An amaro-spiked version of the Espresso Martini made with a base of white rum. The addition of Fernet Branca provides a nice bitter backbone for the cocktail, along with providing a slight minty flavour akin to an After 8 chocolate, making it the perfect after-dinner cocktail.

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  • 30 ml Havana Club rum
  • 30 ml Espresso
  • 10 ml Café Borgetti
  • 10 ml Fernet Branca
  • Few drops of Cinnamon Demerara syrup
  • Nutmeg powder for garnish


  1. Shake all the ingredients together with ice and check for balance of flavour.
  2. Pour into a sour glass and garnish with nutmeg dust.
  3. Note: Take about 2-3 cinnamon sticks and simmer them with demerara sugar until it reaches syrup consistency to make Cinnamon Demerara syrup.

Rahul Raghav

Rahul Raghav

Rahul Raghav is the Beverage Manager at O Pedro and The Bombay Canteen. With several accolades under his belt, including the INCA Mixologist of the Year, Rahul can always be found behind the bar concocting something new. He often hosts masterclasses at O Pedro, teaching cocktail enthusiasts new tricks and sharing his knowhow on balancing flavours to get that perfect cocktail.

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