Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that “selective approach” of some citizens towards human rights violations could “harm India’s image”. The prime minister was addressing an event to mark the 28th Foundation Day of the National Human Rights Commission.

“Some people see human rights violations in certain incidents but not in other [incidents],” Modi said. “Human rights are violated when viewed through a political prism. Selective behaviour is harmful to democracy and tarnishes the nation’s image.”

The prime minister claimed that India has always been committed to human rights even as other countries have “lost their way” in the past.

Former Supreme Court judge and National Human Rights Commission chairperson Arun Mishra, who also addressed the event, said that it had become a norm to “accuse India of human rights violation at the behest of international forces,” Live Law reported. He claimed that India was a frontrunner for protecting human rights.

“The National Human Rights Commission gives its support for the cause of good governance,” he said. “It also provides possible support to the judiciary to defend human rights.”

Mishra said that speedy justice was also a human right, but added that litigation costs in India were high.

“Even today, speedy justice is a dream,” he said. “We need long-term solutions to this. Police investigation system need to be made more effective and free... It should be such, where CBI [Central Bureau of Investigation] is not needed.”