What should we eat?”

It’s a question we ask ourselves, and our families and friends every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. Whether we are home or travelling. Whether the responsibility of putting a meal on the table is ours or someone else’s. What we eat and why we eat it are both quotidian and existential concerns.

In India, we are obsessed with food. Every community has its unique cuisine. Every family has an heirloom recipe and culinary secrets. But as the world contracts, Indians travel more, and every possible ingredient and cuisine is locally available, what defines the modern Indian palate? What are we craving, cooking and eating today?

This is the complex, fascinating riddle we’re setting out to solve with Scroll Food.

Beginning today, we are aiming to build the biggest online encyclopedia of recipes in India. There will be no restrictions of taste or geography. Whatever Indians make and savour – at home or in a restaurant – will find a place on Scroll Food.

And we are speaking to everyone. From top chefs to food writers, home chefs to bloggers, and every enthusiast in between. We’re opening up the conversation because we believe that the best recipes and most interesting stories can come from anywhere. Food is at its liveliest when it is honest, which also informs our mandate at Scroll Food.

As we launch today, we’ve gathered an eclectic mix of recipes from some of the biggest names in the business: Manish Mehrotra, Ritu Dalmia, Thomas Zacharias, Anahita Dhondy, alongside other stellar chefs and food writers. We’re thrilled that the line-up includes comfort food such as Mutton Biryani and Pumpkin Curry; classics like a Tomato Cheese Tart; and gourmet dishes that challenge and delight you. Whichever you choose to start with, the idea is to learn something new, and have fun while doing it.

Our recipe bank will grow every month, and we would love to have you contribute to it. Send us your recipes and we will host them on Scroll Food. To know how, click here.

Over the coming year, we will partner with industry leaders to build a vibrant community – online and offline – that reflects the diversity and interestingness of food in India.

We are looking forward to having you take a seat at the table. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to our newsletter. Share your ideas, give us your feedback, and tell us your stories at aman@scroll.in. We are here to listen and grow.

Bon Appetit.

– Aman Khanna, Editor