Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath on Monday asked government officials to ban the sale of liquor and meat in Mathura, PTI reported.

He asked those involved in liquor and meat trade to sell milk instead to revive the glory of the city, which is birthplace of deity Krishna and considered a holy place by Hindus.

“The officers concerned are directed to make plans for the ban as well as for the engagement of people involved in such activities in some other trade,” the chief minister said, while addressing a programme in state capital Lucknow.

Cabinet ministers Laxmi Narain Chaudhary and Shrikant Sharma attended the event. The chief minister, however, did not specify when this ban will come into effect. He also did not divulge any details about the new rule.

Currently, Bihar and Gujarat are the only states that have banned alcohol. Tamil Nadu has failed at implementing such a move after experimenting more than once, while Andhra Pradesh also tried it in the 1990s. Mizoram was forced withdraw the ban after 17 years in 2014.