That will be all from us tonight, we will leave you with this compilation of all the sixes tonight. There were PLENTY! Link here.

Player of the match: Jonny Bairstow (anyone else think it should have been Ben Stokes?)

Jos Buttler (via BCCI): “Delighted with the response of the guys. I thought we put in a very good bowling performance as well to restrict India to that total. Look at how well they played in the last 10 overs, so I thought the guys in the middle overs did well to restrict them. And then the guys came out and played fantastically well, the intent and partnerships from the start made it a brilliant chase. The openers have been a pillar of our strength for a long period of time. Delighted for Jonny and that partnership with Ben Stokes was brilliant to watch, as a fellow player and a fan. Some of the strokes they played and the commitment to play that way. Some people talked about our way and if we need to be smarter - of course we want to play smart cricket but it’s important to commit to our style of play when the conditions suit. Moeen and Adil bowled well in tandem, great friends and they enjoy bowling together.”

Virat Kohli (not verbatim): I think we had a decent total on the board and we started well with the new ball too. But they got a 100-run partnership somewhere. I think this was the most amazing chase. I think we had a decent total on the board and we started well with the new ball too. But they got a 100-run partnership somewhere. I think this was the most amazing chase. We need to manage Pandya’s body a bit more. It is a bit of workload management. We have Test cricket in the future too... in England and we want to make sure, we have Hardik Pandya fit. He is crucial for all three formats (on why he didn’t bowl). KL carried on and got a big score. Really, really happy for him. And then Pant stepped in. We were looking at 300 and it was a good effort to get the 35 extra runs. I have never played for a 100 in my life. So that is probably why I got so many in such a short period. It always has to be for the team. That is how I have always played.

Agree with Gautam Gambhir?

9.37 pm: Just imagine the state of this match without Rishabh Pant’s 40-ball 77. India might have played it a bit too safe in the first 40, even accounting for the fact that it was a freaky good chase.

England win by six wickets, 39 balls to spare:

ENGLAND 337/4 in 43.3 overs: The Bairstow-Stokes partnership has helped England canter to a very impressive win against India. They win by 6 wickets with 39 balls to spare. The ODI series goes into the decider. A spectacular chase.

ENGLAND WIN: A no-ball from Shardul that goes for four over Pant’s head. And a fumble by Kuldeep in the deep next ball. Kind of a fitting way by England to win against a sloppy India.

England 330/4 after 43 overs: A good night for Prasidh in all the carnage. 2/58 in 10.

England 328/4 after 42 overs: An outside edge for Malan who has looked rather shaky but he will take that boundary. Less than 10 required.

England 320/4 after 41 overs: A rather eventless over from Prasidh Krishna, that’s a relief for us from all the typing.

England 317/4 after 40 overs: EVENTFUL OVER! Livingstone smashes two sixes off Bhuvi to start that over. A massive LBW appeal off the last ball from Bhuvi against Malan and Kohli reviews with a smile. Close though, just pitching outside leg.

England 302/4 after 39 overs: If England were under pressure, Kuldeep shows he is under significantly more. A rank short ball to begin his last over and hit powerfully for four through midwicket by Livingstone. 0/84 from his 10 overs.

England 288/4 after 37: Livingstone and Malan in the middle. Still enough depth in this batting lineup.

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Over 36.4, WICKET! TWO IN OVER FOR PRASIDH KRISHNA! What is happening here? Surely not England? Surely not? Superb yorker from Prasidh. Jos Buttler is gone for a duck. Eng 287/4

Over 36.1: WICKET! Bairstow walking back after a superb 124. Hit that straight to the fielder. Wicket for Prasidh. Eng 287/3

England 287/2 after 36 overs: Bhuvi was happy with that breakthrough. Too little too late though surely?

WICKET! Bhuvi gets the wicket. Stokes falls with his score on 99. An incredible innings off just 52 balls. Eng 285/2

England 281/1 after 35 overs: Now Bairstow is going after Prasidh. 6-0-4-4! A caught behind referral off the last ball but that’s a bump catch.

REACTIONS: Ben Stokes has just gone full on aggressive.

BEN STOKES ON FIRE: What do we say? THAT KRUNAL PANDYA OVER! 28 runs. He is trying wide yorkers, bouncers... nothing working.


WHAT A MASSIVE OVER: THREE STRAIGHT SIXES! Ben Stokes has decided to make life even more hard for Kuldeep Yadav. He looks lost at the moment. Just too easy for Stokes, smashing it down the ground for fun. Great batting but Kuldeep is in repeat mode and looking for a different result. 9-0-77-0 his figures.

HALF CENTURY: Stokes gets to his 50 off 40 balls. His 21st ODI fifty. Two fours and 4 sixes in his knock. England 218/1 after 32 overs.

After 31 overs, England 211/1: Oh dear. At this stage, you have to feel for Kuldeep Yadav. He is just being taken apart by the English batsmen. After that six by Bairstow, Stokes hit a six and four. 17 runs in that over, Kuldeep 8-0-57-0.

CENTURY: SEALED WITH A SIX! Bairstow gets to his hundred with a slog sweep over midwicket. 101* off 95 balls. He has been superb for England today. 6 sixes, 8 fours.

England 194/1 after 30 overs: Once again, England go hard early in the over. Slash, slash hard perhaps Shastri muttered to himself as Stokes hit a four off Thakur.

England 188/1 after 29 overs: Bairstow moves on 94 with a mighty hit over midwicket for six. Flighted up, in his slot, doesn’t matter which way the ball is turning, he picked it up from the pitch and sent it soaring. 8 runs in that over. Par for the course.

England 180/1 after 28 overs: Bairstow smokes one down the ground off the first ball in Bhuvi’s over but the pacer comes back brilliantly to make it just a 5-run over.

England 175/1 after 27 overs: Poor from Kuldeep there to release the pressure. Short and wide outside leg stump, easy for Bairstow to put it away for four.

REACTIONS: That decision is not the best look for the third umpire, to be honest.

England 170/1 after 26 overs: Wow. Ben Stokes survives by the skin of his bat. Kuldeep’s direct hit almost caught out the left-hander who was lazy to complete the second run, perhaps looking at who the fielder was. The throw was really good. Many many replays needed. Just looks like it came down to benefit of doubt. That was so, so close. Stokes is a lucky man. Good over from Bhuvi.

England 167/1 after 25 overs: Shardul is back and gives away just 3 in that over. India need at least some tight overs to keep a lid on the scoring rate. And promptly, Bhuvi comes on from the other end.

England 164/1 after 24 overs: To say England are on track would be an understatement here. 46 runs in the last five overs. 22 from the last 2! First Prasidh is taken for a couple of boundaries by Bairstown and then again Stokes after Krunal to hit a six. This is neither great captaincy nor bowler management it must be said.

England 122/1 after 22 overs: Prasidh comes back for his 2nd spell where he was so good in the previous match. But from the other, the decision to go to Krunal is proving costly. A massive six by Stokes over square leg. 0/27 after 3 overs.

End of 20 overs, ENG: 128/1: A massive hit over midwicket by Stokes off Krunal. It is interesting Kohli went for that matchup although Krunal does tend to fire it wide to trouble lefthanders too.

England 116/1 after 18 overs: Spin from both ends as Krunal comes on for his first over.

England 111/1 after 17 overs: REVIEW LOST. Poor decision from India to even think Nitin Menon will get this one wrong. Jokes apart, that is an ordinary review as Ben Stokes shouldered arms. The ball did not turn enough to come back and hit the stumps.

Earlier, that was superb fielding from Rohit Sharma. Dived to make the stop, forced the confusion between the batsmen and then a good throw. Roy (55 off 52) disappointed. Big wicket. India needed this.

WICKET! IT IS ALL HAPPENING. Sensational from Rohit Sharma at midwicket to dive full length. It catches the England openers in the middle of the wicket looking at each other. Roy is eventually out.

FIFTY FOR JONNY BAIRSTOW! First ball after drinks break and the England opener smashes one down the ground off Kuldeep Yadav. Picked up the googly (got to the pitch so wouldn’t have mattered much).

England 102/0 after 16 overs: 6 and 6!! Two consecutive sixes by Bairstow off Thakur. Wonderful shots, superb timing. He took his to get going but is now timing the ball like a dream. Time for drinks and India are once again finding themselves in a position from where they need something special to bounce back.

HALF CENTURY JASON ROY: Roy gets to his 19th ODI fifty with a six. Just cleared Pandya in the deep as he took on Kuldeep. Did not time it as well as he would have liked. England 87/0.

England 77/0 after 14 overs: An eventful over from Shardul. Gets one to rise sharply from short of good length and Pant has to collect it well above his head. But Bairstow also plays one of the shots of the day with a drive on-the-up that clears long on for six.

England 68/0 after 13 overs: This is a nice start for Kuldeep Yadav, he is asking some questions early on. Couple of tidy overs.

England 64/0 after 12 overs: Couple of quite overs from India’s perspective after the first powerplay. Kuldeep Yadav and Shardul Thakur bowling in tandem now.

England 59/0 after 10 overs: Shardul into the attack and he is taken for a couple of boundaries by Bairstow. Strong finish to the powerplay by England.

England 51/0 after 9 overs: Another umpire’s call for Nitin Menon! How is this man doing it? Remarkable consistency. Looked very good for a LBW shout in real time by Bhuvi against Bairstow, hit him on the back leg too. But given not out and it is just clipping the stumps. Bhuvi and Bairstow share a laugh in that over too.

England 46/0 after 8 overs: England continue to improve their pace. Roy takes Bhuvi for a couple of boundaries, and then Prasidh too is hit for for four. It’s Jason Roy doing the heavylifting! He is on 39 (37) while Bairstow has 6 to his name.

England 30/0 after 6 overs: A flurry of boundaries in the last couple of overs for the England openers. One in Bhuvi’s over for Bairstow, three in one over by Roy off Prasidh. The acceleration is here.

England 10/0 after 4 overs: A much-needed release for Roy off Prasidh. The first ball in that over, fell short off Kohli at cover, stopped on the batsman. Almost a runout chance off the last ball as well. Pressure.

England 5/0 after 3 overs: What an over from Bhuvi. Did everything but get the edge or rattle timber in that over. Delicious inswinger that straightens late beats Roy on the outside edge. Nod of approval from the batsman.

England 4/0 after 2 overs: Just one run from Prasidh’s over. The pace steadily picked up, going above 140ks at the end of his first over. Good lengths, mostly. Not quite hitting the deck yet.

Prasidh Krishna from the other end

England 3/0 after 1 over: Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts off with a typically tidy over.

Second innings: KL Rahul’s perfectly executed hundred coupled with Rishabh Pant’s aggressive 77 off just 40 balls propelled India to an imposing 336/6 in the second ODI. Now, time for the run-chase.

End of 40 overs: 210/3
End of 45 overs: 273/4
End of 50 overs: 336/6

126 in the last 10, 63 in the last 5 overs. Top finish by India.

End of 50 overs, India 336/6: Last 5 overs, 63 runs and 2 wickets. What a finish for India.

Over 49.5: WICKET! A knuckle ball from Topley does the tricky. Hardik finds Roy at long off, one ball after hitting a four through cover. He did his job though, a brilliant cameo at the end (even though he is livid). 35 off 16 balls.

Reece Topley to bowl the final over

India 327/5 after 49 overs: A straight six for Hardik as he rocks back deep inside the crease, and then a four over cover for Krunal. Tom Curran is not happy, he has gone for 83/2 in his 10 today.

India 313/5 after 48 overs:

Topley with a good over but unlucky not to get a wicket. Gets Hardik to play a wild cut shot but Buttler awkwardly puts it down, after going with one hand to it. No boundaries in that over though.

End of that over, we had Sam and Tom Currans as the last two bowlers and Hardik and Krunal Pandya in the middle. Good stuff. India 309/5 after 47 overs.

46.5: WICKET! Pant finds the fielder in the deep. He is walking back after a superb 77 off 40 balls. 3 fours. 7 SIXES! Roy is the fielder at third man who just about gets around to catching this. Needs a quick look by the third umpire, no doubts there. What a mad innings! Tom Curran strikes.

Another one-handed six for Pant. India have gone from 200 to 300 in 47 balls!

India 294/4 after 46 overs:

The mayhem continues. Hardik Pandya comes in, hits a first-ball six over square leg and finishes the over with another massive hit in the same direction. Pant hits a one-handed six in the middle of all that. 21 runs in that Sam Curran over.

Three sixes in the 46th over for India!

44.5: WICKET! KL Rahul doesn’t connect as well as he wanted and finds the fielder in the deep. He falls after a superb 108 off 114 balls. Tom Curran with the wicket. Ind 271/4

Ind 267/3 after 44 overs (Rahul 106, Pant 59)

A brutal four down the ground off Sam Curran for Rahul in that over.

CENTURY FOR KL RAHUL: And that’s a fine century by KL Rahul. His 5th in ODIs. Celebrates it with his trademark fingers-over-ears pose.

Ind 257/3 after 43 overs (Rahul 99, Pant 57)

MAD! Stokes goes full and wide with the angle from over the stumps but Pant still manages to swat that over long off for a six.

22 runs from that Tom Curran over. All happening.

CORRECTION Ind 247/3 after 42 overs (Rahul 97, Pant 50)

ANOTHER REVIEW: Pant is given out by umpire Virender Sharma again, this time caught behind off a bouncer. Reviewed immediately, not out again. At least it was not a boundary.

But what a massive over! Started with a six for KL Rahul over cover and a pull for four. And then Pant took over. A casual wrist flick for six followed by a cheeky scoop. A 28-ball fifty for Rishabh Pant!!

Ind 225/3 after 41 overs (Rahul 86, Pant 40)

You deny Pant a boundary off his bat, he will make the most of the chances that come his way anyway. Back-to-back sixes in that Stokes over as he moves to 40. 15 runs in that over.

Ind 210/4 after 40 overs (Rahul 84, Pant 27)

REVIEW: PANT IS GIVEN OUT LBW! But he has hit it. The attempted reverse scoop took the leading edge and skidded along for four but it will be a dot ball and no runs for India because cricket. At least Pant is not out.

Ind 202/3 after 39 overs (Rahul 82, Pant 22)

Rishabh Pant taking charge now, finishes that Topley over with a pull for four. 200 comes up for India.

Ind 194/3 after 38 overs (Rahul 79, Pant 17)

SIX! Adil Rashid’s last ball of the day is hit over midwicket for a six by Pant. He had tried that shot earlier in the over but fell short of long on. Gets timing and radar right and it flies. 1/65 for Rashid, but the all important one.

Ind 184/3 after 37 overs (Rahul 77, Pant 9)

Momentum? Pace comes on (Topley) and Rahul helps himself to a four. Superb pull, almost carried.

Ind 176/3 after 36 overs (Rahul 71, Pant 7)

3 runs from Rashid’s over.

STAT: This is now EIGHT 50-plus scores in ODIs that have not been converted to a century by Virat Kohli, by some distance his longest such run. Next longest such streak is 5 (twice). Link.


Ind 173/3 after 35 overs (Rahul 69, Pant 6)

Dealing in ones at the moment. Ali’s bowling is done for the day, a tidy effort from him. 0/47 in 10.

This is now right 50-plus scores in ODIs that have not been converted to a century by Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli's 50-plus scores since last ton

Runs Opposition Ground Start Date
66 v England Pune 26 Mar 2021
56 v England Pune 23 Mar 2021
63 v Australia Canberra 2 Dec 2020
89 v Australia Sydney 29 Nov 2020
51 v New Zealand Hamilton 5 Feb 2020
89 v Australia Bengaluru 19 Jan 2020
78 v Australia Rajkot 17 Jan 2020
85 v West Indies Cuttack 22 Dec 2019
114* v West Indies Port of Spain 14 Aug 2019
ODIs (Via Statsguru)

Ind 164/3 after 33 overs (Rahul 65, Pant 1)

A boundary for Rahul in Ali’s over.

Rishabh Pant is the new man in. That previous Adil Rashid over had started with a six for Rahul and ended with the wicket for Kohli. England have a foot in the door.

31.6: WICKET! VIRAT KOHLI GONE! Oh dear, that is another fifty-plus score that is not converted to a century. This is so unlike Kohli. Again like the first ODI, an innocuous dismissal when he looked set to make it big. Adil Rashid, who was unfortunate earlier when Buttler put down an edge, gets the breakthrough ultimately. This time a cut shot off the backfoot, edged behind. India 158/3.

Ind 149/2 after 31 overs (Kohli 65, Rahul 52)

HALF CENTURY! Now KL Rahul gets to his mark, this one off 66 deliveries. Back-to-back ODI fifties for the stylish right-hander. Can he make this one big? Time is on his side.

At the 30-over mark. India will definitely need to more than double their score from there, one would think.

Ind 142/2 after 30 overs (Kohli 61, Rahul 49)

Another replay of that dropped catch by Buttler when Kohli was on 35. Closed his glove far too early, it was not the most difficult of chances you know.

Ind 139/2 after 29 overs (Kohli 60, Rahul 47)
Rahul and Kohli are making this look easy. 100 runs off 119 balls — they have cruised to a 100-run stand. Good signs for India. A superb platform for the big hitters.

Ind 135/2 after 28 overs (Kohli 58, Rahul 45)
Rashid dragged the first ball of the over down and Kohli sent it into the stands for the first six of the match.

Ind 126/2 after 27 overs (Kohli 50, Rahul 44)
Fifty for Kohli. Off just 62 balls. Fifth fifty in his last six innings. No stopping him. This is when Kohli is also at his most dangerous.

Ind 121/2 after 26 overs (Kohli 47, Rahul 42)
Sooner rather than later, India will start to accelerate and then England may not have any answer. Morgan has said that his side don’t mind chasing down any score but still...

Ind 112/2 after 25 overs (Kohli 44, Rahul 36)
England just letting India build a platform but we saw in the last match that things can chance quickly if one of the big-hitters gets in. The tourists should still be looking for wickets.

Ind 108/2 after 24 overs (Kohli 42, Rahul 34)
Five runs from the Rashid over. He almost had Kohli but he will now need to keep his focus. Important period in the game.

Ind 103/2 after 23 overs (Kohli 39, Rahul 32)
How will Kohli make England pay for the drop?

Ind 99/2 after 22 overs (Kohli 36, Rahul 31)
DROPPED! Sharp chance but Kohli survives. Buttler failed to hold on, seemed to close his hands far too quickly. The ball hit the back of his hand. Rashid the bowler. Big let-off for India.

Ind 94/2 after 21 overs (Kohli 33, Rahul 29)
Rahul starting to find a better rhythm now. There was a lovely four in the last over and he is looking more comfortable in the middle. Kohli is letting the right-hander take his time in the middle.

Ind 90/2 after 20 overs (Kohli 32, Rahul 25)
The Kohli-Rahul partnership is worth 53(68). We have spin from both ends but the singles and twos remain the order of the day for now.

Ind 83/2 after 19 overs (Kohli 31, Rahul 20)
Six runs from the Moeen over. That is how Kohli and Rahul will look to play him for now.

Ind 77/2 after 18 overs (Kohli 28, Rahul 17)
Another solid over by Curran. He has bowled five overs and conceded just 19 runs in them.

Ind 75/2 after 17 overs (Kohli 27, Rahul 16)
The 38-run partnership between Kohli and Rahul has taken 50 balls. But this isn’t about how quickly the runs are scored... rather it is about setting a platform the big-hitters lower down the order.

Ind 72/2 after 16 overs (Kohli 26, Rahul 14)
Another six-run over. India breaking the shackles slowly but surely.

Ind 66/2 after 15 overs (Kohli 22, Rahul 11)
10 runs from the Stokes over. The Indian innings is moving along a little better. 16 runs in the last two overs.

Ind 56/2 after 14 overs (Kohli 20, Rahul 5)
Another good over for England. Kohli got a four but it came off an inside edge.

Ind 50/2 after 13 overs (Kohli 16, Rahul 4)
Rahul still not at his fluent best. Lucky to survive playing a very awkward looking hook/pull shot against Stokes. Went to no-man’s land but could have so easily gone to hand.

Ind 47/2 after 12 overs (Kohli 15, Rahul 2)
Another tight over for England. Just two runs from the Tom Curran over.

Ind 45/2 after 11 overs (Kohli 14, Rahul 1)
A bit of rebuilding is in order for India. Kohli is a past master at this but it is will be interesting to see whether Rahul has truly rediscovered his mojo.

Double bowling change. Stokes comes on from the other end.

Ind 41/2 after 10 overs (Kohli 11, Rahul 0)
Tom Curran into the attack and he starts off with a gift to Kohli, who helps himself to four. But nothing after that. Just four runs from the over.

Ind 37/2 after 8.4 overs (Kohli 7)
WICKET! It was outside the leg-stump from Curran but Rohit hit that straight to Rashid at short fine-leg. Unlucky but England won’t mind this at all. They have sent both Indian openers back to the dressing room. Rohit c Adil Rashid b Sam Curran 25(25)

Ind 36/1 after 8 overs (Rohit 25, Kohli 6)
Fours off the first, third and fifth deliveries mean that Rohit is now going faster than a run-a-ball. Topley losing his line a bit there and the ball isn’t swinging as much now.

Ind 24/1 after 7 overs (Rohit 13, Kohli 6)
England are bowling well for most part but then from time to time they are slipping in the loose ball and India have taken advantage of that. Once again Curran bowled one of the legs and Kohli helped himself to four in the fine leg region.

Ind 18/1 after 6 overs (Rohit 12, Kohli 1)
Very impressive start from Topley and then he tried to take the last ball of the over across Rohit. It didn’t go to plan and the right-hander helped himself to another four.

Ind 13/1 after 5 overs (Rohit 8, Kohli 0)
One over-pitched delivery from Curran and Rohit hit that straight down the ground for four. Nothing else in the over.

Ind 9/1 after 3.5 overs (Rohit 4)
WICKET! Topley is 2.01m tall and that means he is getting good bounce from the wicket despite not bowling very quickly. Good bounce and movement combined remove Dhawan, who went for the drive but ended up edging it to the slips. Dhawan c Stokes b Topley 4(17)

Ind 7/0 after 3 overs (Dhawan 4, Rohit 3)
Another good over by Curran. India in no rush here.

Ind 6/0 after 2 overs (Dhawan 4, Rohit 2)
Reece Topley, from the other end, makes it two left-armers to begin the innings for the tourists. He, too, gets some good swing. Just two runs form the over.

Ind 4/0 after 1 over (Dhawan 3, Rohit 1)
Sam Curran to start things for England and he is getting some movement away from the left-hander.

Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are out to open the innings for India. We are all set to begin.

Playing XIs: Three changes for England. One for India.

England playing XI: Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w/c), Liam Livingstone, Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Tom Curran, Adil Rashid, Reece Topley

India playing XI: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), KL Rahul, Rishabh Pant(w), Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Shardul Thakur, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Prasidh Krishna

We wanted to bat first again. That’s what development of the team is all about. That’s why we wanted to put ourselves in the same position. You have to be precise in your execution. We wanted to attack at all times. Pant replaces Shreyas Iyer and that’s the only change.

Toss: Jos Buttler wins the toss and England will have a bowl first.

12.53 pm: Looks like a good pitch according to Deepdas Gupta and Ajit Agarkar. There is some grass on it but that is expected to result in more bounce and not too much lateral movement. So more runs should be on offer.

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the India-England ODI series. Today is the second match and Virat Kohli’s India are one win away from completing a sweep of the trophies across formats on England’s tour.

England captain Eoin Morgan will miss the last two one-day internationals against India in Pune, the England and Wales Cricket Board announced Thursday.

The batsman has been ruled out after sustaining a split in the webbing between the thumb and index finger of his right hand while fielding during England’s 66-run defeat in Tuesday’s series opener, an injury that required four stitches.

And India will be without Shreyas Iyer for this series as well after an unfortunate shoulder injury that is set to rule him out of IPL 2021 as well.

England must beat India in Pune on Friday to keep alive their hopes of winning the series. Defeat could see them lose their number one world ODI ranking to India.

“We would be bitterly disappointed to lose a series as we would with any other one,” said Stokes, who was the hero of England’s World Cup triumph in 2019.

“We deserve to be number one because of our results and the way we play our cricket and we won’t go away from that.”