ENG 1st inngs: 555/8 after 180 overs (Dominic Bess 28, Jack Leach 2)
STUMPS ON DAY 2! Bumrah bowls his sixth no-ball and the team’s 19th (yes, you read that right) as England complete another successful day at the Chepauk. Riding on a magnificent 218 by captain Joe Root and an attacking 82 by Ben Stokes, the visitors have put themselves in a commanding position. Two wickets each for Bumrah, Ishant, Ashwin and Nadeem.

ENG 1st inngs: 550/8 after 179 overs (Dominic Bess 28, Jack Leach 6)
England get to 550 with India bowling their 18th no-ball of the innings (Ashwin’s second). Last six deliveries of the day coming up. Bumrah has the ball in hand.

ENG 1st inngs: 549/8 after 178 overs (Dominic Bess 28, Jack Leach 6)
Bumrah’s first ball in that over guided by Bess past gully for four. The boundaries keep flowing for England. Ashwin is back for an over.

ENG 1st inngs: 545/8 after 177 overs (Dominic Bess 24, Jack Leach 6)
Another boundary for England. This time Leach steps out and lifts one from Washington over mid-off for four. Last three overs of the day remaining. Meanwhile, Ishant Sharma has gone off the field. Jasprit Bumrah is back for a late burst.

ENG 1st inngs: 541/8 after 176 overs (Dominic Bess 24, Jack Leach 2)
Ishant errs in line and his in-swinger is clipped to the fine-leg fence for four by Bess. Salt to India’s wounds. Kohli wasn’t happy with that one.

ENG 1st inngs: 537/8 after 175 overs (Dominic Bess 20, Jack Leach 2)
Dropped! Unbelievable drop from Rohit Sharma. That was an absolute dolly at mid-wicket. Washington Sundar, the bowler, can’t believe it. Virat Kohli can’t believe it. Ben Stokes, in the dressing room, can’t believe it. The commentators can’t believe it. Bess chipped it harmlessly, Rohit went for it with his fingers pointing up and made a complete mess of it.

ENG 1st inngs: 536/8 after 174 overs (Dominic Bess 19, Jack Leach 2)
Ishant Sharma is in the middle of a superb spell. He’s getting the ball reverse back into the right-hander wonderfully. Unlucky to not get another wicket.

ENG 1st inngs: 531/8 after 173 overs (Dominic Bess 19, Jack Leach 2)
Just a single from that Washington over. England are in no rush at the moment. Not sure if it’s the best strategy right now since they have two tail-enders batting who could perish just as easily.

ENG 1st inngs: 525/8 after 169.3 overs
WICKET! Ishant Sharma is on a hat-trick! Jofra Archer is clean-bowled first ball and that was a peach. Pitched at the perfect length and cut back in. The senior pacer is being rewarded for toiling away. Jack Leach is the new man at the crease. Ishant has taken 299 Test wickets now.

ENG 1st inngs: 525/7 after 169.2 overs
WICKET! Ishant Sharma returns to the attack and strikes. Strange dismissal that. Jos Buttler raised his arms and the ball crashed into the off-stump. It was a fine delivery that cut back in but perhaps Buttler decided to leave the ball too soon. He walks back for 30 off 51. Jofra Archer is the new batter.

ENG 1st inngs: 521/6 after 168 overs (Jos Buttler 26, Dominic Bess 17)
Two boundaries to the fine-leg fence in the last two overs. England are moving along without taking any risk. Should India take the third new ball?

ENG 1st inngs: 501/6 after 165 overs (Jos Buttler 22, Dominic Bess 3)
Jos Buttler survives! He gets an outside edge but umpire Anil Chaudhary doesn’t raise his finger. Washington Sundar, the bowler, and all the fielders around the bat couldn’t believe it. To rub salt to the wound, Buttler drives the next ball for four. India, of course, don’t have a review left.

ENG 1st inngs: 493/6 after 161 overs (Jos Buttler 17, Dominic Bess 1)
Back-to-back fours for Buttler. Ashwin isn’t happy with himself, he dragged it short both times and got cut. The third new ball is available now but India aren’t taking it just yet.

ENG 1st inngs: 485/6 after 159 overs (Jos Buttler 9, Dominic Bess 1)
England’s scoring rate has slowed down. Buttler is being quite watchful. It seems unlikely at this point they’ll declare today, unless they up the ante soon. India’s spinners bowling well for now.

ENG 1st inngs: 477/6 after 154 overs
WICKET! Joe Root’s marathon innings has come to an end! Shahbaz Nadeem traps him in front, the umpire raises his finger and the review shows three reds. Root walks back for 218 off 377, which included 19 fours and two sixes. This will go down as one of the finest knocks by a visiting batsmen in a Test match in India. Take a bow!

ENG 1st inngs: 473/5 after 152.2 overs
WICKET! Ashwin has struck again and Pope is out for 34 off 89. A wonderful delivery by the off-spinner which pitched and skid on, trapping the right-hander plumb in front. No review taken. Jos Buttler is the new man at the crease.

ENG 1st inngs: 469/4 after 151 overs (Joe Root 214, Ollie Pope 33)
Hilarious moment out in the middle. Pope top-edged one and it went behind but Pant thought it went straight up and circled about with his arms outstretched for a catch. Smiles all around and no harm done to England. Pant continuing to provide entertainment.

ENG 1st inngs: 459/4 after 149 overs (Joe Root 213, Ollie Pope 24)
A lot of bowling for Ashwin. He has already bowled 42 overs in the innings. His body will be feeling it. His fingers will be feeling it.

ENG 1st inngs: 458/4 after 148 overs (Joe Root 212, Ollie Pope 24)
Bumrah starts things off for India in the final session. Still nothing for the bowlers. The main point of interest in this match now is what are England’s tactics going to be... how much longer will they want to bat on? Will they go for quick runs? Will they just bat on?

The final session of Day 2 is all set to begin. Root 209* is in the middle and looking very good indeed.

ENG 1st inngs: 454/4 after 147 overs (Joe Root 209, Ollie Pope 24)
TEA on day two in Chennai! Another session that belonged to England. They are being anchored by a marathon knock for their skipper Joe Root. The right-hander has hardly put a foot wrong since yesterday. India conceded 99 runs in this session.

ENG 1st inngs: 449/4 after 145 overs (Joe Root 206, Ollie Pope 22)
Kohli brings Rohit into the attack and the part-time offie concedes four runs in his first over. India seem to be going through the motions at the moment.

What a sensational knock this has been from the England captain. He gets to his second double in three matches with a six off Ashwin. He’s batting on 202 off 342, with 19 fours and two sixes.

ENG 1st inngs: 431/4 after 142 overs (Joe Root 194, Ollie Pope 16)
Shahbaz Nadeem returns to the attack and concedes three singles in his 33rd over. There was a loud LBL appeal against Pope off the last ball but India have no reviews remaining.

ENG 1st inngs: 416/4 after 139 overs (Joe Root 184, Ollie Pope 11)
India have lost all three reviews now. Pope misses a sweep against Ashwin and India go up in appeal for a catch. Kohli goes for DRS at the last second but the replay shows there was no edge. Nothing going India’s way. England have two reviews remaining.

ENG 1st inngs: 415/4 after 138 overs (Joe Root 183, Ollie Pope 11)
Another four for England. This time Pope steps out against Washington and drives it down the ground. The offie should have stopped it, perhaps.

ENG 1st inngs: 410/4 after 137 overs (Joe Root 182, Ollie Pope 7)
Shot! Root breaks the shackles by stepping down against Ashwin and driving it straight back for four. Almost took Pope out at the other end.

ENG 1st inngs: 404/4 after 135 overs (Joe Root 177, Ollie Pope 7)
Four dot balls by Ashwin before Pope picks a single on the leg side. The right-hander is being very watchful. Meanwhile, Pant’s chirping quite a bit again.

ENG 1st inngs: 403/4 after 134 overs (Joe Root 177, Ollie Pope 6)
Just the two singles from that Washington over. England aren’t trying to force the initiative, they seem content in building another partnership slowly.

Washington Sundar has replaced Ishant Sharma in the attack.

ENG 1st inngs: 400/4 after 132 overs (Joe Root 175, Ollie Pope 5)
Another tidy over from Ishant, just a single from it. He has been the most economical bowler for India so far (1.80). Time for a drinks break.

ENG 1st inngs: 395/4 after 130 overs (Joe Root 172, Ollie Pope 4)
Ishant returns to the attack and bowls a tight over, just a single from it. India will be hoping to build momentum and strike again.

ENG 1st inngs: 393/4 after 128 overs (Joe Root 170, Ollie Pope 4)
Bumrah is bowling a fine spell here. He’s really bending his back. Strikes Pope on the pad but the ball would’ve missed off. India building pressure again.

ENG 1st inngs: 387/4 after 126.1 overs
WICKET! A breakthrough out of nowhere for India! Shahbaz Nadeem strikes as Ben Stokes sweeps it straight to deep backward square-leg. Cheteshwar Pujara fumbles it but manages to hold on to the catch. The left-hander departs for 82 off 118, he has done a fine job for his team. Ollie Pope is the new man at the crease.

ENG 1st inngs: 378/3 after 124 overs (Joe Root 165, Ben Stokes 76)
Bumrah goes for the yorker but doesn’t land it, Stokes stays still and flicks the full-toss past mid-wicket for four. He’s seeing the ball like a football now.

Kohli has turned to Bumrah early in this session. In search of a wicket, of course.

ENG 1st inngs: 373/3 after 123 overs (Joe Root 164, Ben Stokes 72)
SIX! Fourth maximum of the England innings and it comes from Stokes’ bat (his third). The left-hander dances down the track and thumps it straight back. Super shot. Nadeem has looked clueless for the most part in this innings.

ENG 1st inngs: 365/3 after 122 overs (Joe Root 163, Ben Stokes 65)
Root picks up a couple with a firm punch down the ground. Just the two runs from that Ishant over. No movement whatsoever for the pacer.

ENG 1st inngs: 363/3 after 121 overs (Joe Root 161, Ben Stokes 65)
Poor bowling from Nadeem, pitches it short and wide and Root cuts it away with ease for four. The England captain then takes a single and brings up the 100-run partnership with Stokes.

ENG 1st inngs: 357/3 after 120 overs (Joe Root 156, Ben Stokes 64)
Two singles from that Ishant over to start the second session. Nadeem will be bowling from the other end.

12.13 pm: We’re ready for the start of the second session on day two in Chennai. Ishant Sharma to begin proceedings for India, with Joe Root on strike for England. Here we go!

12.08 pm: Read the report for the first session of day two here.

ENG 1st inngs: 355/3 after 119 overs (Joe Root 156, Ben Stokes 63)
LUNCH ON DAY TWO! A brilliant session for England once again. This partnership between captain Joe Root and Ben Stokes is just what the visitors needed. They added 92 runs in this session and have put their team in a strong position. For India, the aim will have to be to stop the run-flow first. There’s quite a bit happening on this pitch now and the hosts would not want to fall too far behind in the contest.

ENG 1st inngs: 344/3 after 117 overs (Joe Root 154, Ben Stokes 59)
Two more fours for Stokes! The left-hander is going hard at the moment and giving England what could prove to be an important push in this match. Not much wrong that Washington did there but Stokes is well set now and sweeps them with ease.

ENG 1st inngs: 340/3 after 116 overs (Joe Root 154, Ben Stokes 51)
Another brilliant yorker from Bumrah and another smile from Root. The right-hander keeps it out somehow. India will be hoping their premier pacer strikes before lunch.

Jasprit Bumrah has replaced R Ashwin in the attack.

ENG 1st inngs: 338/3 after 115 overs (Joe Root 153, Ben Stokes 50)
Washington Sundar joins the attack for the first time today and gets sharp turn and bounce straight away. Root with a big smile after fending one off. Just a single from that over.

ENG 1st inngs: 337/3 after 114 overs (Joe Root 152, Ben Stokes 50)
Tight over from Ashwin, just a single from it. England will be happy seeing two of their best batsmen get runs. The duo would want to stay for longer, though. This pitch is getting increasingly tougher to bat on.

ENG 1st inngs: 336/3 after 113 overs (Joe Root 151, Ben Stokes 50)
50 FOR BEN STOKES! The left-hander gets there off 73 balls with back-to-back reverse sweeps for four. He has upped the ante in the last few overs and is putting pressure on the bowlers. India will feel there’s a wicket coming.

ENG 1st inngs: 326/3 after 111 overs (Joe Root 150, Ben Stokes 41)
150 FOR JOE ROOT! This is the 10th time he has got to this score in Test cricket. What a knock this has been from the England captain. And it has come in his 100th Test! Meanwhile, Stokes ends that Nadeem over with a sweep for six. Stunning shot, that went a long way.

ENG 1st inngs: 316/3 after 110 overs (Joe Root 149, Ben Stokes 32)
Stokes survives again! He drives it straight back powerfully and it goes at a catching height to Ashwin but the off-spinner can’t hold on. Tough, tough chance.

ENG 1st inngs: 314/3 after 109 overs (Joe Root 148, Ben Stokes 31)
India lose another review! This time Nadeem strikes Root on the front pad but the replay shows that the ball was going over. Top decision by umpire Anil Chaudhary, who is standing in his first Test. Meanwhile, plenty of turn and bounce for Nadeem in that over. The left-arm spinner is bowling with much more control today and giving the ball good flight.

ENG 1st inngs: 313/3 after 108 overs (Joe Root 147, Ben Stokes 31)
Stokes survives a close call! He attempts consecutive reverse sweeps off Ashwin but doesn’t connect on the second one. The ball goes off the glove and loops up but falls just short of Pant and Rahane. India, however, end up wasting a review by going for DRS to check for LBW.

ENG 1st inngs: 303/3 after 104 overs (Joe Root 142, Ben Stokes 26)
Back-to-back fours for Stokes off Ishant. The first one is a flick past mid-wicket and the next one is a drive through extra-cover. The left-hander’s innings is moving along nicely. Time for a drinks break.

ENG 1st inngs: 295/3 after 103 overs (Joe Root 142, Ben Stokes 18)
Root sweeps one hard and Ishant does well running around from the fine-leg fence but he can’t keep the ball in. Nadeem has conceded a four in his first over of the day, he’ll need to keep things tighter than he did on day one.

Shahbaz Nadeem has replaced R Ashwin in the attack.

ENG 1st inngs: 290/3 after 102 overs (Joe Root 138, Ben Stokes 17)
Top over from Ishant. He bowls another maiden and troubles Root again. The right-hander was struck on the front pad again but the ball seemed to be going down leg this time as well.

ENG 1st inngs: 290/3 after 101 overs (Joe Root 138, Ben Stokes 17)
Shot! Stokes takes a risk and it pays off. The left-hander sweeps Ashwin from the stumps and picks up a boundary. England’s batsmen are looking increasingly comfortable at the crease in this morning session.

ENG 1st inngs: 282/3 after 99 overs (Joe Root 136, Ben Stokes 11)
Root and Stokes pick up a single each but another testing over from Ashwin. The offie is mixing things up nicely and asking some tough questions.

ENG 1st inngs: 280/3 after 98 overs (Joe Root 135, Ben Stokes 10)
That’s three maiden overs in a row for India. Ishant strikes Root on the front pad and goes up in a loud appeal but the umpire says not-out. Kohli doesn’t take a review as the ball was going down leg. India are building pressure.

Ishant Sharma has replaced Jasprit Bumrah in the attack.

ENG 1st inngs: 280/3 after 97 overs (Joe Root 135, Ben Stokes 10)
Maiden over by Ashwin too. There’s a rough outside Stokes’ off-stump and Ashwin lands one there which leads to a puff of dust. The six Stokes hit in Ashwin’s previous over has spiced things up nicely. The off-spinner has got the left-hander seven times, he’d love to add to that soon.

ENG 1st inngs: 280/3 after 96 overs (Joe Root 135, Ben Stokes 10)
A maiden over from Bumrah. He mixes his length up and keeps a straight line but Root blocks it all out with his solid defence.

ENG 1st inngs: 280/3 after 95 overs (Joe Root 135, Ben Stokes 10)
SIX! Second maximum of the innings and it comes from Stokes’ bat. That came out of nowhere! Ashwin tosses it up and the left-hander drives it straight over with such ease. That shot had class written all over it. Ashwin, though, comes back strongly and finishes the over with a beauty that beats Stokes’ outside edge.

ENG 1st inngs: 274/3 after 94 overs (Joe Root 135, Ben Stokes 4)
Bumrah is getting good reverse and attacking the blockhole. He errs once and Root cuts it away for four. We have four world-class cricketers battling at the moment.

ENG 1st inngs: 269/3 after 92 overs (Joe Root 130, Ben Stokes 4)
What a ball from Bumrah! That was as good as any we saw yesterday. Comes from around the wicket and bowls a perfect in-swinging yorker to Stokes, the left-hander just about manages to keep it out. Stokes then finishes the over by guiding it to the third-man fence for four.

ENG 1st inngs: 264/3 after 91 overs (Joe Root 129, Ben Stokes 0)
Accurate start from Ashwin too. Root picks a single before Stokes plays out the off-spinner watchfully. Back to Bumrah.

ENG 1st inngs: 263/3 after 90 overs (Joe Root 128, Ben Stokes 0)
Quiet start to the day as Bumrah bowls three dot balls to Stokes to complete his over from yesterday. Ashwin is starting proceedings from the other end.

9.29 am: The players have taken the field. Joe Root and Ben Stokes are at the crease for England. Jasprit Bumrah has the ball in hand for India. This promises to be another fascinating day of Test cricket. Here we go!

9.25 pm: We’re just minutes away now from the start of day two. England will resume their first innings at 263/3, with captain Joe Root batting on 128. The second new ball is just 8.3 overs old, can India make early inroads?

9.08 am: Pacer Jasprit Bumrah spoke about how the saliva ban made things difficult for the Indian bowlers on day one:

Watch: Saliva ban makes it difficult to maintain the ball in India, says Jasprit Bumrah

8.57 am: Joe Root reckons England need to go past 600 runs to put themselves in the driver’s seat. Here’s what he had to say at the end of day’s play on Friday:

Watch: Very special hundred, England need 600-700 runs in first innings, says Joe Root

8.52 am: Joe Root was at his sublime best as he powered his team to a strong position with a century in his 100th Test. Read all about his knock here:

Root’s calculated brilliance makes it a day of hard grind for India in Chennai
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8.45 am: Hello and welcome to live coverage of day two of the first Test between India and England at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai.

England rode on an unbeaten century from captain Joe Root and a gritty 286-ball 87 from opener Dom Sibley to dominate day one on Friday. The visitors were 263/3 at stumps and will be keen to post a massive total on day two.

For India, it was a hard grind on a difficult Chennai pitch on day one. Ashwin Ravichandran got the first wicket and Jasprit Bumrah bagged the next two but overall, the Indian bowlers struggled to get purchase from the surface. They will need to work hard again in order to stop England from batting out another day.