All-rounder Glenn Maxwell has brushed aside Virender Sehwag’s criticism after the former Indian opening batsman called the Aussie star a ‘10 crore-cheerleader’ after a disappointing IPL season.

Playing for Kings XI Punjab, Maxwell managed just 108 runs in 13 matches, making it his worst return in an IPL season (apart from 2012 and 2013 where he played just two and three matches respectively). Maxwell also did not hit a single six in the tournament.

Sehwag, in his chat show on Instagram where he did irreverent, off-beat reviews and analysis, came down hard on Maxwell.

“Glenn Maxwell. This 10 crore cheerleader proved very costly for Punjab. His IPL routine for the last few years has been of shirking from work but this season he broke that record as well. This is what you call a highly paid vacation,” Sehwag said of Maxwell in an episode of his show Viru ki Baithak.

Around the three-minute mark

Maxwell responded by saying that Sehwag’s comments didn’t surprise him.

“It’s ok. Viru is pretty outspoken with his dislike of me, and that’s fine. He’s allowed to say whatever he likes. He’s in the media for such statements, so that’s fine. I deal with that and move on, and take it with a grain of salt with Sehwag,” the West Australian quoted Maxwell as saying.

“I think I’m better equipped with dealing with those sorts of things now. In hindsight, it was a pretty good time to go through something like that where I was able to put some groundwork in to deal with adversity. This year has certainly been a massive test of it. To be able to help people through different times of tough periods and be able to help me through those tough periods has been really key as well,” he added.

In another report by, Maxwell said he was focussed on putting IPL aside.

“I was hitting the ball fine (in the IPL), I just wasn’t getting much of a crack but that can happen.

“What I went through last year, I think I’m better equipped to deal with those sorts of things now. I’m looking at the bigger picture and understanding my role in the Australian side, trying to put the IPL aside and thinking about what I need to do to get ready for every game.

“So that when the time comes, and when I need it, I can perform really well.”

Maxwell will be looking to make amends in the upcoming series against India. The 32-year-old is named in Australia’s ODI and T20I squads to face Virat Kohli’s men.

India play Australia in the first ODI on November 27.