Axar Patel: I was trying to bowl a stump-to-stump line and that is my strength too. That is why I got lbws. I think bowling around 85-90 kmph is a good pace on this wicket.

10:03 pm: A day dominated by India despite the late wicket of Virat Kohli. They were asked to bowl first and they did a great job in dismissing England for just 112. The hosts will look to build a big first innings lead on day two as this pitch could be extremely difficult to bat on in the fourth innings.

India finish the day at 99/3, with Rohit Sharma (57 off 82) and Ajinkya Rahane (1 off 3) at the crease.

After 32.2 overs, IND are 98/3 – Kohli is gone!
Success for England late in the day as Kohli chops one on from Leach. Poor shot selection from the India captain as he tried to cut a ball that was too close to him. Kohli walks back for 27 off 58. India have not opted for a nightwatchman and Rahane is the new batsman.

After 31 overs, IND are 91/2 (Rohit 53, Kohli 24)
Rohit survives! He dragged his back foot out again while attempting a forward defense and Foakes whipped-off the bails in a flash. But his foot was just inside and he survived the stumping. Root, though, wasn’t pleased with the decision and had an animated chat with the umpire. Maiden over from Leach.

After 30 overs, IND are 91/2 (Rohit 53, Kohli 24)
Dropped! Kohli gets lucky as Pope drops a sharp chance at gully. The right-hander tried to keep a rising delivery from Anderson down but the ball went straight to Pope who couldn’t hold on. That should’ve been taken!

After 28 overs, IND are 89/2 (Rohit 52, Kohli 23)
Brilliant back-foot punch for four by Kohli! Anderson bowled it slightly short and the Indian captain pounced on it. We’re into the last half four of play on day one.

After 25 overs, IND are 82/2 (Rohit 50, Kohli 18)
FIFTY FOR ROHIT! He gets there in just 63 balls. Once again, he has looked a class apart. India will be well on their way if he can convert this into a big one.

After 23 overs, IND are 72/2 (Rohit 41, Kohli 17)
What timing from Kohli! He plays a superb pull/punch off Stokes and the ball races away for four. Stokes is really struggling with the landing area for his front foot. That area seems to be all dust at the moment.

After 22 overs, IND are 67/2 (Rohit 41, Kohli 13)
Rohit steps out to Leach and hits it over mid-on for four. He didn’t time it too well but it was enough.

After 21 overs, IND are 57/2 (Rohit 34, Kohli 10)
Shot! Stokes joins the attack and bangs it in, Kohli says thank you very much and pulls it comfortably for four. Will be interesting to see how Stokes operates in this spell. He has hardly bowled in the series so far.

After 20 overs, IND are 51/2 (Rohit 33, Kohli 5)
Rohit survives! Top decision by the umpire there. The right-hander stepped out a bit to Leach and it looked like he was struck in front, but the umpire said not-out and England took the review. The replay, however, showed that the ball was going over the stumps.

After 17 overs, IND are 42/2 (Rohit 31, Kohli 0)
Rohit pulls one stylishly for four before getting lucky and picking up another boundary. He tried to leave a Jofra bouncer but the ball hit the toe of his bat and flew over the keeper for four.

After 15.5 overs, IND are 34/2 – Pujara is gone!
Pujara is out for a duck! He was struck in front by Leach, the umpire raised his finger, and Rohit suggested not to take the review. India are in a spot of bother now.

After 15 overs, IND are 33/1 –Gill is gone!
WICKET! England get the breakthrough as Jofra Archer removes Shubman Gill. The right-hander attempted a nothing pull shot and ended up getting a top-edge which was caught comfortably. The end of a useful opening partnership for India. Cheteshwar Pujara has joined Rohit Sharma at the crease.

After 14 overs, IND are 33/0 (Rohit 22, Gill 11)
Jack Leach joins the attack and the Indian openers pick a single each. Sharp turn immediately for the left-arm spinner.

After 13 overs, IND are 31/0 (Rohit 21, Gill 10)
Sublime strokeplay from Rohit! Jofra Archer finally joins the attack and the right-hander greets him with a four on either side of the wicket. First a patent pull and then a firm punch off the back foot past point. Classy batting.

After 11 overs, IND are 19/0 (Rohit 11, Gill 8)
Shot! This time Anderson drops it short and Gill plays a superb short-arm pull for four. That raced away to the fence!

After 10 overs, IND are /140 (Rohit 10, Gill 4)
It took Gill 27 balls to get off the mark but he does it in some style. Short and wide from Broad and the right-hander cuts it stylishly for four.

After 9 overs, IND are 10/0 (Rohit 10, Gill 0)
Maiden over from Anderson. Rohit looking increasingly comfortable at the crease. England need wickets with the new ball, this is the best time of the day for seam bowling.

After 8 overs, IND are 10/0 (Rohit 10, Gill 0)
Gill survives! Broad hits his front pad and the umpire says not-out. Root takes DRS and the review says umpire’s call. England a tad unlucky there as that looked out on first viewing. Gill, meanwhile, has been late getting his bat down on a few occasions now.

After 7 overs, IND are 9/0 (Rohit 9, Gill 0)
A maiden over from Anderson as Gill searches for his first run. The senior pacer seems to be in a bit of discomfort, was holding his ankle in that over.

After 6 overs, IND are 9/0 (Rohit 9, Gill 0)
Shot! Broad pitches it up and Rohit leans forward to play an exquisite cover-drive for four. The right-hander is in good form and is unlikely to miss out on scoring opportunities.

7.34 pm: We’re ready for the start of the third and final session! Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill will look to play out this new ball. England, of course, need quick wickets.

After 5 overs, IND are 5/0 (Rohit 5, Gill 0)
DINNER ON DAY ONE! That’s the end of the second session on day one of the third Test. India’s openers did well to negotiate this little period before the break. The hosts are 5/0 after England got bowled-out for 112.

After 4 overs, IND are 5/0 (Rohit 4, Gill 0)
First boundary for India as Rohit hits a crisp drive for four. He will go for his shots no matter how many times he’s beaten. Last over of the second session coming up.

After 2 overs, IND are 0/0 (Rohit 0, Gill 0)
Plenty of drama out in the middle! Broad gets Gill’s outside edge and Stokes claims a catch at second slip. The umpire’s soft signal is out but the replay shows that the ball hit the ground as the catch was being completed. The big screen then shows not-out, leaving the England players in utter disbelief. Stokes laughs and mocks the umpires with a clap as Broad, Root and Anderson have a word with the umpires. It must be said though that there was conclusive evidence to make that not-out decision despite the soft signal.

After 1 over, IND are 0/0 (Rohit 0, Gill 0)
Impressive start with the new ball from the great Jimmy Anderson. Gets Rohit’s outside edge off the first ball but it lands in front of gully. Nice shape away from the right-hander through the over.

6.28 pm: It’s time for the start of the Indian innings! Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill are at the crease. This twilight period is sure to test the batsmen and England will be hoping to fight back with the new ball.

Axar Patel gets his sixth wicket as Ben Foakes is clean-bowled. A splendid performance from the left-arm spinner at his home ground. India have done exceedingly well after Root chose to bat first.

After 48 overs, ENG are 112/9 (Foakes 12, Anderson 0)
Interesting move from Kohli. Anderson, a left-hander, walks to the crease and Ashwin is replaced by Bumrah in the attack. Graeme Swann in commentary is entirely perplexed. Meanwhile, Foakes gets England a welcome boundary by clipping one through mid-wicket.

After 46.3 overs, ENG are 105/9 – Broad is gone!
AXAR PATEL GETS A FIVE-FOR! Two five-wicket hauls in as many Tests for the left-arm spinner. He is having a dream start to his Test career. Stuart Broad is the latest batsman to be dismissed. He hit the sweep in the air and was caught in the deep.

After 45 overs, ENG are 104/8 (Foakes 5, Broad 3)
Foakes is batting on 5 off 46. The wicketkeeper-batsman has defended well so far, he had impressed in the previous Test too. But England need runs.

After 42 overs, ENG are 104/8 (Foakes 5, Broad 3)
Lots of drama in that Ashwin over. First, Broad survives thanks to DRS after the umpire raises his finger for LBW. The ball was missing off. Then, Kohli takes a truly forgettable review for LBW off the last ball. The ball was missing leg-stump by a mile.

After 37.3 overs, ENG are 98/8 – Leach is gone!
And that’s eight batsmen down for England. Leach attempts a forward defense but edges it to second slip. Sharp catch from Pujara as Ashwin gets his third. Broad joins Foakes at the crease.

After 34.1 overs, ENG are 93/7 – Archer is gone!
WICKET! Another superb arm ball from Axar Patel and Jofra Archer is clean bowled. The left-arm spinner has bowled a long spell and has picked four wickets so far.

After 34 overs, ENG are 93/6 (Foakes 1, Archer 11)
Welcome boundary for England as Ashwin bowls it short and wide and Archer cuts it past point for four. The right-hander will go for his shots and could get some much-needed runs for the visitors. India have fielders in the deep.

After 31 overs, ENG are 86/6 (Foakes 1, Archer 4)
Tough, tough period for the English batsmen. Axar is in the middle of a fantastic spell. He tests Foakes in that over with the arm ball as well as some sharp turn.

After 28.5 overs, ENG are 81/6 – Stokes is gone!
Axar has his third and it’s the big wicket of Stokes! The left-hander missed the line and is out LBW. England have lost two wickets in the first 11 balls of the second session. Jofra Archer is the new batsman.

After 27.4 overs, ENG are 81/5 – Pope is gone!
WICKET! What. A. Ball! Ashwin with an absolute beauty from around the wicket to rattle Pope’s stumps. Wonderful drift! The right-hander never looked comfortable at the crease and has to walk back for 1 off 12. England are in real trouble! Ben Foakes has joined Ben Stokes at the crease.

4:52 pm: And we’re ready for the start of the second session. Ashwin has the ball and Pope is on strike. Here we go!

After 27 overs, ENG are 81/4 (Stokes 6, Pope 1)
TEA on day one! A session dominated by India after England won the toss and elected to bat first. Axar Patel picked two wickets while Ishant and Ashwin got one each. Plenty of turn and bounce in the opening session of the match. The visitors have a lot to think about in the break.

After 24.4 overs, ENG are 80/4 – Crawley is gone!
WICKET! Big breakthrough from Axar and Crawley is out LBW for 53. The left-arm spinner, bowling his 10th consecutive over after joining the attack in the 7th over, bowls a superb ball that goes on straight. England don’t review it. Ollie Pope is the new batsman.

After 24 overs, ENG are 80/3 (Crawley 53, Stokes 6)
Intense battle this between Ashwin and Stokes! The left-hander, who has been dismissed by the off-spinner thrice so far in this series, steps out and lifts one straight back for four. Ashwin with a faint smile walking back to his mark.

After 21.5 overs, ENG are 74/3 – Root is gone!
Ashwin gets the big wicket of Root! The England captain didn’t read the length and was stuck in the crease. The ball hit him in front and the umpire had no doubt. England took DRS and it said umpire’s call.

After 20 overs, ENG are 67/2 (Crawley 52, Root 11)
Crawley survives! Ashwin comes from around the wicket and strikes him on his back leg. The umpire says not-out, Kohli goes for a review, and the replay shows that the ball pitched and struck in line but would’ve only clipped the bails (umpire’s call). The Indians, of course, aren’t happy but a big smile on Crawley’s face.

After 19 overs, ENG are 67/2 (Crawley 52, Root 11)
FIFTY for Zak Crawley! His fourth half-century in Test cricket and it has come off just 68 balls. The right-hander has hit 10 glorious fours and scored 52 of England’s 67 runs so far. Two more fours conceded by India in that Axar Patel over.

After 16 overs, ENG are 55/2 (Crawley 41, Root 10)
Ashwin starts with an in-out field with a long-on in place. Crawley and Root manage to pick a single each.

After 15 overs, ENG are 53/2 (Crawley 40, Root 9)
A single each for the English batsmen in that Axar over. The left-arm spinner beats Crawley’s outside edge again but no damage done. And it’s time for Ashwin Ravichandran to join the attack.

After 14 overs, ENG are 51/2 (Crawley 39, Root 8)
Zak Crawley hits his seventh and eight boundaries in that Ishant Sharma over! High class strokeplay from the right-hander either side of the wicket. “England definitely missed him in the first two Tests,” says Sunil Gavaskar in commentary.

After 13 overs, ENG are 41/2 (Crawley 29, Root 8)
Again, sharp turn for Axar. The ball jumps a bit too and goes straight to Rahane at slip. Crawley nearly ends the over with a four but this time Rohit does well to dive and stop the ball at extra cover.

After 12 overs, ENG are 38/2 (Crawley 27, Root 7)
Ishant returns to the attack and Root ends the over with a classy straight-drive for four. England have scored 28 runs through boundaries so far.

After 11 overs, ENG are 34/2 (Crawley 27, Root 3)
Sharp turn for Axar! He tossed it up and beat Crawley’s outside edge comfortably. But the right-hander then got a boundary thanks to a poor effort from Rohit at short cover.

After 10 overs, ENG are 30/2 (Crawley 23, Root 3)
Another maiden over from Bumrah. He injures Root’s finger on his right hand after getting one to jump from a length. The England captain looked in pain but is carrying on.

After 9 overs, ENG are 30/2 (Crawley 23, Root 3)
Quick over from Axar, just a single for Root from it. Because of the lacquer on the pink ball, it tends to turn lesser than the red ball. Axar is doing well to keep it straight and make the batsmen play.

After 8 overs, ENG are 29/2 (Crawley 23, Root 2)
A play and a miss from Crawley! He goes for an expansive drive through cover but misses the ball completely. Good over from Bumrah. India are applying great pressure and England will need to be careful here.

After 6.1 overs, ENG are 27/2 – Bairstow is gone!
WICKET! Axar Patel strikes with his first ball! Dream start for the left-arm spinner as Jonny Bairstow is out LBW for a duck. Brilliant bowling change from Virat Kohli and England lose a review too. Joe Root has come to the crease earlier than he would’ve liked to.

After 6 overs, ENG are 27/1 (Crawley 23, Bairstow 0)
This is superb batting from Crawley! He hits two more fours, this time off Bumrah! One through cover and the next past square-leg. The Indian pacers are looking for swing and struggling to find the right length.

After 5 overs, ENG are 18/1 (Crawley 15, Bairstow 0)
Two fours for Crawley! The right-hander is looking increasingly comfortable at the crease. He drives one straight back before clipping another past mid-wicket. Expensive over from Ishant.

After 4 overs, ENG are 8/1 (Crawley 5, Bairstow 0)
First runs from the bat for England as Crawley gets a stylish four through mid-wicket and mid-on. The right-hander timed it wonderfully and the ball raced away. Bumrah then beat Bairstow with a superb delivery that pitched and straightened.

Ishant Sharma with his wife before the start of play today – Sportzpics for BCCI / Pankaj Nangia

After 2.3 overs, ENG are 2/1 – Sibley is gone!
WICKET! Ishant Sharma has struck in his second over of his 100th Test! A superb ball from the right-arm quick to get Dom Sibley’s outside edge. The ball held its shape wonderfully, and Rohit Sharma takes a comfortable catch in the slip cordon. Just the start India wanted! Jonny Bairstow has joined Zak Crawley at the crease.

After 2 overs, ENG are 0/0 (Crawley 0, Sibley 0)
And a maiden over first up for Bumrah too. Superb bowling from the right-arm quick, who is playing his first Test at his home ground. He keeps it outside off to the right-handed Sibley and moves it both ways wonderfully.

After 1 over, ENG are 0/0 (Crawley 0, Sibley 0)
Maiden over to start off! Ishant keeps it outside off to Crawley and gets a hint of movement. The pitch behaving a little up and down already – the first ball shot up but there was one later that bounced in front of Rishabh Pant. Jasprit Bumrah to begin proceedings from the other end.

2:30 pm: And we’re ready for play at the Motera Stadium! Dom Sibley and Zak Crawley are at the crease. Ishant Sharma, playing his 100th Test, has the new pink ball in hand. Here we go!

2:27 pm: The players are out on the field, it’s time for the national anthems. First up it’s England.

2:19 pm: Interesting selections by both teams. While England have gone in with one spinner – Jack Leach – India have chosen three. The pink ball is expected to assist pacers but India have backed a spinner-heavy bowling attack. Do you think it’s the right call?

2:07 pm: Playing XIs
India: Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (w), Washington Sundar, Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah.
England: Dominic Sibley, Zak Crawley, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root (c), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Ben Foakes (w), Jofra Archer, Jack Leach, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.

2:04 pm: Two changes for India: Jasprit Bumrah and Washington Sundar are in for Mohammed Siraj and Kuldeep Yadav.

2:02 pm: England are going in with four changes: James Anderson, Jofra Archer, Jonny Bairstow and Zak Crawley return to the playing XI.

2:00 pm: Joe Root has won the toss and England will BAT first!

1:58 pm: We’re just minutes away from the toss in Ahmedabad! The captains might not admit it but they’ll be very, very keen to win it.

1:55 pm: Wondering how the pink ball is different from the others? Here are the details from SG’s chief ball inspector.

1:52 pm: Here’s all you need to know about the newly-built Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad:

In pictures: A look at the world’s largest cricket stadium in Motera, Ahmedabad

1.38 pm: The first big news of the day is that the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad has been renamed from Sardar Patel Stadium to Narendra Modi Stadium. Read all about it here.

1:31 pm: Hello and welcome to live updates from day one of the third Test between India and England at the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad.

The four-match series is tied at 1-1 as we head into the day-night match at the newly-built Motera Stadium. The pink ball contest is set to bring more challenges to Virat Kohli and Joe Root’s teams, this promises to be another cracking Test!