Ashwin Ravichandran said he has stopped thinking about landmarks as his endeavour currently is to work on his craft and be useful every time when he plays for India.

Ashwin has become the fourth Indian bowler to take 400 wickets in Test cricket and was asked if surpassing Anil Kumble’s tally of 619 wickets could be a reality in coming years.

“If you look at it pragmatically, it’s 218 wickets away,” said Ashwin. “For me, I have stopped thinking about all those landmarks and all a long, long time ago.

“It’s more about what I can do, how I can get better, what more I can offer to the team because every time you come back into this setup, especially now that I am only playing Test cricket, it’s important to come back and offer value to the team.”

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Ashwin wants to be in this happy zone and enjoy his craft as he always does.

“I am looking to get better as an individual and cricketer. That’s probably one of the reasons why I am really, really happy and I am enjoying my game and probably the best I have done in the last 15 years. I would like to continue this phase and not think about too much else,” he added.

Ashwin has been in the bio-bubble since the IPL being being a part of the Australia tour and now the ongoing England series. He said that it is incredibly hard to be without family but having said that, the team bonding has got better.

“Look, the first part of my tour to Australia, the whole Australian tour my family was with me. And even during the IPL, I got them over for the back half of the tournament. But this tour I have not got them here because I have rotation-policy and left them at home so they can get a break.

“I think without them around it can be incredibly hard. Yes, we get larger hotel spaces. We do get our entertainment area. We bond much better. One thing that stands out is that the fact that because of this bio-bubble the players are getting together more than ever. I think the team bonding has gotten better,” he said.

Ashwin also spoke about how he spends his free time in the bio-bubble.

“I am also sure a lot of people feel a little bit of boredom and feel lonely. It will be nice if they come out and seek some help. For me to manage it, it has been mostly about watch stuff online, reading books and doing a bit of yoga and meditation,” he added.

(With inputs from PTI)