Bahujan Samaj Party’s legislative party leader and MLA Shah Alam resigned on Thursday, ahead of the Assembly elections that are scheduled to take place in Uttar Pradesh early next year, PTI reported.

After Alam’s resignation, the party has been left with just six of the 19 MLAs who were elected in the 2017 state polls, The Times of India reported.

Alam said he quit the party because its president Mayawati did not trust him.

“When our leader does not have faith in us, then what will we do by staying in the party,” Alam told PTI.

The MLA said in a letter to Mayawati that she did not seem satisfied with his work even though he had fulfilled every responsibility given to him and had been loyal to the party.

Alam said he will not join another political party for now. “I am mentally disturbed,” the MLA said. “I will rest for a few days.”

But the Bahujan Samaj Party claimed that the MLA quit because a woman working in his company had filed a police complaint against him. The party added that the case is currently being investigated.

The party quoted Mayawati as saying that Alam had been pressuring her to speak to the chief minister and cover up the case.

“He [Alam] had also met me recently to discuss the matter,” Mayawati said. “I told him that it would be better for him to approach a court if he does not get justice in the investigation. But he did not do that and was pressuring me to finish off the case.”

Mayawati added that Alam had threatened to quit her party if she did not help him. “He has done all this [resigned] because of this [the complaint] and nothing else,” the BSP president claimed.