8.30 pm: That will be all from us for the live blog, but there is plenty more to come on Scroll.in. Reactions, analysis, quotes and more. We will try and keep you occupied for the next three days, given the Test match is over under two.

Player of the match: Three five-fors in first four innings for Axar Patel! “It looks easy only things are happening in your favour,” he says in an understated manner. What a start to his Test career though.

Virat Kohli: Joe Root finishes his interview saying if he gets a five-for, it gives an idea about the pitch. But just below par batting from both teams, says Virat Kohli at the very start of his interview. “Just a bizarre game,” he adds. Interesting comments from both captains. “The result went our way. But I don’t think the quality of batting was up to standard by both teams. Very good pitch to bat on in the first innings,” he says.

Joe Root interview: Says that the first innings is where perhaps the match was lost when England were 70-odd for two wickets and then 112 all out from there. Credits the bowling unit for India and adds that the ball skidding at pace made it harder. About his five-for,

It was an interesting interview from Ashwin to the broadcasters.

8.07 pm: This is the SHORTEST TEST in post-war era in terms of balls bowled when there has been a result. What a stat that is.

WTC FINAL UPDATE: This defeat simplifies the World Test Championship Final scenarios (that’s not a word we have associated with the WTC). England are out of the contention for final. India will play New Zealand if the next Test is a win or draw for them. Australia depend on an England win.

DONE IN NO TIME: After two Pink-Ball Test matches in India, we still have not had five days worth of action.

ROHIT SHARMA FINISHES IT OFF IN STYLE: 4, 4, and a six over midwicket. That is some way to end the game, India win by 10 wickets and *checks notes* more than three days to spare.

After 7.2 overs India 43/0: The runs continue to flow for India. Two boundaries at the start of Root’s over. All but done here.

REVIEW LOST: Gill comes down the track and offers his pad, Root goes for the review because why not. The ball bounced over the stumps and the impact was 3m down the crease so the umpire’s call would have stood.

After 5 overs, India 32/0 (Rohit 10, Gill 13): A four down the ground for Rohit Sharma as he uses the feet well againt Leach. Almost another boundary, but great save at point by Anderson.

After 4 overs, India 28/0 (Rohit 6, Gill 13): Another ball turns so much that even Ben Foakes can’t collect it. Four byes. Followed by a six down the ground for Gill. Almost as if Root is a part-time spinner or something.

After 3 overs, India 17/0 (Rohit 6, Gill 7): India get a boundary off the first ball of the session. They might not take 49 mins to get the score like Gavaskar predicted. Leach drops it slightly short and Gill hits a superb punch through mid-wicket for four. 6 runs in that over.

Right then, here we go. The players are out in the middle... Leach and Root vs Gill and Rohit.

Correction, India faced two overs before the end of second session.

7.15 pm: In all the madness, do not forget that this will be a factually accurate line in a match report: India did not lose a wicket in the second session on day two of the third Test.

(India faced one over in the 2nd session, for the record).

7.11 pm: Remember that time when Zak Crawley was playing those stunning drives after England won the toss? Feels just like yesterday. Meanwhile, here’s the moment Ashwin got to his 400th.

7.10 pm: Sunil Gavaskar is not pleased with the technique shown by the batsmen on this wicket.

DINNER on day two!
India added six more runs to their tally in that Root over – a single each for Rohit and Shubman along with four byes. India are 11/0 and they need 38 more runs to win.

After 1 over, IND are 5/0 (Rohit Sharma 5, Shubman Gill 0)
Five runs for India from that Leach over. Rohit first picks two as Anderson misfields at point, before flicking a full-toss through mid-wicket for three. Superb effort from Archer at the rope to stop the boundary. India need 44 to win as Root takes the new ball from the other end.

6.46 pm: And the players are back on the field for what is likely to be one over (two at best) before the dinner break. Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill are at the crease, Jack Leach has the ball. India need 49 to win.

India need 49 runs to win! Washington Sundar finally gets to bowl and it takes him just four balls to dismiss James Anderson. Another top catch from Rishabh Pant. Well, what a second session this has been! This is England’s lowest ever total against India in a Test match. Ashwin got to 400 Test wickets (the second-fastest ever) and Axar finished with an 11-for in the match.

After 29.4 overs, ENG are 80/9 – Jack Leach is gone!
Ashwin gets his fourth as Leach attempts an expansive drive and edges it to Rahane, who takes a sharp catch. England lead by 47 runs. Worth noting that India have used only two bowlers in this innings.

After 28.2 overs, ENG are 80/8 – Ben Foakes is gone!
WICKET! Axar Patel has another five-for! He becomes the first bowler to bag 11 wickets in a day-night Test. Ben Foakes misses the arm ball and is out LBW for 8 off 28. England have now lost all their reviews too.

After 25 overs, ENG are 75/7 (Ben Foakes 6, Jack Leach 6)
SIX! Just the second maximum of the match and it has come from Leach’s bat. The left-hander steps down to Axar and thumps it straight back. Valuable runs for England, they lead by 42.

After 23.2 overs, ENG are 68/7 – Jofra Archer is gone!
What a moment for the legendary off-spinner. He becomes the second-fastest to 400 Test wickets (77 matches) after the great Muttiah Muralitharan. Jofra Archer attempts a sweep but is out LBW as England lose a review too. His teammates congratulate him as the crowd chants “Ashwin... Ashwion”. What a moment!

Important point to note: R Ashwin is on 399 Test wickets now!

After 22 overs, ENG are 66/6 – Ollie Pope is gone!
WICKET! Ashwin has knocked back Pope’s off stump, again! Around the wicket, over the wicket... it doesn’t matter. The right-hander didn’t have much of a clue again and Ashwin is delighted. He has had to work hard for his two wickets so far this innings. England lead by 33 runs.

After 18.5 overs, ENG are 56/5 – Joe Root is gone!
What an absolutely sensational performance this has been by the left-arm spinner in just his second Test (after he got a five-for in his first Test). That too in front of his home crowd! This time he gets the big wicket of Joe Root as the England captain fails to pick the arm ball and is caught in front. Root is out LBW for 19 off 45.

Batsmen dismissed most times by Ashwin in Tests

Batsman Mat Dis bwd c fie c wk st lbw Mat/Dis Ave
BA Stokes (ENG) 11 11 1 5 2 0 3 1.00 21.72
DA Warner (AUS) 15 10 2 3 0 0 5 1.50 33.10
AN Cook (ENG) 15 9 3 2 3 1 0 1.66 39.88
JM Anderson (ENG) 15 7 1 4 0 0 2 2.14 3.42
EJM Cowan (AUS) 7 7 1 2 1 1 2 1.00 41.85
SPD Smith (AUS) 12 6 0 5 0 0 1 2.00 44.33
MA Starc (AUS) 10 6 2 4 0 0 0 1.66 29.66
DM Bravo (WI) 9 6 2 2 1 0 1 1.50 18.50
D Elgar (SA) 9 6 1 4 0 0 1 1.50 24.16
MN Samuels (WI) 9 6 2 2 1 0 1 1.50 41.16
Courtesy ESPNcricinfo

After 17.2 overs, ENG are 50/4 – Ben Stokes is gone!
Ashwin has dismissed Stokes for the 11th time! This time India get the LBW as Stokes decides not to review. India wanted this wicket as Stokes was starting to look dangerous, but the left-hander walks back for 25 off 34.

After 15 overs, ENG are 46/3 (Joe Root 16, Ben Stokes 23)
Root survives! That was so, so, so close! The umpire raised his finger for LBW and DRS was taken. The third-umpire then took many, many looks as the bat, ball and pad were all so close to each other during impact. But there was plenty of doubt and the third-umpire decided to overturn the decision and say not-out.

After 14 overs, ENG are 44/3 (Joe Root 14, Ben Stokes 23)
Big over for England, ten runs from it! Back-to-back fours for Stokes as he continues to attack. Ashwin has figures of 0/31 from seven overs at the moment. England lead by 11 runs.

After 13 overs, ENG are 34/3 (Joe Root 14, Ben Stokes 13)
England get a one-run lead as Axar Patel continues to get sharp turn. India would want to put an end ti this partnership soon.

After 12 overs, ENG are 32/3 (Joe Root 13, Ben Stokes 12)
Stokes survives! The left-hander first plays a hard sweep to get four through mid-wicket. But he attempts the same shot again off the next ball and gets a top edge. Luckily for him, Axar doesn’t sight the ball properly and is late to react as the ball lands just behind him.

After 10 overs, ENG are 24/3 (Joe Root 12, Ben Stokes 5)
Stokes has come out swinging! A couple of swings and misses for the left-hander already. He gets an edge off Ashwin too that falls just short of Kohli at second slip.

After 8.3 overs, ENG are 19/3 – Dom Sibley is gone!
Axar has his third! Sibley attempts a slog sweep out of nowhere and gets a faint edge which Pant accepts. Top decision from the umpire as England lose a review too. Sibley walks back for 7 off 25 as Ben Stokes joins Root at the crease. England trail by 14 runs.

After 8 overs, ENG are 19/2 (Dom Sibley 7, Joe Root 12)
Ashwin drops it short and Root pushes it to the vacant cover region for two. The last ball of the over jumps a bit and Root just about fends it off.

After 7 overs, ENG are 17/2 (Dom Sibley 7, Joe Root 10)
Just a single for Root from that Axar over. The left-arm spinner is varying his pace and flight but the two right-handers are keeping a close eye.

After 6 overs, ENG are 16/2 (Dom Sibley 7, Joe Root 9)
Three singles from that Ashwin over. The English batsmen are doing well to remain busy at the crease. They’re using the crease well to make the spinners mix their length up.

After 4 overs, ENG are 10/2 (Dom Sibley 5, Joe Root 5)
Sibley survives! He was struck in front by Ashwin and the umpire said not-out, but Kohli took the DRS and it showed the ball going over. India lose a review.

After 3 overs, ENG are 6/2 (Dom Sibley 2, Joe Root 4)
Another good over from Axar, beats Root with sharp turn off the last ball. England trail by 27 runs and are in desperate need of a partnership.

After 0.3 overs, ENG are 0/2 – Jonny Bairstow is gone!
AXAR PATEL HAS TWO WICKETS IN THREE BALLS! This is absolute madness! Jonny Bairstow survived off the first ball after attempting a wild sweep, getting struck in front and the umpire raising his finger. He took DRS then and the replay showed the ball going over the stumps. But the very next ball saw him attempt a forward defense and get clean bowled. He played for the turn but the ball went straight. Again! There was a huge gap between bat and pad. Bairstow gets a pair in the match as India get a dream start with the ball.

After 0.1 overs, ENG are 0/1 – Zak Crawley is gone!
Axar has struck with his first ball! Crawley is clean bowled! What in the world is happening?! The right-hander went back, the ball spun sharply, the outside edge was beaten, and the stumps were rattled.

4.30 pm: We’re ready for the start of England’s second innings. No surprise that India are starting with spin, Axar Patel has the ball in hand.

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4.12 pm: Tea has been taken early because of the innings break. A session to remember for Joe Root and England. It’s game on in Ahmedabad!

Joe Root has a five-wicket haul! Sensational spell of off-spin bowling from the England captain. Jasprit Bumrah is the last man to be dismissed as he is trapped in front attempting a wild slog. India started the day at 99/3 but suffered a dramatic collapse. The hosts lead by 33 runs at the halfway stage of the match.

After 53 overs, IND are 144/9 (Ishant Sharma 9, Jasprit Bumrah 1)
Bumrah survives! The umpire raised his finger for LBW but DRS was taken immediately and it showed a big inside edge. Maiden over from Leach. The last pair For India has added 10 runs so far.

After 50.1 overs, IND are 141/9 (Ishant Sharma 7, Jasprit Bumrah 0)
SIX! First maximum of the match and it comes from Ishant’s bat! Leach tossed it up and Ishant lifted it straight back.

After 49.2 overs, IND are 134/9 – R Ashwin is gone!
Root has his fourth! Ashwin attempts a slog sweep but gets a top edge to the fielder in the deep. He walks back for 17 off 32. India lead by 22 runs as Bumrah joins Ishant at the crease. India have lost six wickets for 35 runs today.

After 48 overs, IND are 131/8 (R Ashwin 16, Ishant Sharma 0)
Top batting from Ashwin. Sweeps one hard for four before picking a single off the last ball to keep strike. Five runs from that Root over. India lead by 19.

After 45.3 overs, IND are 125/8 – Axar Patel is gone!
WICKET! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Axar Patel decides to be aggressive but hits is straight to short cover. Joe Root has picked three wickets without conceding a single run! Stunning scenes in Motera at the moment. There is pin drop silence in the biggest cricket stadium of the world.

After 45.1 overs, IND are 125/7 – Washington Sundar is gone!
WICKET! Washington is out for a 12-ball duck! An absolute peach from Joe Root to get his second wicket. It drifted in and spun sharply, beating the outside edge to knock back the off-stump. The perfect off-spinner’s dismissal of a left-hander. India are in trouble!

After 45 overs, IND are 125/6 (R Ashwin 10, Washington Sundar 0)
Four! Another good shot from Ashwin against Leach. He rocks back and cuts it between the fielders to pick up his second boundary. The right-hander is looking confident at the crease.

After 44 overs, IND are 121/6 (R Ashwin 6, Washington Sundar 0)
Maiden over from Root to Washington. The England captain has found good rhythm and is asking some tough questions with his off-spin.

After 43 overs, IND are 121/6 (R Ashwin 6, Washington Sundar 0)
Four! Ashwin seems to have come out with the same mindset he had in his last innings when he got a century. He steps out to Leach and lifts it over mid-on against the spin. Every run matters at this point.

After 41.1 overs, IND are 117/6 – Rishabh Pant is gone!
This is turning into a nightmarish start to the day for India. Now Joe Root has struck with his first ball of the match. Rishabh Pant pokes at it and gets a faint edge, Ben Foakes makes no mistake. India lead by five runs with four wickets remaining. R Ashwin and Washington Sundar are now at the crease.

After 40.1 overs, IND are 115/5 – Rohit Sharma is gone!
WICKET! Leach gets Rohit too! This is turning into a dream start for England on day two. India have lost two wickets to poor shots in this session. Now Rohit attempts a premeditated sweep and is out LBW for 66 off 96. He took DRS but that didn’t save him. India need to be careful here.

After 38.2 overs, IND are 114/4 – Ajinkya Rahane is gone!
WICKET! Leach gets Rahane! The right-hander attempted a square-cut to a straight ball and got caught plumb in front. Poor shot selection. Rahane walks back for 7 off 25 as Rishabh Pant joins Rohit at the crease.

After 38 overs, IND are 114/3 (Rohit Sharma 66, Ajinkya Rahane 7)
A bit of a mix-up between Rohit and Rahane as the former set off for a second run without looking. No harm done, though. Anderson is hardly getting any movement at the moment.

After 37 overs, IND are 113/3 (Rohit Sharma 66, Ajinkya Rahane 6)
India take the lead! Rahane plays a courageous, fine sweep and gets four. Leach struggled to get his field right in that over.

After 36 overs, IND are 108/3 (Rohit Sharma 66, Ajinkya Rahane 1)
Rohit is up and running! Two glorious shots for four from the right-hander. Anderson pitches them short and wide, Rohit stands tall and punches them through cover-point.

After 35 overs, IND are 100/3 (Rohit Sharma 58, Ajinkya Rahane 1)
Just a single for Rohit in that over from Leach. Rahane struggled a bit – got an inside edge and was beaten by sharp turn and bounce as he looked at pulling one. Tentative start for India’s vice-captain.

After 34 overs, IND are 99/3 (Rohit Sharma 57, Ajinkya Rahane 1)
Maiden over to start off. Not much bounce for Anderson first up but he keeps a tight line and Rahane keeps a close eye.

2.30 pm: The players are out on the field and we’re ready for play! The first hour will be crucial. England will be in deep trouble if they don’t get wickets early on. Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma are at the crease, James Anderson has the ball in hand. Here we go!

2.27 pm: A total of 13 wickets fell on day one, with Virat Kohli being the 13th to be dismissed, minutes before the close of play, while India finished 13 runs behind England’s first innings score.

2.17 pm: England captain Joe Root wasn’t impressed by the umpiring on day one. Read:

Root asks for consistency in umpire calls after tough start to day-night Test

2.02 pm: As we build up to day two in Ahmedabad, here’s a look at Prithvi Shaw and Mumbai’s historic performance in the Vijay Hazare Trophy today:

Prithvi Shaw smashes 227, Suryakumar Yadav hits 58-ball 133 in Mumbai’s 457/4 against Pondicherry

1.54 pm: One of the biggest talking points on day one was the renaming of the stadium in Motera from Sardar Patel Stadium to Narendra Modi Stadium. Here are some reactions to it:

There won’t be any press conferences: Twitter laughs as Motera ground is renamed after Narendra Modi

1.40 pm: Hello and welcome to live updates from day two of the third Test between India and England at the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad.

England won the toss and elected to bat first on Wednesday but India rode on a six-wicket haul from Axar Patel to bowl-out the visitors for just 112 runs. In reply, India lost captain Virat Kohli in the last over of the day and got to stumps at 99/3, with Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane at the crease.