Suryakumar Yadav: “The team management and Virat told me to express myself and do the same thing that you do in IPL as well as domestic cricket.”

India captain Virat Kohli: “Proper game against a top side in this format. The wicket was better than any other game and the dew factor was massive, bigger than any other game as well. The wicket allowed us to get to that total. Special mention to Surya, he batted outstandingly well in his first game. Similar to Ishan. They are quite fearless having played in the IPL. We don’t have any T20Is after this so I want the guys to be confident and come out of it very strongly.”

England captain Eoin Morgan: “India played a lot better than us today and thoroughly deserved to win. They adapted to conditions better.”

Shardul Thakur: There was a lot of dew in this match, which wasn’t true of the last three matches. They were swinging hard in the last over, and it was important to bowl a couple of dot balls and then the game was sealed... I am enjoying myself, and bowling in times when batsmen are going hard at us. Hardik had some plans but Rohit just wanted me to back my instinct. He mentioned one side of the ground is shorter and just asked me to keep it in mind and asked me to apply myself.

India get the job done and win by 8 runs. The series is tied at 2-2 with one more to play.

England 177/8 after 19 overs (Jofra Archer 7)
After a few nervy moments, India win this. Brilliant performance by the seamers in tough conditions. England never quite figured out what to do with the cutters.

19.1: One run
19.2: FOUR
19.3: SIX
19.4: Wide
19.4: Wide
19.4: One run
19.5: Wicket (Jordan caught in the deep)
19.6: Dot ball.

England 163/7 after 19 overs (Chris Jordan 11, Jofra Archer 7)
Steady over by Bhuvi. It comes down to this: England need 23 runs in 6 balls.

England 153/7 after 18 overs (Chris Jordan 9)
Pandya gets a deserved wicket. Slower balls all the way and Curran never got to terms with it. Sam Curran b Hardik Pandya 3(5)

England 147/6 after 17 overs (S Curran 1, Chris Jordan 6)
England need 39 runs in 18 balls. India have the edge but one big over could change things.

England 140/6 after 16.2 overs (S Curran 0)
WICKET! Two in two for Shardul Thakur. Now, he sends back Morgan. Another slower ball. Slices it to the fielder in the deep. Morgan c Washington Sundar b Thakur 4(6)

England 140/5 after 16.1 overs (Eoin Morgan 4)
WICKET! Thakur into the attack and Thakur gets the big wicket. His off-cutter induces the false shot from Stokes (46 off 23). Stokes c Suryakumar Yadav b Thakur 46(23)

England 140/4 after 16 overs (Ben Stokes 46, Eoin Morgan 4)
Stokes keeps the runs coming and we are in for a tight finish. England need 46 runs in 24 balls.

England 131/4 after 14.5 overs (Ben Stokes 41)
WICKET! Bairstow struggled for most part but then scored runs in one burst. But Chahar has got him now. A bit short and quick by the leg-spinner. Bairstow c Washington Sundar b Rahul Chahar 25(19)

England 117/3 after 14 overs (Jonny Bairstow 25, Ben Stokes 27)
And just like that Bairstow finds his touch. 50 off 29 balls for this Bairstow-Stokes stand. 2-4-6-4-1 from the first five balls. 18 runs from the over, 52 runs from Washington’s four overs. For the first time in T20Is, Washington has gone for over 50 runs.

England 100/3 after 13 overs (Jonny Bairstow 8, Ben Stokes 27)
Bairstow is struggling to find his timing but Stokes is keeping England in the game. England need 86 runs from 42 balls.

England 91/3 after 12 overs (Jonny Bairstow 6, Stokes 20)
A six off the last ball made it a 12-run over. Washington has struggled today and he dropped it a bit short and Stokes smashed that into the stands.

England 79/3 after 11 overs (Jonny Bairstow 5, Stokes 9)
Just feels like the game hangs in the balance here. India struggled in this period too, if England can get through this period, they should have the advantage.

England 71/3 after 10 overs (Jonny Bairstow 3, Stokes 3)
Stokes and Bairstow have some work to do from this point on. England won’t want to leave the charge too late.

England 66/3 after 8.5 overs (Jonny Bairstow 1)

WICKET! Pandya gets the big wicket. His short ball was hit straight to the fielder in the deep. Roy walking back after making 40 off 27 balls. The England opener has got off to starts in this series but he hasn’t been able to go on. Roy c Suryakumar Yadav b Hardik Pandya 40(27)

England 60/2 after 7.5 overs (Jason Roy 35)
WICKET! Malan, trying to play a reverse sweep, has been bowled round his legs by a goodly from Chahar. Malan b Rahul Chahar 14(17)

England 56/1 after 7 overs (Jason Roy 33, Dawid Malan 13)
Not a bad Powerplay for England given how they started. India bowling lots of slower balls... lot of slower short balls.

England 48/1 after 6 overs (Jason Roy 33, Dawid Malan 5)
17 runs from the Washington over. All the built-up pressure gone in one over. Roy has found his rhythm now.

England 31/1 after 5 overs (Jason Roy 17, Dawid Malan 4)
Malan dropped in the Hardik over by Thakur, who could have gone for the catch with two hands but decided to go with just one. England need 155 more in 90 balls.

England 28/1 after 4 overs (Jason Roy 16, Dawid Malan 2)
Streaky runs for Roy but they all count. India would love another wicket here to put pressure on England.

England 15/1 after 2.5 overs (Jason Roy 5)
WICKET! Runs and a wicket. Buttler’s leading edge goes to Rahul. Nice cutter by Bhuvneshwar. Buttler c Rahul b Bhuvneshwar 9(6)

England 2/0 after 2 overs (Jason Roy 1, Jos Buttler 1)
Just two runs from the Hardik over. Good stuff. Slower balls mixed with a couple of short ones.

Hardik Pandya gets the new ball.

England 0/0 after 1 over (Jason Roy 0, Jos Buttler 0)
Bhuvi starts off with a maiden over. Just what Kohli would have wanted.

The players are back on the field for second innings. Here we go.

Ind 185/8 after 20 overs (Shardul Thakur 10, Bhuvneshwar Kumar 0)
And that is that. India have got more than 180. Good batting conditions but England won’t mind this either. Suryakumar Yadav (57) and Shreyas Iyer (37) were in fine form for India. There was a fair bit of dew on the ground though. Should be a factor when India bowl.

Ind 179/8 after 19.4 overs (Shardul Thakur 5)
WICKET! Washington’s ramp shot goes straight to Rashid on the boundary line. It was very close. After a lot of deliberation, the TV umpire gives it out.

Ind 174/7 after 19.1 overs (Shardul Thakur 4)
WICKET! Iyer picked out the fielder in the deep. Not the finish India would have wanted. Shreyas Iyer c Malan b Jofra Archer 37(18)

Ind 170/6 after 18.5 overs (Shreyas Iyer 37)
WICKET! Brilliant catch by Stokes sends back Hardik. It was hit firmly to Stokes’ left but he got to it and held on to give Wood his first wicket today. Hardik Pandya c Stokes b Mark Wood 11(8)

Ind 167/5 after 18 overs (Shreyas Iyer 36, Hardik Pandya 9)
18 runs from the Jordan over as Iyer really got stuck in. Some fabulous shots being played but a six over covers was the pick. The last 7 overs have gone for 88 runs.

Ind 140/5 after 16.2 overs (Shreyas Iyer 22)
WICKET! One ball after being smashed for four, Archer cleans up Pant. Pant b Jofra Archer 30(23)

Ind 140/4 after 16 overs (Rishabh Pant 26, Shreyas Iyer 22)
Iyer playing a little gem here. He has 22 from just 10 balls and has timed the ball well as soon as he got to the middle.

Ind 128/4 after 15 overs (Rishabh Pant 25, Shreyas Iyer 11)
Pant and Iyer have got 18 off 10 balls. India need many more runs though.

Ind 110/4 after 13.3 overs (Rishabh Pant 18)
WICKET! The on-field umpire’s soft signal was out and that was the problem. The catch was taken on the boundary line and there was no way the umpire would have been sure but he gave the soft signal as out and the evidence in the TV replays wasn’t conclusive enough. It wasn’t clear whether Malan got his fingers under the ball. What do we need a soft signal? Suryakumar Yadav c Malan b Sam Curran 57(31)

Ind 104/3 after 13 overs (Suryakumar Yadav 51, Rishabh Pant 18)
Sky and Pant stepping on the accelerator and this is just what India need. They need to find some momentum.

Ind 92/3 after 12 overs (Suryakumar Yadav 50, Rishabh Pant 7)
The Sky knows no limit. Fifty off just 28 balls for Suryakumar Yadav. Stunning knock. India’s other batsmen have struggled but no such problems for Surya.

Ind 79/3 after 11 overs (Suryakumar Yadav 39, Rishabh Pant 5)
Just four runs from the Jordan over.

Ind 75/3 after 10 overs (Suryakumar Yadav 37, Rishabh Pant 3)
The first ten overs are gone and India have some work to do in the back ten. The three wickets don’t help but this is exactly when Pant and Hardik are expected to make the difference.

Ind 70/3 after 8.4 overs (Suryakumar Yadav 35)
WICKET! Kohli down the pitch but fooled by the googly. Stumped. Big wicket. The in-form India skipper is walking back to the dressing room. Kohli st Buttler b Adil Rashid 1(5)

Ind 63/2 after 7.4 overs (Suryakumar Yadav 31)
WICKET! Rahul never really got going. Stokes’ slower ball deceived him and he hit it straight to the fielder. The India opener made 14 off 17. Rahul c Jofra Archer b Stokes 14(17)

Ind 59/1 after 7 overs (KL Rahul 14, Suryakumar Yadav 28)
Rashid back into the attack and Surya sends him on a leather hunt. A pre-meditated sweep for four and then an inside-out six.

Ind 45/1 after 6 overs (KL Rahul 12, Suryakumar Yadav 16)
Suryakumar Yadav just guided one delivery from Jordan past the fielder at short third-man to pick up a boundary. He is looking comfortable in the middle.

Ind 34/1 after 5 overs (KL Rahul 7, Suryakumar Yadav 11)
Surya produces another brilliant stokes. Woods bowled it fast but he just stood deep in his crease and pushed it to the boundary line. Brilliant timing.

Ind 27/1 after 4 overs (KL Rahul 7, Suryakumar Yadav 6)
First ball in international cricket and what does Suryakumar Yadav do? He nonchalantly pulls it for six. Good move to send him up the order.

Ind 21/1 after 3.4 overs (KL Rahul 7)
WICKET! Rahul pops it back to Archer and the paceman takes it. Slower ball did the trick. Archer had dropped a caught and bowled chance in the last game but he accepted it with glee this time. Rohit c and b Jofra Archer 12(12)

Ind 19/0 after 3 overs (Rohit Sharma 11, KL Rahul 6)
Wood into the attack and all his deliveries were clocked at over 144 km/h. Superb over. A maiden.

Ind 18/0 after 2 overs (Rohit Sharma 11, KL Rahul 6)
Lovely four through the point region for Rahul of the last ball from Archer. Already looking a lot better than he has in the last few games.

Ind 12/0 after 1 over (Rohit Sharma 11, KL Rahul 1)
SIX! Rohit Sharma starts off with a six off the first ball from Adil Rashid. Through the line. All timing and it sailed over the boundary line. A four off the third ball followed before KL Rahul got off the mark with a quick single on the last ball.

The players are on the field. We are all set for the game to begin. All eyes on KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma.

Changes and then some: Good to see KL Rahul getting more game time despite his poor form but Rahul Chahar comes in for Yuzvendra Chahal. Ishan Kishan picked up a groin strain in the last game and Suryakumar Yadav comes in for him.

Playing XIs: Two changes for India. None for England.

India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant(w), Shreyas Iyer, Hardik Pandya, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rahul Chahar

England (Playing XI): Jason Roy, Jos Buttler(w), Dawid Malan, Jonny Bairstow, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Sam Curran, Chris Jordan, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood

TOSS: Eoin Morgan wins the toss and England will have a bowl first.

06.22 am: At pitch report (with the same track being used from the first match), Deep Dasgupta and Ajit Agarkar say the pitch is really hard and firm. Not much grass, probably the best batting pitch they reckon.

England lead the five-match series 2-1 after their eight-wicket triumph in Ahmedabad on Tuesday. But so far each team that has won the toss, has chosen to bat second and won.

The dew that becomes heavier as the evening wears on and makes bowling more difficult is a worry for both teams.

And while that is definitely a big factor, teams still have had to make the most of winning the toss and they have done that by bowling well.

India are still experimenting with their line-up in a big way so they won’t be too worried about the results but the form of KL Rahul, their best T20 batsman, is a big concern.

Virat Kohli, at long last, has found some form and that should put him in a good frame of mind.

England, on the other hand, are showing that they are a very dangerous white-ball team; a team that has a method to its madness.