The Delhi High Court on Monday asked Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal if he was willing to give even the 5% of rent amount promised to the cash-strapped tenants last year, The Indian Express reported.

During the coronavirus-induced lockdown in March 2020, Kejriwal, at a press conference, had assured the tenants in the Capital of financial help, according to The Hindu.

However, when the Delhi government did not follow through on its promise, several petitioners – most of whom were daily wage earners – moved the High Court.

In July, the High Court observed that Kejriwal’s assurance amounted to “enforceable promise” and thus, gave him six week to come up with a plan to pay the rents. The Delhi government had challenged the court’s decision.

On Monday, the Delhi government told the High Court that Kejriwal’s statement did not count as a promise, according to The Indian Express. The court reiterated the fact that it had the transcript of the Kejriwal’s press conference from last year where he had made the promise.

The court asked the government if it had any intention to make the payment.

“Are you willing to pay even 5%?” the court asked. “Draft a policy and 1,000 people will come to you.”

Further, the court said that it was very surprised that the Delhi government is refusing the “small” rent amount despite claiming that it has a large budget.

“There are six petitioners... How hard it is to formulate a policy?” the court asked, according to Bar and Bench. “They had [been] given 6 weeks time [later extended by two more weeks]. [There is] no policy – they are in contempt.”

The matter will be taken up next for hearing on November 29.