The Goods and Services Tax collection in November was Rs 1,31,526 crore – the second-highest amount since the new tax regime was implemented in June 2017, data released by the government on Wednesday showed.

The highest GST revenues in a month had been recorded in April this year. Initially, the amount was reported to be Rs 1,41,384 crore, but in the latest data, it has been revised to Rs 1,39,708 crore.

November is the second consecutive month in which recorded GST collection of more than Rs 1.30 lakh crore. The figure for October was Rs 1,30,127 crore.

Of the total amount collected in November, Central GST makes up for Rs 23,978 crore and State GST accounts for Rs 31,127 crore, the Ministry of Finance said. Integrated GST collections amounted to Rs 66,815 crore and Rs 9,606 crore was collected as cess.

The finance ministry attributed the trend of high GST collection to various policy and administrative measures.

“A large number of initiatives undertaken in the last one year like, enhancement of system capacity, nudging non-filers after last date of filing of returns, auto-population of returns, blocking of e-way bills and passing of input tax credit for non-filers has led to consistent improvement in the filing of returns over the last few months,” it said.