8.1 overs, KXIP 60/3: RAHUL DISMISSING RAHUL! A big wicket for MI. Rahul Chahar has KL Rahul attempting a scoop-sweep, the KXIP captain exposes his leg stump and is bowled. All three KXIP wickets have been bowled. MI in control of this match now as a timeout is taken.

After 8 overs, KXIP 60/2 (Rahul 17, Pooran 14): After two good overs to the right-handers, Krunal goes for plenty against the leftie Pooran. Tried too hard to keep the ball outside his reach by bowling three wides and the moment he brought the line in, Pooran slog swept the ball from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. MASSIVE SIX! Follows that up with a four, outside edge that speeds past behind the wickets.

After 7 overs, KXIP 45/2 (Rahul 16, Pooran 3): Pooran and Rahul have to rebuild now. Good first over from Rahul Chahar, just four from it.

After powerplay, MI were 41/2 and KXIP are 41/2.

After 6 overs, KXIP 41/2 (Rahul 14, Pooran 1): ANOTHER WICKET! Krunal has been brought in early into the attack today against the right-handers of KXIP and he follows up a good first over with the wicket of Karun Nair in his 2nd. Tried to cut one and missed the one that skidded on. Bowled. KXIP have lost their way after a good start.

After 5 overs, KXIP 38/1 (Rahul 12, Karun 0): BOOM, BOWLED! Big wicket for MI. Mayank Agarwal was once again looking great touch but the MI pacer sneaks one through his defence. He enjoyed that! You don’t see angry celebrations from Bumrah too often. That meant a lot to him, clearly

Bumrah time, can he bounce back?

After 4 overs, KXIP 37/0 (Mayank 25, Rahul 11): Interesting move to bring in Krunal and it proved to be a good one. Four singles in that over. A left-arm spinner against two right-handers, good match-up call by Rohit there.

After 3 overs, KXIP 33/0 (Mayank 23, Rahul 9): The runs continue to flow from the bat of Mayank. One boundary in that Boult over as he plays a superb square cut behind point. Four, despite a fielder in the deep.

After 2 overs, KXIP 24/0 (Mayank 15, Rahul 8): The running between the wickets is something else between these two friends. Another 12-run over. It started with a boundary by Mayank off Pattinson. Gave himself room and lofted one over cover for a superb boundary.

After 1 over, KXIP 12/0 (Mayank 7, Rahul 5): A boundary each for Agarwal and Rahul down the leg side with pull shots as Punjab are off to a good start. Expensive first over from Boult.

MI’s finish:

Last 10 overs: 129 runs
Last 5 overs: 89 runs
Last 3 overs: 62 runs

End of 20 overs, Mumbai Indians 191/4: Last three overs, 62 runs. Last five overs, 89/1. That is a sensational finish from the defending champions.

End of 20 overs: WOW, WHAT A FINISH! 19.2: Hardik, SIX 19.4: Pollard, SIX 19.5: Pollard, SIX 19.6: Pollard, SIX Gowtham concedes 25 in the last over. 62 runs in the last 3 overs. Madness. Mumbai Indians finish with 191/4.

After 19 overs, MI 166/4: Pandya with a boundary early in the over, Pollard with a hattrick of fours to finish as Shami concedes 19 in the 19th over. Death over troubles again for KXIP. Big time.

After 17 overs, MI 147/4: Hardik tees off now! Neesham concedes 40 runs in his last 2 overs.

Neesham’s last 2 overs (16th & 18th): 1, 4, 4, 6, 6, 1, 6, 2, 4, 4, 1, 1. That didn’t go well for KXIP.

After 17 overs, MI 129/4: What an over from Shami. Wicket of Rohit and almost had the wicket of Pollard. Given out LBW but DRS comes to Pollard’s rescue. Just five runs off it though. Shami is now the purple cap holder again too.

ANOTHER MOMENT OF FIELDING BRILLIANCE FROM KXIP: Rohit Sharma out for 70 off 45 balls as Maxwell and Neesham combine at the boundary line down the group to complete a relay catch. Jonty is happy again. Shami with the wicket.

(Corrected) After 16 overs, MI 124/3 (Rohit 70, Pollard 12): Yep, just as we thought. Neesham at the end could come back to bite KXIP. Rohit goes 4, 4, 6, 6 as 22 runs come in that over. First six over square leg and the next lofted over cover-point. What batting. He is toying with the field and Neesham’s bowling. It’s the Rohit Sharma show in Abu Dhabi!

After 15 overs, MI 102/3 (Rohit 49, Pollard 11): Yep, just as we thought. Neesham at the end could come back to bite KXIP. Rohit goes 4, 4, 6, 6 as 22 runs come in that over. First six over square leg and the next lofted over cover-point. What batting. He is toying with the field and Neesham’s bowling. It’s the Rohit Sharma show in Abu Dhabi!

FIFTY FOR ROHIT SHARMA! 53* off 40 balls. 2nd half century of the tournament. He has looked in lovely touch. Gets to the landmark with a scoop through fine leg off Neesham. Can he lead MI to an explosive finish?

After 15 overs, MI 102/3 (Rohit 49, Pollard 11): A tough test for young Bishnoi. First ball, he goes full and Pollard just slammed it down the ground with an effortless ease that is his trademark. And then, when Bishnoi fires one in and short, Rohit rocks back and pulls over midwicket. Two sixes in that over. Momentum for MI.

After 14 overs, MI 87/3 (Rohit 43, Pollard 2): WICKET! A struggle for Ishan Kishan tonight. Out for 28 off 32. Gowtham with the wicket. (May not be the worst outcome for MI, mind you. Ishan had to hit or bring the hitters in.) Pooran with the catch in the deep.

After 13 overs, MI 83/2 (Rohit 41, Ishan 28): After being blown away in Sharjah by Tewatia, Cottrell makes a good comeback in Abu Dhabi. 1/20 in his four overs, including a wicket-maiden. But one wonders what the death overs are going to look like for KXIP today with Hardik / Pollard potentially in. Shami will bowl two, the rest Neesham? Might just backfire... keep an eye out for that.

The commentators wonder: “Will Ishan Kishan do a Rahul Tewatia?”

After 12 overs, MI 80/2 (Rohit 40, Ishan 26): DROPPED! Neesham back into the attack and gets Ishan to mistime a pull shot (high on the bat) but Bishnoi, after doing so well to rush forward, cannot hold on to it. Should have taken it after he got there as Rahul applauds the youngster for this effort.

After 11 overs, MI 73/2 (Rohit 38, Ishan 23): Ishan tees off! Bishnoi gives the left-hander just a hint of room, it is swept high and massive over cow corner. The young spinner comes back well to limit the damage in the over. MI will want more of this, 11 from the over.

After 10 overs, MI 62/2 (Rohit 36, Ishan 14): Good over from Gowtham, just four off it. MI going at just over run-a-ball at the halfway stage. You sense an acceleration must happen at this point.

Timeout taken and MI would want Ishan to up the ante from his part. He is batting on 12 off 18 at the moment.

After 9 overs, MI 58/2 (Rohit 34, Ishan 12): It was shaping into another brilliant over for Bishnoi but Rohit spoils it a tad bit with a super-precise cut shot that pierces the gap between two fielders behind square on the off-side. What a lovely shot.

Correction: That was the 2nd over for Shami, not the third. So Cottrell and Shami have completed five overs so far. Bishnoi to bowl his 2nd now...

After 8 overs, MI 51/2 (Rohit 29, Ishan 10): Interestingly, KXIP have given 3 overs each to Shami and Cottrell in the first half today. Impact of what Tewatia did in Sharjah? Who’s going to bowl at the back-end? Good over from Shami though, just four off it. Ishan has not quite got yet.

Third over for Shami too...

After 7 overs, MI 47/2 (Rohit 27, Ishan 8): “Rohit Sharma has played some exquisite shots so far...most things he does is exquisite anyway,” said Harsha Bhogle on air and a few seconds later, a streaky boundary past the keeper for four! Just cricket things. Good first over for Neesham though, just six runs despite that streaky four.

After 6 overs, MI 41/2 (Rohit 22, Ishan 7): Two of the most elegant boundaries you’ll see all season. Sheer timing by Rohit as he hits two fours off Gowtham’s over to help Mumbai finish the powerplay on a good note. Almost got a third boundary through the cover too, but for a good save by the fielder in the ring.

After 5 overs, MI 29/2 (Rohit 11, Ishan 6): Cottrell gets three in the powerplay. It’s another decent over for KXIP. Ishan spoils it a bit for the WI pacer with a lofted cover drive that just beats Pooran to the boundary line for four.

After 4 overs, MI 22/2 (Rohit 10, Ishan 1): RUN OUT! Shami has been gun with the ball in his hand for the most part so far, this time he is gun with his throw. A brilliant direct hit from short-fine to catch Surya just short of the crease. Just a sensational piece of fielding, that.

After 3 overs, MI 18/1 (Rohit 9, Surya 9): Oh, gorgeous shots! Suryakumar has looked in good touch so far this tournament and he gets going with two sensational shots through the cover region. First, a full that deserved to be hit. Next, a good length delivery just eased through the gap, on the up. That was extra special. 10 runs from that Cottrell over.

After 2 overs, MI 8/1 (Rohit 8, Surya 0): After being hit for two gorgeous fours through the off-side it looked like Shami had got one back at Rohit as he was given out LBW. It looked like it was drifting down leg and indeed so as Rohit reviews.

FIVE THOUSAND RUNS FOR ROHIT SHARMA: The MI captain gets to the landmark with a superb square drive for four through the offside. A delightful way to enter an elite club.

IPL leading scorers

1 ViratKohli 180 172 5430 131.12
2  Suresh Raina 193 189 5368 137.14
3  Rohit Sharma 192 187 5002 130.97
4  David Warner 129 129 4793 142.05
5  Shikhar Dhawan 162 161 4648 124.64

After 1 over, MI 0/1: A WICKET MAIDEN TO START OFF! Dream beginning this for Cottrell and KXIP. A wicket in the first over for Cottrell, as QdK is bowled by a peach. There is a hint of swing early on. This delivery is angling in from Cottrell but shapes away from Qdk late and he is bowled. What a start for KXIP.

MILESTONE ALERT: Rohit Sharma is just two runs away from 5,000 in IPL. He will be the third batsman to get to that landmark...

7.30: Right then, here we go. Cottrell to start off for KXIP. QdK and Rohit out in the middle.

7.27 pm: KXIP match means just an opportunity for us to watch this Nicholas Pooran clip again:

7.26 pm: Going by our daily poll, there is very little to choose between the two sides tonight!

7.22 pm: Head to head is only slightly in favour of MI

Matches KXIP won MI won
KXIP vs MI 24 11 13

7.20 pm: Confirmation of playing XIs

KXIP: KL Rahul. Mayank Agarwal, Nicholas Pooran, Glenn Maxwell, Karun Nair, Sarfaraz Khan, Krishnappa Gowtham, Jimmy Neesham, Mohammad Shami, Sheldon Cottrell, Ravi Bishnoi

MI: Rohit Sharma, Quinton de Kock, Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, James Pattinson, Rahul Chahar, Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah

7.15 pm: Here’s how the teams have fared so far...

KXIP in IPL 2020

Match Date / Venue Result Total points for season
DC vs KXIP 20 Sep / Dubai KXIP lost in Super Over  0
KXIP vs RCB 24 Sep / Dubai KXIP won by 97 runs 2
RR vs KXIP 27 Sep / Sharjah KXIP lost by 4 wickets 2

MI in IPL 2020

Match Date / Venue Result Total points
MI vs CSK 19 Sep / Abu Dhabi MI lost by 5 wickets 0
KKR vs MI 23 Sep / Abu Dhabi MI won by 49 runs 2
RCB vs MI 28 Sep / Dubai MI lost in Super Over  2

TEAM NEWS: Kings XI make one change. K Gowtham comes in for M Ashwin. Mumbai Indians are unchanged.

TOSS: KL Rahul wins the toss and on a fresh pitch, he says KXIP will bowl first. Rohit Sharma says he wanted to bat first anyway.

6.58 pm: Not far away from the toss in Abu Dhabi. Expecting any changes to either side? Will we see Chris Gayle in action?

6.54 pm: Skipper KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal have made inspiring starts this season for KXIP, hitting a century and a fifty each, and getting the duo out early will be the key for Mumbai.

6.47 pm: KXIP and MI have had identical fortunes so far in the tournament. They lost the opener, won the second game, and went down in the third. They have also both been involved in a Super Over defeat each.

6.42 pm: The Field’s Aditya Chaturvedi says, “Kings XI Punjab could’ve easily been undefeated at this point. Against DC, they couldn’t get 1 off 3 and lost the Super Over. Against RR, they got Tewatiad & endured IPL’s highest-ever run-chase. KL Rahul & Co are 5th on the table. Important game vs MI tonight.”

6.40 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live coverage of match No 13 in the 13th edition of Indian Premier League. Kings XI Punjab take on Mumbai Indians in Abu Dhabi.

After KKR’s win last night, here’s how the table looks like:

Team Pld Won Lost Net RR Pts
Delhi Capitals 3 2 1 +0.483 4
Kolkata Knight Riders 3 2 1 +0.117 4
Rajasthan Royals 3 2 1 -0.219 4
Royal Challengers Bangalore 3 2 1 -1.450 4
Kings XI Punjab 3 1 2 +1.498 2
Mumbai Indians 3 1 2 +0.654 2
Sunrisers Hyderabad 3 1 2 -0.228 2
Chennai Super Kings 3 1 2 -0.840 2