Radha Yadav is the Player of the Series. She says she is happy with her five-wicket haul but would have preferred to have won the final.

Smriti Mandhana, winning captain, is the Player of the Match. No contest there, she was the standout performer on a difficult pitch to bat.

“I just told the girls that these are the last 20 overs of the tournament. Because of the situation we don’t know when we’ll come out next, so we wanted to give it our all. It was a hard wicket to bat on, 135 would have been ideal but nevertheless 118 was good on this wicket,” she says.

Harmanpreet Kaur says that she picked up the injury while fielding but it’s not as bad. “But for the team you have to do what you can.. couldn’t do it today for the team,” she says. The Supernovas captain was limping for most of her innings, but top scored for her team with 30 off 36.


Smriti Mandhana and Co are winners of the Women’s T20 Challenge for the first time as the defend 118 in a low-scoring final on a tricky pitch.

Turns out, the captain’s 60 was the highest score, the clincher and only fluent innings in the final. Batting on a different pitch!

Smriti Mandhana: 68 off 49 balls, 5 fours and 3 sixes, SR 138.77.

Only player to hit a six. Only player to hit more than two fours.

Next best Strike Rate in the match (at least 5 balls faced): 105.55  

After 19 overs, Supernovas are 95/7, need 24 off 6 balls

That was an eventful over, and an important one for Bangladesh captain Salma Khatun even if the game has become a foregone conclusion.

After 18.5 overs, Supernovas are 91/4 - Vastrakar is out on 0 off 1

WICKET! Make that 3 wickets for Salma Khatun in the final! Pooja Vastrakar goes for the big shot but manages to find Eccleston at mid-on and has to walk back for a golden duck.

After 18.3 overs, Supernovas are 91/4 - Harmanpreet is out for 30 off 36

STUMPED! Salma Khatun continues her impressive first Women’s T20 Challenge campaign as she picks her second wicket of the final. Harmanpreet goes for a wild swing, misses it completely and her wickets come undone. GAME OVER then?

After 18.2 overs, Supernovas are 93/5 - Patil is out for 8 off 13

Anuja Patil attempts an expansive stroke towards deep mid-wicket but gets just the one run for it. Harmanpreet comes down and strikes similarly off he next ball but this time, Patil is run out while coming for the second.

After 18 overs, Supernovas are 91/4, need 28 off 12 balls

Jhulan Goswami comes back into the attack and continues the frugal run with 6 runs off it and no inch given for a possible boundary. There was a run out opportunity off the last ball, but the bowler didn’t collect.

After 17 overs, Supernovas are 85/4

Harmanpreet continues to limp but she is running the singles. However, that may not be enough as the requires rate in close to 12 now. Supernovas need 34 runs in 18 balls. Time for the big hits from the captain, who is batting on 27 off 32.

After 16 overs, Supernovas are 81/4

A boundary off the last ball from Harmanpreet eases the pressure and makes it 6 runs off the over. However, the asking rate is well over 9 now and in more bad news for Supernovas, Harmanpreet has the physio examine her injury.

After 15 overs, Supernovas are 75/4 – Siriwardene is out on 19 off 18

WICKET! The partnership is broken by Salma Khatun! She comes around the wicket and the decision proves to be clever one as Siriwardene attempts a scoop and top edges is straight to shot-fine leg where Goswami takes a simple catch.

Just when it looked like the set batters could change gear, they will have combination. Anuja Patil is the new bat in, 44 runs needed of 30 balls.

After 14 overs, Supernovas are 70/3

Seven singles runs off the Gayakwad over, with a no ball after the ball slips out of her hand and a free hit, that Harmanpreet is unable to connect. Need 49 to win from 36 balls with Harmanpreet on 19 off 26.

After 13 overs, Supernovas are 63/3

Salma Khatun comes into the attack and bowls a tight line, with 5 singles coming off it. Supernovas need 56 off 42 balls and with the required run rate over 8 now, one of the two will need to start taking chances soon.

After 12 overs, Supernovas are 58/3

A much-needed boundary off the second ball as cover fielder fails to stop it makes it 6 off the Ecclestone over.

Harmanpreet seems to be nursing some injury as her running looks impeded and commentators mention she is limping. Not good news for Supernovas.

After 11 overs, Supernovas are 52/3

The FIFTY comes up for Supernovas in the 11th over as Deepti Sharma gives away just 4 runs.

After 10 overs, Supernovas are 48/3

Harleen Deol comes in to bowl and it’s a decent over for the batting side after a while, with 9 runs off it.

At the halfway mark, Supernovas look to be on the back foot, needing 71 runs in 60 balls. But if there is one player who can turn any equation on its head with a big batting performance, it is captain Harmanpreet Kaur.

After 9 overs, Supernovas are 39/3 – Rodrigues is out for 13 off 16

WICKET! Chantam making it count on the field and how! Jemimah Rodrigues is out cheaply again, as Supernovas lose their third wicket. She tries to plays an uppish slice but the Thai cricketer dives to her left in the point region to hold on to the catch. Second wicket for Deepti Sharma.

Shashikala Siriwardene is the new bat in

After 8 overs, Supernovas are 36/1

Rodrigues times a boundary through long-off on the last ball of the over to ease some pressure and make it 6 runs off the over, just what the required rate demands.

Jemimah and Harmanpreet, two of India’s best bats, on crease during a tricky time in the chase with one half of India’s spin quartet bowling from either end. The next few overs will be interesting, if nothing else.

After 7 overs, Supernovas are 30/2 – Taniya Bhatia is out for 14 off 20

Deepti Sharma comes into the attack from the other and strikes in her first over! She gets Taniya Bhatia, who looked the more set of the two batters. She goes for a shot in a bid to get some runs, and coming down the track, manages only a soft chip straight to Gayakwad at short mid-wicket.

Captain Harmanpreet is the new bat in

After 6 overs, Supernovas are 28/1

Rajeshwari Gayakwad comes in for the final over of Powerplay and gives away just 4 runs. An excellent Powerplay for Trailblazers as they have managed to keep the Supernovas scoring rate in check got their dangerous opener. With a low score on board, this is the start they needed with the field restrictions off.

Another look at this sensational effort from Chantham...

After 5 overs, Supernovas are 24/1

A wonderful square cut from Bhatia off the first balls gets a much-needed boundary but a good over from Goswami after that, with just 2 more singles.

After 4 overs, Supernovas are 18/1

Six runs off the Sophie Ecclestone over as Supernovas continue to be stifled in the Powerplay.

After 3 overs, Supernovas are 12/1

Goswami keeping it consistent and tight from the other end, only 2 runs off her over. Trailblazers’ hopes ride on their lethal opening bowling combination and they have been good so far.

Taniya Bhatia is the new bat in, being promoted to the top of the order in a crucial match.

After 2 overs, Supernovas are 10/1 – Athapaththu is out for 6 off 9

Sophie Ecclestone, the world No 1, strikes in the very first over! She gets the dangerous Athapaththu, player of the last match, trapped in front. Good review from Mandhana as all three markers are red and Trailblazers are off to a great start after the terrible end to the last innings.

But before that, here’s a look at the exceptional fielding save by Chantham in the third man area. The first player from Thailand in the Women’s T20 Challenge, she’s making it count in the field after not getting a chance to bat.

After 1 over, Supernovas 3/0
All talk about spinners and Jhulan Goswami comes into bowl and gets the ball to rise sharply in her first over. Finishes the over with a series of superb dot balls that beat the bat of Athapaththu and the SL opener can only smile. Good battle.

Target: 119

The Trailblazers have a superb bowling lineup too, led by Jhulan Goswami and Sophie Eccelestone. Early wickets, and this could be a thriller. For Supernovas, Jemimah Rodrigues is the new opener in the absence of Priya Punia.

Innings break: Radha Yadav kept tossing it up, the batters kept going for the big hits and they kept getting out. The left-arm spinner becomes the first bowler in the Women’s T20 challenge to take 5 wickets. Might have just turned the game big time in her side’s favour.

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After 20 overs, Trailblazers are 118/8

The Trailblzers innings is wrapped up, fittingly in a way, with a wicket off the last ball as Chantam is run out on the last ball. Four wickets in the six balls of the last over as Supernovas take complete control of the match in the final overs.
It was a procession after Mandhana departed for 68, scoring half of her team’s runs.

A FIVE-WICKET HAUL for Radha Yadav!

A superb last over from the young Indian spinner.
On the first ball, Ecclestone tries to take a big swing but finds Selman at cover and a couple of balls later, Deol falls in the exact same way and the same combination.
On the very next ball, she has Goswami stumped to get the first-ever FIFER in the Women’s T20 Challenge.

After 19 overs, Trailblazers are 117/3

Harleen Deol, who played a blinder in the last match, batting with Sophie Ecclestone. Both new batters but both with the ability to provide the late flourish Trailblazers so badly need. But it is Anuja Patil who finishes her spell with another frugal over, giving away only 4. This has been an excellent bowling performance from Supernovas spinners.

After 18 overs, Trailblazers are 113/4 – Richa Ghosh out on 10 off 16

ANOTHER WICKET! Richa Ghosh falls in almost identical manner to Deepti Sharma. A shot down the ground straight to the fielder at long on as Radha Yadav gets her second wicket and Athapaththu completes a second catch.

After 17.2 overs, Trailblazers are 112/3 – Deepti Sharma out on 9 off 10

FOUR and OUT! Deepti Sharma finally breaks the boundaries drought with a powerful strike over square leg. But she is dismissed off the next ball as she comes down the track but manages to find the fielder at long on. Radha Yadav gets the wicket, Athapaththu with the catch.

After 17 overs, Trailblazers are 108/2

The Supernovas spinners doing a superb job at keeping the boundaries in check. Siriwardene gives away only 5 runs in her final over. The former Sri Lanka captain retired from international cricket earlier this year so this performance is extra special for her.

After 16 overs, Trailblazers are 103/2

An excellent over from Poonam Yadav to finish up her spell, giving away only 2 runs. With 4 overs to go, this is the time for Deepti Sharma and Richa Ghosh to take chances now. Anything over 130 should be a good score here.

After 15 overs, Trailblazers are 101/2 – Mandhana is out on 68 off 49

An EVENTFUL over this.

Richa Ghosh gets her first boundary, a commanding shot down on one knee over square leg. This brings up the HUNDRED FOR TRAILBLZERS. But soon after Siriwardene gets the BIG breakthrough as Mandhana is STUMPED! She comes down the track and Taniya Bhatia, quick as always, whops off the bails. They go upstairs and replays show that her foot is in the air.

Deepti Sharma is the new bat in and survives a stumping call.

After 14 overs, Trailblazers are 93/1

Anuja Patil once again with a good over, making the first on a blip. Just four runs of this as well, showing that this is indeed not as easy a pitch to bat on.

After 13 overs, Trailblazers are 89/1

Siriwardene reins it in with another good over, giving away only 4 runs off it. A respite for Supernovas after the big last over.

After 12 overs, Trailblazers are 85/1

FIFTY for Smriti Mandhana! The Trailblazers captain is in great touch, despite the frugal last few overs, and gets her half century, off just 38 balls, with a shot to the boundary. She follows it with a cracking Six over the bowler’s head. An excellent over for Trailblazers despite a wicket off the first ball, with 14 runs coming off it.

Mandhana moves to 60 off 40.

After 11.1 overs, Trailblazers are 71/1 – Dottin is out for 20 off 32

A rare scratchy innings from Deandra Dottin comes to an end as Poonam Yadav opens Supernovas’ attack. It was a wicket that felt like a long time coming as the opener struggled with her timing. She take a big swing a flighted delivery and manages to find the fielder at deep-midwicket. Radha Yadav almost spilled that but she holds on.

Richa Ghosh is the new bat in

After 11 overs, Trailblazers are 71/0

Shashikala Siriwardene comes into the attack and bowls another tidy over for Supernovas with just 5 off it. Something’s gonna give soon... time for Dottin to start taking on the attack.

After 10 overs, Trailblazers are 66/0

Dottin gets a life! The opener finally goes for a big shot but it doesn’t have the distance. Luckily for her, it’s no man’s land and Radha Yadav can’t get there fast enough, despite a good dive. The runs continue to be on the slower side for Trailblazers as they reach the halfway mark. Supernovas spinners seems to have brought their team back in the contest after the big powerplay, despite no wickets falling as yet.

After 9 overs, Trailblazers are 62/0

Another good over from Supernovas as Anuja Patil is brought back after the costly first outing early on. She gives away only 3 this time.

After 8 overs, Trailblazers are 59/0

Poonam Yadav comes into the attack, after barely getting a couple of overs in the last match, and India’s spin spearhead is effective at controlling the run rate at once, with her slow, loopy deliveries. Only 3 runs off her first over.

After 7 overs, Trailblazers are 56/0

Pooja Vastrakar comes into the attack and goes for 11. A no-ball on the second ball gives Mandhana a free-hit and she doesn’t squander the chance, lofting a sweetly-timed Six. That brings up the FIFTY partnership between the openers, with Mandhana doing the bulk of the scoring at 41 off only 26. Dottin still not able to get bat on ball to her liking and she will very displeased with her strike rate at 70 (12 off 17.)

After 6 overs, Trailblazers are 45/0

A tidy over from Radha Yadav to wrap up the Powerplay with just 4 runs off it. She appeals for LBW against Dottin but the umpire and keeper are both not keen on the shout.

After 5 overs, Trailblazers are 41/0

It’s not something that happens often when the West Indian is playing, but Mandhana is outscoring Dottin early on. The big-hitting opener is not getting her timing right so far but Trailblazers are getting the runs courtesy some sublime strokes from their captain. The drive through square races to the boundary on the penultimate ball is a joy to behold.

After 4 overs, Trailblazers are 33/0

Radha Yadav replaces Anuja Patil after the expensive first over. JemimahRodrigues and Ayabonga Khaka serve what looked like certain boundaries with great fielding at the ropes, making it just six off the over.

After 2 overs, Trailblazers are 20/0

What a start for Smriti Mandhana!

Spin from the other end as Anuja Patil shares the new ball and it’s just what Mandhana needs. The opener goes on a rampage on the last three balls – Four. Four. And a beautifully struck Six! 14 runs off that over.

After 1 over, Trailblazers are 6/0

A good over from Khaka but Dottin manages to sneak in a cracking boundary on the penultimate ball. Smart response from the South African, who bowls a slower ball for a dot.

Deandra Dottin and Smriti Mandhana to open for Trailblazers, Ayabonga Khaka with the new ball. Here we go!

Watch the toss here, important points made by both captains:

An interesting point from India’s T20I captain Harmanpreet Kaur

“There is no pressure to defend the title. I told my players to just go and enjoy as we are not sure when we are going to play next. Of course, we would want to keep playing.”

Playing XIs and Team Changes

Trailblzers: Deandra Dottin, Smriti Mandhana(c), Richa Ghosh(w), Nuzhat Parween, Deepti Sharma, Harleen Deol, Sophie Ecclestone, Nattakan Chantam, Salma Khatun, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Jhulan Goswami

Nuzhat Parween comes in place of Dayalan Hemalatha

Supernovas: Chamari Athapaththu, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet Kaur(c), Shashikala Siriwardene, Anuja Patil, Radha Yadav, Pooja Vastrakar, Shakera Selman, Taniya Bhatia(w), Poonam Yadav, Ayabonga Khaka

Priya Punia is out and Pooja Vastrakar is in

7.00 pm: TOSS TIME!

Supernovas have won the toss and Harmanpreet has chosen to bowl first this time, unlike the last match. Mandhana says that Trailblazers would have liked to bat first anyway, so toss loss that works out well.

Supernovas, champions of the exhibition tournament in 2018 and 2019, managed to ward off their rivals in a last-over thriller. The two-run victory enabled the Supernovas to enter the final, while knocking the Mithali-Raj led Velocity out of the competition. Read more: Women’s T20 Challenge final: Eyeing third title, Kaur’s Supernovas take on Mandhana’s Trailblazers

06.50 pm: Hello all and welcome to the coverage of the Women’s T20 Challenge final where Harmanpreet Kaur’s Supernovas take on Smriti Mandhana’s Trailblazers.

Trailblazers reached the final courtesy their comprehensive win in the first match while Supernovas needed a win in the last league game, which they got on the very last ball... incidentally against the same team they will play in the final.