10.10 pm: That will be all from us in today’s live blog. It was not a washout in Bristol as it was in Southampton, we witnessed more entertaining cricket from both sides. But not even 50 overs were possible in total. England would still fancy their chances to force a result though, so a good final day is on the cards.

Update via ECB: There will be 108 overs scheduled for the final day.

OFFICIAL: “Unfortunately play has been abandoned for the day,” inform ECB. What a shame, with the match so fascinatingly poised.

As we wait for some news from Bristol...

Just some musings about Shafali Verma: Given she was going to make her debut, given she was 17, given she looked in good touch against South Africa, given how few women’s Tests are played, one could figure there would be some milestones that Shafali Verma would cross even if she had a half decent Test. But this level of impact, how many could have foreseen?

Update from BCCI: “Still drizzling in Bristol and the covers are still on. A reminder that play can extend to 7pm tonight” (1130 pm IST)

Well, that’s a nice tweet:

STAT: Shafali is climbing another all-time table too.

Most runs overall in a debut Test

Player 1st 2nd Runs Team Opposition Ground Match Date
Goszko 204 - 204 AUS  v ENG Shenley 24 Jun 2001
Cooke 72 117 189 ENG v IND Wetherby 26 Jun 1986
Jonassen 99 54 153 AUS v ENG  Canterbury 11 Aug 2015
Shafali 96 55* 151* IND v ENG Bristol 16 Jun 2021
Bakewell 113 37 150 ENG  v AUS Adelaide 27 Dec 1968
via ESPNCricinfo

RAIN STOPS PLAY AGAIN: India second innings 83/1, Shafali (55) Deepti (18)

Quietly, Deepti has had a blinder of a debut too. She has played some lovely shots since the resumption. But the headline, once again, belongs to Shafali Verma. Tea has been taken.

Ashish Magotra: Shafali Verma moves to a sparkling fifty off just 63 balls. 10 fours. Bringing us so much joy on a gloomy day. Her second 50+ score of the match.

Fifties in both innings of a debut Test

Player Bat1 Bat2 Opposition Ground Start Date
L Cooke (ENG-W) 72 117 v India Women Wetherby 26 Jun 1986
JL Jonassen (AUS-W) 99 54 v ENG Women Canterbury 11 Aug 2015
V Bowen (SL-W) 78 63 v PAK Women Colombo (Colts) 17 Apr 1998
Shafali Verma (IND-W) 96 50* v ENG Women Bristol 16 Jun 2021
via ESPNCricinfo

HALF CENTURY: A 63-ball fifty for Shafali Verma and she becomes the first Indian woman to score a fifty in both innings of a debut Test and just the fourth overall. WHAT A DEBUT SHE IS HAVING!

Shafali Verma is a run away from joining an exclusive club.

India second innings 66/1: Shafali (47), Deepti (9)

The deficit is below 100 now. India’s two best batters from the first innings going steady.

India second innings 63/1: Shafali (46), Deepti (7)

A boundary for Deepti Sharma, as Kate Cross finishes her over. Lovely shot through the offisde. Ecclestone from the other end.

Players are back and we have action in Bristol. Meanwhile from Southampton, India fielding coach R Sridhar says in the press conference: “We have not missed a beat in Bristol, keeping tabs on the women’s Test match. Looking at the pitch, maybe we can shift the final from Southampton to there”

UPDATE: Restart at 15:40 local time (8.10 pm IST)

Covers are coming off in Bristol...

Scorecard as things stand

Batsmen Runs Balls SR 4s 6s
Smriti Mandhana  c Natalie Sciver b Katherine Brunt 8 13 61.53 1 0
Shafali Verma* 46 53 86.79 10 0
Deepti Sharma* 1 44 2.27 0 0

Play suspended in Bristol: India second innings 57/1 (18.2 overs)

Shafali (46), Deepti (1): The rain has just gotten a bit heavier it seems in Bristol and it is another delay in proceedings. Doesn’t seem too severe. England players are sticking around beyond the boundary ropes for now.

India second innings 56/1: Shafali (45), Deepti (1)

The scorecard is just making for a delightful contrast at the moment. Stuff that you see only in Test cricket. Shafali is on 45 off 52, Deepti is on 1 off 43. Both doing their job just fine.

Zenia D’Cunha: Kate Cross comes into the attack & Shafali Verma welcomes her with more seemingly effortless boundaries The 50 comes up for India while the teen moves to 45.

UPDATE FROM WTC FINAL: So, as many were afraid, no play possible in Southampton on day one.

India second innings 48/1: Shafali (37), Deepti (1)

Deepti showing great patience at the moment, good to see. She is on 1 off 37 balls. Brunt almost had Shafali playing a rash shot but the Indian opener survives a wild swing. Bowling change, Kate Cross comes in.

India second innings 46/1: Shafali (35), Deepti (1)

Brunt’s radar is not quite there at the moment. And time for a bowling change. Ecclestone time. Can India handle her better than they did last night and today morning?

India second innings 46/1: Shafali (35), Deepti (1)

Shafali Verma’s cuts behind point have been brilliant in this match. Has played a couple of versions against the pacers, one almost a ridiculous late cut and the other more conventional. The finesse with which she is playing this particular shot is a definite addition to her game.

India second innings 41/1: Shafali (30), Deepti (1)

And Shafali is up and running in this session. She has played the late cuts superbly in this match, has been one of her standout shots. We saw two more of those in that Shrubsole over for four, one when the keeper was brought up in the over to upset the batter’s rhythm.

India second innings 33/1: Shafali (22), Deepti (1)

Brunt trying a bit too hard to ruffle Shafali perhaps? Varying her lengths and line. But not quite working at the moment. But England are keeping things quiet for sure. Patience key for India here.

India second innings 32/1: Shafali (21), Deepti (1)

The ball is still moving a fair bit through the air for Brunt and Shrubsole, with lights still on at Bristol. Shafali and Deepti taking their time in the middle, rightly so. This is a massive phase in the match for India.

A player impressing in the middle order while the batting collapsed, resulting in a follow on, has been promoted to No 3 in the second innings. Where have we heard that before eh, Indian cricket fans? Deepti Sharma has walked in after her good work earlier in the day, as India keep the right-left combo going.

Right then, the players are back in the middle. Action set to resume after the first session. Deepti Sharma up to No 3! Interesting.


  Confirmation we will restart at 2:10pm local time. (640 pm IST)

Catch up on day one and day two highlights here:


Unfortunate that the rules stipulate play can go with a slight drizzle but can only resume when rain has completely stopped. One of the things that ICC needs to have a serious look.

This is the update from BCCI’s match-center:

Hopefully just a slight delay here after lunch with the hovercover on the pitch and a bit of drizzle about. The square isn’t covered, so fingers crossed we should start again soon  

Update: It seems the covers are on at the moment in Bristol as well. Play has been delayed after lunch.

It’s not great for India that she is already in the middle batting again in the second innings, but here’s some lunch-time reading for you on Shafali Verma’s impressive Test debut in Bristol.

England vs India Test: A day to remember for Shafali Verma, beyond the record books

LUNCH BREAK: Here’s the Mandhana wicket that has further enhanced England’s hopes of enforcing a win in this match.

Day 2 lunch: India 29/1 in the 2nd innings (4.3 overs)

Well, the rain has just hung around as a spectator and enjoyed another terrific session in Bristol. England well and truly on top and the Indian middle order has a massive task on hand to correct the horrible collapse from the first innings.

India 29/1 after 4.3 overs: WICKET! Soft dismissal and that’s the end of Smriti Mandhana’s Test. Very full, around the 6th stump line from Brunt. Mandhana tries to dig it out when she could have let it go. The edge is taken by Sciver at second slip. A bit of a judgement error there by the Indian star at the stroke of lunch.

India 2nd innings 29/0: Mandhana (8), Shafali (20)

It shouldn’t be this easy, surely? Geez. Another ridiculously good cover drive by Shafali off Shrubsole for four. Finishes the over with a four through leg side. What entertainment.

India 2nd innings 20/0: Mandhana (7), Shafali (12)

OOH SHAFALI! Not what Brunt wants to see when she is running into bowl a perfectly good delivery. Length ball, driven past mid-off like a dream. Another four through covers follow but that was away from the body, a bit edgy. Solid defence to close the over out.

India 2nd innings 9/0: Mandhana (5), Shafali (4)

It’s one thing to bat in the first innings, it’s another to bat when following on with a significant deficit. What a test for Shafali.

India 2nd innings 9/0: Mandhana (5), Shafali (4)

Well, that’s a good way to start the innings. A four each for Mandhana and Shafali, both well-timed shots.

Smriti Mandhana on strike. Brunt will hope to carry on from where she left off.

Remember when India had a 167-run opening partnership in the Bristol Test against England? Well, the openers are out in the middle again for the second innings.

Zenia D’Cunha: Not too long ago, India openers Shafali Verma & Smriti Mandhana were cruising on 167/0. A dramatic collapse followed, with 5 wickets in just about an hour on either side of Stumps. The two will be back now to follow-on. Time to hit RESET quick.

ENGLAND HAVE ENFORCED FOLLOW ON: Now, that’s a move to take note by Knight. She is making a statement, England are going for the win with little more than 5 sessions left in this match. Spices up the proceedings.

INDIA ALL OUT 231: The second new ball can be used for the next innings too, just needed two overs to clean up the Indian tail. 81.2 overs is how long India lasted. Shrubsole rattles the stump to dismiss Jhulan Goswami.

India 230/9: WHAT A BALL! Katherine Brunt strikes with an absolute peach with the first ball bowled with the second new ball. Pitching middle and leg, moving away, taking top of off. Vastrkar had no clue and so might have most top order batters.

Brunt. Second new ball.

India 230/8 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (29), Vastrakar (12)

Ecclestone has been dealt with really well by Deepti and that is no mean feat. Another boundary for the Indian in that over, as she punches one through cover. India will now contend with the second new ball straight away. No doubts there.

Just the one over for Dunkley then. Brunt comes on with the second new ball 2 overs away. A warm-up over.

India 224/8 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (23), Vastrakar (12)

Deepti, for the second time this morning, does well to move across and sweep Ecclestone behind square for four. It’s another good over for India as the follow on target draws closer.

India 217/8 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (15), Vastrakar (12)

As it so often happens with legspinners, Dunkley almost gets a wicket off her first ball with a rank short delivery. Deepti’s pull shot falls short of the fielder in the deep. But it is a good over for India as Vastrakar hits a couple of boundaries, making use of the short balls.

England’s debutant Dunkley will have a bowl. Right arm leg spin. Can she back up he batting effort with the ball?

Warmers being used, Indian players are all in their jumpers and what not. Chilly, clearly. Still looks like rain is in the air but there is a breeze too. We go on.

India 207/8 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (14), Vastrakar (4)

Drinks. Vastrakar opens her account on debut with a punch through cover for four off Ecclestone. Deepti Sharma has done quite so well so far, the best middle order batting performance in this match for India by some distance.

India 203/8 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (14), Vastrakar (0)

Perhaps unhappy with her economy rate taking a severe hit because of conceding a four, Knight comes back with a maiden over. 11-8-7-2, her bowling figures.

India 203/8 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (14), Vastrakar (0)

The 200 comes up for India as Deepti slog sweeps Knight for a four. Meanwhile, how about this stat about Ecclestone and the drift she is getting.

Zenia D’Cunha: After the first day’s play, Heather Knight said she wasn’t worried if the pitch assisted spin because England have one of the best spinners in the world. Sophie Ecclestone proves her captain right with this wonderful spell to India’s middle & lower order.

India 199/8: Minor win for Pooja Vastrakar as she plays out an entire over from Ecclestone.

India 199/8: How about Heather Knight’s bowling figures eh? 9-7-3-2. Ridiculous! Vastrakar is the new batter in and she will be facing Ecclestone after Deepti plays out Knight’s over.

India 197/8: WICKET! Ah well. There she goes again! This just continues to be a dream spell of spin bowling from Sophie Eccletsone. Fourth wicket. What a delivery to Sneh Rana, angling in and straightening. A faint edge, taken on the second attempt by Jones. Deepti has to surely start farming the strike now.

India 197/7 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (8), Rana (2)

Deepti faces Knight now and she continues to look solid in the middle but it also means Ecclestone has a chance at Rana next over.

Small correction in the stat below: Ecclestone came in a couple of overs after Mandhana was dismissed, not quite immediately. But the point remains.

India 194/7 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (5), Rana (2)

spin from both ends now as Knight joins Ecclestone with rain around. Could see a few droplets on screen. Knight, who was also terrific last night, starts off with a maiden to Rana.

Meanwhile, here’s an example of how savvy England’s tactics have been:

Sophie Ecclestone’s figures when Indian openers were batting: 14-1-55-0

Heather Kngiht brought her on the moment Smriti Mandhana was dismissed. She dismissed Mithali Raj in her first over.

Sophie Ecclestone’s figures in this spell: 5-1-12-3

India 190/7 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (1), Rana (2)

Deepti takes a single off the last ball and importantly, will take strike against the left-arm of Ecclestone. Could be important for India she faces the spinner as much as possible.

India 189/7 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (0), Rana (2)

Huzzah, runs! Sneh Rana scores a couple of Ecclestone to put India’s first runs on the board today.

Ashish Magotra: Taniya Bhatia gone for a duck too. Trapped lbw. Her bat got stuck behind the pad and the DRS showed red. India reduced to 187/7 – they are yet to score a run today and have lost two wickets already. From 167/0 to 187/7 – a crazy collapse.

India 187/7, WICKET! OH DEAR. India just don’t have an answer to Sophie Ecclestone at the moment. Every ball she bowls seems to be threatening. Another full ball, Taniya Bhatia plays down the wrong line and the bat is not even close to the ball. Given out this time, and the review is lost too.

2-179, (Smriti Mandhana, 54.3)
3-179, (Shikha Pandey, 55.6)
4-183, (Mithali Raj, 57.2)
5-183, (Punam Raut, 58.2)
6-187, (Harmanpreet Kaur, 61.1) 
7-187, (Taniya Bhatia, 63.1)  

India 187/6 (need 247 to avoid follow on) — Deepti (0), Taniya (0)

Another maiden over from Sciver to Deepti, India yet to score a run this morning. Not really a concern at the moment, as time matters too. But the pressure is on.

India 187/6, need 60 to avoid follow on (the deficit is 150 runs in a four-day Test, reminder): Taniya Bhatia is the new batter in and the pressure has just shot up on Deepti to take India closer to the 250-mark.

INDIA 187/6: WICKET! A terrific review by England, the perfect start for Sophie Ecclestone who strikes with her first ball of the day. Given not out, but DRS shows 3 reds. Harmanpreet just about survived last night, but gone early today. The collapse continues.

Ecclestone from the other end. She troubled Harmanpreet Kaur aplenty last night.

India 187/5 — Harmanpreet Kaur (4), Deepti Sharma (0)

Sciver starts off, a maiden over to Deepti. A reminder that the follow on mark is 247 for India (60 runs away).

The players are out in the middle. All the lights are on in Bristol, we are told. Overcast conditions. It’s going to be a tough test for Harmanpreet Kaur and Deepti Sharma, India’s overnight batters. Time for play.

Day 2 highlights:


03.20 pm: What a day it was for Shafali Verma yesterday. Her first day of first-class cricket, let alone Tests!

England vs India Test: A day to remember for Shafali Verma, beyond the record books

Today is also the start of the ICC World Test Championship Final, and as feared, the news is not great in Southampton. You can follow our live blog of that match here.

World Test Championship final, India vs New Zealand, day one live (weather) updates

Day 1: England in control, India fought back late.

Day 2: India in control, England fought back late.

After two fascinating days of cricket, what’s in store for us on day 3 in Bristol?

03.10 pm: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of day three of the one-off Test between England and India in Bristol. The first two days witnessed terrific roller-coaster cricket but as we start proceedings on the penultimate day, England will fancy their chances more than India, thanks largely to a batting collapse late on day two.

After a record opening partnership, India’s fall of wickets do not make for great reading:

1-167, (Shafali Verma, 48.5)
2-179, (Smriti Mandhana, 54.3)
3-179, (Shikha Pandey, 55.6)
4-183, (Mithali Raj, 57.2)
5-183, (Punam Raut, 58.2)