For Liston Colaco the end of the 2019-’20 season of the Indian Super League couldn’t have come at a worse time. In red-hot form and scoring goals, the Goan forward was in the form of his life.

In Indian football, the break between two seasons is a long time and a lot can change in between. Retaining form over this period is impossible and with changes aplenty to every team, there’s no guarantee of a starting place especially if you are an Indian forward.

But Colaco proved this season that form is temporary and class is permanent.

And talking of his class, there was no better exhibition of it than his goal against NorthEast United.

Receiving the ball on the right flank, Colaco took the ball deep, engaging two NorthEast United defenders and at the opportune time escaped their clutches through a small gap between them. By the time a third NorthEast United player arrived, Colaco had gathered enough momentum to ease past him.

Even at that point, there was a lot left to be done. Some players in the league wouldn’t even have thought of going for goal from that position, but being the confident young striker that he is, Colaco had only one thing in his mind.

Putting his left foot through the ball, he curled it at the far post as Subasish Roy in the NorthEast United could simply watch the ball sailing into the net.

Such was the magic of his strike that nobody moved as the ball hit the back of the net. As it did, it gave Hyderabad FC a lead in a close game. It was fitting as it was a goal worthy of winning any game.

Colaco though didn’t stop there. He added a second on the night. It was not as spectacular but it would have pleased his coach a lot more. Latching onto a flicked header, the Goan raced clear of his marker and coolly slotted it past the goalkeeper to put the seal on an impressive victory.

As much in Hyderabad, and parts of Goa, the goal would have been cheered in a certain household in Croatia. Watching an Indian striker finish like that is pure joy.

Watch the highlights of the game below: