Pattinson gets Rajpoot as RR are all-out for 136. A comprehensive victory for the defending champions. They were simply too strong for Rajasthan Royals tonight.

After 18 overs, RR are 136/9 – Jofra is gone!
OUT! Jasprit Bumrah gets Jofra Archer to complete a four-for. He finishes with 4/20 from his 4 overs. These are his best ever figures in the IPL.

After 17 overs, RR are 124/8 (Jofra 13, Rajpoot 1)
SIX! Jofra Archer pulls Trent Boult all the way. Nine runs from that over, Boult finishes with figures of 2/26. RR need 70 off 18.

After 15.5 overs, RR are 115/8 – Gopal is gone!
Two wickets in the over for Bumrah as Shreyas Gopal edges it to the keeper. RR need 79 off 25.

After 15.2 overs, RR are 112/7 – Tewatia is gone!
Now Bumrah gets in on the act. Tewatia tries to slog a yorker and is clean bowled. MI are inching closer to a win.

After 14.4 overs, RR are 108/6 – Curran is gone!
Now Pollard strikes with the ball as Curran holes out. The West Indies veteran didn’t get to bat, he’s making up for it in the field.

After 14 overs, RR are 102/5 (Curran 9, Tewatia 4)
Rahul Tewatia gets off the mark with a drive over cover for four. RR need another miracle from him tonight.

After 13.3 overs, RR are 98/5 – Buttler is gone!
OUT! MI get the big, big wicket of Jos Buttler as James Pattinson strikes! Kieron Pollard with a stunning catch at the boundary. That was sensational from the big man. RR lose their fifth as Buttler walks back for 70 off 44, they need 96 off 39.

After 13 overs, RR are 97/4 (Butter 70, Curran 8)
Fifth six for Buttler! Pollard brought in to slip in an over but Buttler takes him for a six and a four. 13 runs from that over. RR need 97 off 42. If Buttler sticks around for a few more overs, this match will get really, really interesting. RR still very much in this.

After 12 overs, RR are 84/4 (Butter 59, Curran 6)
Fourth six for Buttler! He’s accelerating nicely now. Krunal concedes 10 runs off his second over. RR need 110 off 48.

After 11 overs, RR are 74/4 (Butter 51, Curran 4)
FIFTY for Jos Buttler! He gets there in 34 balls with his third six of the innings. RR need him to keep going till the end.

After 10 overs, RR are 63/4 (Butter 43, Curran 2)
SIX! Expensive first over from Krunal Pandya, 12 runs from it. He drops it way short and Jos Buttler slaps it over covers for a maximum. RR need 131 off 60.

After 9 overs, RR are 51/4 (Butter 32, Curran 1)
Jos Buttler pulls one for six but a successful over by Rahul Chahar. Two Englishmen at the crease now as Tom Curran is the new batsman.

After 8.1 overs, RR are 42/4 – Lomror is gone!
OUT! Rahul Chahar gets rid of Mahipal Lomror. Substitute Anukul Roy with a sensational full-length dive to complete the catch.

After 8 overs, RR are 42/3 (Butter 24, Lomror 11)
Another good over for MI, Pattinson gives away just seven from his second. Time for a strategic timeout.

After 7 overs, RR are 35/3 (Butter 19, Lomror 10)
Good start by leg-spinner Rahul Chahar, just the four singles from his first over. RR need to start attacking soon if they want to give themselves a chance.

How unlucky was Bumrah there:

After 6 overs, RR are 31/3 (Butter 16, Lomror 9)
That’s the end of the powerplay, which was dominated by MI. James Pattinson concedes 8 runs in his first over as Mahipal Lomror gets four with a solid cut.

After 5 overs, RR are 23/3 (Butter 15, Lomror 2)
Trent Boult with his third over and Jos Buttler picks up his third four, this time through to third-man. RR need the scoreboard to keep ticking.

After 4 overs, RR are 16/3 (Butter 10, Lomror 0)
Much-needed boundary for RR as Buttler flicks one from Bumrah for four. He is joined by young left-hander Mahipal Lomror at the crease.

After 2.5 overs, RR are 12/3 – Samson is gone!
OUT! Wickets in each of the first three overs for Mumbai Indians! And it’s the big one of Sanju Samson this time. The right-hander mis-times a pull and is caught easily at mid-on. Trent Boult gets his second, RR are in big trouble.

After 2 overs, Royals 7/2: Another huge appeal for caught behind at the end of that over. MI don’t review. What an over by Bumrah.

After 1.4 overs, Royals 7/2: WICKET! Mumbai are off to a dream start. The strategy to give Bumrah the second over pays off straight away. Steve Smith’s below-par run continues as he bottom edges one to the keeper.

Bumrah time, nice and early...

After 1 over, RR 5/1 (Smith 5, Buttler 0): A superb first over from Boult that also a superb shot by Smith. Whipped one through square leg audaciously for four. The Kiwi pacer got nice shape in that over.

After 0.2 overs, RR 0/1: Boult strikes. Jaiswal gone for a duck! The left-hander edges one to the keeper off the 2nd ball. Steve Smith walks in first over anyway! Superb start for Mumbai.

Here we go... RR are opening their batting with Jos Buttler and Yashasvi Jaiswal. Steve Smith pushes himself down (at 3 or 4, remains to be seen). Boult runs in.

Reminder: Royals have won four matches on the trot against MI. Will that streak continue?

Suryakumar Yadav remains not-out on 79 off 47, Hardik Pandya unbeaten on 30 off 19. Mumbai Indians got 51 runs in the last 3 overs.

After 19 overs, MI are 176/4 (Suryakumar 73, Hardik 20)
Eventful final over from Jofra Archer! First he delivers a 150 kmph beamer that Hardik Pandya just about avoids. Then he bowls a deadly accurate bouncer that strikes Suryakumar Yadav on the helmet. But the right-hander responds by playing a brilliant scoop for six off the next ball. Jofra finishes with figures of 1/34 (4). Ankit Rajpoot to bowl the last over of the innings.

After 18 overs, MI are 161/4 (Suryakumar 66, Hardik 17)
Just the sort of over Mumbai wanted, 19 runs from it. Curran drops Hardik off his own bowling before Surya picks up a six and a four with two audacious shots behind square on the leg side.

After 17 overs, MI are 142/4 (Suryakumar 56, Hardik 8)
4, 0, 1, 0, 0, 4 – interesting over from Jofra Archer. He starts and finishes with boundaries (one each from the batsmen at the crease) and does well in the middle.

After 16 overs, MI are 133/4 (Suryakumar 52, Hardik 3)
FIFTY for Suryakumar Yadav! The MI No 3 has looked impressive so far this season, he gets to 50 off 33 balls. Eight runs from that Tom Curran over.

After 15 overs, MI are 125/4 (Suryakumar 46, Hardik 1)
Decent IPL debut for young Kartik Tyagi, he finishes with figures of 1/36 (4). Final five overs coming up, Mumbai would want to go past 180.

After 14 overs, MI are 117/4 – Krunal is gone!
OUT! Jofra Archer returns to the attack and strikes! Krunal Pandya fails to connect the pull and finds the fielder.

After 13 overs, MI are 114/3 (Suryakumar 39, Krunal 10)
SIX! Krunal hits Tewatia over long-on to start the over. The leggie then concedes five singles. RR would want to strike again soon.

After 12 overs, MI are 104/3 (Suryakumar 37, Krunal 5)
Super shots from Surya! Picks up fours off consecutive deliveries with a sweep followed by a drive over covers. Shreyas Gopal finishes with figures of 2/28 (4).

After 11 overs, MI are 92/3 (Suryakumar 26, Krunal 1)
Leg-spin from both ends from RR. Rahul Tewatia bowls a tight first over, just two runs from it.

After 10 overs, MI are 90/3 (Suryakumar 25, Krunal 0)
Sensational over from Shreyas Gopal, two wickets and just two runs from it. Mumbai have sent Krunal ahead of Hardik and Pollard. Rajasthan have the momentum, tricky phase for Mumbai.

After 9.2 overs, MI are 88/3 – Back-to-back wickets!
Shreyas Gopal has two in two! Rohit Sharma is dismissed by a leg-spinner again. Was looking in fine touch but hits one from Shreyas Gopal straight to long-on. The MI skipper departs for 35 off 23. Then Ishan Kishan attempts a slog first up and mis-times it to give an easy catch. Poor premeditated shot. RR are back in this!

After 9 overs, MI are 88/1 (Rohit 35, Suryakumar 24)
Interesting over from Kartik Tyagi. Gets hit by Surya for two fours and then comes back well to slip in three dot balls. The last ball then takes a thick edge and goes for four.

After 8 overs, MI are 76/1 (Rohit 35, Suryakumar 12)
Expensive over! Shreyas Gopal returns to the attack and gets hit for a four and then a six. Surya with a classy drive over covers followed by the Rohit front-foot pull for six.

After 7 overs, MI are 65/1 (Rohit 29, Suryakumar 7)
A couple of wides but a decent over by Kartik Tyagi. He’s known to get swing but is managing without it for now.

After 6 overs, MI are 57/1 (Rohit 25, Suryakumar 6)
Shot! Suryakumar Yadav gets his first boundary with a “tasty” (as Danny Morrison says in commentary) flick past mid-wicket for four. That’s the end of the powerplay. Mumbai will be pleased with their progress so far.

After 5 overs, MI are 50/1 QdK is gone!
OUT! First over in the IPL and a first wicket for Kartik Tyagi! The 19-year-old pacer removes Quinton de Kock for 23 (15) to get RR the breakthrough. The left-hander top-edges a pull and Buttler completes the catch. What a moment for the young Indian pacer.

After 4 overs, MI are 41/0 (QdK 22, Rohit 18)
What a shot from QdK! Jofra Archer pitches it on the pads and the left-hander whips it for a maximum. Another good over for Mumbai, 12 runs from it.

After 3 overs, MI are 29/0 (QdK 11, Rohit 17)
Big over for MI, 15 runs from it! Rohit gets the first six of the match with a gorgeous straight drive, and follows that up with his classic late-cut for four. De Kock then gets a boundary as well. Ankit Rajpoot is making a comeback, he has conceded 25 runs in his two overs so far.

After 2 overs, MI are 14/0 (QdK 7, Rohit 6)
Shreyas Gopal takes the new ball from the other end (probably because Rohit doesn’t have a great record against leg-spinners). Four runs come from that over.

After 1 over, MI are 10/0 (QdK 5, Rohit 4)
Great first over for MI. De Kock drives the first ball straight back for four before Rohit finishes the over with a nice late cut to the fence.

7.30 pm: We’re ready for the first ball in Abu Dhabi! Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock opening the batting for MI. Ankit Rajpoot has the new ball in hand for RR. Here we go!

7.21 pm: This is an important game for RR. They won their first two games but have lost the last two. They’re up against MI who are on a two-match winning streak. The Royals have made plenty of changes to the XI for tonight’s game, they’d want to arrest the slide.

7.09 pm: Playing XIs
Rajasthan Royals: Jos Buttler, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Steven Smith (c), Sanju Samson, Mahipal Lomror, Rahul Tewatia, Tom Curran, Jofra Archer, Shreyas Gopal, Ankit Rajpoot, Kartik Tyagi.
Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Quinton de Kock (w), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, James Pattinson, Rahul Chahar, Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah.

7.03 pm: Rohit Sharma wins the toss and MI will bat first! Mumbai are playing an unchanged XI. Rajasthan Royals have three changes: Yashwasvi Jaiswal and Ankit Rajpoot are in while Kartik Tyagi will make his IPL debut.

6.58 pm: Young pacer Kartik Tyagi seems set to make his IPL debut with Rajasthan Royals.

6.50 pm: This is how the teams have fared so far:

MI in IPL 2020

Match Date Venue Result
MI vs CSK 19 Sep Abu Dhabi MI lost by 5 wickets
KKR vs MI 23 Sep Abu Dhabi MI won by 49 runs
RCB vs MI 28 Sep Dubai MI lost in Super Over 
KXIP vs MI 1 Oct Abu Dhabi MI won by 48 runs
MI vs SRH 4 Oct Sharjah MI won by 34 runs

RR in IPL 2020

Match Date Venue Result
RR vs CSK 22 Sep Sharjah RR won by 16 runs
RR vs KXIP 27 Sep Sharjah RR won by 4 wickets
RR vs KKR 30 Sep Dubai RR lost by 37 runs
RCB vs RR 3 Oct Abu Dhabi RR lost by 8 wickets

6.42 pm: The overall head-to-head record might be 10-10 but it is worth noting that Royals are bit of a bogey side for Rohit Sharma and he will want to improve his record against them. In 2018 and 2019, the Royals have beaten MI in all four meetings.

6.40 pm: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of match No 20 in the Indian Premier League’s 2020 edition. In-form Mumbai Indians take on stuttering Rajasthan Royals in Abu Dhabi.

Rajasthan Royals will be keen to end their losing streak when they face an in-form Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League on Tuesday.

Starting with a bang with two impressive wins in Sharjah on a conducive batting surface, Royals have hit a slump on the bigger grounds of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Mumbai Indians, on the other hand, have been solid in their last couple of games. After a Super Over defeat to Royal Challengers Bangalore, the defending champions bounced back to defeat Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad by 48 and 34 runs respectively.