11.05 pm: Chasing 165, a blazing second-wicket stand of 94 between debutant Ishan Kishan and skipper Virat Kohli helped India reach the target in 17.5 overs. Read report here.

POTM: The player of the match is Ishan Kishan (56 off 32 on debut). “Credit to the team management for backing me. Have learnt a lot from my time with Mumbai Indians too. Wasn’t happy that I got out because I wanted to finish the game.”

Virat Kohli: “I had to shift the focus back to the basics of the game. The team management, and even Anushka who’s here, helped me. I also had a special chat with AB de Villiers who told me to simply look at the ball closely.

India captain Virat Kohli: “We ticked all the boxes. It did get easier to bat in the second innings. Special mention to Ishan Kishan, a quality knock on debut. He’s a fearless character and should continue the same way.”

Match summary: India 166/3, 17.5 overs. England 164/6 in 20 overs.

Top men's T20I rungetters

Player Inns Runs Ave SR 100 50
Kohli 81 3001 50.86 138.35 0 26
Guptill 95 2839 32.26 136.22 2 17
Rohit 100 2773 32.62 138.78 4 21
via ESPNCricinfo

Washington Sundar: “This pitch was much better than the one in the first game. It was a good toss to win and we batted really well. Bowling with the new ball is definitely a challenge but very satisfying.”

STAT: Virat Kohli becomes the first man to pass 3,000 T20I runs

! Virat Kohli finishes it off in style with a four and six. The skipper remains unbeaten on a sublime 73* off 49. India square the five-match series 1-1.

India 154/3 after 17 overs: Another lovely four, as we move on from the third umpire decision (irrelevant perhaps as it is). A lovely lofted inside out cover drive for four off Archer. Shreyas meanwhile has kept things simple from his end. (Maybe SKY could have had a pressure-free run in the middle on debut?)

India 147/3 after 16 overs: Kohli is a lucky man tonight apart from batting really well. That had to be given out surely? Third umpire thinks there is something behind the line. Rashid and England unlucky.

It’s a chase under lights and the India captain is turning it on. He gets to his half-century off 35 balls and with arguably the shot of the match. India 143/3, require 22 runs with 30 balls remaining

HALF CENTURY: DOWN THE TRACK AND A SIX! What a shot. The MRF folks would be delighted with that. Full face of the bat on show as Kohli hits one of the shots of the night to reach his half century in style.

WICKET! Four and six and out! Rishabh Pant was going after everything and he mistimes one straight to the fielder. It looked like a nothing shot at the end. Pant walks back for 26 off 13.

India 119/2/ after 13 overs

India 111/2 after 12 overs: Yep, that’s Rishabh Pant alright. A superb slog sweep for six off Adil Rashid. And a brilliant hand-on-shoulder moment between the captain and his young superstar in the making after it.

India 99/2 after 11 overs: Steady 5-run over as Kohli and Pant begin their partnership. Madness not far away.

Ishan Kishan with a fist bump to Rishabh Pant as he walks off the field after his half century. Lovely moment for the U19 class of 2015. India 94/2.

WICKET! Ishan Kishan got to his fifty with consecutive sixes but four balls later he is dismissed LBW by Adil Rashid. DRS was taken but it doesn’t help. The end of a memorable debut innings by Kishan. He walks back for 56 off 32.

HALF CENTURY ON DEBUT! The man with the most sixes in IPL-2020 reaches half century on international T20 debut with back-to-back sixes. Fitting. Off just 28 balls. The first six was brilliantly timed over square leg, the second seemed to be mishit down the ground. Nope. Clears comfortably.

India 80/1 after 9 overs: Morgan brings back Archer to perhaps try and price out a wicket here. Not happening for England.

India 75/1 after 8 overs: When it is your day, part 2. DROPPED! Ben Stokes has put down a sitter! Ishan Kishan mistimed the pull off Adil Rashid and Stokes, of all people, couldn’t hold on to a simple catch at long-on. It’s all going the debutant’s way at the moment.


India 67/1 after 7 overs: ANOTHER BIG OVER. Kohli gets a free hit after Stokes oversteps, and he goes so hard at a flick that a top edge goes over third man for six. When it is your day.... and later Ishan hits another six. India motoring along.

England were 44/1 at the end of the powerplay, India are 50/1. The hosts lost KL Rahul with nothing on the board but debutant Ishan Kishan and captain Virat Kohli have formed a solid partnership.

India 50/1 after six overs: SIX, FOUR AND A FOUR! First maximum of the Indian innings and it comes from Ishan Kishan’s bat. Tom Curran lands his first delivery in the slot and Kishan brings out that beautiful bat swing. He finishes the powerful with a brilliant four. Kohli certainly enjoying this.

Ishan Kishan has turned up in style for India Indians.

India 22/1 after 5 overs: DROPPED! Chris Jordan joins the attack and Virat Kohli survives as Jos Buttler drops a chance down the leg side. It really was a nothing shot there, and Buttler would look back at that and kick himself. Not good by his standards, Kohli would have kicked himself had he gotten out that way too. He plays another beautiful shot for four later in the over.

India 22/1 after 4 overs: A controlled pull for four off Jofra Archer by Virat Kohli. Sometimes, as he knows, all it takes is one shot. He said that during IPL when a shot to square leg in a Super Over made him feel a whole lot different. It is a really good over from Jofra though, he is revving it up. Loves a contest.

India 15/1 after 3 overs: A pull shot for four by Ishan Kishan off Sam Curran. This really is the beauty of IPL, no fear of the occasion for the youngster evidently.

India 6/1 after 2 overs: A boundary to start off his international career at the senior level for Ishan Kishan, off Jofra Archer no less. A gift though, as he tucks one behind for a four through fine leg.

India 0/1 after 1 over: Terrific bowling by SCurran there really. Kept shaping the ball back in, and then angled one away.

0.6: WICKET! Horror start with the bat for India! Superb bowling from Sam Curran as he bowled five dot balls and then got Rahul to edge one to the keeper. The Indian opener shakes his heads over and over as he walks back. Not been a good start to the series for him so far.

Sam Curran starts off to KL Rahul. Ishan Kishan at non-striker’s.

What do you think about India’s bowling effort?

INNINGS BREAK: Jason Roy top-scored for England while Washington Sundar and Shardul Thakur picked two wickets apiece for India. Virat Kohli and Co will be the happier bunch at the break.

END OF 20 OVERS: England 164/6. 4-0-29-2 for Shardul Thakur. The last ball is it for a four by Sam Curran. But this still feels like a good bowling performance by the Indians.

Over 19.4 WICKET! Ben Stokes is gone. He never really looked settled at the crease tonight. Shardul Thakur gets his second as Hardik Pandya takes the catch at long-on. The pacer suggests it was a split finger delivery. And just about held on too by Pandya.

England 158/5 after 19 overs: Ben Stokes finally connects one the way he meant too. Hammered down the ground off Bhuvi for four. The pacer finishes with 4-0-28-1, a good outing for him.

England 149/5 after 18 overs: Ben Stokes is not quite getting the timing right as the cutters are working well for India. Almost another wicket there for Thakur, but it drops just short of Ishan.

Over 17.1: WICKET! Shardul Thakur removes Eoin Morgan! It was a top slower ball and the England captain tried to check his shot but the ball went straight up. A simple catch for Rishabh Pant. Thakur has been bowling well tonight without much luck, gets the wicket he perhaps deserved. Eng 142/5.

England 142/4 after 17 overs: That is a solid finish to his spell by Hardik Pandya. Asked to bowl four overs, he has done nicely for his captain. Just 6 runs in the 17th is gold dust.

Into the final four, with Stokes and Morgan in the middle. How many will England end up with?

England 136/4 after 16 overs: Chahal finishes with 4-0-34-1, as Morgan hits a boundary in that over. He has batted at a good clip since coming on. Bhuvi concedes 7 in the next over.

PICTURE PERFECT: Nice moment there between captain Virat Kohli and debutant Suryakumar Yadav after the latter made up for Jonny Bairstow’s dropped catch.


Washington Sundar: 4-0-29-2

REDEMPTION FOR SKY: WICKET! This time Suryakumar Yadav catches it and Jonny Bairstow is on his way! Surya fumbled it but held on with the second attempt. A wry smile on his face after that. Washington Sundar gets his second. England 120/4.

DROPPED: Suryakumar Yadav has made a meal of it at the boundary. Jonny Bairstow pulled it straight to Surya but the ball went through his hands for six. Tough to say if he didn’t sight it because of the lights. Washington unlucky.

England 111/3 after 13 overs: Morgan is the new man in. Just six runs from that Washi over but Thakur goes for 14 runs in his return to the attack. Three boundaries, one of those leg byes (off the shoulder it seemed).

Over 11.1: WICKET! Washington Sundar strikes and Jason Roy misses out on a half-century. A superb catch by Bhuvneshwar Kumar! The ball went miles up and Bhuvi kept his eyes on it throughout. Not an easy catch with the lights in place at the venue (Dubai style).

England 91/2 after 11 overs: Another over with a boundary off the last ball. Slapped down the ground by Bairstow off Chahal.

Break in play: Chahal needs treatment after a brutal tennis-type smash comes hard at him. Too harsh to call that a dropped catch (but on paper, it is). Chahal needs treatment on his left hand. ENG 85/2 (10.2)

England 83/2 after 10 overs: Nine runs from Hardik’s over without a boundary. England would take that.

A good compilation there, where Roy kept going for the reverse sweep there before ultimately connecting against Chahal. Point being, he is playing to a clear plan against the leggie and it eventually paid off.

England 74/2 after 9 overs: Roy goes after Chahal with reverse sweeps. Like Malan did, it is targetting a specific area of the ground, playing with the spin. Good matchup cricket by England.

Over 8.2, WICKET! GOOD REVIEW! A reverse sweep attempted by Dawid Malan, LBW appeal. But not reviewed. Next ball, a conventional sweep, but missed again by Malan. This is reviewed and it is a superb call. Three REDs on DRS. Malan out for 24. Chahal strikes.

England 64/1 after 8 overs: Two boundaries in that Hardik Pandya over for Roy. The second was a brutal hit down the ground that Hardik managed to duck under. Scary, that.

England 51/1 after 7 overs: A six for Roy off Chahal as England reach 50 in the 7th over. Just that one bad ball really, as 7 came from that over.

END OF POWERPLAY: England 44/1 after 6 overs.

Hardik Pandya makes it a good powerplay for India, one must say. More cutters from Indian bowlers. Was unlucky to be called a wide for a ball that beat Roy and missed his pad by a whisker down the leg side. And then a mishit falls beyond Iyer at point who was backtracking. The pitch doesn’t certainly seem too easy to bat on.

England 38/1 after 5 overs: CHANCE! Could Chahal have done better at short-fine? He was on his knees a little too soon as Malan swept. Fell short. Then an outside edge goes for four. Not a bad first over from Shardul who looked to get the cutters in early.

England 30/1 after 4 overs: An over full of 100kph deliveries from Washington. It was shaping into a good one (a loud LBW appeal against Malan, good decision not to review) but the world No 1 batter hits a four off the last ball to keep the rate up.

England 23/1 after 3 overs: Four leg byes (which was a top delivery actually) and an inside edge for four. Unlucky for India there that England still got 11 from a good Bhuvi over.

England 12/1 after 2 overs: Washington comes on and Jason Roy goes bang! The ball was pitched in the zone and skid on nicely for the right-hander. Over long on. But a good recovery from Washi, just 7 from that over.

Washington Sundar from the other end

England 5/1 after 1 overs: Malan hits a superb square drive for four but that is a first over that will please India very much.

WICKET! What a start for India! Bhuvneshwar Kumar has struck with his third ball and Jos Buttler is out LBW. He was hit in front and didn’t opt for a review. Replays later show it would have clipped leg. That was a bit rash from the English camp. I mean, it was not even Nitin Menon! Should have reviewed.

Right then, here we go. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jason Roy...

Playing XIs:

India: Ishan Kishan, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli*, Rishabh Pant (wk), Shreyas Iyer, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Yuzvendra Chahal

England: Jason Roy, Jos Buttler (wk), Dawid Malan, Jonny Bairstow, Eoin Morgan*, Ben Stokes, Sam Curran, Tom Curran, Jofra Archer, Chris Jordan, Adil Rashid

Correction: Hardik has to bowl *four overs. He can’t bowl five even if he wanted to.

TEAM NEWS: England have one change: Tom Curran is in for Mark Wood. The two changes for India are that SKY and Ishan are in for Dhawan and Axar Patel, which means Hardik has to bowl five overs. Ishan Kishan will open says Kohli.

TOSS: Virat Kohli has a big smile on his face, India win the toss and opt to bowl.

06.29 pm: What a day for these two cricketers.

6.24 pm: The big news coming in ahead of the toss is that Suryakumar Yadav and Ishan Kishan will be making their India debuts tonight!

6.16 pm: Hello and welcome to live coverage of the second T20 International between India and England in Ahmedabad.

Eoin Morgan and Co won the first T20I by eight wickets to take a 1-0 lead in the five-match series. Virat Kohli’s men will be keen to bounce back strongly and square the series tonight.