Aus 133/6 after 64 overs: Stumps on Day 3. Australia have somehow got through the day. Green (17) and Cummins (15) in the middle. As usual, India’s bowlers were brilliant. In the final session of the day: 38 overs, 68 runs, 4 wickets. A fitting end to a day India has dominated.

Aus 127/6 after 64 overs: Just a few more minutes left till close of play. Australia may survive the day but India are firmly in command.

Aus 126/6 after 62 overs: Cummins and Green keeping Australia alive for the moment but Pant did drop Cummins off Ashwin. Australia trail by 5 runs now.

Aus 110/6 after 54 overs: Last 10 overs, 12 runs, 2 wickets. That is the kind of pressure India have been putting on Australia. How they would have loved to have Gilchrist here... to come out and hit a few quick runs...

Aus 102/6 after 49 overs: Green can bat (he has a first-class average of 51) but he doesn’t have much experience at this level. Big challenge for him. Cummins joins him in the middle now.

Aus 99/6 after 47.4 overs: WICKET! Nothing on the hot spot but a spike on snicko and Paine is walking back. Jadeja strikes again, Pant takes the catch. Wow. Paine c Pant b Jadeja 1(9)

Aus 98/5 after 46.1 overs: WICKET! Siraj comes in and gets a wicket right away. Head edges that to the second slip. Nothing shot really. Change of pace worked. Good move by Rahane again. Head c Agarwal b Siraj 17(46)

Aus 98/4 after 44 overs: WICKET! Wade (40 off 137) trapped LBW by Jadeja. He took the review but that was gone. A bit quicker in the air from Jadeja too. Big wicket this. Australia trail by 33 runs. Wade lbw b Jadeja 40(137)

Aus 95/3 after 42 overs: Very tight bowling by India. Head has looked to score but there have not been many opportunities.

Update: Umesh Yadav has a calf niggle. He is being taken for scans.

Aus 94/3 after 40 overs: Just a change of ends for Ashwin. Spin from both ends now but two very different bowlers. They will attack in different ways too.

Aus 89/3 after 38 overs: Jadeja into the attack now. Replacing Ashwin or just a change of ends?

Aus 86/3 after 37 overs: Bumrah continues. India know that another wicket could really have Australia in big trouble. One can feel the tension.

Aus 81/3 after 35 overs: Wade took a hit on the helmet from a Bumrah bouncer. That is the thing about his bouncer – he doesn’t just throw it up there, he is looking to force a mistake. A short break as Wade changed the helmet and the next ball was another bouncer. Riveting stuff.

Aus 78/3 after 34 overs: This is an Indian attack without Ishant, Shami and now, Umesh. Just goes to prove the quality of this Indian bowling attack. If the batting produces the goods more often (when away from home), they could really dominate world cricket. Ashwin and Bumrah are giving the batsmen no room to breathe.

Aus 71/3 after 32.2 overs: WICKET! Smith gone early again. The bail on the leg-stump has been disturbed. Incredible. Bumrah gets it right. They took a review to check and confirm the dismissal. Brilliant execution of plans, they have clearly identified a problem. If he doesn’t have a problem outside the off-stump, let’s target his leg-stump.

Aus 71/2 after 32 overs: Misfield off the last ball by Agarwal lifts the pressure a bit. Ashwin continues to impress. He is giving little away.

Aus 67/2 after 30 overs: Ashwin really getting the ball to talk here. There is so much to Ashwin’s bowling that you won’t see in the highlights package – changes of pace, the angles, the variations, the setup. He got one to beat Wade completely. It beat Pant too. Brilliant exhibition of off-spin bowling.

Players are back on the field. Vital session coming up!

Aus 65/2 after 28 overs: And that is tea. 28 overs, 65 runs, 2 wickets in the session. India doing well to get two wickets but Australia have moved the match along. Session shared? It just feels like that. Steve Smith still in the middle, looking nervous but still there.

Aus 64/2 after 27 overs: Three short balls to start the over and then Bumrah pitched it up. Wade (27 off 84) was ready and hit it to the long-on boundary.

Aus 60/2 after 25 overs: Bumrah back into the attack. Just around 10-15 mins to go for the tea break. Not letting Smith settle. Good move by Rahane.

Aus 58/2 after 24 overs: Smith batting nervously against Ashwin. They both understand what this match-up means for this game.

Aus 56/2 after 23 overs: Siraj doing enough in the middle. Good pace, gets the odd ball to do something, wants to review everything.

Aus 51/2 after 21 overs: Australia go past 50. The pitch doesn’t have much for the pacers now but Ashwin and Jadeja should be up for the challenge.

Aus 44/2 after 19 overs: India waste a review. Siraj cajoled Rahane into taking the review but that pitches way outside the leg-stump. Wade still in the middle. Meanwhile, Smith vs Ashwin – that just might be the match there.

Aus 42/2 after 17.5 overs: WICKET!! What a ball by Ashwin, who was bowling from round the wicket! Labuschagne had no answer to this. It went straight on, took the edge and through to Rahane. Labuschagne c Rahane b Ashwin 28(49)

Aus 34/1 after 15 overs: Labuschagne survives a review. Umpire’s call again. So close. So very close. Siraj followed it up with a bouncer that got a top edge. India just haven’t had much luck with the umpire’s call.

Aus 33/1 after 14 overs: A three for Labuschagne and Australia trail by 98 runs now.

Aus 28/1 after 13 overs: Short drinks break but Labuschagne (19 off 32) is looking good. He is rotating the strike well and has kept the scoreboard ticking along. Wade (5 off 36) has been much more subdued.

Aus 22/1 after 11 overs: Bumrah continues from the other end. India will need to be careful of workload management as well.

Aus 21/1 after 10 overs: Ashwin coming into the attack. Will be interesting to see how Wade tackles him…

Aus 18/1 after 9 overs: India will be a pace bowler short for a bit at least but Bumrah will be key. Ashwin and Jadeja should be able to shoulder the workload but pressure on Siraj too.

Aus 13/1 after 7.3 overs: Umesh limping a little – pulled up after bowling. Not a good sign. He is going off the field. It helps that India are playing five specialist bowlers.

Aus 13/1 after 7 overs: Singles, lots of quick singles. Australia are doing this well. The left-right combination will keep disturbing the bowler’s line as well.

Aus 10/1 after 6 overs: Umesh continues. He has been much better today than he was in the first innings. More control, better line. There isn’t much in the pitch but enough to keep the bowlers interested.

Aus 8/1 after 5 overs: Another good over by Bumrah but Australia are looking to rotate the strike. We have seen quite a few quick singles already.

Aus 4/1 after 3.1 overs: WICKET! Burns is finally walking back now. The review did not help. Hotspot showed he edged it. Umesh Yadav has his first wicket of the game. What a mad, mad stay at the wicket... almost run out, almost LBW and then edges it to the keeper. Burns c Pant b Umesh Yadav 4(10)

Aus 1/0 after 2 overs: Burns gets off the mark with a quick single but he could have so easily been out there. What is it with quick singles in Test matches?

Aus 0/0 after 1 over: Bumrah starts off the proceedings with a maiden over. The pitch did look a little flat in the morning and experts reckon this will be the best time to bat but India will want to make some inroads with the new ball.

Bumrah has the new ball. India have a lead of 131 runs. The Australia second innings is all set to begin.

Lunch break: The collapse aside, India have never lost two successive Tests in a series when they have taken a first innings lead. Suddenly, the lead of 131 looks very good indeed. But Smith is going to be a big wicket on a pitch that looked like it had started to flatten out a bit.

India 326 all out after 115.1 overs: Bumrah goes for the slog sweep and hits it only as far as the fielder in the deep to give Lyon his third wicket. India are bowled out. The lead is 131 runs - a crucial lead, a big lead. And that will be lunch too.

India 325/9 after 114.4 overs: Wicket! Hazlewood got that one to bounce on Ashwin a bit. Lyon, at gully, took a good catch. India’s lead is 130 runs now. Ashwin c Lyon b Hazlewood 14(42)

India 325/8 after 114 overs: WICKET! Lyon drew Umesh into that defensive stroke with his wide line and then Steve Smith, at first slip, managed to hold on to the catch. Umesh Yadav c Smith b Lyon 9(19)

India 323/7 after 113 overs: Hazlewood into the attack as Starc gets a break. Umesh and Ashwin are doing well to hang in there – they have put on 18 already.

India 318/7 after 111 overs: When Starc is bowling, India’s batsmen are just looking to survive. Quick and short is his mantra at the moment.

India 316/7 after 110 overs: Lyon continuing from the other end. And Umesh is going to use the long handle against him. Australia starting to look nasty now.

India 310/7 after 109 overs: Lots of short balls from Starc at the Indian lower order. A bit of a barrage really.

India 307/7 after 108 overs: Australia’s catching showing little sign of improving. They have put down another catch. Quick but Labuschagne, at leg slip, gives Ashwin a life. Lyon the bowler. The fielder instead of staying down was already on his way up and caught on the heels a little.

India 306/7 after 106.5 overs: The trap was sprung. Starc had been bowling short from round the stumps to Jadeja and there was a fielder in the deep. But Jadeja decided to take him on and ended up hitting the ball straight to the fielder. Strange end to an innings in which he showed so much restraint. Jadeja c Cummins b Starc 57(159)

For India, the lead is now 111 runs. After the first hour on day 3, the visitors are building on their advantage but how crucial will that Rahane runout prove to be?

India 306/6 after 105 overs: Starc finishes a furious over with a ripping bouncer from around the wicket for Jadeja. Deliberations for a caught behind review, Australia decide against it.

India 303/6 after 104 overs: 300 comes up for India, as Jadeja goes for a big shot through midwicket off Lyon.

STAT: The most improved aspect about Ravindra Jadeja’s batting in Tests: in the 72 innings he has batted, he has faced more than 100 deliveries 8 times including this one. Seven of those occasions have come since September 2018.

Most balls faced by R Jadeja in Tests

Runs BF SR Pos Dismissal Inns Opposition Ground Start Date
90 170 52.94 8 caught 2 v England Mohali 26 Nov 2016
86* 156 55.12 8 not out 2 v England The Oval 7 Sep 2018
51* 144 35.41 7 not out 2 v Australia Melbourne 26 Dec 2020
100* 132 75.75 7 not out 1 v West Indies Rajkot 4 Oct 2018
51 119 42.85 6 caught 1 v South Africa Ranchi 19 Oct 2019
81 114 71.05 8 bowled 1 v Australia Sydney 3 Jan 2019
58 112 51.78 8 caught 1 v West Indies North Sound 22 Aug 2019
91 104 87.50 6 caught 1 v South Africa Pune 10 Oct 2019
via ESPNCricinfo

India 298/6 after 102 overs:

India 298/6 after 102 overs: There was a time when Ashwin was the better Test match batsman as compared to Jadeja but now things have changed. The left-hander is making the most of his immense talent now.

India 294/6 after 101 overs: Jadeja gets to his 15th Test fifty. The celebrations a bit muted. He knows Rahane should have still been there. The wicket will have given Australia a bit of a lift.

India 294/6 after 99.5 overs: RUN OUT! And that came out of nowhere. Jadeja wanted a quick single to get to his fifty but Rahane is run out. after a brilliant 112. Absolutely no need to do that. Rahane is run out for the first time in his career.

India 291/5 after 96 overs: Still the same line of attack. A bit too full. The Australian bowlers, from a body language point of view, are looking a little flat. India lead by 97 runs.

India 284/5 after 94 overs: Commentators making an interesting point about how Rahane was almost dismissed by a short ball last night but everything today morning to the right-hander has been full. Poor tactics?

India 279/5 after 93 overs: Cummins starts off from the other end with a maiden over. Jadeja presenting an impressive straight bat to everything.

India 279/5 after 92 overs: Starc starts off the day with a three-run over. India will want to break this down into smaller targets and then go from there again.

04.54 am: India need to put Day 2 out of their minds and take fresh guard again. The Aussies will look to do the same as well. If the catches had been taken by the hosts, the match might have been in a very different position. Both teams will know that and even though India are ahead, there is still a long way to go in the game.

Hello all and welcome to the live coverage of day three of the second Test in the Border Gavaskar Trophy. It has been two days of great Test cricket (especially if you are and Indian fan) at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Can Australia bounce back on day three? How much will the game move forward?

Day 2 recap: Ajinkya Rahane played a captain’s knock with a workmanlike century that steered India into a dominant position and took the sting out of Australia’s potent bowling attack in the second Test on Sunday. Trailing 0-1 in the four-match series, India ended the second day at 277/5 for a handy 82-run lead after bowling out Australia for 195 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

At stumps, which was brought early owing to rain, Rahane was going strong on 104 and giving him company was Ravindra Jadeja on 40, the two having added what might prove to be a game-changing 104-run partnership for the sixth wicket.

Stumps, day 2

Batsmen Runs Balls 4s
Mayank Agarwal  lbw Mitchell Starc 0 6 0
Shubman Gill  c Tim Paine b Pat Cummins 45 65 8
Cheteshwar Pujara  c Tim Paine b Pat Cummins 17 70 1
Ajinkya Rahane* 104 200 12
Hanuma Vihari  c Steve Smith b Nathan Lyon 21 66 2
Rishabh Pant c Tim Paine b Mitchell Starc 29 40 3
Ravindra Jadeja* 40 104 1