Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said that India was constantly monitoring the situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban’s takeover of the country. He added that the developments in Afghanistan had raised new security-related questions for India.

Singh made the remark while addressing a virtual talk on national security, organised by the Panjab University in Chandigarh.

“Along with the security of Indians, our government also wants to ensure that anti-national forces do not take advantage of the developing circumstances in Afghanistan to encourage cross-border terrorism,” the minister said.

Singh said that India was alert and prepared to deal with threats arising from anywhere.

“The government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will not compromise on matters related to national security and self respect,” the defence minister said. “I want to assure you all about this.”

The situation in Afghanistan has been volatile since the Taliban returned to power after seizing the capital Kabul on August 15. Over the last two weeks, United States and other foreign countries have been conducting evacuation operations for their citizens as well as vulnerable Afghans from the country.

On Monday, the airport was hit by rockets, ahead of US’ August 31 deadline to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. No casualties have been reported in the incident so far. A US official claimed that the Islamic State-Khorasan, an Afghanistan-based affiliate of the terror group ISIS, was responsible for the attack, but added that it was too early to confirm its involvement.

The rockets were fired at the airport a day after the United States conducted an airstrike in Kabul, targeted at a vehicle ferrying “multiple suicide bombers” from the terror group, American officials told AP.

Last week, an explosion outside Kabul airport had killed at least 170 people, including US forces. The Islamic State-Khorasan had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Indian Army on Taliban takeover

Meanwhile, an Indian Army officer on Sunday indicated that the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan had not affected the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, PTI reported.

“This is a playground and I do not want to comment about the outsiders,” Lieutenant General DP Pandey, the general officer commanding of the 15 Corps, said. “But remember, the security situation here [Kashmir] is in our control and there is nothing to worry about it.”