Catches win matches, and they certainly did for Adelaide Strikers against Brisbane Heat. Catches aren’t just about concentration and athleticism, they’re also about anticipation and nowadays in T20 cricket, about teamwork.

Madeline Penna and Tahlia McGrath provided a perfect example of that when they combined to take the catch of Brisbane batter Amelia Kerr.

Kerr mistimed a full-toss that was headed towards Penna who couldn’t hold on to the high catch. But McGrath had her back. Anticipating her teammate failing to latch onto the ball, McGrath ran behind Penna to be in a position to gobble up the pieces. And she did just that timing her dive to perfection.

In the age of T20 cricket, top pieces of fielding are a common sight, yet this one from the Women’s Big Bash League in Australia is something special.

Watch the sensational catch below: