The Indian Coast Guard on Saturday apprehended a Pakistani boat in Indian waters off the Gujarat coast. Ten crew members were on board the boat.

“The Indian Coast Guard [ship] Ankit apprehended Pakistani [boat] ‘Yaseen’ with 10 crew in Indian waters at Arabian Sea during night ops on 08 January,” a defence public relations officer said. “Boat being brought to Porbandar for further interrogation.”

The boat was six to seven miles inside Indian waters and tried to escape after spotting the Coast Guard ship, an unidentified official told India Today. “So far, two tonnes of fish and 600 litres of fuel has been recovered from the deck.”

In a similar operation in September, the Indian Coast Guard had apprehended a Pakistani boat with 12 crew members off the Gujarat coast, according to PTI.

In recent months, there have been multiple instances of Pakistani boats carrying narcotic drugs having been apprehended.

On December 20, security forces apprehended a Pakistani fishing boat carrying 77 kilograms of heroin worth about Rs 400 crore.

In April as well, the Coast Guard and the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad had apprehended a boat with Pakistanis from Indian waters near the Jakhau coast. The boat was carrying 30 kilograms of heroin worth about Rs 150 crore, according to PTI.