With IPL 2021 around the corner, ScrollStack and Scroll.in are collaborating with The Pitch initiative to give IPL content on ScrollStack a big push forward. Our goal with The Pitch is to help passionate sports writers/bloggers be discovered by a wider audience, and bring interesting perspectives about IPL to its fans. The best pieces on ScrollStack will be featured on The Field on Scroll.in. The Field is read by millions of people every month, and will provide a great platform for your writing.

The main reason why we are launching The Pitch is, the conversations around sports are becoming one dimensional. During the pandemic, not just in India but around the world, we have seen sports stars interacting with each other. They find themselves a place on either side of the microphone and ask each other questions, laugh, discuss the sport and share some unique insights. Because of the obvious camaraderie, the stars share with each other, the conversation seems to flow. They don’t hold back at all.

But the one thing that is often missing in that conversation is a dose of reality. The athletes know each other well, so aren’t going to ask each other tough questions; they aren’t going to ask the questions that really need asking and to that end, the conversation also has a very controlled feel to it — with clearly defined no-go areas. After all, they aren’t looking for the truth — they are just looking for a way to interact with fans.

Ever since the advent of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, athletes have said how social media has been a tool to bring them closer to their fans. In the past, this has often been a double-edged sword: with instances that show how it can be put to good effect or occasions that made you wish the athletes would just do their thing on the field of sports.

But teams, including the ones in the Indian Premier League (IPL), have now doubled down to control the access that media has to their stars. They don’t want negative coverage. Agents control who a player will or will not speak to… the questions are censored. The answers give away little more than the obvious.

And it is precisely in this scenario that independent platforms like ScrollStack become the place to be. While coverage of tournaments like the IPL on the internet can often be dictated by trending keywords and SEO, many fans/writers will feel there is so much more that can be said.

From the business of IPL teams to how they handle social media and everything in between — there are a lot of niche topics that true fans want to read about that mainstream media won’t or can’t pick up on. ScrollStack offers a good chance for fans to weigh in on them as well.

There is also fun to be had. If one remembers, way back in 2009, the Fake IPL Player blog was one of the first big viral events for the IPL. So there is a chance for readers to build something unique like that too, and The Pitch aims to help creators do just that.

The rise of independent journalism can breathe new life into niche content and tools like ScrollStack can help you carve out your own corner of the internet; a corner where the regular rules don’t apply; a corner where you might see the IPL (and perhaps yourself) in a whole different light.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Go to scrollstack.com/create
Step 2: Post your article about IPL
Step 3: The Field team will feature the best articles on The Field on Scroll.in

Hurry and start posting your IPL stories today. For any questions, feel free to reach out to support@scrolltstack.com

Game on!